IVF Treatment in Hyderabad

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Many infertility conditions are affecting couples lives as they cannot conceive through conventional reproduction. They require advanced methods to become pregnant. Several assisted reproductive techniques (Arts) are present to manage different infertility conditions of partners to provide pregnancy results. It provides conception outcomes as partners gametes fertilize outside the female reproductive system. IVF Treatment in Hyderabad is the most effective and productive fertility treatment to resolve the matter of sterility and childlessness.

Various approaches and procedures can work with IVF to provide successful outcomes. IVF in Hyderabad has high success rates as many couples have conceived. You have healthy eggs and sperm can become parents of a healthy and genetic-related child. Partners can have donor assistance for better pregnancy results in poor conditions. Different procedures will depend on your infertility problems and the need for the process. The best IVF centre in Hyderabad is the one-place location with many approaches for IVF treatment. After selecting us, you will not require to choose any other place for other procedures. You can have Low cost IVF treatment in Hyderabad through us.

Before selecting the treatment, couples have different questions and queries regarding their chances, conception, and child health. IVF is a complex procedure but highly successful than other ARTs. People from different places select their best IVF treatment in Hyderabad because of the best centres and technologies. It provides couples with the best opportunity to become parents of their genetic children. With the IVF process, success rate, and facilities, you can have the overview before selecting us:

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IVF Treatment in Hyderabad

What is IVF Treatment in Hyderabad?

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    How does the IVF process work in Hyderabad?

    IVF procedure in Hyderabad is the topmost to achieving pregnancy results. Fertility experts perform the process under top-notch technologies assistances. They require healthy eggs and sperm from partners that collect by them. The female partner healthy eggs will collect from her ovaries with a mini surgical process, and the following are the detailed Steps for IVF process in Hyderabad:

    Suppression & Egg Boosting

    The first step of the IVF procedure in Hyderabad is to suppress the natural cycle of the female. Experts recommend the patient for fertility medications and injections, which are essential to stimulate ovaries. Stimulation of the ovary is one of the significant steps throughout IVF treatment.
    A female will undergo this medication course for 10-14 days until the eggs mature. We all know that a woman releases a single egg each month, but in IVF treatment, the single egg does not work for healthy fertilization. The female will prescribe fertility medication to reduce the possibility of unsuccessful insemination. This medication stimulates several eggs to ripen. After completing the medicines and injections, eggs will extract out of the female’s ovaries. It will end with the help of a thin needle to remove the eggs.

    Monitoring of the Egg

    A female will visit the centre regularly for a check-up during the fertility course. Expert monitors the egg phase with the assistance of blood tests and ultrasound.
    Once the specialist confirms the matured egg, the next step is Follicular Aspiration or collection of the eggs. Before 36 hours of egg collection, a fertility specialist gives a trigger shot injection (this injection will provide to get all the eggs in a full-grown and full-blown position.

    Egg Retrieval Procedure

    The egg retrieval procedure is known as the Follicular Aspiration method. The minor surgical procedure will accomplish with the assistance of a hollow needle (under the guidance of ultrasound).
    During the egg collection process, a female will first undergo local anaesthesia; eggs are retrieved carefully by the experts of Go IVF Surrogacy. Once the eggs are collected, they will keep in the nutrient dish for fertilization.

    Fertilization Procedure

    Maybe on the same day or one day later, the semen sample will gather by the male partner or donor (if required). Now, the expert mixes the sperm with the egg on the same culture dish for fertilization.
    Motile and healthy sperm gets fused with the egg’s wall and goes into the egg cytoplasm for the fusion. Fertilization will happen when the sperm has successfully entered the egg centre.

    Embryo Transfer

    After fertilization, eggs (fertilized with sperm) will refer to as fertilized eggs or embryos. Specialists hand-pick the best and healthiest fertilized eggs for the procedure of embryo transfer. The expert inserts the catheter with the selected fertilized egg inside the female partner uterus through the vagina.

    Pregnancy Test:

    After completing the stages of IVF treatment in Hyderabad, the last and foremost step of IVF in Hyderabad is to test the pregnancy and whether the embryo has attached to the uterine lining or not. The fertilized egg will adhere to the female womb, and pregnancy will happen. There are some guidelines after IVF treatment that a couple should take care of it.

    What can affect your chances become successful with IVF in Hyderabad?

    The IVF success rate in Hyderabad is much higher in the best centre, but Some factors hinder the successful result that is following:

    1. Age of the Woman:-Age always plays a crucial role during IVF in Hyderabad. If the woman’s age has lapsed reproductive age, for example, if a woman is in the staircase of 35-40, to achieve IVF with her eggs is much more difficult. It is true- As the woman’s age increases, egg quality begins to decline. Women under 35 have a high chance of getting conceived through IVF treatment. If you are planning IVF treatment, don’t delay as the clock never stops.
    2. Body Weight:–Another essential point to have victory in IVF is Body weight according to BMI (Body Mass Index). Achieving pregnancy is easy for those women with the best physique compared with overweight or underweight. Obesity causes many health and infertility issues that affect pregnancy chances. So, one should be fit and healthy to carry nourishing pregnancy. The best weight results are necessary for uncomplicated and soothing delivery.
    3. Changes in Lifestyle:-One should adopt an excellent habit- a healthy routine and day-to-day activity impact majorly on our health. Poor lifestyle can spoil both (men and women) fertility potential. Intake of pointless and mouth-watering products can satisfy at that moment but deteriorates your body gradually and causes side-effect too lead to irregular menstruation, weight gain, etc. There are more aspects in lifestyle like Stress and Anxiety, work environment, day-to-day activity, and excessive work-out; all these factors direct the path of Infertility. You are planning to get pregnant must stick to a healthy diet, avoid alcohol, and quit smoking. Have a pleasing IVF Treatment in Hyderabad under the best guidance of the GO IVF Surrogacy fertility team!


    To achieve success, you can pick the top IVF clinic in Hyderabad. We are aware that choosing a treatment and location can be difficult for couples. However, you no longer need to worry because we are here with the best techniques and treatments. The greatest treatment option is available for your infertility situation. What more will you receive from us?

    • Treatment facilities and technology of the highest calibre
    • Patients-centered approaches and methods
    • Assistances for having affordable charges
    • Well-built infrastructure for maximum comfort
    • Every infertility treatment at one destination
    • Highest success rates for IVF and other procedures
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    What are IVF medications?

    The medications in IVF treatment have a crucial role in increasing egg production. It recommends by the fertility expert to the female partner. And medicines can have different types. This help promotes ovarian functions. As the ovaries will produce multiple eggs with high maturity. So, your process can have several eggs number for fertilization. Then, the process includes hormonal injections. It injects into the female partner. And the medicines will help in releasing the healthy eggs inside the uterus from the ovaries.

    How do IVF and ICSI different?

    The IVF and ICSI are not much different. Because, ICSI is a part of IVF for the fertilization stage. As in IVF treatment, the couple’s eggs and sperm fertilize by mixing on a Petri plate. It helps in inseminating and forming fertilized eggs. But in the ICSI process, the eggs and sperm fertilize with the advanced assistant. As the male partner’s sperm will fill into the injection. And the sperm will inject into each egg directly. It helps in successful fertilization and better outcome.

    What happens in male infertility?

    Male infertility conditions affect the female partner’s chances to conceive. It happens because of many issues and creates problems with healthy sperm production. As the male partner faces poor sperm production, abnormal sperm health, poor motility, or no sperm count. Well, many procedures are available to assist the male infertility conditions. Firstly, IVF has the best method as the male partner’s semen prepares by the expert. They separate the healthy sperm for fertilization. Then, the ICSI method helps sperm with poor movement. And SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval), helps in many conditions.

    Can fibroids treat in IVF?

    IVF is the best procedure that helps in various conditions. And some women have uterus-related condition as abnormal growth. For instance, polyps or fibroids. These interfere with the reproduction and fertilized egg implantation inside the female uterus. So, you can choose the IVF treatment but before it, your expert will recommend removing the fibroid. It has a minimally surgical method as laparoscopy.  The expert can perform to remove the fibroid from the uterus. Then, the IVF method can perform by them to provide successful pregnancy outcomes.

    Does insurance cover IVF?

    Only a few insurance policies cover IVF or other fertility treatments cost. Infertility procedures have higher charges. Moreover, its charges cannot predetermine. As, it highly depends on the couple’s age, fertility, and health conditions. Also, their fertility centre, treatment process, and advanced technologies can affect them. Therefore many insurance companies do include fertility treatment. So, you can find insurance facilities that have a policy for infertility procedures. Because, it will help with your affordable charges and does not cause problems for the budget.


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    Under the pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994, prenatal sex determination is banned in India.

    No test or treatment for sex selection, sex determination, gender selection, gender determination is done in India.

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