IVF Treatment in Delhi

IVF Treatment in Delhi

IVF Treatment in Delhi is the best fertility treatment for the childless couples to conceive an own baby which is difficult for them to have naturally even after having an unprotected intercourse for more than 12 months. With the advancement in medical science, this new reproductive treatment technique has given a hope to many infertile couples who are failed to conceive naturally.

IVF Clinic in Delhi performs the IVF treatment where they collect the eggs from the women ovaries and mix them with the sperm of your husband in culture dish outside your body but in IVF lab for fertilization. Once the fertilization is completed your skilled embryologist will place the best-chosen embryo into your uterus to establish the successful pregnancy.

Procedure of IVF Treatment in Delhi

The procedure of IVF Treatment in Delhi is consisting of seven steps which are as follows.

  • Suppression of Monthly cycle
  • Boosting for egg supply
  • Monitoring of ovaries
  • Collection of eggs
  • Fertilization
  • Transfer of Embryo
  • Pregnancy Test
Suppression of Monthly cycle

Your fertility expert at IVF Clinic in Delhi will give you some fertility drugs which will suppress your monthly cycle and these drugs will continue for about two weeks.

Boosting for egg supply

Your fertility expert will give you an injection called gonadotropin which will increase the supply of your eggs and this injection will continue for about 12 days.

Monitoring of ovaries

Your fertility expert will use the ultrasound scan or blood tests to monitor the progress of your ovaries and will give you the gonadotropin injection between 34 and 38 hours to mature your eggs so that they are ready for collection.

Collection of eggs

With the help of hollow needle attached to the ultrasound probe your fertility expert at IVF Clinic in Delhi will collect your eggs from your ovaries. During your egg collection, you will experience mild discomfort or pain but the same can be relieved by giving the pain killers. After your eggs are collected your fertility expert will give you some fertility drugs so that you will be ready for the embryo transfer procedure.


Fertilization is the most important step of IVF Treatment Delhi in which your fertility expert will mix your collected eggs with the sperm of your husband or sperm donor to facilitate fertilization. Once the fertilization occurs your skilled embryologist will choose the best embryo to transfer into your uterus.

Transfer of Embryo

In this step, your embryologist will transfer the selected embryo into your uterus and then they will wait for the sign and symptoms of the pregnancy.

Pregnancy Test

The final step of the IVF Treatment Delhi is the pregnancy test which will be conducted after two weeks of your embryo transfer and if the results are positive then your fertility expert will advise you to take proper rest and wait for your baby. In case the results are not positive then you can repeat your IVF Treatment Delhi to fulfill your dream of having an own baby.

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Success Rate of IVF Treatment Delhi

The success rate of IVF Treatment Delhi depends on the following factors:


Age is one of the most important factors to achieve the successful results of the IVF Treatment. According to study, the women fertility starts declining when she reached at the age of 35 years which means she is not able to produce mature eggs for fertilization. Similarly, the fertility of the men will starts declining when they reach at the age of 40 years which means they are not able to produce enough sperms for fertilization. But no worries because the fertility experts at IVF Clinic in Delhi treat infertility causes with growing age as well.

Body Weight

It has been found that if you are planning to conceive a baby then your body weight should be according to your body mass index (BMI). To achieve the successful results of pregnancy you should not be overweight or underweight because in both the case the chances of miscarriages are high. Being overweight or underweight both can affect your IVF cycle so it is important for you to maintain the ideal weight according to your BMI to increase the chances of successful pregnancy.

Changes in Lifestyle

Changes in your lifestyle can also affect your chances of successful IVF Treatment Delhi. For e.g. if you regularly smoke or consume alcohol than it will affect your fertility and you will required the high dosage of stimulating medications which will increase your cost and also the fewer chances of your pregnancy. So your fertility expert will advise you to avoid smoking or other drugs at least before 3 months of your IVF treatment to achieve the successful outcome.


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