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Egg Donor and Sperm Donor Options

If you are an Intended Parent looking for IVF in India with either an egg donor or a sperm donor, we have host of donor options for you. You may choose the embryo transfer in yourself (in female intended parent) or in a surrogate mother.

Once you contact us, we will establish the right treatment to be offered to you by some initial medical tests. These medical tests look for the hormonal activity of the female intended parent and the sperm analysis of the male intended parent. You can get these tests done in your home country and send us the reports by email. They will then be assessed by one of our reputed IVF specialist and her opinion will then be emailed to you.

It is obvious that a female intended parent and even the male intended parent would like to carry her / his own genes in their baby. However, many times you have to look at your options from logical view point. As per the opinion of the IVF specialist we will recommend you the fertility treatment which will give you the most success as possible.

The IVF specialist will indicate your chances of success with your own eggs / sperms and your chances with donor eggs / sperms. The decision of going ahead with the selected option will be entirely of the intended Parents and we as well as the IVF specialist will respect that. Having a wide database of egg donors and sperm donors from different parts of India as well as abroad, we can offer you the following options.

Egg Donors

best egg donation clinics in Indiabest egg donation agencies in India Indian Egg DonorsRegular and Premium

As the major cities of India have migration from various states of India, we can offer you large number of donors of widely varying Indian ethnicities, including:

  • Punjabi (many)
  • Sikh (many)
  • Gujrati (several)
  • Rajasthani (several)
  • Marathi (several)
  • Himachali (several)
  • Bengali (a few)
  • East Indian (many)
  • Christian (a few)
  • Muslim (a few)
  • Kashmiri (a few)
  • Keralites (several)
  • South Indian (several)

egg donation clinics in mumbaibest egg donation clinics in India Caucasian Egg Donors – from Spain, South Africa and Europe

best egg donation clinics in Indiaegg donation clinics in mumbai Other race Egg Donors – from Japan, China, Africa, Korea, Muslim etc.

Sperm Donors

We have Indian and Caucasian sperm donors listed with us. If you wish more sperm donors of your choice, we will get you in touch with an international sperm donor agency for more options.

To receive the detailed profiles of egg donors and sperm donors for your choice, just drop us a mail at donor@ivfsurrogacy.in

Home best egg donation agencies in India Best Egg Donation Clinics and Agencies in India

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