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Surrogate Compensation

The surrogate mothers are doing a noble job for the Intended Parents. We recognize this and ensure that they are paid also well.

Every surrogate mother in our program is paid on time as per the agreement and we ensure that we pay them a little more than we promise. Their content and happiness at the end of the program is very important.

Of the entire package of surrogacy services with us, the surrogate mothers are paid, in cheque, USD 6000 – 7000 [equivalent in Indian Rupees] during the whole terms of pregnancy. Of this she is paid a sum every month and a large part of the compensation is given to her on delivering the baby and then on signing all the relevant documents as required by the Intended Parent to take the baby back to their country.

This is only the payment as given the cheque / bank transfer. Her payments for transport to clinic, surrogate clothing, food, nutrition etc. is paid separately.

Home surrogate mother pay India Surrogacy surrogate mother pay India Surrogate Mother Compensation in India

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