Acquiring Reasonable IVF Cost in India:

IVF Cost

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is an effective and widely performed fertility treatment to manage different infertility problems. Infertility is severe reproductive health that millions of couples are dealing with globally. It is a situation where couples are inefficient at making their child despite having regular unprotected intercourse for about six months or a year. IVF is a famous assisted productive treatment where fertilization happens without the aid of a woman body. IVF treatment in India is the best to achieve pregnancy outcomes in many infertility conditions. You will have a much more reasonable IVF cost in India than in developed nations.
Often referred to as test-tube baby treatment, IVF treatment in India has helped millions of couples accomplish their dream of becoming a parent. The fertility treatment can perform in conjunction with other advanced fertility treatments to ensure better chances of attaining pregnancy. Sometimes the patient may not benefit from a single IVF cycle and will undergo more than one IVF cycle to confirm the achievement of conception. Your IVF procedure cost in India will depend on various factors.
A leading medical tourism company in India, GO IVF SURROGACY collaborates with highly skilled IVF doctors with extensive experience executing the most effective IVF treatment methods in India. Our fertility doctors and IVF experts provide their finest quality treatment services at the lowest price possible. They comprehensively diagnose the patient condition and make a reasonable customized treatment plan following their specific requirements. We have a higher IVF success rate in India that provide successful pregnancy results.
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IVF Cost in india

Where to Get the First-Class yet Affordable IVF Treatment in India?

Many centres are present in India to perform treatments and offer an economical cost of IVF in India. You must check for their IVF procedures, advanced methods, and approaches. Some of them cause problems in the treatment and expenses. The GO IVF SURROGACY is the best yet most affordable destination for IVF treatment. You will receive the services of significantly experienced fertility specialists without paying much. Our fertility doctors and other team members always provide the best treatment experience and a treatment that has a high possibility of the patient attaining conception with the help of the IVF treatment.
Listed below are the various reasons that make the best IVF treatment providers in India:

  • Extensive experience with fertility specialists. We connect with the best fertility specialists and IVF experts with over 30 years of experience providing excellent fertility treatments. They are known for performing various successful IVF treatments, and that too, at a low cost.
  • Sophisticated equipment and modern technology:Our fertility specialists utilize cutting-edge technological equipment for operating patients for IVF treatments. They stay abreast of the latest technological advancements helps in the fertility domain.
  • World-class infrastructure and facilities. The patients have advantages in their fertility treatments under the best infrastructure and avail of first-rate facilities at a reasonable price. They get their treatment at a single place and do not have to go to different clinics for various tests and treatments for IVF treatment.
  • Comprehensive care and assistance. Our team at the network hospital provides immense care and aid to the patient to determine they do not face any significant difficulties during their treatment. They are always there to answer your questions regarding fertility treatment.
  • Comparatively high success rates. In comparison to the other developed nations, our success rates for IVF treatment are the highest, which is why international patients prefer India to get positive results in their fertility treatment.

What are the Factors Affecting the IVF Cost in India?

The IVF price in India includes one IVF cycle with partners eggs and sperm. It provides pregnancy results if the couple gametes and reproductive health have average. They have fewer chances of poor health and fertility status. Their IVF treatment can face multiple failures that affect the IVF charges in India. Your expert can suggest advanced IVF treatment or various approaches in the process for successful outcomes. Many procedures are available to assist different infertility conditions in IVF to become parents. Our highly experienced and certified experts will suggest the best process according to your requirements and budget-friendly approach. The following factors will affect your IVF cost in India 2023:

IVF with Egg Donor Cost

IVF with an egg donor is a treatment where the help of an egg donor can take to get the best quality eggs for the IVF treatment. If the woman cannot produce healthy and fertile eggs, she can undergo IVF with egg donor treatment. The cost of IVF with an egg donor ranges between USD 5000 to USD 5,300. The affordable price range includes the cost of the egg donor, the cost of the IVF treatment, the cost of the various lab tests, etc. It is the lowest price range when contrasted with the cost of the other developed countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, etc.

Self Egg IVF Cost

The self-egg IVF cost in India comes under the price bracket of USD 3,000 to USD 3,300. The price range includes the cost of all the procedures that take place during the Self Egg IVF treatment in India, such as initial consultation, blood tests, ultrasounds, the charges of the IVF expert, the expenses of hormonal drugs, lab charges, etc. The self-egg IVF price in India is less than in other developed nations thus, patients prefer India to receive a reasonable self-egg IVF cost.

IVF with Surrogate Mother Cost

IVF with a surrogate mother is a treatment where the help of a gestational carrier can take for carrying the IVF pregnancy. IVF with surrogate mother costs around USD 22,000,-30,000 which is the best price you can get receiving the services of a gestational surrogate. The cost involves the complete expenses of the surrogate mother and fertility treatment. Your fee will be greater if the patient wants a gametes helper during a surrogacy procedure. It will affect the process as the donor eggs will collect from the donor and fertilize with the intended father sperm. The expert will implant it into the surrogate womb. It has the same process as the donor sperm. The baby produced via surrogacy will share genetic ties with the intended parents with self gametes.

The following are the other factors affecting the IVF cost in India 2023:

• Age: Partners must have young for a better IVF success rate in India. Advanced age cause problems in the healthy gametes production and reproductive health of partners. You can face several failures in the IVF treatment that affect the IVF charges in India.
• Health: Some couples face other health problems such as cancer, diabetes, heart or any severe condition. It affects their fertility and IVF process as they will need treatment for different issues. Your IVF will be unsuccessful and increase the IVF cost in India.
• Centre: The best IVF clinic in India might have hidden charges or procedures. Before selecting anyone, you must confirm all processes and expenses. It will help in your treatment cost by affecting and causing problems in the end. GO IVF SURROGACY always discloses its procedures and prices from the beginning.
• Advanced IVF: Your infertility problems are highly responsible for the expenses fluctuations. Many partners with healthy gametes and reproductive conceive in the first IVF cycle. Your severe conditions will require advanced processes that have different charges. The expert can recommend donor gametes, SSR (sperm surgical retrieval), PICSI/IMSI, LAH (laser assisted hatching), PGD (Preimplantation genetic diagnosis), etc.

What does include in IVF Costs in India?

The primary IVF procedure cost in India is around USD 3,300 per cycle. It is a moderate price for undergoing a single IVF cycle. Our fertility specialists accurately and efficiently diagnose the patient condition and carry out the IVF procedure. Some patients can experience more than one IVF cycle before success in the IVF treatment is made absolute.
IVF cost is very reasonable in India, USD 3,300 for one cycle.

  • IVF Cycle Cost
  • Advanced Cost of IVF
IVF Cycle Cost

The IVF procedure cost in India comes under the price bracket of USD 3300 to USD 4000. Your price may go up if the couples decide to undergo advanced fertility treatment due to their severe infertility issue. The fertility expert will harvest your eggs in the fresh cycle. They will monitor the period of ovulation-inducing medications. After that, they mix your eggs with fresh sperm.

The mentioned price range for IVF treatment in India includes the following:

  • Initial consultation with the fertility expert
  • Complete IVF/ ICSI cycle procedure
  • Blood tests, ultrasound scans, male and female blood investigation
  • Egg pick-up and embryo transfer
  • Fees of your fertility expert/embryologist
Advanced Cost of IVF

The advanced cost of IVF depends on the procedure you choose for your infertility treatment. E.g., if you wish to go for advanced fertility treatments such as IVF with a donor egg or IVF with donor sperm, then it will increase your primary IVF Cost from USD 5000 to USD 6000. It is an estimated cost of the advanced IVF procedure, and the actual charges will confirm once your fertility examination.


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Frequently Asked Questions on IVF

  • How long does it take to achieve pregnancy?
How long does it take to achieve pregnancy?

According to a study, 30% of couples in health conditions can become pregnant at the end of the first month. Some (45%) will conceive within six months. Between 70 and 80% of couples will become pregnant at the end of a year. Your pregnancy outcome with IVF treatment depends on various factors. With advanced approaches, you can achieve better outcomes successfully. If you have severe problems, the chances are less and take more time. Your expert will recommend the process as per your issues.

  • Will the IVF technique damage my ovaries?
  • How much does one cycle of IVF cost?
Will the IVF technique damage my ovaries?

We are the one who takes proper care of the patient while collecting the eggs from the woman ovaries by using ultrasound, yet, it can not possible to get a detailed image of the patient bowel, small blood vessels, and bladder. In a mere occasional case, it can happen that the advancing needle may inadvertently hit one of these structures as it enters the ovary. Your age is the most crucial point during the IVF treatment. In advanced age, the ovaries can damage IVF with fertility medications and other stages.

How much does one cycle of IVF cost?

One IVF cycle cost USD 3,300 to provide a successful pregnancy outcome. It involves required fertility, hormonal medications, medical checkups, gametes collection, fertilizing and implanting into the female uterus. You can confirm your treatment process and chances through the tests before the treatment. Advanced IVF procedures will increase the charges that require other approaches for a better outcome.

  • What differentiates your Clinic from other Clinics?
What differentiates your Clinic from other Clinics?

Our clinic is the leading with the highest success rates of taking the baby home without compromising the quality of the treatment. We offer the same international standard quality of treatment but at a very reasonable cost which no one can imagine. Also, we have highly skilled and experienced fertility experts who had to deliver more than 3000 IVF babies in a year.

  • How Soon After IVF Can A Pregnancy Test Be Performed?
  • Why is Natural IVF low-cost vs. Conventional IVF?
How Soon After IVF Can A Pregnancy Test Be Performed?

The pregnancy test will perform after two weeks of the embryo transfer into your uterus. The pregnancy test confirms, it works as expected, and your fertility expert will advise you to avoid brutal exercises such as gym, swimming, aerobics, etc. If the results are not favourable, you can repeat your IVF cycle to achieve successful pregnancy results. It will perform with advanced approaches for better outcomes in severe conditions.

Why is Natural IVF low-cost vs. Conventional IVF?

Natural IVF has low charges because it does not involve fertility and hormonal medications. Medicines are highly expensive that affect entire process charges. Also, it continues for more than 10 to 14 days for ovarian stimulation to increase egg production. Then, the expert uses hormonal medicines to release the eggs inside the uterus. It has high charges that affect the entire charge. In the natural IVF process, no medications will use and the expert will collect the female partner’s eggs. Also, your procedure can perform with other medicines to help with the male partner’s infertility conditions. It will help produce healthy sperm for a better outcome.

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Under the pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994, prenatal sex determination is banned in India.

No test or treatment for sex selection, sex determination, gender selection, gender determination is done in India.

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