Surrogacy Cost in Russia

The Affordable Surrogacy Cost in Russia which resolves the problems of many couples

The Surrogacy Cost in Russia is very reasonable and affordable under all the network hospitals of the IVF Surrogacy and this resolves the problems of many couples who were unable to conceive naturally and all other fertility treatment were also failed to give the successful outcome and the only option for them is the surrogacy but due to the expensive cost of the surrogacy they are unable to afford this treatment earlier, but now with the help of many fertility doctors in Russia who came forward to help these couples in having their own baby they offer the reasonable Surrogacy Cost in Russia with the same international standard quality of the treatment. They do not compromise the quality of the treatment and reduce their own fees. Also, they offer the medicines of the different brand which is lesser in price but the results are the same and they make sure that no medicines have any side-effects which affect the health of the patient or the baby.

Russia is a country which also offered the same-sex surrogacy or surrogacy for couples with their growing age at very reasonable cost which no one can imagine and if you go for the surrogacy procedures in the countries like the US or the UK where the surrogacy is expensive and with various strict legal laws which are not applicable in Russia.

Surrogacy Fees in Russia Using Different Procedures of Surrogacy

The Surrogacy Fees in Russia using gestational surrogacy will cost you around USD 35,000 and be using traditional surrogacy it will cost you around USD 30,000 which included all other expenses of the surrogate mother such as legal charges, recruiting charges, screening, food, accommodation, clothing etc. include in your surrogacy package. If you compare the Surrogacy Fees in Russia with other developed countries than you will find Russia is the most affordable country as compared to others.

If you wish to reduce more on Surrogacy Fees in Russia then you can bring your own surrogate which will save your money on recruiting, screening, legal charges, cost of surrogate mother etc. The surrogate can be your friend or relative who is ready to deliver her services to you at low-cost or no cost but you need to make sure that the surrogate which you bring for your treatment should be properly checked for her medical and physiological testing and also examined for her infectious diseases such as AIDS or Hepatitis so that it will not be transferred to the baby born through surrogacy.

If you are bringing your own surrogate then the Go IVF Surrogacy medical tourism company is not responsible for the surrogates screening.


    What are the Surrogacy Charges in Russia using 2 cycles of surrogacy procedure?

    The Surrogacy Charges in Russia for using 2 cycles of surrogacy procedure is also very reasonable. In case you are unable to achieve the desired results in the first attempt then you can go for the second attempt where you can use the left-over embryos from your first cycle to achieve the successful results of the pregnancy in the second attempt. These embryos can be implanted into the uterus of the same surrogate with an additional cost of USD 10,000 or in case you wish to implant the embryo into the uterus of a different surrogate mother than the Surrogacy Charges in Russia will cost your around USD 15,000 additionally. However, if you compare the Surrogacy Charges in Russia for the second attempt with any other countries than you will find a huge variation in cost and also in the success rates of implanting the embryos into the surrogate uterus to achieve the desired results and this is the reason that people from other developed countries travel Russia for their fertility treatment.


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    Under the pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994, prenatal sex determination is banned in India.

    No test or treatment for sex selection, sex determination, gender selection, gender determination is done in India.

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