IVF Cost in Chennai

IVF Cost in Chennai – Which ease the problems of many childless, couples

The aim of the fertility experts in Chennai is not to making from your pocket, their aim is to offer you the best IVF treatment which will fulfill your dream of having an own baby and that too at the very reasonable cost which no one can imagine.

Before undergoing the IVF treatment you should know that how the IVF Cost in Chennai is calculated and what all includes during your IVF cycle.


Calculation of IVF Cost in Chennai

The following are the steps which have been followed by the clinic in Chennai to calculate your IVF Cost in Chennai.

The basic cost of your IVF treatment in Chennai is around 7-10% of the cost of your overall IVF package which includes the charges of your doctor for collecting your eggs and embryos which will transfer into your uterus, fees of your embryologist, anesthesia and ultrasound charges etc.

In case you required the male infertility treatment as well then the basic IVF Treatment Cost in Chennai for treating the male infertility factor is around 30-40% and this will include your cost of ICSI procedure in which the single sperm is directly injected into each egg to achieve the fertilization and the fertilized egg will be transferred into your uterus.

All your hormonal drugs are also included in the IVF Treatment Cost in Chennai; however, the cost of your medications depends on the type of drugs prescribed by your fertility specialist to stimulate your ovaries.

Chennai is a city where your IVF clinic also includes the charges for your embryo freezing in your basic IVF Treatment Cost in Chennai whereas the other IVF clinics will charge you around 20% of the basic cost of IVF, 10% of the cost for the storage and will charge you 20 to 90% of the cost for later of your own embryos.

How is the IVF Treatment Cost in Chennai divided?

The IVF Treatment Cost in Chennai is divided into two categories: (i) Basic IVF cost and (ii) Advanced IVF cost

(i) Basic IVF cost: The basic cost for the IVF treatment in Chennai is approximately USD 4500 for one IVF cycle; however, this is only estimated cost and it can go up to USD 6,000 for one cycle depending on your age and cause of infertility.

(ii) Advanced IVF cost: Advanced IVF cost for the IVF procedure means that you need the IVF treatment with PGD or IVF with FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) which will increase your basic IVF Treatment Cost in Chennai. For e.g. If you opt for the IVF treatment with PGD than you will be charged USD 3,000 more apart from your basic IVF cost, similarly if you wish to go for the IVF with FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) than you will be charged USD 2000 plus your basic IVF cost which means you will pay USD 6500 using the FET with IVF.

If you compare the IVF Treatment Cost in Chennai with any other country or state then you will find a huge difference in costs and if any clinic offers you the IVF treatment cost less than USD 3500 that means they are hiding some of the portions of the cost of your treatment which they will disclose at the end of your treatment where you can’t help yourself and to have to bear those extra expenses which might can go up to USD 10,000.

So, before choosing any IVF clinic it’s your responsibility that you do your proper homework such as you can search on the internet for the clinic’s success rates, the time is taken for the procedure, cost which is mentioned does it covers the cost of fertility drugs, blood test, ultrasound scanning and monitoring etc. By asking these questions before your treatment you can save yourself from high medical bills at the end of your IVF treatment.


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