IVF Treatment in Delhi

IVF Treatment in Delhi

Let’s Get Deep Down in the Way of IVF Treatment in Delhi

When a baby enters in a couple’s life, life becomes more beautiful and fine-looking. Holding baby in the arms is one of the biggest wishes after a certain interval of the couple’s marriage. But who knows achieving baby is going to be difficult or smooth as velvety. In this entire page, we will be discussing that run-off-the-mill which has affected several couples’ lives hard to attain parenthood by their own, about Infertility and its best treatment.
Infertility has become a common topic to be discussed; there are several aspects of why this issue is amplifying day by day. One common factor behind this disorder is Lifestyle factor. True! Our Lifestyle, to a great extent, impinges on our body system and that makes imbalance of various hormones. Infertility is such a hormonal disorder that affects fertility system in both men and women, facing a hard time in achieving pregnancy. IVF is one of the superb fertility treatments to pan out fertility hiccups. IVF Treatment in Delhi provides top of the line course of medication to treat infertility issue. During IVF treatment Delhi, eggs, and sperms are penetrated in a culture dish for fertilization to form an embryo. IVF in Delhi follows fertility medication to stimulate the female’s ovaries, after collecting multiple eggs, the chances of fertilization are doubled and hence this step plays a crucial role throughout IVF treatment.
IVF Treatment Delhi is an ART technique that gives productive result in solving infertility case. ART encompasses multiple advance technology that facilitates the mode of fertilization in the best way and giving a favorable outcome through the concerned method.

Description of IVF Treatment in Delhi

IVF- In Vitro Fertilization or test tube baby program is the most efficacious fertility method in an ART technology. During this method, embryos are made after mixing the motile and active sperm with the retrieved eggs, once the active sperm penetrates or fuses into the egg’s wall and reaches the cytoplasm of the egg, fertilization is almost done. By placing the healthy embryo into the mother’s uterus, IVF treatment in Delhi is accomplished.
IVF does not follow a single step; it is a long procedure where a couple needs to give proper time to the fertility centre. IVF treatment Delhi is all easy going method that comes up with the highest result in bringing a healthy toddler in infertile lives.

When IVF Treatment Delhi Should be Pondered

  • Women with blocked fallopian tube
  • Damaged fallopian tube
  • Women who are facing with PCOS issue
  • IVF treatment in Delhi is best for those women, who have irregular ovulation cycle
  • Male factor infertility (such as low sperm count, less sperm motility)
  • Individual with genetic abnormalities or chromosomal defects
  • Unknown infertility

Procedure of IVF Treatment in Delhi

The procedure of IVF Treatment in Delhi is consisting of seven steps which are as follows.

  • Step 1: Ovaries Stimulation
  • Step 2: Collection of the Eggs
  • Step 3: Fertilization Process
  • Step 4: Embryo Transfer
Step 1: Ovaries Stimulation
  • This is the first step of IVF treatment Delhi, where the fertility veterans monitor the recipient’s ovaries and also evaluate the appropriate timing of egg release. Once the expert makes ensure whether the female partner is producing eggs from the ovaries and her hormone level are standard or not.
  • Once the expert gives consent for IVF, medication is started thereafter; fertility medication is given by the fertility specialist to the female for 12-14 days. These medications are given to get multiple eggs at the time of ovulation.
  • During IVF fertilization, a single egg is not required rather IVF involves multiple eggs at least 10-12 eggs. Just to achieve multiple eggs, fertility drugs are provided.
  • In some of the female infertility cases, the female is found to be incapable to produce healthy eggs. If not healthy eggs then no fertilization and hence at this case, IVF with self egg becomes fail. During this situation, IVF with a donor egg is used to arrive at the level of fertilization.
Step 2: Collection of the Eggs
  • Egg collection or follicular aspiration is a minor surgical procedure, where, pain medication is given to hold back any pain or discomfort during the female’s egg collection. With the help of vaginal ultrasound for visual guidance, the hollow needle pulls gently each egg from the follicles under mild suction.
  • These eggs then are taken out from the follicular fluid, and then all the eggs are placed in a nutrient dish that contains nutrient media.
  • Collection of the eggs during IVF treatment in Delhi is performed after the confirmation about the full-grown eggs. Eggs maturity and level are analyzed and visualized by the transvaginal ultrasounds.
  • Eggs are collected only when each egg reach its matured stage. Before collecting the eggs by the experts, injection is known as ‘trigger shot’ is given to the female. This shot is given to get all matured eggs at the time of egg retrieval. Within 36 hours of the trigger shot, eggs are collected.
Step 3: Fertilization Process
  • In this step of IVF in Delhi, a semen sample is collected by the male partner (or donor) and then this sperm is combined with the eggs together in a culture dish to accomplish the step of IVF fertilization.
  • In some cases of male factor infertility, where there’s a lower chance of fertilization because of less motility of sperm, Intracytoplasmic sperms injection (ICSI) is used at the time of fertilization. ICSI is the process, where a single sperm is injected directly into the egg to pull off the step of fertilization. The eggs are observed in the fertility lab under the guidance of fertility veterans. Once the step of fertilization is achieved, the resultant and fertilized eggs are considered as Embryo.
Step 4: Embryo Transfer
  • One or two healthy embryo (s) is transferred into the mother’s uterus. The embryo is usually transferred on 3rd to 5th days following egg retrieval and fertilization.
  • The Embryo is put into the uterus of a female by a tube termed as a catheter. This process is usually painless for many females, though some might feel gentle contraction and pain after this process; within a week or so, this cramp becomes over.
If the embryo attaches into the uterine lining (endometrial lining) of the mother then the possibility of achieving pregnancy becomes higher. A female has to re-visit the clinic for pregnancy test (after 10-12 days of embryo transfer). Once the expert confirms about positive pregnancy, a female need not to be worried about later procedure to carry the embryo because the experts of Go IVF Surrogacy provide each do’s and don’ts during the pregnancy days, which a female require to care about it. IVF pregnancy is similar as normal pregnancy and hence delivery also happens accordingly, i.e. after completing 9 months duration.

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    IVF Success Rate in Delhi

    As mentioned above, the success rate of IVF Treatment Delhi depends upon the age of the couple and woman’s egg quality. Go IVF Surrogacy imparts with the highest success rate in IVF treatment in Delhi –

    • Women who are under the age of 35 have a success rate of IVF – 72-74%
    • Women who are under the age of 35 but take the help of a donor egg to attain parenthood, has the success rate of 77-80%
    • Women who are in between 35-37 and use self eggs – 55-60%
    • Women who are in the age group of 37-40 – 40-45% success rate of self egg IVF

    Factors Affecting IVF Success Rate –
    Various factors increase or decrease the success rate of IVF Treatment in Delhi, out of them some are –

    • Couple’s age
    • Egg’s fineness or quality
    • Semen quality (sperms motility)
    • Fertility centre success rate
    • Experience of the fertility specialist and team

    So, these were all about the process of IVF treatment in Delhi. Delhi is the ultimate place to get rid of childlessness tag from infertility days and to have your baby via ART treatments. This is because Delhi is well furnished with advanced techniques and ultra-modern equipment and most vital factor- it has master hands of fertility veterans, who give the best result through IVF.

    Other information about IVF Treatment Delhi

    IVF treatment Delhi never comes with all-time positive pregnancy tests after embryo transfer so it can be sometimes emotionally tiring and heart-breaking but a couple should never lose their hope because IVF is that process, which can be combined with various other art techniques to get the fruitful result based on couple’s infertility case. Hardly there is any side effect came from IVF, but some of the common and discussed side effects of fertility medication are –

    • Multiple births (twins or triplets)
    • Ectopic Pregnancy (this is the case, where the embryo implants in the female’s fallopian tube rather than getting implanted in the mother’s uterus).
    • There is the possibility of OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) condition, where several eggs develop in the ovaries.
    • During the step of fertility medications, a female may suffer from hot flushes, headaches, mood swings, etc.


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