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Many couples experiencing male factor infertility may choose to undergo donor insemination for IUI or IVF procedures in order to achieve pregnancy.

Indication for sperm donation:

  1. If there are significant abnormal semen characteristics
  2. Irreversible azoospermia
  3. A previous vasectomy
  4. Previous radiation or chemotherapy treatment or another irreversible male fertility factor
  5. Carriers of a known hereditary or genetic disorder
  6. If the female is Rh sensitized and the male is Rh positive
  7. Single women who desire pregnancy.

Screening – Anonymous donors :-

- A thorough medical history of the donor and his family
- Donors should be between 21 to 45 years – preferably have established fertility
- Genetic screening for common diseases, Rh factor, hepatitis B & C, HIV and other    STDs.
- Donors physical traits, personal habits, education, hobbies, talents, height and     weight and a complete semen analysis.

[If recipients wish to match certain characteristics – our sperm bank will provide the necessary information.]

Screening – known donors: -

Sometimes couples wish to use a known donor or a relative of the husband. Criteria for screening of known donor will be same as described above

Procedure followed before acceptance as a donor :

Young , healthy men between ages of 21 to 45 years are eligible as semen donor. Before selecting a person as a donor we collect bio-data which include physical health, mental health of the person, family history of diseases, educational status, screening of transferable diseases, height, colour of the skin, hair, eye. Specific tests - seminal parameters and sperm function tests, in case of a married man - details of the children.

We repeat the test once in two months, regularly conduct meeting to have interaction with them, and educate them, about communicable diseases through sex.

- A complete application form with a consent of not disclosing the identity.
- In the application form donor characteristics like blood group, height, weight, complexion, occupation, education, complete semen analysis should be filled up.
- A thorough semen analysis with sperm count > 60 million with 60% motility and normal morphology.
- Screening for HIV, VDRL , Hepatitis
- He should not be a drug addicted
- Screening for any hereditary disorder & Genetic condition

Ethnicity of Sperm Donors

Go IVF Surrogacy (GIS) has a wide base of sperm donors from different sperm banks. The sperm banks in India and abroad can offer you sperm donors with various physical characteristics and ethinicites for Indian donors and Caucasian donors as well.

Semen Banks

Semen banks are centers that store semen samples for later use in assisted reproduction. Semen samples are collected from selected donors who are screened based on a number of parameters. All semen banks must adhere to ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) rules and regulations. ICMR norms also dictate that semen donor programs must be anonymous and confidential at all times.

Success rate of sperm donation

Typical success rates with sperm donation are very encouraging. However, success rates depend largely upon the quality of sperm.

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