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Surrogacy for Married Couples from abroad is possible in India.

Please note that a due to a recent regulation by the government of India only married couples from abroad can now apply for surrogacy in India. Unmarried Indian citizens and singles can still apply.

Also, you will need to visit India for surrogacy on a medical visa only. To apply for a medical visa, send us your details here and we will send you an invitation letter to apply for medical visa at the Indian embassy.

Go Surrogacy prides itself on being one of the largest and most successful gestational surrogacy programs in India. All prospective gestational carriers go thorough medical and psychological screenings by Go Surrogacy clinics and then expertly matched with Intended Parents in order to achieve the best possible outcome, that is, a healthy full-term pregnancy and live birth.

Married Couples can either opt for Gestational Surrogacy with the eggs of the female intended parent or Surrogacy with an Egg Donor.

Why Gestational Surrogacy ?

Over 50 percent of gestational surrogacy cycles result in pregnancy (though the success rate varies depending on the carrier, egg(s), and sperm). Gestational surrogacy is recommended when the female intended parent is unable to carry a pregnancy (though she may have normal ovarian function and is able to produce normal eggs) or when there is no female partner.

Reasons for gestational surrogacy include:

  • Pregnancy loss due to an abnormal uterus
  • Hysterectomy or other surgery that renders the uterus nonfunctional
  • Severe complications of pregnancy
  • Medical conditions that precludes pregnancy (multiple sclerosis, kidney disease etc.)
  • Gay male couples who desire to have a child (using their sperm and a donated egg)

The Gestational Surrogacy Process

The process of gestational surrogacy involves in vitro fertilization (IVF). The female Intended Parent (or egg donor) receives hormonal medications to generate multiple eggs. The eggs are then harvested and fertilized with the male partner’s sperm and the healthy embryos are transferred into the uterus of the gestational carrier, who has been treated with hormones.

The success of gestational surrogacy is high and largely depends on the quality of the eggs and the sperm. Gestational surrogates are carefully chosen and screened by Go Surrogacy Clinics, in order to increase the chances of the surrogate becoming pregnant and having a successful pregnancy and live birth.

How do I choose - Surrogacy with my wife’s eggs or an egg donor ?

We recognize that surrogacy with the eggs of the female intended parent and sperms of male intended parent would be your first choice. The fertility physician will ask for a few medical reports of both the intended parents to opine on your possibilities. These medical reports will be to check the sperms of the male intended parent and the ovarian function of the female intended parent. To receive a full list of tests and get a free no – obligation opinion from one of our IVF specialist, click here.

Cost of Surrogacy in India

The Cost of Surrogacy is offered as a package by Go Surrogacy. The cost varies if you opt for surrogacy with your own eggs or with an egg donor. To get a detailed pricing and payment schedule of surrogacy, click here.

Home surrogacy abroad india Surrogacy surrogacy abroad india Surrogacy Abroad in India for Married Couples from Abroad

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