IVF Cost in Turkey

What does an average IVF Cost in Turkey and how much does IVF Surrogacy clinic charges?

The average IVF Cost in Turkey is around USD 8,000 for one IVF cycle and this cost may increase if you require more than one IVF cycle to conceive your baby. The procedure includes the collection of the eggs from your ovaries and your fertility expert will mix them together in a culture dish to form an embryo and once the embryo gets developed the best one will be transferred into your uterus to establish the successful pregnancy. The IVF Cost in Turkey for this entire procedure is around USD 8,000 and if you compared the IVF Cost in Turkey with any other country than you will find Turkey is the most reasonable place for the IVF treatment because here the fertility expert does not want to make the profit out your pocket, they just wish that each individual on this planet will enjoy their parenthood happily with their own baby and the cost of the treatment will not stop them to enjoy their new phase as a parent of an own baby.

Turkey is a place where the fertility experts understand the condition of the couples who were struggling for a long period of time to have an own baby and this is the reason that they offer the reasonable IVF Cost in Turkey so that people below the poverty line can also avail the benefits of the IVF treatment to fulfill their dream of having an own baby.


    What are the basic and advanced IVF Charges in Turkey?

    The basic IVF Charges in Turkey is around USD 8,000 for one cycle which includes the pre-existing charges such as the complete procedure of IVF/ICSI, airport pick-up, embryo and egg pick-up, sperm preparation, male and female blood investigation, initial consultation, charges for fertility experts, medication to stimulate ovaries and ultrasound scan. All these facilities will provide under one roof and the couple need not pay extra for these services, however, in other developing countries the fertility experts will charge you extra for these services and also the basic IVF cost is high than in Turkey.

    The advanced IVF Charges in Turkey ranges from USD 10,000 to USD 35,000 and it depends on which procedure you opt for to treat your causes of infertility if IVF alone were failed to provide you the desired results. For e.g. in case you opt for the IVF with egg donor procedure than the IVF Charges in Turkey using egg donor is around USD 18,000 which also includes the compensation of the egg donor who donates her eggs to build your family. This is the procedure where your fertility expert will borrow the eggs from young, healthy and fertile women between the age group of 21 to 28 years and will artificially inseminate her eggs with the sperms of intended father to facilitate the fertilization and once the fertilization takes place the resulted embryo will be placed into your uterus to establish the successful pregnancy. The egg donor compensation will be paid according to their experience such as first time donor will get USD 4,500, the experience egg donor will get USD 7,000 and the VIP egg donor will get the USD 10,000.









    Factors which impact the IVF Cost Turkey

    There are 3 major factors which can impact the overall IVF Cost Turkey and these are as follows:

    Women Age

    This is the major factor which impacts your overall IVF Cost Turkey because the older you are the more fertility drugs you require to stimulate your ovaries so that you will able to produce the more mature and healthy eggs for fertilization. To avoid the increased IVF Cost Turkey your fertility expert will advise you to undergo for the IVF in your 30’s.

    Body Weight

    Your body weight is another factor which impacts your IVF Cost Turkey because in both the cases whether you are over or underweight you will be requiring the high dosage of fertility drugs. In such cases the fertility expert advice to maintain the ideal body weight.

    Lifestyle Changes

    In case you start consuming the alcohol or smoke regularly then this can also impact your IVF Cost Turkey because in such cases also you need the high fertility dosage to stimulate your ovaries. So it is advisable to quit the smoke and alcohol at least 3 months prior to your IVF treatment.

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