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IVF in Ukraine – The first and preferred choice of many infertile couples

There are two major factors which affect your Surrogacy Charges in Mumbai which are as follows:

For these couples, IVF in Ukraine is the “procedure of blessings” which will fulfill their all dreams to have an own baby and also this is a very reasonable fertility treatment which can be easily afforded by each individual which help them in completing their family.

With the advancement in medical science, the fertility experts are able to treat all types of infertility issues in couples by using the latest and advanced technologies in the field of fertility management. In the middle of the women monthly cycle, when her eggs are released from her womb, the fertility expert will place the active sperm in her uterus through which she becomes pregnant.


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How does the IVF Ukraine procedure work for the couples?

IVF Ukraine is the process where the fertility expert will first suppress the women monthly cycle by giving her some fertility drugs which will be continued for about two weeks. After that, the fertility expert will give the gonadotropin injection which will be continued for about 12 days and this injection will help the women to increase the supply of eggs for fertilization.

IVF Ukraine is a procedure where the fertility expert will properly monitor the growth of the eggs by using the ultrasound scan and blood tests and also give the women human chorionic gonadotropin injection which helps her to produce more mature eggs for fertilization between 34 and 38 hours before they are collected from her ovaries. Once the eggs get ready the fertility expert will collect the eggs by using the fine thin needle called catheter and advise the women to take the proper rest.

After this, the most important part of the IVF Ukraine procedure will be performed which is the fertilization where the fertility expert will mix the collected eggs of the women with her husband sperm to facilitate the fertilization. Once the fertilization takes place the best embryo will be selected to transfer into women uterus. After the fertilization step of the IVF Ukraine procedure is successfully completed then the embryologist will transfer the best-selected embryo into the uterus of the intended mother and will wait for the signs and symptoms of the pregnancy.

The final step of the IVF Ukraine is the pregnancy test which will be conducted by the fertility expert after two weeks of the embryo transfer and if the results are positive then the pregnancy will grow as normal and the fertility expert will advise the women to avoid the hard exercises, however, if the results are not positive then the couple can repeat the IVF Ukraine procedure or can opt for other advanced fertility procedures to fulfill their dream of having their own baby.









IVF Treatment in Ukraine for male & Female

The following are the IVF Treatment in Ukraine which helps in treating the male infertility issues are as follows:

The couples from around the world are enjoying their parenthood just because of Surrogacy Fees in Mumbai which is very reasonable for both the procedures which are (i) Gestational Surrogacy and (ii) Traditional Surrogacy.

Male Infertility Issues

• Infection treatment: The antibiotic IVF Treatment in Ukraine will be given to the male member so that the infection in his reproductive tract will be cured.
• Hormonal Medication: Another IVF Treatment in Ukraine for treating the male infertility issues is the hormonal medications where hormone replacement will be done during the IVF procedure in case they found the high level of infertility causes.
• Surgery: Surgery is the last option of which will be provided to correct the male member varicoceles if in case there are no sperms available in his ejaculate. In such condition, the fertility expert will extract the sperm surgically by using two methods i.e. (i) testicles (TESA) or (ii) epididymis (PESA) by using the technique sperm retrieval. If these two methods were failed to remove enough sperms than the advanced procedure will be performed to extract the sperms which are TESE.

Female Infertility Issues

• Blocked Tubes: The IVF Treatment in Ukraine will be provided to the female who have blocked fallopian tubes which can be treated by performing the tubal surgery.

• Unexplained infertility: In case the fertility expert is unable to find the exact cause of the infertility issues which is stopping the female partner to get pregnant then they will prescribe the medications such as Clomiphene, Hormone injections, and Insemination which help the women in conceiving.

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