IVF Cost in Kolkata

What is the Current IVF Treatment Cost in Kolkata

IVF – an optimal way to parenthood for infertile couples

During the process of natural pregnancy, a sperm permeates and fertilizes the egg inside the woman’s body and accordingly, pregnancy takes place. The situation is not as easy as it seems as achieving conception normally is not possible to some of the couples due to various reproductive issues. This inability to get pregnant naturally gives them the tag of infertility.

Infertility is a serious condition that thwarts the process of conception and disables the couple from pursuing parenthood. Fortunately, there are some conception techniques helping the couples in coming out of their misery called assisted reproductive techniques. ART covers all the methods that make pregnancy achievable to a couple unnaturally.

IVF is an acronym for In Vitro Fertilization and is a technique where fertilization is made attainable without requiring the assistance of a human body. It is a famous ART method and has been helping a lot of barren couples to get their own baby. We at Go IVF Surrogacy, offer the most economical price range for IVF cost in Kolkata in conjunction to the services of highly experienced fertility doctors.

In the course of IVF, the concerned woman is required to take some fertility medication before undergoing the process. Afterward, the doctor retrieves the mature eggs from her ovaries. The collected eggs are mixed together with a sperm provided by either the male partner or a sperm donor. This fusion results in fertilization and the formation of an embryo. At the end, the embryo is implanted into the woman’s uterus, and pregnancy occurs within 14 days.


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What are the things influencing the IVF treatment cost in Kolkata?

IVF is an intricate process and the treatment process may vary to suit the specific requirements of a patient. However, there are certain factors that influence the IVF cost in Kolkata.

Reproductive health of the patient

It is crucial that woman undergoing the IVF treatment in Kolkata should have sound reproductive health as the issue with her reproductive organs may enhance the IVF cost in Kolkata. If her reproductive system doesn’t function properly then she may have to incur great charges when undergoing the IVF treatment. For taking care of her reproductive health she should incorporate in her diets highly nutritious food such as foods rich in folic acid, Vitamin A, C, and E, to enrich the functioning of her various reproductive organs.

Different habits and the way of living

If you’re accustomed to bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle, then conception through the assistance of a reproductive technology may not be possible for you. Bad habits and addictions like alcohol or smoking addiction negatively impact your reproductive health and makes conception unattainable. The couple is advised to abstain from such habits prior to three months of the treatment as it will help in reducing the charges of IVF in Kolkata.

Health and weight of the patient

Whether you are overweight or underweight, both of the cases adversely impact the chances of conception through IVF. Obese woman find it even harder to get positive results in the IVF. The doctor may suggest high dosages as the unhealthy weight impedes the successful attainment of pregnancy. Therefore, keep a check on your weight and stick to a regular fitness regime if you wish to reduce the IVF cost in Kolkata.

The age of the patient opting for IVF

The cost of your IVF treatment is largely based upon a woman’s age as the increases in the age of the woman decreases the possibility of conception. A woman tends to lose her fertility and produce less infertile eggs as she ages, thereby affecting the intricacy of her treatment and the charges of the treatment as well. For instance, if you are under 35 then chances of you getting pregnant via IVF are around 60-70% and you may conceive at your first IVF cycle attempt. But women over 35 has to undergo more than a single IVF cycle and may also be suggested advanced fertility treatments

Keenly-Priced IVF Treatment Cost in Kolkata

The latest IVF treatment cost in Kolkata 2019 is based on the severity of the patient’s condition and the appropriate treatment accommodating their unique requirements. Our doctor discreetly evaluates the state of the patient and suggests to them the most feasible treatment plan and also helps them in managing various costs.

Basic IVF Treatment Cost in Kolkata

The basic cost of IVF in Kolkata comes under the price bracket of INR 1,50,000 to INR 2,00,000 for a single IVF cycle. This is an approximate cost and the original cost is formulated after taking into account various factors such as the patient’s age, severity of their reproductive condition, and the treatment plan they choose to undergo. Our fertility experts at Go IVF Surrogacy carefully analyze the patient’s condition and take appropriate measures to treat their unique cause of infertility. This is the most affordable cost you can receive in Kolkata for undergoing one IVF cycle with the assistance of certified fertility experts.

Advanced IVF treatment Cost in Kolkata

In some cases the basic IVF treatment may not bear the fruit of success and the patient has to take the aid of advanced IVF treatment to enhance their possibility of achieving conception. In this scenario, patient may opt for IVF with FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer), which may cost up to INR 4,00,000. Also, if you go for IVF with PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis), then the charges will total to INR 5,00,000 or more in accordance with your needs as it is an advanced fertility treatment. The price ranges mentioned also involves the cost of various fertility medications and other managerial services.

Go IVF Surrogacy provides you the top quality IVF treatment facility with the aid of well-qualified fertility specialists having substantial expertise in the area of fertility treatment. Our team assists you throughout the treatment process and ensures that you get a great fertility treatment experience at an acceptable cost. In addition to that, our success rates are significantly higher as compared to those of other fertility clinics in India or other developed nations. That’s why patients from every corner of the world choose Kolkata for their fertility tourism and go back to their home country with a kid in their arms.

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