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This miracle has been started since 1978 July, Yes! The first test tube baby was born on 25th July 1978- Louise Joy Brown, an English woman- the first human baby to have been born after getting conceived by IVF. And since 1978, this magical term came in the world helping several couples to get their own baby by artificial methods. When IVF came in the lives of us ever since the advance methodology starts mounting up and several other techniques also formulated. Artificial techniques via which a couple gets pregnant are categorized as ART- Assisted Reproductive Technology. IVF Treatment in Bangalore is one amongst famous ART methodology to achieve parenthood.

Couple who gets problem in the way to achieve pregnancy, especially when the couple has been trying for one year (under the age group of 35 and 6 month if the couple’s age 35-40), then this is the time when they should consult with fertility specialist about the reason why they are not able to get pregnant. A couple has to undergo fertility analysis test to let the specialist evaluate the infertility cause. Either male or female is supposed to be infertile, if we talk about infertility ratio in India, then we will get to know that there are numerous couples, who conceive through IVF Treatment in Bangalore. The most common factors of infertility in India are abnormal sperm, low count of sperm leading to male factor infertility and PCOS, poor quality of eggs leading to infertility in women.

IVF Treatment Bangalore is the ultimate solution for above mentioned infertility case. If the female is experiencing irregular menstruation cycle or suffering from heavy menstrual flow, excessive pain during periods, abnormal hair growth- then the woman is most probably facing with infertility issue and IVF treatment Bangalore will be going to be a victory for these women.


    IVF Treatment in Bangalore is Best Suitable For

    The following are some of the basic causes, why one should plan for their IVF treatment in Bangalore.

    Females with Blocked Tube

    This is one of the common reasons for female infertility. Women, who face this issue, they are unaware of their blocked fallopian tube. Due to the blockage of the fallopian tube, a woman has to face a hard time in her pregnancy this is due to their improper function of the fallopian tube.

    Ovulation Disorder

    Women’s ovulation is directly linked with their menstruation cycle. Therefore, if a female observes her menses in a tough or improper cycle then no doubt, her ovulation cycle is irregular and unhealthy. Ovulation phase can be simply described as the best days of successful fertilization. IVF treatment in Bangalore is the best solution for those women, who face ovulation disorder.

    Unexplained Infertility

    This is the case when a couple’s (male or female) infertility case is hard to detect. When this condition of infertility comes, IVF treatment is best to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

    Male Factor Infertility

    IVF treatment does not follow the same procedure. When IVF treatment is combined with other ART technique, its steps get changed. Coming to male factor infertility, IVF is combined with ICSI or IMSI (as per infertility case required). ICSI is done when a male has low sperm count or possess less motility.

    Endometriosis Case

    Endometriosis is the case where the inner lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterus. This affects and troubles menstruation cycle in females (such as heavy bleeding, severe pain during periods and intolerable cramps).









    The procedure of IVF Treatment Bangalore

    IVF procedure is mainly consisting of 7 major steps and these are as follows:

    Step 1: Stimulation of the ovaries-

    • This is often the primary step of IVF treatment Bangalore, during this step, the fertility veterans evaluate the female’s ovaries and conjointly appraise the suitable temporal order of egg release. Once the professional confirms whether or not the patient is manufacturing eggs from the ovaries and her secretion level are customary or not.
    • Once the professional gets confirm to apply IVF treatment, medication is started thereafter; fertility drugs and medication is given by the fertility specialist to the patient for 12-14 days. This course of medications is given to take out multiple eggs at the time of the biological process.
    • In the procedure of IVF treatment Bangalore, one egg isn’t needed rather IVF involves multiple eggs a minimum of 10-12 eggs to avoid any chances of unsuccessful fertilization.
    • In a number of the feminine physiological condition cases, the feminine is found to be incapable to supply healthy eggs. If not healthy eggs then no fertilization and thus at this case, IVF with self egg becomes fail. Throughout this example, IVF with donor egg is employed to attain the amount of fertilization.
    • It happens sometimes that the female is found to be incapable to give the fine quality of eggs. If not healthy eggs then no fertilization and hence at this case, IVF with self egg becomes fail. During this situation, IVF is accomplished with the help of donor eggs. This increases the chances of successful fertilization and boosts IVF procedure.

    Step 2: assortment of the Eggs –

    • Egg assortment or follicular aspiration is the next procedure of IVF Treatment in Bangalore, where, local anesthesia is given to cut back any discomfort throughout the step of female’s egg collection. With the assistance of Transvaginal ultrasounds, this process is carried out by the hollow needle that pulls gently each egg from the follicles under gentle suction.
    • Collected eggs are then taken out from the cyst fluid, and are placed in a culture or nutrient dish that contains nutrient media.
    • An assortment of the eggs in IVF treatment in Bangalore is performed when confirmation concerning the fully grown eggs. Eggs maturity and level are analyzed and monitored by the Transvaginal ultrasounds.
    • Eggs are retrieved only if every egg reaches its matured level. Before grouping the eggs by the consultants, injection referred to as ‘trigger shot’ is injected into the patient. This shot is given to get all matured eggs at the time of egg retrieval. This injection is given just before 36 hours of egg collection procedure by Go IVF Surrogacy fertility team.

    Step 3: Fertilization procedure –

    • Next step of IVF treatment Bangalore is fertilization of the eggs and sperm. The sperm sample is collected by the male partner (or donor) so that the sperm is combined with the eggs along in a very culture dish to accomplish the step of IVF fertilization.
    • In some cases of male issue fertility condition, where there’s a lower likelihood of fertilization due to less mobility of sperm, Intracytoplasmic sperms injection (ICSI) is employed at the time of fertilization.
    • ICSI is that the method, where single and motile sperm is injected directly into the egg in an endeavor to achieve the step of fertilization. The eggs are determined within the fertility research lab under Go IVF Surrogacy fertility veterans. Once the step of fertilization is achieved, the resultant fertilized egg is known as Embryo.

    Step 4: Embryo transfer

    • Embryo transfer is the second last and crucial stage of IVF Treatment Bangalore. Experts choose one or two healthy embryo (s) which is supposed to be placed into the mother’s womb. The embryo is usually transferred on third to fifth days of the fertilization process.
    • If the embryo attaches into the uterine lining of the female uterus, then a successful pregnancy soon takes place.
      Pregnancy Test: The final step of the IVF treatment Bangalore is the pregnancy test which will be conducted at IVF Clinic in Bangalore after two weeks of the embryo transfer, if the results are positive then your pregnancy will resume normally but in case the results are not positive then you can repeat your IVF Treatment in Bangalore for successful outcome.

    Success Rate of IVF Treatment in Bangalore

    Certain factors hinder the chance of successful fertilization in IVF, due to which the success rate of IVF becomes fluctuates, but the success rate of IVF also depends upon the clinic’s reputation and how many delivery counts are there via IVF method. The success rate of Go IVF Surrogacy is 65-67%. Let’s learn some important factors about IVF Success rate in Bangalore.

    If a couple goes for advance IVF treatment then the success rate of IVF becomes high, like if a female is supposed to choose Donor egg IVF then the success rate becomes almost 10% increased. So, the success rate of IVF depends on the couple’s infertility case and the treatment applied to the patient. A couple is required to fish around the most preferred clinic for their IVF treatment in Bangalore with a high success rate. Success rate always counts first in choosing an appropriate clinic. Make sure you go through with all the questions with the clinic coordinator such as the exact cost, the treatment which results best for the couple and so on.

    As with each increasing day, a success rate of IVF treatment in Bangalore increases as 2 to 4 children take birth each and every day in the clinic which assess the harmony in the cost and treatment which accrue with the best and successful results to be assessed therewith the best and world-class facilitation that is being provided during the journey towards fertility from infertility.


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