Have you ever been in that phase when you have donated something to someone, that could be of your old shoe/ old clothes or anything to the one who is needy? If yes! Then it is confirmed you must had felt peachy and joyful at that time. Why we are discussing this thing? It’s because, here in this page we are going to discuss those donors, who despite tolerating stress, discomfort during the entire procedure of donation, she is a good mood donates- hope you must have guessed about whom we are talking – Egg Donor India.

Egg Donor India is a blessing for those infertile couples, wherein the female partner unable to supply healthy and fine quality of eggs for fertilization. Since you all know, for fertilization, eggs and sperms must be of good quality, if any one of the partners lacks the quality, then you really need to take fertility treatment to conceive. In the entire story of fertilization, whether it is the natural or unnatural mode, it is mandatory that female must have to lay the eggs in a good shape for fertilization.

Couples for whom Egg Donor India is the boon –

Egg donor Delhi is supposed to be as the boon for several hopeless couples, who have believed that they won’t conceive further. Egg donor Mumbai is best suitable for –

  • The woman, who have premature ovarian failure (It is a case, where the menopause starts earlier than usual age, usually before 40)
  • Couples, who have been undergone for IVF treatment but unfortunately, treatment fails because of the poor quality of the eggs.
  • Female, who possess any genetically transmitted disease and wants not to pass it in the embryo can choose Egg donor Delhi.
  • Women, who have crossed the age of 40, produces the low quality of egg- this case could be referred to as diminished ovarian reserve.

Seeking for the best and A-1 Egg donor in India –

You need to keep several things in your mind before going for Egg Donor Mumbai. The first and the major thing about Egg Donor Mumbai is the fertility clinic you decide on. Exactly, Fertility clinic always plays a crucial role in the entire procedure of egg donation. Fertility clinic’s success rate is one of the crucial points, which decides the positive outcome of the egg donation procedure in India. Go IVF Surrogacy is the leading fertility clinic that gives physically fit and experienced egg donor India. It not only gives healthy donors but also gives favourable results via fertility treatment.

How the selection of Egg Donor India goes –

The procedure of selecting Egg Donor India is planned wisely and is strictly followed by each egg donors. Let’s get through the details of egg donor India that how it goes –

  1. Filling the application form – The first step for Egg Donor Delhi is the online application form, which has to submit by the donor (who wants to become an egg donor). She has to fill some necessary details via that form. If the form is initially accepted by the clinic or donor bank, then the second step is further stepped in.
  2. Screening procedure If the form is accepted by the clinic, then the Egg Donor Delhi will be called in the clinic for further analysis. There will be fertility screening, during the first step of egg donor screening, donor’s ovaries will be examined and monitored carefully to check the ability, whether she is producing eggs, this process is completed through a pelvic exam and blood tests.
  3. Medical Screening :- is also been performed to go through some facts like –infectious diseases, blood type, drug usage, screening for sexually transmitted disease and entire physical health.
  4. Genetic Screening– During this phase, the donor’s family history is evaluated to know of any possible hereditary diseases or if any genetic disorder present or not. If the family history is free from any disorders, then egg donor procedure is carried forward.
  5. Psychological Screening– In this stage, the clinic makes sure about the female, whether she is aware of all the consequences of egg donation procedure (if any like discomfort in egg retrieval or at any stage), if she after knowing happily wants to become Egg Donor Mumbai, she is accepted as Egg Donor in India.

Modus Operandi of Egg Donation –

During egg donor procedure, the donor is given injections (fertility drugs) in order to provide multiple eggs at the time of egg retrieval. These fertility and medications are beneficial for better fertilization.

The follicles are monitored with the assistance of transvaginal ultrasounds. Once the eggs are matured enough, anesthesia is given to the donor and gently eggs are retrieved by the fertility experts of Go IVF Surrogacy, these eggs are obtained out with the help of fine and hollow needle used in fertility treatment.

Once the egg retrieval process is completed, the donor can go home on the same day (within 3-4 hours). Eggs from the Egg Donor Mumbai then fertilized with the recipient’s husband’s sperm inside the laboratory by IVF fertility medication.

By IVF treatment, if the procedure is not accomplished with the sperms or the male partner is unable to unleash active and average count of sperms, then the process is fulfilled with the help of ICSI treatment with IVF medication. Embryo once forms by fertilization (3-5 days later of the fertilization), two of the best embryos are hand-picked and then transferred into the uterus of the infertile female.

Requirements for selecting the egg donor India –

  • She must be in the age limit of 21-30
  • Healthy, Young and fertile woman can go for donating her eggs
  • Should not have any severe disease
  • Away from any genetic disorder and hereditary disease
  • Far from any addiction (of smoking, drinking, usage of drugs)
  • Physically strong to carry forward the entire procedure of egg donation]



The study elaborates that if the couple who is married and planning to owe a child and trying to reproduce naturally through the natural reproductive means but can’t as after one year of regular unprotected intercourse the female partner in the couple is not able to conceive then in such a case the infertile couple should consult the specialists for the fertility treatment whether the treatment for IVF and any other treatment should be done by the fertility experts so as to remove the issues relative to infertility that may accrue the fertility to be upgraded in the life of the couple who are facing the issues of infertility.

Infertility can be caused badly in the life of the couple who are having the issues with the same and in order to remove the issues of infertility, one should consult the fertility experts for the treatment of infertility and brings fertility in the life of the couple who wants to have the child of their own.

Infertility can be caused due to the factors like:-

  • In case the couple has passed away their reproductive age as exceeding the age to reproduce then in such a case the couple may sometimes lead towards permanent infertility or may sometimes have the part of the infertility issues to be faced by the couple who are facing the issues of infertility since long or may have the time-bounded for the same.
  • It is merely seen that the female partner should naturally reproduce in between the age group of about 22 years to 35 years without any fertility treatments to be prescribed but in case the female partner exceeds the age group and is now in her mid or late 30’s or maybe in early 40’s then in some of the cases the female partner is not able to conceive through natural reproductive form and may take the help of the fertility experts to conceive in such a process to owe the child to complete the family of the infertile couples.
  • Merely only about 70% women in her late 30’s or early 40’s are able to conceive naturally with their first baby and rest can consult the fertility experts for the same to be held smoothly.
  • If the women are not able to conceive then in such a case the female should consult the fertility expert to conceive if the female is not taking the birth control pills and despite that she is not able to conceive as having incessant trying of conceiving and despite that the female is not able to get pregnant.
  • Here about 80% successful cases should be delivered as at our clinic in Go IVF Surrogacy that inseminates the best treatment of infertility in the form of IVF and other treatments of infertility as the fertility experts should recommend to the infertile couples.

What kind of issues one should face prior to knowing infertility?

In case the female partner finds it difficult to conceive due to the factors like:-

  • In case she is not having the regular or timely periods or may face the issues with the absence of a periodic cycle.
  • In case the female is having the issues of cancer treatment as with the chemotherapy or other relative issues.
  • In case the female is facing the issues of reproduction which are not disclosed.
  • In case the female is having the problems with the eggs as the quality and the quantity of the eggs are not fine which is helping the female partner in conceiving.
  • In case the female partner is facing the issues of miscarriages one after the other in one way or the other.
  • In case the female is having the problem of Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases particularly known as PID. So in such a case, the female finds difficulty in conceiving having the problem with the same.
  • In case the female is having the disease of thyroid so in such a case so she is not able to conceive.
  • The fertility experts should provide the treatment through medicines and injections but the female partner is not able to conceive then the fertility experts should consult the couple to opt for IVF treatment and through the treatment, the couple wants to owe their child and completes their family.

In case the male partner finds the issues before announcing infertility by the fertility experts through the tests and reports

  • Low sperm count issues as merely faced by many male partners from the infertile couples that ascertains the failure of pregnancy even after incessant trying through the regular intercourse.
  • Semen analysis of the male partner defines that the quality is not that much that is being helpful in making the female partner pregnant.
  • Infertility is being diagnosed that the fertility treatment is being prescribed by the consultant so as to accrue the proficiency within the matter of infertility to be removed from the root to the tip in a better-formulized way that accompanying the better fertility acquisitions.
  • Problems as being faced by the male partner through the ejaculation that is to be detriment within the same procedure to be completed there with the way formalized.
  • In case the tiredness is being felt by the male partner during and after the sexual intercourse of the male partner with the female partner.
  • In case the redness is being found near the testicles area.
  • In case the male having the feeling of swelling issues at the outer most part of the male reproductive organ.

What do specialists recommend couples regarding infertility treatments? 

In the very first step of the infertility treatment, the specialists recommend the couples that the couples should first start up the treatment of infertility through the medications and the injections to make the female partner pregnant but in case the pregnancy is not achieved then the fertility experts should recommend the couple to get the treatment through IVF.

And if in case the couple fails to achieve success even though the IVF treatment than the couple should opt for IVF with ICSI in case the male partner is infertile and is not able to  produce qualitative sperms and then release the qualitative as well as the quantitative sperms and have low mobility and less sperm count than the couple should opt for IVF with IUI treatment and in case all the fertility treatments are failed then the couple must go for IVF with Surrogate that is more helpful for the infertile couples to remove infertility and brings happiness with owing the child through fertility treatment.

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Delhi is the hub of hospitals, several treatments, institutions, organizations and many more. In this entire page, we are talking about that hot potato issue which has become blot for many individuals’ lives. Infertility- Infertility or sterility can be defined as when a couple (either male or female) is incompetent to have his or her own baby by natural process. In India, approx 27.5 million couples are there, who are having a complication to conceive own child. Delhi is the urban place where the routine of the individuals get imbalanced and hence the numbers of infertile duos in Delhi are more comparing other states in India. Infertility is not any disease; it’s a hormonal disorder caused by unhealthy diet, urban lifestyle, smoking, drinking habit etc

IVF is the fertility treatment, which unravels infertility issue; IVF stands to In Vitro Fertilization. This treatment comes in ART technique; ART is the advance fertility treatment that solves the matter of infertility and IVF is one of the most selected fertility treatments in Delhi. IVF treatment Cost in Delhi is affordable for the one who is planning to go for this treatment. Go IVF Surrogacy is that golden platform which provides the best and incomparable treatment of IVF all over the world.

Who are eligible to do IVF treatment-?

  • Those women who have fallopian tubes either blocked or damaged
  • Endometriosis (a case where uterine inside lining starts growing outside)
  • Male factor infertility (low sperm count, less motility of sperms)
  • Genetic disorder
  • Unexplained infertility

IVF Treatment and its Cost in Delhi  

Delhi is famous for many things, is always be in the limelight of its reasonable and cut-rate price of many treatments. One of them is IVF treatment. IVF treatment Cost in Delhi is much less than other states of India.  In the procedure of IVF, to stimulate the ovaries and to get mature eggs, the fertility experts will give you fertility drugs and medications for that. When the eggs are enough matured, then your fertility expert will retrieve the eggs by using of a special needle. On the same day, semen collection is taken. Now the most important step of IVF takes place, i.e. Fertilization. Fertilization is done in the lab under the guidance of the fertility experts, Sperms and eggs are mixed in a culture dish, and naturally, fertilization will take place. After fertilization, the embryo is placed in the female uterus to stick in the wall of uterine and if it sticks without any complication then most probably pregnancy happens.

Cost of IVF depends upon various factors, as we all know that IVF treatment is achieved by several methods. Now we will look into each method of IVF and its cost. The first method of IVF is done by using self eggs and self sperms from the female and male duo respectively. In this, procedure male’s sperm and female’s eggs are used for achieving fertilization in IVF process, and thus completing the cycle of this treatment. IVF treatment cost Delhi is INR 2,10,000. The second method of IVF is when a female can’t make the grade to release healthy eggs  here IVF treatment is fulfilled by not the eggs of the female partner but from the donor egg. The charges of this treatment while using donor egg in IVF is INR 3,35,000 (in this additional cost of a donor egg is added to the sum amount of IVF, cost of the egg donor is 1,25,000). The third method of IVF is when the male partner is unfit to release motile sperm for fertilization. Donor sperm is used in this case to complete a round of IVF cycle. Cost of IVF treatment using donor sperms is approx INR 2,45,000 ( donor sperm costs 33k-35k). Go IVF Surrogacy provides donors in the process of IVF treatment whoever wants. Let’s have a close look at each IVF treatment cost in Delhi.

IVF Treatment Cost in Delhi

 IVF Treatments                                  Cost in INR     

  1.  IVF  Using Self Eggs & Sperms                                                       2,10,000             
  2.  IVF Using Donor Eggs                                                                       3,35,000
  3. IVF Using Donor Sperms                                                                  2,45,000


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Infertility, Sterility or barrenness- words are several but the meaning is same that is – Unable to conceive by your own partner. In general, Infertility can be explained as the inability to get pregnant that may be of female impotency or by male infertility. Usually, it is seen that a large number of females suffers from infertility disorder if comparing with male infertility.

To unscramble the matter of infertility, one should seek the help of fertility expert and go for the consultation first. IVF or test tube baby treatment is that course of fertility medication, which is used when the female is unable to achieve fertilization by the natural procedure of insemination; further infertility issues are also there for which IVF treatment in Malaysia is applied. Let’s take a look at these factors. Go IVF Surrogacy is the golden platform for all the infertile couples, who are seeking for the best treatment to get rid of their infertility syndrome.

IVF in Malaysia can be used to untwist infertility cause in the following patients –

  • Females who have blocked fallopian tube or those women, who have had their tubes removed.
  • Women who experience premature ovarian failure
  • Couples (male or female) with a genetic disorder
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Women with uterine fibroids
  • Females who are facing an issue with ovulation disorders
  • Male factor infertility, which includes low sperm count or less motility
  • Women with endometriosis

So, if you are having an issue getting pregnant, then here you are on the right click! YES! It is essential for all the couples (who are outlining the plan for their IVF in Malaysia) to undergo all the necessary details about this therapeutic. Are you ready to jump into deep chapter and verse of IVF in Malaysia? Okay! Then let’s read these four steps, which include IVF process Malaysia.

Step 1: Stimulation of the eggs by fertility mediations –

During the initial step of in vitro fertilization method, your fertility expert will first monitor the female’s ovaries and also the exact timing of unleashing the eggs. Once the doctor ensures whether the female is supplying eggs from the ovaries and her hormone level are normal or not. After this, fertility medication is prescribed by the fertility specialist. These medications are given in order to get multiple eggs at the time of ovulation. Why multiple eggs? Okay! Since we know each month female produces single egg but during IVF treatment in Malaysia to get a positive outcome, multiple eggs are collected during egg retrieval so that fertilization can easily take place.

Fertility medicine during IVF in Malaysia is given to stimulate the ovaries to supply one or a lot of eggs. Having many eggs out there for IVF Malaysia increases the probabilities that the female can get pregnant.

Suppose if the female is unable to unleash fine quality of eggs, then her fertility expert will suggest her to go for donor egg for IVF fertilization.

Step 2: Procedure of egg retrieval –

This procedure is known as Egg retrieval or egg collection, which is collected from the follicles containing oocytes (eggs). During this step within the IVF method, pain medication is given to cut back any discomfort. By using vaginal ultrasound, the needle removes the eggs from the follicles under mild suction.

Once the eggs are taken out from the follicular fluid, these eggs are placed in a petri dish that contains nutrient media.

Egg retrieval procedure during IVF treatment in Malaysia is performed after confirmation about the mature eggs. The maturity of the eggs are analyzed and visualized by transvaginal ultrasounds. Once the eggs are enough matured and ready to collect then trigger shot injection is given. This injection is given in order to get matured all the eggs. Within 36 hours of this shot, eggs are obtained.

Step 3: Fertilization –

The next step of the IVF treatment in Malaysia is that the fertilization of the egg with the male partner’s sperm. A semen sample is collected on the same day of egg retrieval procedure and then by combining the sperm and egg on the same culture dish, fertilization happens naturally, (where motile sperm fuses with the eggs).

If the male partner’s sperms lack the motility and average count, then by that time IVF treatment in Malaysia is applied with ICSI ART technique. During ICSI technique, a single sperm (most motile and active) is directly injected into the egg. ICSI increases the chances of fertilization when the sperm lacks the potential to penetrate my own.

Step 4: Embryo Transfer and Implantation –

This is the final step of IVF in Malaysia and is done with the master hands by Go IVF Surrogacy fertility experts.

As soon as the eggs get fertilized with the sperm, referred to as fertilized eggs and within 3-4 days of fertilization, these fertilized eggs become an embryo. Now, fertility experts handpick two of the best embryo for the implantation. Once the embryo is chosen, is placed into the female’s uterus carefully.

With the assistance of a catheter, the embryo is placed into the uterus. Within a week or so, the female has to visit the clinic, whereby through checkups, it is monitored whether the embryo is successfully attached to the uterine lining or not. If the embryo is attached to the wall then pregnancy is soon going to take place.

Why to worry of your infertility when IVF treatment in Malaysia is there to take care of you and your future baby –

Obviously Yes! No need of taking extra trouble about your infertility issue. Just remove the surface of your tension, which is eating your happiness day by day. Go for IVF treatment in Malaysia to make untangle any matter related to your infertility.

If we look an eye on the success rate of IVF in Malaysia, then we will get to know that it is giving a decent success rate. IVF treatment in Malaysia success rate depends upon several factors like the age of the woman (whose eggs are used in the procedure of fertilization), sperm motility, and embryo quality. It’s not about IVF only; age plays a crucial role in all the fertility treatment to give the efficacious result.


Hysteroscopy treatment is being prescribed to the women who are facing the issues with the vaginal bleeding, heavy periods and the problem of swallowing tubes, repeated miscarriages or miscarriages issues, again and again, feeling of pelvic pain, postmenopausal bleeding or difficulty in conceiving so for such females who are facing the relative signs and symptoms should be investigated by their fertility experts with the treatment to be known as Hysteroscopy treatment.

In order to aware with these problems and its relative signs one must acknowledge with the best Hysteroscopy treatment in India so as to attain the best treatment with such issues and the removal of the issues of infertility from the life of many infertile women.

Also, in order to identify the relative signs and symbols and the symptoms with such a relative purpose to be resolved and with such consideration to be made result oriented for the infertile couples and gaining the positive acquired results, so in such a case their fertility experts should use the device which is being considered as a helpful device in such an aspect to be resolved and that device is to be widely known as Hysteroscope and with the help of such a device the fertility experts of the infertile females should be able to analyze what is to be going on deep inside the female’s uterus and then find the relative solutions as with such problem to be resolved accordingly after proper analysis.

Is Hysteroscopy Treatment in Delhi Considered as a Painful Treatment? 

In most of the cases, the treatment relative with Hysteroscopy treatment in Delhi is not to be considered as a painful treatment as widely seen by the fertility experts of the clinic Go IVF Surrogacy with their experience in solving most of the successful cases that the treatment is not a painful treatment but in some of the cases the female might face the issues of:

  • Cramping after the treatment to be done.
  • Swelling and pain in the uterus once the treatment is to be done.
  • Feeling of some pain while having sex in the longer time period.
  • Some kind of feeling of pain in the inner lining of the uterus after the completion of the treatment.

And in that cases, their fertility experts should prescribe them some of the medications to be taken on time for a day or more than a day and also advice the female patient to take a complete bed rest of mere about 24 hours or in case needed more than 48 hours of complete bed rests should be advised by the fertility experts to the female patients.

But the ratio of pain and no pain should be basically about 3:10 that means out of 10 women who are facing such relative issues 3 women may feel pain and swelling or in some of the cases it is to be seen that the female may not face the issues of pain and the swelling at all even during or the completion of the treatment procedure.

How Long will it take for Conducting Hysteroscopy Treatment in Mumbai?

Generally, it is to be observed that the time duration for specifically conducting the best Hysteroscopy treatment in Mumbai it will take about 5 to 10 minutes but in some of the cases it will take more than half an hour or an hour depending upon the factors.

But in case the female is conducting the treatment of hysteroscopy simultaneously with the laparoscopy treatment than the fertility experts should assess that the whole process will take about an hour or a two for the completion of the process of treatment like the treatment to be done after the proper identification and the analysis of the inner portion of the uterus in order to attain the best output and the resulting treatment that is considered helpful in the treatment procedure to be made more result oriented treatment procedure than before.

Is it a Beneficial Treatment for the Infertile Couples?

In some of the relative cases, it is being observed by their fertility experts that the infertile couples should get more and more beneficial and the resulting treatment through such infertility treatment which is to be known as the hysteroscopy treatment.

Mostly the couples who are treating with such treatments should obtain the desired results which are needed by them and the result attainment should be about 80% that clearly seems to be done in order to deliver the most qualified results within such an aspect to be completed in an accurate format that the couples should be succeeded in obtaining the fertility factors and infertility to be left behind for them (infertile couples) and the dream of owning a child should be fulfilled soon.

With such kind of treatments and the successful results in the removal of infertility relative factors the infertile couples should attain success up to the maximum extent and the couples should be able to fulfill their dreams which are to be priory kept aside by them and with such a nominal amount of investment within the treatment, the couple should attain successful results.

How Much Does it Costs for Hysteroscopy Treatment in India?

The best price which is made available for the couples who are considering the most prominent cost for treating the Hysteroscopy treatment in India within the price which is affordable for all the sectors of the society whether the rich sector, middle sector or any other sector of the society owing to get the treatment within such a perspective.

With the purpose of doing the treatment is to remove infertility relative signs and symbols and also the fertility to be attained, the amount is very minimal that is basically falls between INR 70000 to INR 75000 which is to be invested by the infertile couples with ease as in attaining the desired results of the success that fulfills their relative dreams in an accused format to be done with the maximum resulting formulations with positive results attainment.


Fibroids removal surgery is relatively positively impacted over the patient as the patient is facing some difficulties relative with the treatment that is in the form of the removal of infertility relative factors that the facts and figures to be calculative as with the surgery to remove fibroids that is the fibroids must be removed and the fibroids surgery are also known as Myomectomy surgery in some of the cases by some of the fertility experts.

It is considered as a most reliable treatment procedure in order to remove the issues with the growth of the fibroids in the inner lining of the uterus and affects the reproductive organ of the female and also affects her fertility in the accused format.

  • Fibroids removal surgery can be sometimes causing severe pains in the particular area where the surgery is being done may be having some feeling of the swelling and the pain to be caused in such an aspect that is to be elaborative once the surgical procedure can be done or may be prior to the surgical procedure.
  • In case the experts should recommend the medications and the other treatments procedure despite the treatment to be done through the surgical procedure but relatively the procedure is to be done through the use of medications and injections may be somehow helpful in some of the cases or maybe somehow not be considered effective by the other patients.
  • In case the patient is facing the issues with a less or fewer number of fibroids than the fibroids can be removed even through the use of medications and the injections and no need for the surgery in such an aspect.
  • But in case the fibroids are large in number than the experts must prescribe the surgical procedure and the surgical procedure to be made much more effective in such a relative case.
  • Overall, it is seen by the fertility experts that the surgical procedure is to be considered as an effective method for removing the fibroids as fibroids must be removed from the root to the tip and not even a single fibroid is left behind and the chance to grow such kind of fibroids further should be minimized or we can say as eliminated in case the fibroids to be removed using the surgical procedure in such aspect.
  • In case the fibroids can be removed using the medications and injections than in such a case, there is a relative chance for the further growth of such kind of fibroids or may be the fibroids does not grow further but there is a possibility that it can be grown as the case in doubt (may be or may be not with the relative case factors).

With the best experts in considering the Fibroids Removal Surgery India, the patient may procure with the best output and the most successful result orientations to be attained while treating with such kind of considerations that brings out the most effective result scenario and the better procedure and the technique to be used with such kind of treatments to be done in an effective formulations that gives the most widening results in the future too in order to remove infertility relative factors also in such an aspect to be promptly done with better completion relative with such kind of procedure.

In what ways an individual find prompt Fibroids Removal Surgery clinic in Delhi?

There are numerous ways so as to find out the most desirable Fibroids Removal Surgery clinic in Delhi in order to attain the successful and the guaranteed results for the removal of fibroids so as to ascertain the most effective procedure that is helpful in obtaining the preferable results through Go IVF Surrogacy that brings the platform in successful completion of the surgical procedure of fibroids to be removed in the relative aspect –

  • Experts will lead a vital role so as to make the treatment an effective treatment in all the aspect to be evaluated within the surgical procedure to be done in an effective way.
  • Costs of the surgical procedure are another point of concern that means the low cost should be on top most priority for the patient while doing the surgical procedure and that is to be resolved within our clinic.
  • The clinic that is helpful in delivering the desired results that is needed by the patient after the surgery.
  • Where there are the highest successful cases for such kind of surgical treatments procedure.
  • The clinic where the experts are experienced enough that is more than 30+ years of experience in delivering the successful results that the fibroids are not grown otherwise in the mere future.
  • More than 6 cases should be solved each day whether, through medications, surgical method or through injections should be concerned by the patient who is looking for such an aspect.

All the above factors should be available at our clinic for the patients who are planning in order to remove infertility relative factors and are deeply concerned with the fibroids removal surgery treatment or the treatment through medications to be relatively done in the most processed assertions so to deliver the most effective results.

 How to seek Fibroid Removal Surgery Clinic in Mumbai?

In order to locate the best Fibroid Surgery clinic in Mumbai, an individual patient should be aware of the branch of Go IVF Surrogacy which is also located in the state of Mumbai within the country India where most of the couples are deeply widening their dreams to remove infertility through the surgical procedure.

As in case the female partner may have the issues with the fibroids to be present or grown at the reproductive part of the female partner and is grown at a wider pace that is to be removed only through the procedure of surgery to be follow up and for the successful results to be obtained in such a relative aspect one should consult the fertility experts for the same and must follow the instructions to be prescribed by the fertility experts who will lead an important role in the removal of infertility through the process with the hope that it won’t be repeated in the near future.

Within our clinic in Mumbai we provide a guaranteed treatment package and also the installments facility is being provided at our clinic and also the patients are availing such kind of treatment within the minimal amount that one can invest with an ease without facing any kind of difficulty in the relative procedure to be completed and in order to attain maximum successful results through such procedure.



What does fertility mean? The ability to conceive or to have children by own partner; isn’t it! Yes! Being fertile is one of the major factors to give birth through the natural mode of unprotected intercourse, but what if, the couple has fertility related issue and unable to achieve the tag of ‘parent’ in their life – Fertility Test? Of course, you can go ahead for fertility test to check your fertility-related issue.

Yes, it is possible to do the fertility tests if you are suspecting something wrong with your fertility matter even after a long time of unsuccessful tries to get pregnant. For women, there are several fertility tests, which can easily detect whether the female is suffering from any kind of fertility-related problem.  Amongst various fertility tests, some can be done at home only and some tests in the fertility lab.

Connect with the fertility Experts for your fertility tests –

One of the first steps to diagnose fertility issue is to be connected with the fertility physician. Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading fertility clinics that provides the best consultation and guidance and if needed treatment, that too. During the appointment, the specialist will discuss your medical history, lifestyle habit, uses of any birth control pill, menstrual cycle and if any previous history of pregnancy. A physical exam will also be carried, a pelvic exam is also included to evaluate the fertility test.

Once the appointment is done, the physician will proceed initial testing as if – whether the ovulation is occurring properly or not, when the ovulation is occurring, how it is functioning, processing of the uterine during ovulation cycle. The main question revolves whether the female is ovulating properly or not. Through ovulation evaluation, female fertility test can be easily done.

Let the hormones detect your fertility related problem –

Hormones always play important role in reproductive function, so it is said that if the body is correctly producing all the hormones then everything will go smooth but if there is some issue in the production of hormones then it might happen the female suffers from any kind of fertility-related syndrome. Basically, by checking some specific hormones, the fertility experts can give you a clear vision of fertility-related matter (if any). Therefore, for the fertility tests, the female has to undergo some hormonal tests.

  • TSH Blood test – TSH – Thyroid level blood test can let the doctor know about the information about the fertility issue.
  • AMH blood test – AMH is a hormone, which is produced in the female’s ovaries. AMH testing is an easy way to know woman’s ovaries reserve and to diagnose any issue.
  • Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH blood test) –  FSH is produced by the pituitary gland and is the most chief hormones related to ovulation. FSH stimulates the growth and maturity in ovarian follicles in order to get the eggs from the ovaries at the time of ovulation. If the female does not ovulate, by that time FSH level will rise. Therefore, if FSH hormone is high then there is the sign of less ovarian stimulation and thus having the problem in the ovulation cycle.
  • LH blood test Just before the ovulation, LH rises quickly- known as LH surge. LH test can let the doctor know about whether the female has ovulated or has any issue in menses or her ovulation. PCOS can occur when LH level has gone increased outside the LH surge; PCOS leads to premature menopause or congenital condition that affects the production of hormones. If LH level becomes low, then the female may suffer from no menstruation or irregular menstruation and thus these all the symptoms directly affect the female’s fertility.
  • Estradiolis secreted by matured follicles; this is a form of estrogen. Estrogen is the chief female reproductive hormone that sums up for healthy fertility. If estradiol level is high then the female will have to suffer from the ovulation issue that means she might suffer from difficulty in the production of the eggs. High level of this hormone can also interfere directly to the level of FSH and obviously ovulation cycle.
  • Prolactin blood test – This hormone is related to the thyroid and functioning of the pituitary. Prolactin facilitates and inhibits FSH and GnRH. So, again if you have been found by the test that your Prolactin is elevated in your blood then you may have the issue with your ovulation.

Summing up hormones tests include –

  • Luteinizing Hormone
  • Follicle Stimulating Hormone
  • Estradiol
  • Progesterone
  • Prolactin
  • Free T3
  • Total Testosterone
  • Free Testosterone
  • Androstenedione


  • Some other tests are –

Cervical Mucus Test – Cervical mucus also be referred to as cervical fluids. Cervical mucus is secreted by the gland found in and around the cervix. The issue in cervical mucus can get in the way of conception. Hormonal change can change the amount and consistency of this mucus. Problem with the consistency makes problematic for sperm to travel the egg smoothly, and the hostile antibodies kill the sperm before they fertilize with the egg. Cervical mucus test detects anything wrong happening in the cervical mucus.

Ultrasound Test – The follicles hold the immature eggs and it waits to let released until the maturity. These follicles are checked through the ultrasound. An ultrasound test is used to check the thickness of the uterine wall or endometrium to check the situation of the female’s uterus and ovaries.

If you are confused about your fertility-related issue, then these tests would be awesome to know the exact answer of your question.


IVF – a brand new technology to decipher Infertility disorder. Infertility – Guess! You must have ample knowledge about this word, Isn’t it? Okay! If not, then let’s get underway with this word only. Infertility is that parasite, which when sticks the individual’s life it is very hard to eliminate that permanently and IVF is the panacea to straighten out this syndrome. Trying to conceive with sexual intercourse (more than a year) but unfit to achieve pregnancy-referred as infertile couple and syndrome they are facing is Infertility. IVF Clinic Delhi gives one of the efficacious treatments to disentangle the obstacle of infertility and that is IVF treatment Delhi.

Delhi, being capital and the heart of India is well-known for numerous things; out of several famous things, we will be discussing that topic, which has become run-of-the-mill topic nowadays. As early talked about IVF treatment Delhi, it is a way to get rid of infertility syndrome but not forever as there is not any treatment or technique which eradicates infertility for always. Not to worry as IVF treatment Delhi is the universal remedy to do away with Infertility tag.

What IVF treatment Delhi is and why it is favored by all?

IVF – In Vitro fertilization sometimes it is referred as test tube baby treatment also. IVF comes in an advanced treatment of ART technique. You may be thinking what ART is, ART can be sum up as Assisted Reproductive Technology, it mainly belongs to the department of infertility. There are various fertility treatments (advance) that are included in this medical procedure of ART amongst many techniques, IVF treatment in Delhi is one of the best cure-all medication to put an end to Infertility issue and this is the reason why fertility experts favor for IVF treatment. During this treatment, fertilization occurs outside the female’s body; eggs and sperms are obtained and kept on the culture dish to facilitate fertilization (entire detail of each procedure is given in this page later on). Go IVF Surrogacy is the foremost leading fertility clinic that gives a-1 IVF treatment all over India.

IVF treatment Delhi involves five to six steps to be carried out that involves- giving the fertility medications, egg retrieval, semen collection, fertilization, embryo transfer, rest of ultrasounds and further tests etc. Before jumping in for IVF steps, we should know why IVF treatment is used and who can choose IVF treatment Delhi to eliminate their infertility cause.

 IVF treatment Delhi best suits for –

  • Those females who have blocked fallopian tubes
  • Females who have had their fallopian tubes removed
  • Women, who are facing an issue for premature ovarian failure
  • Women with uterine fibroids
  • Irregular ovulation or suffering from ovulation disorders
  • Individuals carrying a genetic disorder
  • Male factor infertility ( low sperm count, less sperm motility)
  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Endometriosis

Note – IVF treatment Delhi is combined with ICSI technique to get a successful result when the male partner’s sperm is unfit to penetrate with the eggs. During ICSI technique, the most motile sperm is directly injected into the egg so that it can easily get fused with the egg.

How IVF Treatment in Delhi works- Step by Step mechanism of IVF –

  1. Giving the Fertility Medication This is the first step of the IVF process in Delhi, during this step, fertility medications and drugs are prescribed by the fertility specialist. These medications are given in order to stimulate the female’s ovaries. Fertility medications stimulate follicles in order to get multiple eggs instead of a single egg. Until unless the follicles will not develop properly the eggs will not from, so it is compulsory recommended having these medications timely without skipping any doze.
  2. Egg retrieval procedure and collection of the semen sample The female patient needs to visit fertility clinic often for the check-ups; once the fertility doctor make sure regarding the maturity of the eggs once browsing blood secretion level and by transvaginal ultrasounds, trigger shot injection is given at the last stage of full- fledged of matured eggs. This trigger shot injection is given in order to get all the eggs matured. Within 24-34 hours of this trigger shot; the procedure of egg assortment is started. With the assistance of a hollow needle, eggs are retrieved bythe fertility consultants. A semen sample is also collected on the same day of the egg retrieval procedure.
  3. Fertilization- Once the eggs and sperms are received from the partner, the process of fertilization is on the way. This step is one of the important stages of IVF treatment in Delhi. Now after collecting the eggs and sperms from an infertile couple, these are then kept altogether on the petri dish to enhance the function of fertilization. This process is also known as insemination. Once, the eggs are fertilized with the sperm (known as a fertilized egg) and cell division starts to take place, within 2-3 days fertilized egg is known as an embryo.
  4. Embryo Transfer As soon as the embryo reaches blastocyst stage (generally takes 3-4 days from the day of fertilization), two of the best embryo is handpicked by the fertility specialist and is placed into the female uterus by using a catheter or by a small tube. Embryo transfer is painless and free of troublesome procedure; it could happen that you may experience mild cramp on the day of embryo transfer. After 10-14 days of embryo transfer, a pregnancy test is scheduled by your fertility expert to check whether the embryo has attached with the uterine wall (lining) or not.

Here we are at the end –

These are the steps of IVF, which is best carried out by the IVF Clinic in Delhi. Experts or Doctors are undoubtedly the godsend person, so each and every doctor is of a good repute, but you really need to think twice before undergoing IVF treatment, because it’s not a simple and easy to play treatment, this treatment requires a veteran specialist in the department of fertility-related problem. IVF Clinic in Delhi performs IVF medication in a superb manner, giving all the facilities to the patient like a separate compartment, advanced technologies and experienced fertility doctors to carry forward the treatment. Go IVF Surrogacy welcomes those couples who are confused and puzzled of their fertility related issue.

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As both, the components of the male and the female partner is equally important and played a vital role in making the female partner pregnant but in case a couple is facing the issues with the malefactor infertility or the issues with the female partner infertility so in such a case, the female partner in the a couple is not able to conceive.

Infertility within the couple is to be defined, in case the female partner in the couple is not able to conceive even after one year of unprotected intercourse and despite that, the female partner is not able to conceive so in such a case the couple is to consult about their infertility to the fertility experts where the fertility experts having the tests regarding the same and also the reports should be positive or in negative accomplishments with infertility to be defined therewith the projections and the relative associations for the removal of male factor infertility in such aspect one must consider ICSI treatment.

In order to know the best ICSI treatment clinic in Mumbai, most of the fertility experts must recommend about the clinic to be known as Go IVF Surrogacy where many successful cases should be established and as certifies in order to plan the male factor infertility removal treatment in the form of ICSI treatment which is to be determined at our clinic with more than 90% successful cases to be reported within the clinic in Mumbai where many more successful cases in the removal of infertility to be reported and it is the main aim our clinic has to fulfill by the year-end.

ICSI treatment in Mumbai is being defined in order to remove the infertility relative factors to be made out from the life of the infertile couples so as to be accomplished the male factor infertility to be removed from the root to the tip and also won’t be repeated in the future at all and also make the better practices so as to remove infertility successfully from one’s life.

How does ICSI treatment in Mumbai succeeded?

ICSI treatment in Mumbai is being succeeded through the acquisitions that are made available with the proficiency that are leading the resulting possessions through artificial insemination techniques and that is considered a much more accurate result oriented technique that are being presented through the analysis of the semen and in case the semen sample is not up to the required quality than it is being identified that each and every sperm should be checked and then fertilize with the eggs of the female partner and in case one sperm does not result oriented and second is not resulting but third will be succeeding for sure as seen in most of the cases.

It is being observed that the couple should obtain results through 2 or 3 times fertilization and in case the fertilization is to be done with proper acquisitions than the infertility is being removed and attaining fertility to be adjourned through the best treatment to be provided within our clinic where the focus is to be defined with the proper inseminations rather focus upon other issues as fertility can be attained in order to focus on the quality sperms rather in focusing upon the quantitative sperms as the sperms should be up to the definite quality.

As the quality that is processing the most desirable sperms for result orientation and the results should be accurate and most preferable by most of the couples as the couple should be succeeding even after the donor’s sperms should be used in case the intended father sperms are not up to the required quality and the quantity which is needed in attaining the results through ICSI treatment to be made much more effective.

What facilitations provided for removing infertility with ICSI treatment in Mumbai?

In order to remove male factor infertility, one must assist the accurate scenario that is to be considered   helpful in making the treatment an effective treatment with all the desired treatments that one needs with accuracy.

ICSI treatment in Mumbai is to be defined on the logistics that must be succeeded at our clinic on the following parameters that are:-

  • Proper and timely medications and injections to be provided by the male partner in the couple for better result oriented treatment of male factor infertility with the fertility establishments.
  • 100% accurate results to be obtained whether the results are positive or negative.
  • Latest equipment and machinery or the tools needed are being used in order to define the proper results that are being needed for semen analysis.
  • Semen analysis is being properly ejaculated that are made available in making the pregnancy of the female partner thereby delivering the positive results.
  • More than 4 cases of ICSI treatment are being resolved in our clinic which is helpful in attaining the positive results.
  • More than 2 couples are obtaining positive results through ICSI treatment and the result oriented are being determined in the accurate format that delivers 99% accurate results.
  • The successful ratio of 2:1 or in some of the cases it is variable being available at 1:1 also, so that the couple should be attaining the results accordingly in the definite ratio.
  • More than 4000 successful cases should be solved by our fertility experts at the clinic till date.
  • Moreover, it is being identified that more than 3 infertile couples should be blessed with their own child each and every day at our clinic with the artificial inseminations and the successful results should be obtained thereby with the same.
  • Whether through IVF, ICSI and other relative cases as also through female infertility factors are also detrimental with such possessions that are made available in some of the cases that are

more result orientation and provide the treatment in a positive acquisition.


In order to choose the best IUI treatment clinic in Mumbai for the infertile couples who are facing the issues regarding male infertility treatment like IUI, ICSI etc. due to the low sperm count or even for the males whose sperm quality is not up to the mark in attaining the pregnancy of the female.

While choosing the best IUI clinic in Mumbai, following points should be considered in the mind:-

  • The centre that delivers the best results in the past few years in the removal of the issues relative to male infertility.
  • Since while doing the process of IUI, the sperms should be extracted out of the male’s reproductive part that means the sperms should be extracted out of the testis of the male and this is with the use of fine quality sperms.
  • The centre that delivers the proper semen analysis of the sperms of the male using the latest technology and the modernized types of equipment in such an aspect in order to remove infertility issues.
  • The centre which delivers the maximum successful results for making the treatment of male infertility in the form of IUI to be delivered in the way better that ascertains the accomplished results which are merely more or less than about 88% to be successful results delivered in the past years.
  • The centre should be acknowledged with the best IUI treatment to get the male infertility treatment through the male’s sperm who are delivering the results where the sperm count is barely very low that is not been sufficient in making the female partner pregnant.
  • At least mere about 8000+ successful cases should be delivered by the fertility experts and his/ her respective team in making the treatment much more affected and accurate during the preferential allotment of the time procedure to be assessable.
  • The centre whose IUI treatment cost is so very minimal that can make the treatment an affordable treatment even for all the couples who are facing the issues of male infertility and also for all the sectors of the society who are facing such issues.
  • As in IUI treatment the sperms should be extracted out from the male’s testis and then the sperms should be directly placed or transferred in the female’s uterus after analyzing the quality of the sperm and then the best and qualified sperms should be directly placed in the uterus of the female in order to attain the desired results over the same procedure to be completed.
  • The fertility experts at the centre should have mere about 30 to 40 years of prior experience over the same field so as to accelerate the results that are in positive attempt to be upholding the desired positive results.

Why Go IVF Surrogacy?

Go IVF Surrogacy should be chosen by more and more needed couples who are facing the problems as regarding male infertility because of the following points to be kept in the mind at the way that insistently worked upon the following and the results should be delivered:-

  • The fertility experts at the clinic Go IVF Surrogacy should have an experience of mere about 35 + years and the team including the lab assistant, lab technicians and embryologists should deliver the desired results within the time for the best resulting scenario.
  • The fertility experts should acknowledge the subsistence that IUI, ICSI and other male infertility should be delivered the best results at our clinic with the most prominent factors of using the best technique and latest equipment of machinery and other tools that increased the maximized results in such an aspect.
  • The fertility experts should provide the best guide to the childless couples and also prescribe the best medications and injections and all that must be in a most nominal amount that can be invested by the childless couples with ease, so as to enumerate the world-class facilitation to be provided at our clinic.
  • The team is much more supportive that each and every infertile and needed couple should be prominently indulged in the activism that is required by the couple to accompanying the factor that is needed by the couple during the treatment procedure of male infertility in the form of IUI from the point of time the treatment starts and continued till the time the treatment ends up.
  • At our centre, the success rate of IUI treatment barely lies in between 80% to 90%.
  • IUI should be completed by using the donor’s sperms as well so as to take the desirable results in such an aspect.
  • In case the male sperms are not up to the mark than the couple should take the sperms of the donor to make the treatment a result in oriented treatment for IUI relative treatments.
  • The treatment should be much more cost friendly that accomplished the affordable amount including the medications costing, lab charges, expert’s fees, the cost of injections and the other costs for the treatments including all the other relative costing that indemnifies the much more accuracy in the treatment and that too must be in affordable costs.

The main aim of the clinic is to serve more and more infertile couples by the end of the year 2020, so that the success rate of the clinic will be increased and also with the infertility issues to be removed from one’s life up to the maximum extent and every married couple is being blessed with their own child is the purpose that the clinic must resolve till the year 2020.

 What are the factors to make infertility treatment an affordable treatment?

The factors that are to be taken care of while choosing the affordable treatment:-

  • Use own sperms for the treatment in spite of the donor’s sperm.This is because by using the sperms of the donor the couple needs to pay the additional charges for the sperm donors as well.
  • Sperms should be extracted directly out of the male’s reproductive organ using the fine quality needle that helps the fertility experts to take the sperms out of the testis and after analysis and deep observations the quantified and the most qualified sperms should be taken by the experts so to get the desired results in the form of pregnancy of the female partner of the couple.
  • After the male’s sperms should be deeply analyzed and verified the qualitative sperms should be placed in the female’s uterus so as to attain the prompt level of pregnancy that the signs of pregnancy should be seen once the completion of the ultrasound screening in a prompt and effective manner.
  • In case one attempt is not considered effective in delivering positive results than in such a case the experts should freeze the qualified sperms for future use in case the sperms should be failed in the very first attempt than the second attempt should be considered in one way or the other to make the treatment to deliver the positive outcome in case the treatment in the first attempt is not that much resulting as required in the female’s pregnancy.

GO IVF Surrogacy is the leading clinic which provides the solution to all types of infertility issues. In short, we can say this is one stop destination where all infertile couples can fulfill their dream of having an own baby.

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