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Surrogacy in India with Frozen Embryos – Ship your Embryos to Go Surrogacy in India

If you have embryos frozen with you at a your fertility clinic and you cannot carry them yourselves for a medical reason or due to failed IVF attempts, then hiring a gestational surrogate to carry your embryos is the option.

The embryos can be shipped to one of our surrogacy clinics in India. The surrogacy clinic will require a few details about the embryos before being sent to India. These details would normally be in the freezing report that our clinic gave you while freezing your embryos. The details include the total number of embryos frozen, number of embryos frozen per straw, quality of embryos when frozen, media used for freezing and genetic linkage of the embryos etc.

Once the embryos are received at the Surrogacy clinic, the surrogate would be prepared for her uterus lining and when she is ready for a transfer, the embryos are thawed and the live embryos are then transferred in her uterus in the same process as in the fresh IVF cycle. Not all embryos received and thawed would be of good quality when thawed. The IVF specialist will make a decision at that point of time and select the best embryos for transfer.

One important point to remember is that the embryos must be genetically linked to at least one of the intended parent for the baby to get the passport and exit visa from India.

Shipping Frozen Embryos

The embryos are shipped cross country by professional oganisations called Cryo Shippers. These cryoshippers are well trained in shipping the embryos carefully and professionally so as to not lose them in a container in which temperature is not maintained and with all required paperwork.

Once you contact us,we will put you in contact with a few cryoshippers who regularly ship the embryos from your country to our surrogacy clinics. They will communicate directly with you and pick up the embryos from your fertility clinic in a travel cryocan filled with nitrogen gas and ship the cryocan to our clinic in India. They will seek a few papers from you, your clinic and our clinic beforehand. They would charge you directly for their service and their charges range from USD 2000 to 3000.

Once we have the embryos in our clinic, we will transfer them in one of our cryocan and return the travel cryocan to the cryoshipper. We will then prepare the gestational surrogate for the embryo transfer.

Success Rates with Frozen Embryo Transfers

Recent advances in embryo freezing have enabled improvement in success rates. This includes improved embryo survival at thawing and an increase in the clinical pregnancy rate.

However, the fertility success rate is less compared to a fresh egg cycle surrogacy IVF.

Go Surrogacy’s well-equipped surrogacy clinics and experienced fertility physicians lead to a perfect trip for couples coming to India for commercial surrogacy. Therefore, people can take their babies back home with no hassles and at an affordable cost.

Home frozen embryos surrogacy India Surrogacy frozen embryos surrogacy India Surrogacy with Frozen Embryos in India with Shipped Embryos

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