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Surrogacy Clinic in India – How to Begin your Journey

Choosing a surrogacy clinic or a surrogacy agency in India can be confusing. You will have some expectations from the process, the journey and the result of you taking this pain – your own baby!

Before you choose us or any agency in India, we would recommend you to keep these points in mind.

  1. Who runs this surrogacy clinic or the agency and what are its credentials? For our credentials and what our IP’s speak about us, click here.
  2. List down the packages of donor and surrogacy that the agencies offer. For our list of packages, click here.
  3. Clearly list out – in comparison form – the clinical services that the surrogacy clinic / agency offers you in a particular package. For our list of services in each package, click here.
  4. Compare Apple to Apple – make your own calculations.
  5. Surrogacy or IVF is not a 100% success procedure, so if you are getting a deal for multiple tries, opt for that.
  6. Now, select two to three agencies based on cost factor and view the complete profiles of their IVF specialists and their clinics and hospitals in India.
    For the list of our empanelled IVF specialists, click here.
  7. Compare their profiles, view their videos, research what other say about him / her over the net. Do it extensively.
    For details of each of our IVF specialist, view their profiles and their clinic details.
  8. Now, send mail to your selected surrogacy clinic and surrogacy agency and seek profiles of donors and surrogate mothers for you. Seek their living standards, care protocols, delivery hospitals etc.
    To get profiles of donors and surrogate mother from us, click here.
  9. Write your detailed questions and each and every query which comes to your mind to the surrogacy clinic / agency and seek professional and clear answers. Expect the professional one to call you to offer solutions.
  10. Rate these surrogacy agencies on the basis of the following factors now -:
    • Costs and Packages – The one with most clear cost pattern and inclusive of most of services. May not have the lowest cost but most comprehensive yet not exorbitant.
    • Skills, Success rates and reviews of the IVF specialist – The more experienced and dynamic the IVF specialist with recognition in India and abroad, the better.
    • Professionalism of the surrogacy agency – which will hold your hand all the way and ensure your journey is hassle free and does all back end work to get the safe delivery of the baby and help in exit process from India.
    • Donor Profiles and Surrogate profiles – Choose the one you like and go ahead with her.
    • Your Gut feeling – The most important
  11. Now Go ahead with the surrogacy clinic or the surrogacy agency which you find the best….

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