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Once in a while nature needs assistance to begin a pregnancy - and the specialist can do this by giving the sperm a piggy back ride through a fine tube into the body. This technique is called intrauterine insemination (IUI) or manual sperm injection with spouse's sperm (AIH) - and adequately, the specialist is giving nature some assistance by expanding the odds of the egg and sperm meeting.

When Is IUI Used?

  • there is a problem with the male’s sperm or he has premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction
  • there is no obvious reason why the couple cannot conceive (unexplained infertility)
  • the woman has ovulation problems or mild endometriosis, when cells usually found in the lining of the womb grow in other parts of the reproductive system, such as the fallopian tubes, ovaries or vagina

Women without a male partner, such as women in same-sex partnerships, have also used IUI to become pregnant.

How is IUI Carried Out?

Depending on your particular fertility problem, you may need to use fertility medicines with your IUI treatment. If you do take fertility drugs it's called a stimulated cycle, because the drugs stimulate ovulation. If drugs are not used it's called an unstimulated cycle, or natural cycle.

In unstimulated cycle procedure, IUI is timed to take place at the time of natural female ovulation. You may be asked to detect ovulation using an ovulation predictor kit, or you’re the IVF specialist may track your cycle using blood tests and ultrasound scans. IUI is usually done between day 12 and day 16 of a natural menstrual cycle, but the exact day will depend on your individual cycle.

An ultrasound scan helps to locate the egg and check that it is mature. This way insemination will take place at the best time. You may ovulate naturally, or be given an injection of a hormone called HCG to bring it on.

Sperm is then inserted into your uterus within 24 hours and 40 hours of the hcg injection, or when you have a rise (surge) in LH hormone. You’re a sperm sample is collected from your partner, which is washed to extract the best quality, most mobile sperm.

Using a catheter (tube) through your cervix, the IVF specialist will then put this sperm directly into your uterus near a fallopian tube. This is the passage the egg travels along from an ovary to your uterus.

If you have unexplained infertility, the sperm may be inserted within a larger volume of fluid than usual. This allows it to wash up into your fallopian tubes more easily (fallopian sperm perfusion). This technique takes a few minutes more than standard IUI and may increase your chance of success.

After IUI you will rest for a short time and then carry on life as normal. You'll be able to take a pregnancy test in about two weeks.

How Long Will IUI Treatment Last?

IF unsuccessful after five to six cycle of IUI ,the fertility treatment can be reviewed .

What Are The Success Rates Of IUI?

Success rates depend on the cause and severity of the infertility and your age. Our IVF clinics in India have success rate of 10 – 20 % with IUI depending on your age and various other factors.

IUI itself is straightforward and takes only a few minutes. If you are having a stimulated cycle, you'll need to take fertility drugs before you ovulate.

Cost Of IUI In India

The cost of IUI varies in India as per the clinic selected and the cycle. Though, the cost of significantly lower that other fertility treatments.

To review your case and offer the IUI treatment and its cost, click here.

Home IUI Cost India IVF/ICSI IUI Cost India IUI Treatment in India Affordable at Best Clinics with High Success

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