IVF Treatment Cost in Bangalore

Bangalore is a city which is now considered as the best city where the cost of IVF treatment is very reasonable which ease the financial burden for the childless couples and now they can also avail the benefits of the IVF treatment and have their own baby. The fertility experts in Bangalore has come forward to offer the IVF Treatment Cost in Bangalore which helps many childless couples to conceive their own baby and the reason behind offering the low- cost IVF treatment is that they wish to see every couple on this planet enjoy their parenthood happily with their own baby and for this the fertility experts in Bangalore can go up to any limits but without compromising the quality of the treatment. They offer you the same international quality of the treatment but at low-cost. Their aim is not to make money from you but to deliver you a healthy baby without any complications.

Bangalore is a city which is now becoming a hub for all those couples who have been struggling from a long period of time to have their own baby and that too at very reasonable IVF Treatment Cost in Bangalore.


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Effective IVF Treatment Cost in Bangalore

Some individuals pre-assumed about the IVF treatment Cost in Bangalore that it must be beyond their budget. Definitely agree that fertility treatments are not that cost-effective under each sterile couple’s spending plan book. Bangalore is that state which has designed the package of IVF in a very decent way by opening the door for each individual to come, to go through proper medication during the journey of IVF treatment and start planning to welcome your sunshine (baby boy/girl) in a jovial mood. Don’t worry; if you are fishing around for the lowest kit of IVF treatment then you are on the right click.

Here we go to knock about the IVF treatment cost in Bangalore.  As you must have information about different stages of IVF steps like; Blood and hormonal check-up & ultrasounds, fertility drugs & medications, step of egg retrieval, collection of semen sample (if sperms are of low quality then ICSI procedure is applied with IVF), and the rest of IVF step. Many of the clinics and fertility hospitals after even taking proper package of IVF at the starting, they do ask extra hard cash in-between different stage of IVF by playing a trick and fooling the patients so be aware of such type of clinics. Before choosing any centre for your course of medication of IVF, cross check the success rates and any other details and make sure you are going to give your money in a right hand for your treatment. If you are going to pick out IVF treatment in Bangalore then no need to be concerned or get worried as here you will find crystal clear package of IVF. IVF treatment cost in Bangalore is INR Rs – 2,10,000 which is not that sky-scrapping, may be few couples can’t afford this cost, for those couples Loan is the best option to opt for their treatment.

Your IVF Treatment Cost in Bangalore is divided into three parts which are as follows:

Pre-Existing IVF Expenses

  1. Complete cycle of your IVF/ ICSI procedure – INR Rs – 2,10,000
  2. Egg pickup and embryo transferz
  3. Blood tests, ultrasound, and male and female blood investigation – INR Rs- 10-15
  4. Charges of your fertility expert – INR Rs- 1000
  5. Airport transfer – Free 

Cost of IVF Cycle includes

  1. Blood Test and ultrasound  – INR Rs- 6-10
  2. Lab charges
  3. Counseling before and after your IVF cycle – INR Rs – 1000
  4. Consultation with your IVF expert  – INR Rs- 1000
  5. Medications required for the procedure. – INR Rs – 7-10

Advanced IVF Cost in Bangalore

In case you require the advanced diagnosed with the advanced treatment than your IVF Cost in Bangalore will increase. For e.g. if you need IVF with egg donor treatment then your basic cost of the treatment will increase as this procedure requires the cost of recruiting, screening, blood test, lab charges, fees of egg donors etc.

What are the factors which affect your IVF Treatment Cost in Bangalore?

The following are the factors which highly affect your IVF Treatment Cost in Bangalore:

  • Age: Age is one of the major factors which affect your IVF Treatment Cost in Bangalore because with the growing age your fertility starts declining and you require high dosage to stimulate your ovaries which will increase your basic cost of the IVF treatment. According to study, women fertility starts declining at the age of 35 years and men at 40 years. But not worry because fertility experts in Bangalore are well trained and qualified professional who provide you the best fertility treatment with your growing age as well.
  • Body Weight: Your body weight is another factor which can affect your IVF Treatment Cost in Bangalore which means if you are overweight then you need more IVF cycles and also you require high dosage to stimulate your ovaries so that you will be able to produce more mature and healthy eggs. In such case, your fertility expert will advise you to maintain your ideal body weight before you plan for your IVF treatment.
  • Lifestyle: Your changes in your lifestyle will also affect your cost of IVF treatment. For e.g. if you are a chain smoker or consume alcohol regularly then in such cases you need the high dosage of fertility drugs ovulate which means it will increase your basic cost of IVF treatment to achieve the successful pregnancy. In such cases, your fertility expert will advise you to quit smoking and alcohol before you plan for your IVF treatment.


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