Egg Donors – of Different Races in India

Many women cannot bear children because of ovarian problems. There are a variety of reasons why egg donation is the only option for individuals and couples experiencing infertility. Many women do not produce eggs, have had their ovaries removed, or have dysfunctional ovaries and are no longer producing high quality eggs. Others have had radiation therapy or chemotherapy for cancer that destroyed their ovarian function. Ovarian problems can also be found in women deferring pregnancy until their late thirties or early forties. Regardless of their medical circumstances, these are everyday women who could easily be your sister or your friend. Their goal is simple: to have a baby of their own to love for a lifetime.

If you are on this site, most likely you are curious to know what the egg donation process entails and may be contemplating having an egg donor for you IVF cycle with us. We hope that the information on this website will help answer your questions and your compassion will drive you to take the next step in making your dream come true.

We are actively recruiting healthy women between the ages 19 and 29 with no known genetic or sexually transmitted diseases. Our International donor agencies are resourceful to provide donors of different races and countries for our selected clients.


    These Donors are :-

    • Caucasian / White egg donors from South Africa, Spain and rest of Europe
    • Asian egg donors
    • Japanese egg donors
    • Chinese egg donors
    • Bi-racial / multi-racial egg donors
    • Black / African egg donors
    • Hispanic /Latino egg donors
    • Indian egg donors
    • Korean Egg Donors
    • Muslim egg donors
    • Jewish egg donors

    other egg donors in India

    What we Do?



    : This treatment helps those couples who tried to conceive naturally for more than a year and unable to achieve the successful pregnancy.

    Egg Donation

    This is the best procedure at Go IVF surrogacy for those couples where women are unable to produce good quality of eggs and need assistance in conceiving a baby.


    Go IVF surrogacy offered the surrogacy procedure to those couples where women are suffering from uterus or kidney disease and men with low or poor sperm count.

    Egg Freezing

    Women can freeze their eggs when they are young and can use their own eggs when they plan for their family in future.

    Male Infertility

    At Go IVF surrogacy we also treat the male infertility issues which are stopping fertile women to conceive.

    Gynae Services

    The gynae at Go IVF surrogacy will provide the best gynae services throughout your journey and also take your personal and medical care properly.

    Some word from our patients


    ivf india testimonials

    We thank to Go IVF Surrogacy clinic which offers us the best fertility treatment which helps us in conceiving our own baby as well as it saves our lot of money, time and energy.


    Our great thanks to Go IVF Surrogacy clinic where fertility experts treat us as their own family member and help us throughout our journey of conceiving a baby.


    IVF Patients India

    Our all credit goes to Go IVF Surrogacy clinic where the fertility experts understand our condition and accordingly they offer us the best fertility treatment which fulfils our dreams.


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