Unexplained Infertility is the condition where the infertility cause is unknown even after doing infertility workup that includes semen analysis test, assessment of ovulation or the functioning. Unexplained infertility also referred to as idiopathic infertility, unknown infertility, etc.

One in five couples experiences the case of unexplained infertility in their life despite undergoing a full assessment test of infertility. Agree it is hard to digest you are infertile and that too the exact cause is unknown. Couples, who find out the specific cause of their infertility, undeniably their case is difficult too but to know the answer of your infertility case is more bearable than not to have any idea about your infertility situation.

However not to worry about your unknown infertility case because there are several infertility treatments formulated and is best treated by the specialists of Go IVF Surrogacy. You must be wondering about Go IVF Surrogacy, okay, so let the readers clarify about it. Go IVF Surrogacy is the foremost and ongoing ART specialist clinic that has world-wide centres and provides unsurpassed treatment to the patient seeking for the best and affordable fertility treatments.

How to diagnose Unexplained Infertility 

Diagnosis of unexplained infertility includes certain tests. For a female, infertility workup includes medical history, a test of blood hormone level, postcoital test (it is a test of sperm present in the cervical mucus after the intercourse), ultrasound of the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and uterus, hysteroscopy of the pelvis, etc.

To diagnose the cause of unexplained infertility in male, tests like semen analysis, hormonal evaluation, a complete medical history, and physical assessment is performed.

Unexplained infertility is diagnosed when the entire tests such as semen analysis, hormonal level, etc. all are working normally.

To treat this issue (of unknown infertility), it is important to facilitate or increase the chance of achieving pregnancy, this is done by bringing the eggs and sperms closer to each other for soon fertilization. This process can be attained with the help of numerous effective ART or non ART techniques. Let’s read some of the most productive treatments to get to the bottom of unexplained infertility.

Fertility treatments to solve the case of Unexplained Infertility 

As mentioned above, there are some in Art techniques too, which is used to eradicate the matter of unknown infertility, such as IUI, IUI with clomiphene citrate, and IUI with Gonadotropins. This was some of the examples of non Art methodology.

Let’s now talk about the efficacious fertility treatment of ART technique. IVF- True, IVF is the best ART technique to solve the case of idiopathic infertility. IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is the best fertility treatment for those couples who have already undergone IUI with fertility medication but couldn’t get success.

Which things you need to avoid selecting IVF clinic for your treatment 

This is the greatest task, which a couple has to decide. Fertility treatments and infertility are not at all a take for granted thing or carefree topic, one really needs to focus oneself in deep to seek the best IVF clinic for unexplained infertility treatment.

The first thing which a couple has to find is the experienced gynecologist who can detect or consult the best for your case. And then the ball is on your court to fish around the best IVF clinic for your unexplained case of infertility.

Many of the couples seek out or prefer to seek the nearest and most comfy IVF clinic, but it is not a proper way to go for the treatment. True, it will be very easy for those couples who have chosen just for their comfort any clinic (on the basis of their comfort) without asking any question (such as the centre’s success rate, clinic’s reputation, specialists experience, etc.) can see a hard result or negative outcome from their concern treatment.

These are some Don’ts, which you need to avoid choosing IVF clinic for your unexplained infertility treatment.

Best IVF Clinic in Delhi for the treatment of unexplained infertility 

Delhi- India’s capital is famed for several things, cheap and reasonable products, enriched in an advanced form of technologies, researchers, unsurpassed treatments and best way to eradicate an issue and here what Delhi comes in the top list of providing best infertility treatments to the couples.

Before selecting any IVF clinic, you required to go through

  • Clinic’s success rate
  • Investigate the number of live birth from fertility treatment
  • A certified clinic
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for a doctor’s experience and education
  • Beyond a good connection with the doctor, you need to check
    • How the clinic’s receptionist or coordinator greets you
    • Are they always ready to solve your query
    • Are the clinic really concern with your issue
    • IVF clinic’s reputation
    • IVF centre’s infrastructure and hygiene

 What makes Go IVF Surrogacy- the Best IVF Clinic in Delhi for unexplained infertility treatment

  • At Go IVF Surrogacy, the counts of live birth are as equal to as the pregnancy rate
  • It is encompassed with the latest technologies and advanced equipment
  • Personalized care and warm interaction with the patient
  • Advance amenities
  • The desk always answer the calls, solve the queries via text messages, mail or what’s app 24*7
  • Fertility doctors with all the master’s qualification
  • Fertility team has more than enough experience in solving the case of unexplained infertility very well.
  • Decent success rate




It takes two to create a baby. Although a woman carries the baby and delivers the child after the completion of 9 months of pregnancy duration, a male partner to contributes an imperative position to put forward the result (i.e. baby).

If you are trying to conceive then you need to know that fertility potential plays the most vital role in achieving the pregnancy. Male and female fertility- both serve an important function to get conceived. Several people think that female fertility is all we need to get a baby but here’s a Big NO, because female fertility is not the only one that plays a significant role, male fertility potential imparts an equal role in it. During this page, we will be gathering some essential details about male fertility, factors like –

  • How a male can maintain his fertility? Or
  • How to boost up man’s fertility?
  • What are the ways to enhance the capacity of male’s fertility?

What are the requirements for successful fertilization?

When a motile and active sperm self penetrates with the wall of the egg and goes into the cytoplasm of the egg, then here’s the positive indication of successful fertilization. To make fertilization happen, the male partner must be able to make a healthy and enough sperm. Not only healthy sperm is enough, normal shape and a perfect movement are also important to penetrate the egg’s wall. An issue with any of this step can create a hurdle to achieve pregnancy.

Several factors from genetics and lifestyle to the environmental exposures and also hormones affect a male’s fertility and therefore it is hard to find the exact cause for infertility issue in male. Work environment and chemical exposures also cause an adverse effect on male fertility.

There are some effective steps, which men can opt to enhance or to improve their fertility. Let’s read some of the points in details. Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading fertility centres that come up with the most amazing success rate in male or female fertility treatments. The specialists of Go IVF Surrogacy provide unsurpassed consultation to the couple (regarding any issue related to fertility and pregnancy) in a very satisfied manner.

How to maintain fertility in males?

  1. Get your health condition under control –

Controlling BP (blood pressure), diabetes may improve a man’s chances of making his partner pregnant. If a male is facing a hard time with his high Blood Pressure then there are some medications which are prescribed by the specialist to control high blood pressure (beta blockers), depression, and anxiety. But sometimes this medication could also give a negative result on fertility so you need to consult with a specialist first before starting the medications.

  1. Regular exercise –

Health and Body are totally interconnected with each other. If you will have a sound body then you need not face any issue in your life.

And what makes the body healthy? There are several methods to make your figure up to the mark by doing proper exercise, being physically active, walking, jogging, etc. Researchers have researched that regular exercise helps in reducing stress level and makes a man feel better.

  1. Say No to Smoking –

As we already know that smoke causes an adverse effect on fertility then why male or female takes this toxic product- Cigarettes. A cigarette is a hazardous product that harms greatly our body system, especially fertility potential in male.

Smoking is directly linked with the breakdown of sperm quality and quantity. Researchers have shown that the men who smoke daily are likely to have less sperm than the men who least smoke. Male smokers have decreased sperm count, less sperm movement and have a higher number of abnormally shaped sperm.

Drinking habit or heavy alcohol also causes male sperm decreased and result in poor quality. Marijuana and other anabolic steroids for bodybuilding should also be avoided as some of the studies depicted that intake of such drugs impacts negative sperm production.

  1. Lose extra pounds if you are in the group of extra-weight –

A 2012 study has shown that obese and over-weight men take longer to make their female partner conceived than those men who haven’t any weight issue. Males who have weight problem are more likely to have low sperm counts, decreased sperm motility, and may have damage to genetic material in sperm. It has been said that too much body fat is directly linked with the changes in testosterone.

NOTE – Healthy diet and a proper day to day activity influences male fertility potential. Diet chart may include fresh fruits, plenty of vegetables (a rich source of antioxidants helps to make healthy sperms). Avoid heat exposures, long hot tubs, steam rooms; these are some factors that increase the scrotal temperature and this, in turn, reduces the sperm count and the quality of the sperm.


Okay! So, if you have planned for IVF treatment then you have selected a perfect fertility treatment for yourself to get rid of that ‘Childlessness’ tag from your life. Though it would be very hard to digest about that you are unable to give birth on your own but Chill, you are not alone in this battle, which is referred to as Infertility. There are several couples, who face a hard time to achieve their pregnancy and thence they go for fertility treatment to get conceived.

Infertility and its Treatment- a brief knowledge –

What is Infertility and why age plays an important role in IVF treatment?

Infertility is outlined as a couple’s inability to get pregnant after one year of doing unprotected intercourse. Infertility is perceived as a social downside in many of the countries, with numerous medical manifestations.

Infertility is rising day by day, there are several external factors that initiate its upright, some of the important factors are- environmental pollution, hectic schedule, hazardous toxins, improper lifestyle (that includes inappropriate food habit, addiction of alcohol, smoke, etc.), these are some major points that cause an adverse effect on fertility potential. In average, 12-15% of couples worldwide or one in six couples globally struggling for their pregnancy. Right now, the amount of impotent or infertile couples stands at 60-80 million, and also the range is increasing each year.

In our country, infertility disorder is determined in 35-40% of men, And an equal share of ladies, while, each partner faces the matter in 20-30% of cases.

However, development and advanced technology in life science have created a possibility for the infertile couples to experience and enjoy the days of their parenthood. More than 300 million test tube babies are born by the procedure of IVF treatment. IVF not only has given a ray of happiness to the couples but also it has been fulfilling the most wanted desire of the infertile couples’.

One in six couple is affected by the infertility disorder. There are approximate 60-80 million impotent couples globally and also the rate of the infertile couples is increasing day by day. There are several couples, who without any hurdle, get conceived however others at some stage struggle or face issue in achieving their pregnancy and these couples want some other solution of achieving their baby.

Infertility treatment majorly depends upon the factor of age or we can say any of the treatment’ success rate somehow dependent on the couple’s age. IVF Treatment in Delhi is one of the most effective fertility treatments that can be used as male or female infertility cases.

Women, who have crossed their age of 35, ought to consult a professional if they want to get pregnant. The egg quality of the woman declines as the age increase. That’s the reason, why experts recommend the couples to get pregnant at the age of their best fertility potential phase. In many of the couples, the fertility is impaired to some extent however not utterly, these patients could conceive in the third year or afterward with none help as there’s a delay these couples (or the case of infertility) are known as subfertile.

Cost of IVF Treatment in Delhi –

Far reasonable cost of IVF in Delhi –

Let’s come to the main point of IVF treatment cost in Delhi, there are many facts that you need to be gathered before undergoing IVF treatment. If you are still thinking that there is a single package of IVF, so you are here wrong because IVF charges vary on the basis of a couple’s infertility case. There are many techniques in ART methodology that once combined with IVF treatment; the IVF fee in Delhi gets modified.

Why IVF treatment is combined? IVF is the best fertility treatment for all the infertility cases; this can be applied with several other techniques like ICSI, PICSI, IMSI and Sperm Surgical Retrieval procedure (TESA, MESA, PESA, etc). According to the particular issue of female or male infertility condition, IVF is combined with other techniques to get a favorable result.

The average IVF cost in Delhi is straightforward and easy payable by the infertile couples, the infertile couples can easily think for this treatment without taking any stress or tension, this is because Go IVF Surrogacy puts forward the best IVF treatment and the lowest cost of IVF to the couples.  Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading and foremost centres that bring forward world-class treatment to the couple.

The average cost of IVF in Delhi is INR 1,50,000; this package of IVF in Delhi comprises of  all the procedures such as hormonal level tests, physical screening before undergoing IVF treatment, fertility medications & medicine, transvaginal ultrasounds, each visit to the clinic, consultation charges, egg retrieval, semen assortment, fertilization, and embryo transfer.

Let’s gain some more information relating to the IVF cost in Delhi

  • Consultation charge – INR 1,000
  • Fertility medicine or secretion injections – INR 50,000 – 60,000
  • IVF Cycle – INR 90,000
  • Post ET price – INR 15,000 (for fifteen days)

In a clear view, IVF cost in Delhi is @1, 50,000 INR, by just paying this amount you will have your own baby soon. The package, which has been mentioned above is exclusive from Post Embryo Transfer procedure, if the couple wants to go for post embryo transfer then he or she needs to talk with the fertility consultants from the clinic, there will be some extra bugs, which a couple supposed to pay. However, in the package of IVF Cost in Delhi, these steps include –

  • Complete assessment of the female
  • Hormonal injections and fertility drugs
  • Monitoring of the follicles
  • Ultrasounds / Vaginal ultrasounds
  • Cost of IVF laboratory
  • Egg Retrieval step
  • IVF cycle
  • Embryo transfer

Advance Cost of IVF in Delhi–

IVF treatment is said to advance when the other fertility treatment is combined with it to induce effective result. The advance IVF cost in Delhi differs completely with the different treatments (if combined by the recommendation of fertility experts), for example, if IVF treatment is combined with ICSI treatment, the final package of the treatment will be an additional amount of ICSI with IVF. If IVF is applied with PICSI then the treatment price is changed.

IVF Charges in Delhi using own eggs –

IVF treatment is accomplished using several techniques as mentioned above. IVF with own eggs and own sperm means that both- male and female is healthy enough to unleash or produce healthy and motile eggs and sperms for fertilization. When this case of infertility happens, IVF is done using female’s eggs and male partner’s sperms. IVF Fee in Delhi using own eggs and own sperms is INR 1,50,000 (with all the expenses).

IVF Cost in Delhi using a donor egg or donor sperm–

When the female partner is unable to supply healthy and good quality of eggs for fertilization, donor egg IVF is used. Egg donor IVF is usually preferred by those females, who have crossed their age of 35 and producing low or poor quality of the egg.

During this procedure of egg donor IVF, instead of female’s egg donor egg is used for fertilization. Initially, the donor has to undergo with all the steps until her eggs are not retrieved. Once the eggs are obtained by the donor, her role gets over. IVF cost in Delhi using donor egg is INR 2, 75, 000, where egg donor cost in Delhi is INR 1, 25,000 and traditional IVF cost in Delhi is INR 1, 50,000.

On average, the Average Cost of IVF in Delhi ranges from Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs 1,75,000 (adding all the medication and procedure).

This page opens with a BIG CONGRATULATION for those couples, who have successfully accomplished the vital steps of IVF, i.e. embryo transfer and now they must have their fingers crossed to know the favorable results of pregnancy and sending best to the couples, who are on their way to undergo embryo transfer. Right, so not delaying more, let’s come to the main topic of this page, i.e. What to do before and after embryo transfer.

What is embryo transfer and when embryo implantation occurs?

Embryo transfer is one of the crucial steps of IVF treatment, during this a fertilized egg or says, an embryo is transferred into the uterus of the female. Once the embryo has been placed successfully in the female’s uterus, one last and essential thing that must happen before a patient is officially pregnant – IMPLANTATION.

Embryo implantation occurs when the embryo gets attached to the endometrial lining of the uterus.  Implantation of an embryo usually takes after 1-5 days of the embryo transfer. The success rate of embryo implantation depends on two factors –

  1. The quality of the embryo
  2. The receptiveness of the uterus

If a woman suffers from poor egg quality then it is possible, the embryo which then forms will be deficient in its healthy nature to accomplish the task of implantation. Those women, who have a poor quality of eggs, can go for the option of donor egg IVF. True, donor egg IVF increases the chances of both – implantation rate and healthy pregnancy.


To follow correct and timely medication –

A female has to follow all the direction of fertility medications. Whether a female is using her fresh embryo or a frozen embryo transfer, she will be likely to take progesterone and some other supportive medications. Make sure a female follows the proper direction from the clinic and the time of how the medicines supposed to take.

A couple can go for PGD before their embryo transfer –

A couple also can settle on the procedure of PGD before their embryo transfer. PGD technique, true, PGD is one of the latest techniques of ART methodology and is used to eliminate those embryos, which has either chromosomal abnormalities or carries a genetic disorder. PGD is used by those couples or preferred for those couples, who have a past history of any kind of genetic issue or chromosomal defects.

Ask your doctor about estrogens and progesterone supplementation. A well-planned hormone supplementation both before the embryo transfer and after transfer help to prepare and support the endometrial lining so that the embryo gets an ideal environment for implantation and healthy growth.

You can ask for Assisted Hatching Procedure before embryo transfer –

A couple can also go Assisted Hatching. Embryo, at its early stage, is enclosed by a thin membrane, referred as zona pellucida. During assisted hatching, embryologist creates a tiny hole in the zona pellucida and this in turns increases the rate of implantation of an embryo into the uterine wall.


Be active but say No to excessive work-out –

Many of the females after their embryo transfer think that rest is mandatory in order to make the embryo attaches to the uterine wall; it’s not true actually. This thing is obviously appropriate that a woman must have to avoid vigorous exercise and heavy workout but she should not run off from her day to day activity after embryo transfer.

So, basically, a woman need not restrict all her basic activities, she can go for a pleasant walk in the evening with her partner, meditate and calm her mind, meet with those persons who motivates you and makes you positive.

It is strictly recommended for a female not to do tough exercise, this is because difficult exercise stimulates a female’s uterine contraction and if it occurs then there is the risk of negative response of embryo implantation.

Not to do Sexual Intercourse –

True! Sexual intercourse should also be avoided during these days. Some fertility clinic might have a different opinion regarding this statement but it is sure, while you do intercourse, uterine contraction occurs and this, in turn, causes an adverse effect on woman’s implantation rate. So, it is better to walk on the safe side and avoid sexual intercourse for some time.

Ease your mind and Calm your thoughts –

Some women, after their embryo transfers unconsciously over-think of their future outcome and this over-thinking soon converts into STRESS and TENSION. Women, who already have been undergone so much in the weeks of her IVF up to the embryo transfer, such as regular medications, hormonal injections, collection of the eggs and then the step comes embryo transfer, you need to cheer up yourself despite being stressed or so. This is an important time to make you at ease and nurture.

Sleep enough and do that work that makes you happy. It’s okay and good to watch movies, serials. Enjoy your time and be positive. It happens at rare cases, some females feel anxious and stressed so for them, the best option is to go for a walk with your partner and have a sweet talk together, this all the things adds happiness in life.

No to say hot Shower –

Yes! This is one of the important points, which has to be taken care of by the women who have completed her embryo transfer. Things you have to avoid are- taking hot tubs, hot yoga- by doing these activities, the female may raise her internal temperature and this should be totally avoidable.

Correct, women after embryo transfer need to take care of her bathing style. Things, which a woman can do is to avoid taking hot tubs, hot yoga. These are some activities doing which female raises her internal temperature and this is, in turn, affects the embryo implantation.

A woman can have a soothing lukewarm shower (as per the recommendation by your fertility expert).

Eat the way as if you are Pregnant –

YES! One of the important questions that come in the mind of the female at this time is – what to eat and what not to.

So, for them, who are puzzled about their dietary plan chart, let them be aware- No need to feel conscious about your chart plan. Just eat as if you are pregnant. Have lots of implantation diet, drink fresh water and healthy foods. Be on green vegetables, fresh fruits, protein, fiber-containing products, etc.

You have to quit oily foods, outside packet closed things and stale products, which contain high-mercury fish, soft cheese. You should seek a perfect consultation or diet schedule from your fertility expert. She will give the best guidance looking at your case.

One important factor after or even before embryo transfer is to avoid Alcohol, nicotine, usage of drugs and caffeine- these are some harmful substances that cause a negative result of embryo implantation.

The Bottom line –

These are some vital factors, which a woman should do after or before her embryo transfer to get a favorable result in her implantation results and of course the test of pregnancy. You can directly communicate the expert about the dosage of the supplement. Supplements of vitamin or mineral have a beneficial impact on these days. A woman can add a supplement of folic acid, vitamin D and also vitamin B.










If you are finding exact and complete detail about the Cost of IVF treatment in Kolkata, then Hurray you are on the right click. As the page goes on, you will get all the information of IVF in Kolkata and the cost of IVF treatment in Kolkata. Hope you are ready to read all the nuts and bolts points about IVF in Kolkata. Here we go in the ocean of the most miraculous fertility treatment, i.e. IVF.

What is IVF Kolkata?

IVF is one of the amazing fertility treatments and comes in the category of ART technique. Now you must be wondering what ART is? Okay so for those readers who already have sound knowledge of fertility treatment and ART techniques, they can revise these points.

ART technique is fully referred to as Assisted Reproductive Technology; it encompasses various advance fertility treatments. All the fertility treatments in Art technique are more effective compared with other basic fertility treatments. ART treatment is only recommended when the couple (either male or female) is facing with advance infertility issue. IVF is one of the advanced treatments in ART.

IVF- In Vitro Fertilization is sometimes in a general term referred to as Test Tube Baby treatment. The most astounding phase of IVF is its fertilization procedure. During IVF, a female partner has to be infertility medications and hormonal injection (for 12-14 days). These medications are given to the female in order to stimulate the ovaries and that in turns produces multiple eggs at the time of maturity. Collection of the egg (when the eggs are at full-fledged or matured level) is known as Egg Retrieval procedure.

Eggs are collected with the help of a hollow needle under the ultrasound. These eggs are carefully pulled from each ovary and then places in the culture dish for fertilization.

Male has to submit his semen (on the same day of egg collection procedure) to the fertility clinic. The experts now mix the sperms and eggs on the same culture dish for fertilization.

Motile and active sperm swims in its best way and penetrates with the egg’s wall and goes into the cytoplasm of the egg for cell division. From here naturally, embryo formation takes place. One or max two embryo(s) is/are transferred into the female’s uterus.

Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading ART specialist centres that come up with a remarkable success rate and incredible fertility experts. What makes success rate high, obviously the clinic’s doctors and team. The fertility team and senior specialist of Go IVF Surrogacy are marvelous and perform superb IVF treatment. IVF Cost Treatment in Kolkata by Go IVF Surrogacy is far reasonable and transparent. Let’s gather Charges of IVF treatment in Kolkata.

The exact cost of IVF in Kolkata–

Cost of IVF in Kolkata is based on a marginal package and is easy to handle by the infertile couple. One of the significant factors about IVF Kolkata is that IVF is the miraculous treatment, which sometimes combines with other ART technique to get a more favorable outcome. IVF is applied with other ART technique on the basis of a couple’s infertility case. Combination of IVF with other treatments such as IVF with ICSI, IVF with an egg donor, IVF with donor sperm, IVF with IMSI, IVF with PICSI, etc. are some of the mixed treatment of ART technique. Cost of IVF in Kolkata varies on the basis of this combination. If the couple’s case of infertility treatment is IVF with donor egg then the sum amount of IVF with donor egg is quite expensive and hence the total cost changes.

IVF cost with self eggs and self sperms, during this procedure male and female both gives their own sperms and eggs for fertilization procedure.  Charges of IVF in Kolkata when eggs and sperms are collected from the couples, is INR 1, 75,000. In this package of IVF cost in Kolkata, given below steps or process are included –

Initial consultation, fertility medication, hormonal injection, transvaginal ultrasounds, hormonal level tests, lab charges, egg retrieval procedure, semen sample collection, fertilization, and embryo transfer- these all the steps are included in this package.

In some case of infertility situation, the female partner loses the ability to release healthy eggs or unable to fulfill the requirement of IVF fertilization, at this time the fertility experts suggest the patient go for Egg Donor with IVF. Though it’s an expensive procedure it offers best results because of healthy eggs provided by fit and qualified donor. The cost of IVF treatment with donor egg is INR 3, 00,000. Here the donor cost Rs. 1, 25,000. This is cost-effective and keenly priced of IVF treatment in Kolkata. Like this, IVF cost changes if it unites with other technique.

In an average, if we talk about the exact or basic IVF cost in Kolkata then it charges Rs.1, 75,000-2, 00,000, that includes the entire fertility medications, fertility drugs, ultrasounds and blood hormonal tests of a female partner, and the complete step of IVF.

One of the best and genuine factors of IVF cost in Kolkata is that the clinic never asks for any hidden charges during or after IVF treatment, the package of IVF in Kolkata is completely transparent and clear.

Why Choose Kolkata for IVF treatment?

  • It gives a decent success rate and complete satisfaction during the IVF treatment.
  • Veteran fertility experts and experienced team of fertility department
  • Advance equipment for IVF treatment
  • Hygienic fertility clinic
  • Reputed and well-famed clinic
  • Affordable IVF cost in Kolkata
  • Increased number of live births through IVF procedure
  • All the advance amenities are provided to the patient



The basic cost of IVF varies from the advance cost of IVF. IVF Cost in Bangalore 2019 is a bit low compared with the previous year of IVF package. IVF treatment success rate and its cost depends upon several factors such as IVF when combined with ICSI, two things get affected, first its success rate and the other its cost. However, if we analyze its actual cost then you are on the right click, in this page, we will be gathering all the basic to advance details of IVF cost in Bangalore 2019. Let’s come up with all the necessary information about IVF by Go IVF Surrogacy centre.

Go IVF Surrogacy is a reputed IVF and Surrogacy centre where fertility veterans perform the treatment in a superb manner giving all the advanced comfort and amenities to the patient. The specialty of this IVF centre is its easy payable IVF cost in Bangalore.

IVF – An Advance Technique to eradicate Infertility Disorder –

True! IVF is. IVF is a productive treatment that turns out with far better results in infertility case of the couple. IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is an Assisted Reproductive Technique that gives favorable outcome in the matter of infertility condition.

IVF Bangalore is the treatment, which sometimes combines with other ART techniques such as ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, Donor eggs or donor sperms. Combining this technique with IVF needs authentication by the senior specialist of a doctor before the treatment. If the case (infertility) of the couple really needs this blend of IVF with other ART technique then the couple has to pay additional charges apart of IVF cost.

During IVF treatment, sperms and eggs are mixed all together to perform fertilization. Eggs are pulled out with the help of a special tube (with a suction attached to it) from each ovary carefully. Before the procedure of egg retrieval, fertility medication is given to the female for 12-14 days. The doctors prescribe these medications in order to get multiple eggs (instead of a single egg) at the time of egg collection.

Why multiple eggs? Experts stimulate ovaries so that multiple eggs can be taken out. Multiple eggs reduce the chances of unsuccessful fertilization and thus it gives the possibility of successful fertilization. What does fertilization mean?  This means when the sperm self penetrates with the egg’s wall and goes into the cytoplasm for further process (i.e. Cell division). Sperm goes inside the cytoplasm of the egg if only egg’s quality is up to the mark or possess a healthy nature. That’s the reason why experts avoid the risk of failed fertilization and need multiple eggs to get a favorable outcome.

Mentioned above was a brief sum-up of IVF steps, let’s get into the detail of IVF Cost in Bangalore 2019 by Go IVF Surrogacy.

Average IVF Cost in Bangalore 2019 –

IVF in Bangalore is the best fertility treatment to say Goodbye of your Infertility disorder. The cost of IVF treatment in Bangalore is affordable and reasonable too. Couples who are planning or searching for them best IVF treatment and easy payable scheme of IVF cost Bangalore can directly opt IVF centre Bangalore. IVF charges Bangalore is based on a marked down package and this is the reason why the package of IVF Bangalore is popular for its logical and fair-minded cost amongst infertile couples.

ivf cost in Bangalore

The average IVF Cost in Bangalore ranges from INR 1,50,000 and ends up with INR 3,00,000 depending on the expertise of IVF specialists in Bangalore and previous IVF success rate of the IVF centre. Cost varies on the basis of infertility case too. Each of the IVF specialists in Bangalore practice at the best IVF centres in Bangalore.

Factors which Influence IVF Cost in Bangalore –

There are some major points that affect IVF Cost in Bangalore; they are –

  • Age of the woman
  • Number of IVF cycles
  • Previous Pregnancy of the couple
  • Use of donor eggs or donor sperms
  • IVF using other ART techniques
  • Lifestyle habits

Such as, Smokers require higher dosages of fertility medication to stimulate their ovaries

Women who smoke twice in a day, require at least 2-3 (or even more attempts) of IVF Cycles.

These are some factors that influence IVF cost in Bangalore.

IVF Success Rate in Bangalore –

  • 57-65% for women under the age of 35
  • 52-55% for women ages 35-37
  • 40-45% for those women who are in the age group of 38 to 40
  • 20-30% for women who are in the age group over 40





A complete YES! You have heard right, if you are planning to get pregnant at your 40’s then there is yet time remaining with you but for it, you need to go a little hard. Experts say ‘It’s never too late to get pregnant’, same case is there with those women, who have delayed their pregnancy or may be due to some other reason they have shifted their plan to get conceived, there are some women who have gotten married late or the one who wants to have baby in second marriages. Women who are damn busy in pursuing their career also delayed their pregnancy. This is the reason, why a certain number of women phases a hard time to achieve their baby at an increased age.

Why it is hard to get pregnant at your increased age?

Age, Age, and Age!!!! True, age is a vital factor that contributes to success in pregnancy. Fertility is all about the matter of age.  The older the woman, the lesser is her possibility of conception, the fertility window is best before the age of 35. A woman is born with all the eggs at her birth time; the older a woman get her healthy eggs to decline, thereby dropping off the chances of her being conceived. This is the significant reason, why fertility specialist recommends the couple to have a baby by the age of 30 or max 35 because at this age woman’s egg quality is strong enough to be fertilized with the sperm, resultant a healthy embryo.

How to get Pregnant at the ’40s?

Even if you are planning for your pregnancy at your 40, what you need to take care of one thing and that is your Healthy Lifestyle. Living a healthy and happy life even before pregnancy or at the time of pregnancy is very important to get a fine and fettle baby. A healthy diet involves whole grains, fresh fruits and a higher amount of protein. Regular exercise, meditation, and a healthy habit maintain fertility potential too.

With the help of advanced technology and medical science, the options of motherhood at a late age are possible. There are three means to have own baby after the age of 40, they are –

  1. The natural way of conception
  2. IVF with the help of own eggs
  3. IVF using donor eggs

The first option is quite hard to achieve. Once in a rare case, is found, where the egg quality in women who have reached their 40, is fine and up to the requirements for natural fertilization. Once a woman gets the age of their 35 and so, her egg becomes unable to fertilize easily or we can say, it loses the capacity of being fertilized with the sperm.

Natural conception depends upon how far you are into your 40’s. Based on the average annual rate of pregnancy per cycle of women at 40’s it is 20-25% and this value falls down at an increasing age of 40. Once a woman reaches 45, she is far less likely to get pregnant naturally. Women, who conceive at their 40’s, have chances of miscarriage and birth defects. Usually, women experience these two complications at an older age while trying to get pregnant.

Now you must be wondering about some effectual methods to get pregnant at the ’40s. There is never late when you will consider fertility treatments to get conceived. True! Treatments such as IVF, ICSI are considered as a boon for several infertile couples to eradicate infertility issue in men and women. Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading fertility clinics that encompasses all ART techniques starting from basic to super advanced, the success rate of this clinic ranges from 55-65% (depends upon the case of infertility too).

During IVF treatment with own eggs at the ’40s, you might hardly get positive outcome as your eggs at that age lose the capacity of being fertilized with the sperm. For IVF with own eggs, your experts will monitor the quality of your egg level first then according to their say, you can go further.

IVF Treatment with Donor egg is beneficial and it is the most productive one to achieve pregnancy at your 40’s. Speak to your expert of you are Ok with the idea of egg donor IVF treatment. Egg Donor IVF is a far effective method and is used when the recipient female is unable to unleash the productive and fine quality of the egg.

According to the latest study, it has been proved that in the early ’40s, about 30-40% of women are able to conceive through the procedure of IVF donor eggs method. Overall IVF using donor egg results in a successful outcome. On average, the success rate of pregnancy with the help of a donor’s egg in women under the age of 45 is higher than those above that age. That is why, it is recommended for women, who are planning to delay pregnancy beyond 45, need to think about other methods such as eggs/embryo frozen technique (earlier).


IVF – an ART technique that includes fertilization outside of the human body. Couples, who have undergone or planning to undergo their IVF, would have been introduced to a term referred to as Assisted Hatching.

During IVF treatment, a methodology or technique called Assisted Hatching may or may not be performed to help the embryo for successful implantation in a woman’s womb. In the year 1990, this procedure is introduced to assist the implantation procedure during IVF treatment. This step is performed three days post-fertilization (once the embryo has had a few days to develop). Definitely, Yes! Assisted Hatching improves the success rate of IVF treatment.

Several clinics offer this medical procedure (assisted hatching) as a part of their IVF treatment. The cost of assisted hatching offered by clinic could be of additional cost or included in IVF. So, if a couple is going forward for their IVF treatment then here is some information, one must read before settling on IVF with assisted hatching. Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the foremost medical healthcare companies that serves best to those infertile couples who are seeking for the best fertility clinic and of course veterans specialist. It’s a leading brand in the field of all the fertility treatments.


Assisted Hatching- how the procedure works-

Assisted hatching, as said earlier, is a fertility technique and always used as a part of the IVF procedure. This facilitates embryo hatching and thus clear implantation process.

All the eggs are surrounded by a protein shell, termed as zona pellucida. Egg after getting fertilized with the sperm (during IVF fertilization process) is known as a fertilized egg. After the first sperm fuses with the egg’ wall and gets through the zona pellucida into the cytoplasm of the egg for fertilization, the shell becomes impenetrable and hard so that rest of the sperm cells did not get penetrates with the fertilized egg. Fertilized egg starts growing fast, dividing into many cells and soon it becomes an embryo.

A fertilized embryo is covered by a shell, referred to as zona pellucida. For a smooth implantation process, the egg must hatch and break out from the zona pellucida and gets attached to the lining of the uterus.

This is what happens during assisted hatching that means, an embryologist weakens the barrier around embryo at a single point. This is done with a micromanipulation technique. Once the zona is thinned, it tears to allow the embryo to hatch. Those embryos that do not hatch during IVF procedure are not allowed to transfer into the female’s uterus.

There are three methods of assisted hatching –

  1. LAH – Laser Assisted Hatching
  2. PZD – Partial Zona Dissection
  3. Acid Tyrode’s Solution

Laser-assisted hatching in India is one amongst the most accepted and modern technique in the Assisted Hatching process. Laser-assisted hatching in India, in short, referred to as LAH, involves the usage of a laser device and this device makes a precise opening in the zona pellucida. This procedure is one of the safest and uncomplicated procedures compared to all the rest of the Assisted Hatching method.

Suitable Candidate for Assisted Hatching –

Assisted hatching by Go IVF Surrogacy is performed under the veterans and super specialist of fertility team, providing a decent success rate to the patient. It has observed that embryos with a thinner zona pellucida had higher rates of implantation in IVF treatments. Assisted Hatching is suitable and beneficial for –

  • Women, who have crossed 35 and undergoing IVF treatment.
  • Couples who have had repeated failures and unsuccessful results at pregnancy after a few IVF cycles.
  • Couple’s embryos where a distinctively thick zona is observed by the embryologist.

The cost of assisted hatching in India –

Being one of the most commonly used procedures, the cost of laser-assisted hatching in India can range from INR 15,000 to INR 30,000 depending on the fertility clinic

Assisted hatching procedure with IVF is now a commonly used procedure in India and other countries. India, being one of the centre points of fertility treatments, thousands of international couple travels India just for their IVF treatment with assisted hatching. The main centre of attraction of India is its reasonable cost bringing forth all the advanced equipment and the latest methodology during the treatment.

The cost of Laser Assisted Hatching in India begins from INR 20,000 and can vary up to INR 40,000 depending on the fertility clinic. Although the procedure of assisted hatching was developed as a way to improve the chances of embryo implantation, nothing can be said about its efficacy or you can say it is not a guaranteed technique. No doubt, assisted hatching boosts the implantation rate during IVF but again the couple needs to wait for a pregnancy test to know their status. Many of the factors go into the success of Laser Assisted Hatching in India such as the method used by the fertility clinic, specialist team of fertility and experienced embryologist, and the health of the embryo.



IVF is an advanced fertility treatment that has been widely accepted as the best ART technique to get rid of infertility issue. Infertility, on the other hand, is a hormonal disorder caused by several factors like lifestyle routine, environmental effects, stress, depression, addiction of smoke or alcohol, poor and unhealthy diet, etc.

IVF has been a miracle ART treatment for numerous couples yet and it is doing its best in the area of infertility matter. However, if you didn’t get success at first attempt of your IVF cycle then what to do? How many IVF cycles should I try before giving up and moving on to other option to accomplish my family? Generally, this question comes in the mind of the couple once they had their IVF unsuccessful. Let’s get into an elaborate description of this answer.

IVF never comes up with the promise –

IVF, although a productive treatment to eradicate infertility, never gives assurance to the couple about its 100% result. Several people think that once they get into their IVF treatment, it’s only a matter of time until they will be holding their baby soon after treatment. However, this is not true!

IVF is no doubt most acceptable treatment to get own baby but IVF does not give you 100 percent success result for pregnancy. Age of the woman also decide the chances of pregnancy.

Woman’s age is one of the crucial factors that result in IVF as a big hit for the infertile couple. As the age of the woman increases, her egg quality declines. That’s the reason, why menopause occurs in women. Once the woman comes in the age group of 45-50, her menstruation becomes over due to the natural depletion of ovarian oocytes from aging. It marks a permanent end to the women’s fertility and the average of menopause is approximate 51-53.

So, if a woman outlines their pregnancy after her forties or late 40’s then even IVF won’t work properly because, at this age, women’s egg quality goes down.  At this time, IVF with donor egg may be an option to get conceived.

At the conclusive statement, we can say that the chances of success decrease with the age of the couple.

IVF success rate also differs from one clinic to other, so it is very important to seek out best fertility specialist or the fertility clinic to undergo with IVF cycle. Ask the clinic’s success rate and live birth rates of the clinic rather than getting the information on pregnancy rates.  The average success rate of IVF for a woman under 35 years of age is 65-67% by Go IVF Surrogacy. Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading fertility clinics that put forward best IVF fertility treatment to the patient.

IVF Cycle Limitation for the couple –

A couple can have their IVF cycle as much as they can; the decision is totally up to them and of course couple’s fertility specialists. Many of the couples have has their tenth IVF cycle and achieved success, while some couple just has given up trying for the first time IVF by getting a negative result. It’s all up to the patience level and trust on IVF, which attract numerous couples to go for their 3rd or 4th IVF cycle.

A couple can go ahead for as many IVF cycles as they want but what they really need to be aware of is their budget. Undergoing IVF cycles twice thrice or even ninth time requires a couple’s time, patience and most important.

Fertility specialist usually recommends the couple to undergo at least 3-4 IVF cycles because, during 2nd or 3rd IVF cycle, the majority of the couples experience success from this technique.

Couples especially women who undergo with their IVF treatment are filled with so much hope and a belief that IVF will soon turn a boon for their life, so for them, keep the faith and trust during your IVF cycle but don’t rely on IVF as devastation can be strong if a cycle is unsuccessful. So, be prepared for both- positive or negative result.

Is there any Age limitation on IVF?

IVF-is a technique and a far advance treatment to resolve the issue of the couple’s infertility disorder. IVF treatment can be applied or combined with other ART techniques as well, dependent on infertility case of the patient. As per now, there is not as such age limit for women undergoing IVF treatment. Women can go for their own egg IVF procedure until they reach their menopause stage. If a woman has entered their menopause stage then IVF is somehow possible only with donor egg.

Till now, it has been found in the data that several women in their 40 are to have achieved progress in their IVF treatment, although positive results at this age (after 40) are not very high.

Anyways, if talking about approximate IVF cycle a woman can try is at least three IVF cycle and the rest of the choice is on you and your infertility case.


According to the study, it has been shown that your diet from fat to beverages will increase your ovulation and also improve the chances of getting pregnant. This diet seeks to build on that wisdom to help women get pregnant faster. It has been found that women who consumed a good amount of fats, whole grains and plant protein improved their egg supply, on the other side women who ate unhealthy fats, refined carbohydrates, and red meat may make fewer eggs, thereby increasing the risk for ovulatory infertility. The fertility experts at Go IVF Surrogacy suggest the women consume full-fat dairy products as they are good for fertility as compared with skim milk and sugary sodas.

How does fertility diet work for women planning to get pregnant?

The fertility experts at Go IVF Surrogacy say that it is not always possible for women to get pregnant by following the fertility diet only. However, the reason behind taking the healthy diet is that it may boost fertility for women with conditions such as ovulation disorders, fibroids or uterine polyps, polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, damaged or blocked fallopian tubes and immune system disorders. For male members healthy diet improve the conditions such as low sperm count, twisted spermatic cords, sperm defects and immune disorders which can be the reason for male infertility.

What is the fertility diet recommendation?

The fertility experts at Go IVF Surrogacy recommend the following diet to be followed by women who are planning to conceive a baby and these are:

  • Avoid Tran’s fats: These are artery-clogging fats and will threaten your fertility as well as harm the heart and blood vessels. So, avoid them when you are planning to get pregnant.
  • Consumption of unsaturated vegetable oils: Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats will help in improving your body’s sensitivity to insulin and cool inflammation and they are good for fertility. You can add in vegetable oils, seeds, nuts, and cold water fish, etc. The fertility experts at Go IVF Surrogacy will suggest you avoid saturated fats as it harms your fertility.
  • Consumption of vegetable protein: You can replace your meat meal every day with soybeans, beans, peas, tofu, or nuts as this can improve your fertility.
  • Choose slow carbs: You choose slowly digested carbohydrates which are rich in fiber, such as whole fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans which will improve your fertility by controlling blood sugar and insulin levels.
  • Consume whole milk: Your fertility expert will suggest you take whole milk when you are planning to get pregnant instead of skim milk as it promotes infertility. You can also have ice cream or full-fat yogurt every day.
  • Take a multi-vitamin: If you take extra folic acid around 400 micrograms a day before you get pregnant will help in your pregnancy and your baby will also get the proper diet.
  • Intake of iron from plants: Intake of extra iron from plants which includes whole-grain cereals, beans, spinach, beets, pumpkin, tomatoes, etc. will help in promoting your fertility.
  • Consumption of beverages: The best beverage is water that keeps your body hydrated. Coffee and tea are okay in moderation. But try to avoid sugared sodas as they appear to promote ovulatory infertility.
  • Body weight: Your too much or too little body weight will interrupt your normal menstrual cycles which throw off ovulation or stop it altogether. The fertility experts at Go IVF Surrogacy suggest the women maintain her ideal body weight according to her body mass index (BMI) to have a healthy pregnancy. It is fine to move your BMI in that direction by gaining or losing some weight.
  • Exercise: If you are above your fertility zone for weight then it is good for you to do some light physical activity which will help in improving your fertility. But don’t overdo it as too much exercise can also interfere with ovulation.

What are the benefits of eating a natural fertility diet?

The following are the benefits of eating natural fertility diet and these are:

  • Natural and healthy fertility diet will provide you with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals this will help in protecting your egg and your partner’s sperm from the damage caused by free-radicals.
  • It will help your body in maintaining hormonal balance by providing the required fats for hormone production and function.
  • It will provide your body with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients which is required for optimal health.
  • It will also decrease your chances of a miscarriage which can be occurred due to insulin resistance and can damage free-radicals to the eggs, sperm, and DNA.
  • It will help to build important nutrient which is required for pregnancy.
  • Natural fertility diet will also support your healthy reproductive system.
  • It will increase your energy and vitality.

Do men also need to follow the fertility diet?

Yes, the male members also need to follow the fertility diet so that women are able to conceive a baby. Men also need to quit smoking, alcohol and other drugs when trying to conceive a baby as this will affect the men’s fertility.

The fertility experts at Go IVF Surrogacy suggest male members take vitamins and nutrients that help with the production of healthy sperm such as zinc, folic acid, selenium, L-Carnitine and vitamins C and E, etc. has shown the help in the production of sperm. These vitamins and nutrients can be found in a healthy and balanced diet; however, the intake of extra nutrients or vitamins will help in improving the count of sperm, motility, and morphology. The fertility expert suggests a male member take Fertile Aid which is a clinically proven supplement for men and this is designed to increase the total number of motile sperm a man produces.

The fertility expert at Go IVF Surrogacy says that both men and women must work to achieve a healthy lifestyle, and eat a balanced diet to achieve the successful results of pregnancy. Also, they both need to maintain a healthy weight which helps in improving their fertility.



GO IVF Surrogacy is the leading clinic which provides the solution to all types of infertility issues. In short, we can say this is one stop destination where all infertile couples can fulfill their dream of having an own baby.

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