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At Go Surrogacy, we are dedicated to fulfilling your dreams by bringing together the surrogates, egg donors and top fertility physicians who have consistent high success rates. The selection of the doctors is through peer to peer reference and contact with IP’s who have taken their services. With our offices in New Delhi and Mumbai, we maintain a strong database of surrogate mother profiles for our international clients.

We match intended parents with surrogates and egg donors with their arrival dates in India. The surrogates and egg donors’ cycles are coordinated as per IP’s arrival schedule for smooth embryo transfer. From helping IP’s select the fertility physician, surrogate care to assisting parents with life-altering decisions, our staff of caring and experienced professionals will hold your hand through every step of the process.

Go Surrogacy understands that finding the fertility physician, IVF clinic, surrogate and the donor in a country so far from yours may seem like a big task. As a leading surrogacy company, we understand the needs and concerns of Intended parents. Go Surrogacy will help you find the IVF specialist and the surrogate / donor and hold your hand in every step of the way, bringing you one step closer to fulfilling your dreams of having a family come true.

  • Review our website - Please review our website to understand the surrogacy process in greater detail.

  • Consult - Our Relationship Managers are available to answer any queries and questions that you may have on the surrogacy process. She will also connect you with the IVF specialist on a con call for private talk.

  • Fertility Clinic – We work with some of the best and most ethical fertility clinics in India. We will assist you the right clinic and IVF specialist to help your dreams come true. The fertility center will perform your surrogate's pre-screening and only on clinical testing and psychological counseling that the surrogate will be recruited and offered to you. You will also be advised for your medical screening.

  • Surrogate and Egg Donor Selection - You will be able to choose the egg donor. We will send you the egg donor profiles with photographs. If you wish you can even select the surrogate of leave the decision to the IVF specialist.

  • Paperwork – Our fees are not paid separately. You will need to pay the fertility clinic in their bank account. On confirmation of your arrival dates we will send you draft contracts for approval. You will sign contracts with Go Health, Surrogate, her husband and the IVF specialist and the clinic.

  • Legalities – The contracts will be drafted by a senior lawyer from High court and if you need and changes in the contracts, we will get them done. His services for making legal contracts are included in the package. Usually, you do not require lawyer representation for exit of the baby, but if required his services may be hired on payment.

  • Cycling - The IVF clinic/physician will give all parties a medical protocol to follow. The female intended parent / donor and surrogate will be started on medications prior to your arrival. Cycles will be synchronized and monitored.

  • IVF and Embryo Transfer: IVF clinic/physician will give all parties a medical protocol to follow. The female intended parent / donor and surrogate will be started on medications prior to your arrival. Cycles will be synchronized and monitored.

  • Pregnancy - Hopefully on the first embryo transfer. We will email you the IVF and embryo Transfer report, Beta Hcg report and baby cardiac activity report to confirm pregnancy. You will also receive a medical report of the surrogate every 3 – 4 weeks with her ultrasounds, medical tests and surrogate pics.

  • Delivery - We will inform you 2 -3 weeks in before expected delivery date so that you can come on time. Your baby (or babies) are born and it's time to rejoice! The baby stay is nursery for 1 – 3 days and then stays with you.

Surrogacy India FAQ’s

Why does it cost so less?

The biggest factor in our prices compared to other clinics is our exclusive partnerships with our IVF specialists and savings in surrogacy in India. The dollor converted to Indian Rupees carries a good weight in Indian economy and their medical work, ethics, hygiene and technical equipments of the IVF lab is of comparable to any good clinic in US or Europe. When it comes to quality, we offer our IP’s with the best in the surrogacy field at an affordable price.

Do I pay in full up front?

No. The whole surrogacy package is paid in installments in the whole course of 9 months. You need to pay the stage 1 cost to begin with. This covers the cost of egg donor compensation, surrogate compensation, their medications, IVF and professional charges of the doctor. The rest is paid only on positive pregnancy in installments in the next 8 months. Click here for details.

What types of surrogacy are available and what do they entail?

  • In Gestational Surrogacy with female intended parent’s eggs or an egg donor: The egg is removed from the intended mother, or donor and fertilized with the sperm of the intended father or sperm donor through IVF. The embryo is then implanted in a surrogate mother who carries the baby to term. The child is not related genetically to the surrogate and is genetically linked to the male intended parent and the female intended patent / the egg donor

Who is eligible for the Surrogacy Program?

  • Intended parents 21 to 60 years old are eligible to apply for the surrogacy program in India.

  • Couples and partners are eligible for gestational surrogacy with the eggs of the female intended parent or with an egg donor.

  • Single men/ women are eligible for gestational surrogacy with egg/sperm donor. (One parent must be biological)

From which countries do you accept clients ?

We accept clients for surrogacy from all countries with an exception of the countries where surrogacy is prohibited and their high commission in India would not issue a passport for the baby to come back to their country. For international clients, your research process should be determining whether or not your country has laws regarding surrogacy, and the legal and citizenship status of a baby born through surrogacy in another country. You should contact your lawyer to determine this and drop a mail to us too for an opinion from our surrogacy lawyer.

Are there any risks?

There is an inherent risk in every medical Treatment. Being located in India and having a vast database of world class doctors and clinics, we offer you accredited clinic and doctor who offers most ethical and high success rate treatment at affordable cost.

Can I know the doctors’ credentials and profile?

Yes, on answering your fist mail we will send you doctor’s credentials and profile. You will also be encouraged for a private conversation with her / him during the communication process.

Do the doctors and medical staff speak English?

The doctors and the entire senior medical staff as well as your Relationship Manager from Go Surrogacy speaks fluent English.

I don’t know English, can somebody speak in my language?

Yes, we do have Spanish and Arabic speaking staff at Go Surrogacy and we can talk to you and translate you on the phone and while in India. For any other language we have translators on our roll who would be called for professional translation services as and when required.

How do I select a surrogate mother?

Yes, during your first trip, you will have the opportunity to meet with 1 – 3 surrogate mothers who have been selected as your surrogates and the IVF specialist will choose one out them on the day of embryo transfer by looking at her endometrium lining in the operation theatre.

How soon can I plan to come now?

We don’t have any waiting lists. We have egg donors listed with us which you can choose. Once the egg donor is selected, we will require 4 – 6 weeks to recruit the egg donor and the surrogate and put them on medications as per your arrival schedule.

Can I choose the gender of my child?

No, gender selection is prohibited by law in India.

Can we choose to try for a multiple birth?

To protect the health and well-being of the surrogate mother, the doctor suggests limiting the multiple births to twins.

After the pregnancy is confirmed what information and documents would you send me

For an entire list of post pregnancy documents,click here.

Where do I stay?

We will send you a list of hotels and guesthouse near the clinic where you can stay. The rates would be negotiated rates for our long staying guests.

Will I need any travel documents?

Yes, You can ask us for a medical visa invitation letter and apply for a medical visa to India at the nearest Indian High Commission.

How do we bring the child back to our home?

Go Surrogacy will hold your hand all the way till you have taken the flight back with the baby. We will assist you to obtain the birth certificate, DNA testing at your high commission and passport for your newest family member, and exit visa procedure at the local FRRO office [Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office]. Our Relationship Manager will assist you all the way to the airport !

If you have further questions or would like additional information, please contact us via email or telephone.

Home surrogacy program in India Surrogacy surrogacy program in India Go Health Surrogacy Program in India Go IVF Surrogacy India

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