IVF Treatment Cost in Delhi

Know Exact Charges Of IVF Treatment Cost in Delhi

Delhi, being the capital of India always remains in the limelight for many reasons.  Delhi is a medical tourism hub and a famous destination place for several international patients. In this page, we are going to gather some important chapter and verse details of Infertility and its treatment.

We are discussing the topic, which has become a run-of-the-mill issue nowadays. Everyone wants to experience the whole nine yards family that means father, mother and most important member, their kid. A family can’t build the fort of happiness without a baby. Unfortunately, some couples are unfit to conceive by natural procedure hence, they take help from the fertility clinics. Couples, who are unable to become parents, referred to as an infertile couple.

In Delhi, numerous clinics and hospitals are there to treat with this disorder; IVF is the fertility medication that comes in ART technique. During IVF treatment Delhi, eggs are retrieved from the female recipient and mixed with the sperm received from his partner or sperm donor (if it is required) outside the Lab.

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Basic Information on IVF Treatment

IVF Treatment Cost in Delhi is comparatively less than other states of India and that’s the main reason, why Delhi has become the end place for approximate 60-70% infertile couples, who reside in other states of India. What attracts international infertile couples to come down in Delhi for their IVF treatment are affordable and reasonable IVF Treatment Cost Delhi and the peerless IVF medication, providing the entire basis to advance amenities to the patient.

During the process of IVF treatment Delhi, stimulation of the ovaries and maturation of the eggs takes place by giving the fertility medications and hormonal injections to the female. Now, these developing follicles are visualized with the help of ultrasounds and blood tests.

When the eggs are enough matured, then the fertility expert retrieves or collects the eggs by using a special needle. On the same day, semen collection from the male partner is taken.

Now the most crucial step of IVF takes place, i.e. Fertilization. Fertilization is done in the lab under the guidance of the fertility experts, during this step of IVF treatment, Sperms and eggs are mixed in a culture dish, and naturally, fertilization takes place. Motile & active sperms penetrate with the egg of the female and thus fertilization happens. After fertilization, the embryo is placed in the female uterus to stick in the wall of uterine and if it sticks at right place without any complication then most probably pregnancy takes place.

Factors affecting IVF Treatment Cost in Delhi –

IVF Treatment cost in Delhi is affordable and based on several factors. Some of the important factors are given below –

  • Infertility case of the couple
  • Clinic’s success rate
  • If the couple chooses for donor egg
  • If the couple chooses for donor sperm
  • Embryo donation
  • If the couple wants to go for Assisted Hatching with IVF
  • By selecting the fertility treatment- SSR (Sperm Surgical Aspiration) with ICSI
  • IVF combining with PGD/PGS (where the embryos are screened for chromosomal abnormalities before placing the embryo into the female’s uterus)

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    Out and Out information of IVF Charges Delhi

    These are all the factors that affect IVF Charges Delhi. Now we will look into each method of IVF and its cost. Let’s look IVF Charges Delhi with self eggs, donor egg, and donor sperm.

    IVF treatment cost in Delhi using self eggs – 

    Females, who perform proper ovulation cycle, opt for this process. They give their own egg for fertilization during the IVF process. IVF treatment cost in Delhi using self egg is INR 1,50,000 that’s undeniably cheap for barren partners. In this package each and every fertility medications, ultrasounds and rest of the steps of IVF are included.

    IVF worth with Egg Donor

    Those females who do not manufacture healthy eggs in ovulation faces with improper ovulation, or unleashes not at all healthy eggs, they choose Egg Donor IVF for achieving fertilization by the strategy of IVF. IVF charges Delhi with egg donor is INR 2,75,000. The cost of the egg donor is 1,25,000, and the procedure of IVF is 1,50,000.

    IVF worth by own Sperm– IVF value with own sperm is INR 1,50, 000

    IVF worth by Donor sperms–

    Males, who are unable to impregnate his partner by his own sperms, termed as infertile males. They may produce less motile sperms or inactive sperm, thus it makes unfit for fertilization.

    This is the case when the sperm donor is preferred to the couple to undergo IVF. IVF treatment cost Delhi using donor sperm is INR 1, 80,000- 1,85,000. Here the charge of Donor is INR 33,000 and thus the complete package is 1,85,000, that’s worth effective and anyone can select this to possess positive conclusion. IVF in Delhi is the best place to travel for this treatment and have your own baby by settling on IVF treatment Delhi.