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The parenthood life is presently conceivable with the Go IVF surrogacy India, the surrogacy methodology, and the legalities are currently entirely changed. Surrogacy in India is legitimate just for the Indian subjects not for the abroad patient, as far as the global patients, the surrogacy is lawful for that resident who are conveying the Indian identification. Go IVF surrogacy in India is dependably appreciate their patients and they effortlessly get all our administrations at the distinctive nations of the world since we accept to give joy in every last nation.

The Services Of Go IVF Surrogacy India Is Available In The Different Countries:

In the terms of the worldwide surrogacy, Yes! the universal surrogacy is conceivable with the Go IVF surrogacy India. Most importantly the surrogacy is lawful in Russia, Greece, USA, Cambodia, Ukraine and Georgia. Homosexual couples surrogacy is legal in the Ukraine, Georgia, and the Greece and for gay person tolerant surrogacy is legitimate in the Russia, USA and Cambodia.

Surrogacy - Standard Programs

Being in a surrogacy arrangement journey can be an emotional rollercoaster too. Over the years, we have realized that a negative result of pregnancy in the first attempt can leave holes on your emotional quotient as well as your pocket. At the same time, as a customer, you must have choices. We have designed low cost surrogacy packages with one attempt, three attempts and with two surrogates just for you. The package that you choose eases your worries and gives to better chances of success.

These programs cover on all medical, legal and logistical activities up to the delivery of the baby leaving intended parents with a free mind devoid of tensions to enjoy their new family addition. This also covers our entire spectrum of services including sending the child back to his home country. Accommodations in India are arranged as per your request and flights are best booked by yourself over the net.

Surrogacy Guaranteed Baby Package – With Money Back Guarantee

This program is a complete beginning to end service for Indian egg donor assisted surrogacy. We will request you to select 3 Indian egg donors for yourself and give us 18 months maximum to give you a baby. We will do up to 6 cycles of embryo transfer in the surrogate(s) and by the end of 18 months deliver a baby! Or, we will return your money except the IVF and medication charges.

This program is most suitable for intended parents do not want any worries of a failed attempt and are ready to pay the extra buck for the guarantee. To see this package details, click here.

A Surrogacy Agency Providing Customized Service

Each Intended Parent couple receives a case management team from Go IVF Surrogacy which includes:

  • Relationship Manager (for overall intake and project management)
  • Relationship Manager (for nursing services to the Intended Parents and Surrogate)
  • Logistics R Manager (for flights, accommodations and logistical briefings to the intended parents and surrogate)
  • Administrator (for billing, legal and paperwork administration for each case)
  • On Site Relationship Manager (greets and escorts the intended parents, egg donor and surrogate throughout their stay at the destination clinic
  • where treatment takes place, takes them to hotel, clinic and airport as well as any "concierge" type support. A private car with a personal chauffeur is also included)
  • General Manager who directs the whole case management team (via the Program Coordinator)

To see a detailed list of services included, click here.

Point to Remember Before Considering Surrogacy

Surrogacy can be a miraculous gift, a way for a childless or infertile couple to fulfill their desire to become parents. However, precautions should be taken to ensure that all parties have a positive and healthy experience. There are 10 things you must consider before working with a surrogate.

1. You must have a medical necessity to participate in surrogacy.

Visit an IVF doctor and ask if he or she recommends that you do surrogacy. Keeping your good figure or a stressful high-powered job are not valid reasons to work with a surrogate mother. Most IVF doctors (and all good IVF doctors) will only work with couples that have a medical reason to do surrogacy. There are sometimes psychological issues that can be included, but we consider psychological to be a medical reason.

2. Psychological counseling for the couple.

See a counselor to discuss if surrogacy is right for you, and if you can actually do surrogacy. Can you allow someone to carry a child for you? There are women who need a surrogate mother, but will try to control every aspect of the surrogate's life, and this will cause conflicts between them. Seriously consider child-free living, and discuss this option with your counselor.

3. Psychological counseling and evaluation for the surrogate and her husband or partner.

What is her motivation for becoming a surrogate mother? Has she done surrogacy before, and what went wrong or right that she feels the need to do it again? Does she understand that the couple will be involved in the pregnancy and may have different opinions regarding pregnancy care and treatment? How involved will she allow the couple to be? Get a written psychological clearance on your surrogate mother. This is included in Go IVF Surrogacy program. If you wish to get details, click here .

4. Understand the legal status of surrogacy law in the state where your stay.

It is crucial to get an independent legal consultation regarding the laws of the state you in. If there are any doubts about finalizing rights to get the baby back to your state and country, DO NOT proceed.

5. All parties should complete a surrogacy questionnaire that is shared with each other.

These questionnaires include questions about mental illness, hospitalizations, genetic illnesses, prior marriages, prior children, health status, marital status, bankruptcies and legal judgments, prior pregnancy history, infertility history, etc. To receive a questionnaire, click here...

6. Psychological counseling

There should be ongoing psychological counseling for all parties throughout the pregnancy and for at least two months after birth.

7. The cost of surrogacy

Do you have the financial ability to pay for the pregnancy? Can you cope with the costs of a high-risk pregnancy, premature birth and miscarriage? To view detailed costs of surrogacy with Go IVF Surrogacy, click here..

8. At least one parent should be biologically connected to the child being conceived.

At least one Intended Parent should be genetically linked to the baby. Once the baby is born, a DNA test of the baby with the Intended Parent will be done and only if it matches that you will be able to take the baby back to your country

9. Openly discuss and document everyone's expectation of the surrogacy relationship.

This is where each party learns what is expected of him or her by the other, and if they can do what is expected of them. They should also discuss the kind of relationship they believe they would want after birth. Many couples and surrogate mothers find they cannot answer this question, because they have never participated in surrogacy before. This is an answer in itself, as it indicates they are open to many possibilities. A counselor can guide the parties by giving them “what ifs." It is important to remember that the parties are coming together to help the infertile couple become a family and parents. No one is looking to become best friends. If everyone develops a friendship, that is wonderful, but everyone should remember the reason for finding each other. If a long-term relationship is expected by any party, that is OK, but the request needs to be evaluated in terms of what is in the best interest of the child. More specifically, the couple should not agree to continue a close relationship after birth. Go IVF Surrogacy and its IVF specialists do not recommend any ongoing relationship with the surrogate mother after the baby is born and they go back to their country.

10. Selecting the right agency.

Evaluate the advantages to working with a reputable surrogacy agency.

Home surrogacy India Surrogacy in India with Go IVF Surrogacy India – GO IVF India

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