IVF Treatment in Bangalore

Which is the right time to select IVF Treatment in Bangalore?

IVF phenomenon has been started in 1978 July, yes! The first test tube baby was born on 25th July 1978- Louise Joy Brown, an English woman, was the first baby born after getting conceived by IVF. And since 1978, this magical term came into the world for several couples to get their baby in artificial styles. When IVF arrived into the lives of us ever since the advanced methodology mounted up, and several other ways formulate. Artificial ways via which a couple gets pregnant distributes as ART-supported Reproductive Technology. IVF Treatment in Bangalore is one of the notorious ART methodologies to achieve parenting.

The couple with problems in pregnancy requires assistance for successful conception. You should consult an expert when you have higher age and cannot conceive in multiple tries. IVF can provide conception results in different problems. Their fertility experts perform several medical tests to confirm and diagnose the exact infertility reasons and conditions. Both partners can have infertility issues that affect their pregnancy chances. Health and infertility conditions are equally responsible for couples sterility situations. IVF can manage and assist different problems because advanced procedures can perform during the process. The best IVF centre in Bangalore has high success rates in helping diverse issues. The most common factors of sterility in India are abnormal sperm, low count of sperm leading to manly factor and PCOS, and poor quality of eggs leading to infertility in women.

Which is the best IVF centre in Bangalore?

GO IVF SURROGACY is the best IVF centre in Bangalore with advanced technologies and assistance. We have many methods and cutting-edge mechanisms to perform IVF for a better pregnancy. The various procedure with IVF provides success rates. The fertility experts and doctors in our centre have high experience and certifications.

Key features of GO IVF SURROGACY

  • The best consultation and counselling sessions
  • Elevated assistances and procedures
  • Highest IVF success rates in Bangalore
  • Many packages and other facilities for affordable IVF cost in Bangalore
  • Most skilled fertility and IVF specialist in Bangalore
  • Contact us: Info@IVFSurrogacy.in
  • Call us: 91-989-929-3903

You can have highly affordable IVF treatment cost in Bangalore through our centre. We provide treatment procedure and cost with maximum transparency without hiding any charges. Thus, we are known as the best fertility clinic in Bangalore. People highly select us for the high IVF success rate, as our focus is your comfort and satisfaction.

You must not wait for a miracle to occur and provide you with a healthy baby. Select Now the IVF in Bangalore to have beneficial pregnancy results and have your blessings. We are always happy and present to assist you in your conditions and wish you a great and healthy baby.


    Why Bangalore for successful pregnancy through IVF?

    IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) has assisted many couples in their healthy and successful conception. Bangalore is the best location for medical assistance, and many centres and clinics are present for services. They perform procedures with advanced methods and technologies. You can select the best IVF clinic in Bangalore for the best results. Their highly affordable treatment cost attracts people from different states. Your treatment will have a high success rate in the centre. The advanced procedures with IVF in Bangalore help partners to have better outcomes.
    IVF Treatment in Bangalore is the ultimate result of the mentioned infertility conditions. The male or female partners sterility issues can manage with IVF treatment. It accomplishes with the eggs and sperm of the couple that fertilizes by the expert in advanced technologies assistances. They employ the latest technologies and start the process with different medical checkups to confirm their conditions. Through it, they recommend the best approaches to IVF. The following sterility issues can assist with IVF treatment in Bangalore for better conception:

    Fallopian tubes:

    Women with problems in their fallopian as any injury or blockage affect their possibility become pregnant. It causes issues in sperm and eggs travelling into the female reproductive system. IVF does not require a fallopian tube for reproduction, as experts perform outside the female uterus.

    Ovulation complaint

    Healthy ovulations are necessary for pregnancy since female ovulation links to the menstrual cycle. Regular periods affect egg production and health in negative ways. Due to inadequate egg quality, your reproduction will not provide fruitful results. IVF functions with fertility medicines that increase the health of the eggs and count.

    Unexplained infertility

    Sometimes, many medical checkups cannot determine the couple infertility conditions. They cannot conceive also have no issues diagnoses and can conceive with IVF treatment.

    Male factors

    Healthy sperm is necessary for fertilization, but many male partners cannot produce healthy sperm and face pregnancy failures. IVF with the advanced procedure can assist poor production, sperm movement, shape, size, and health.

    Endometriosis Case

    In Endometriosis, the female inner filling of the uterus grows outside the uterus. It affects and troubles the period cycle and fertility in ladies (similar to heavy bleeding, severe pain for ages, and intolerable cramps).









    What is the IVF procedure in Bangalore?

    The IVF process in Bangalore performs by an expert to provide pregnancy results. Fertility experts accomplish the procedure with partners eggs and sperm mixing. They serve it outside the female reproductive system to observe the entire process. It can include other steps, as every couple requires a different procedure according to their health and fertility conditions. The following are the steps of the treatment in Bangalore:

    Step 1: Stimulation of the ovaries-

    The primary step of IVF treatment in Bangalore starts with a fertility medication prescription by an expert. Stimulating the female ovaries will boost egg production. With hormonal injections, the female eggs will release into the uterus, and your procedure will have mature and numerous eggs for fertilization. As advised by the specialist, it will continue for 12 to 14 days, with the injection of the medications following production.

    IVF requires multiple eggs to provide better pregnancy results. If your IVF process fails in the first cycle, the expert can perform another procedure without retrieving the eggs again.

    Step 2 Eggs retrieval-

    The professional will take the eggs from the female uterus. They will use ultrasound and blood tests to monitor uterine ovulation. Since the procedure requires anaesthesia and sophisticated instruction, the female companion will get ready by them. It will provide a comfortable process with less pain.

    A catheter and transvaginal ultrasonography (light and camera) will insert by your specialist within the female uterus. The uterus and cervix will both reach by the device through the vagina. It will identify the follicle-containing eggs that are present in the female uterus. To aspirate them, they will use a sharp needle to insert and collect the eggs from the uterus.

    After collecting the healthy eggs, your expert will remove all devices from the uterus. You may feel unconscious for some time and recommend avoiding certain activities.

    Step 3 Fertilization procedure-

    The male partner semen sample will collect to select healthy sperm. It will perform by your expert as they prepare by washing and separating the healthy motile sperm. They will inseminate the eggs and sperm for fertilization.

    If you have male infertility conditions, ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is the best approach. It helps in the successful fertilization of eggs and sperm in IVF. The expert fills the healthy sperm to inject into the female-mature eggs for insemination.

    The expert places healthy sperm and eggs on a Petri plate. It will mix with them for insemination as the flowing sperm attaches their head to insert into the eggs cytoplasm. The eggs and sperm will mix and fertilize for the results of conventional fertilization.

    Step 4 Embryo transfer-

    Your expert will observe the eggs and sperm mixing and fertilization. They will monitor the fertilized eggs growth and development for some days. It will help them to select healthy embryos for implantation into the female uterus.

    The transfer will perform the catheter and ultrasound. Your expert will place the fertilized egg on the catheter and insert it into the female uterus through the vagina. It will attach to the uterine lining for implantation.

    Your expert will perform a blood test after two weeks of implantation to confirm the pregnancy results.

    About us:

    In order to assist every couple, GO IVF SURROGACY is available. With excellent assistance, you can receive the greatest infertility therapy. The best IVF centre in Bangalore also uses cutting-edge technologies and methods for a variety of treatments. Because of our effective operations and results, many patients pick us. You can get specific IVF prices in Bangalore with it. It is offered with packages and other helpful support.

    Furthermore, the best, most experienced fertility specialists will administer your treatment. They carry out successful treatments by utilizing their superior training and knowledge. You will receive a lot of advantages and amenities for the greatest procedure with it.

    Is IVF successful in Bangalore?

    Yes, The best fertility clinic in Bangalore provides highly successful IVF treatment. Many couples have conceived their healthy children through the centre assistance. They have advanced procedures and technologies that help partners to become parents. You can manage different conditions with top-notch treatments and procedures in Bangalore. Certain factors hamper the chance of successful fertilization in IVF, due to which the success rate of IVF can fluctuate. It also depends upon the clinic’s character and how numerous delivery counts are there via the IVF system. The success rate of Go IVF Surrogacy is 65- 67. Let’s learn some important factors about the IVF Success rate in Bangalore.

    The female wants to choose Donor egg IVF. The success rate of nearly ten% increased. A couple goes for advanced IVF treatment also the success rate of IVF becomes high. So, the success rate of IVF depends on the couple’s infertility case and the treatment applied to the problem. The couple is needed to grope around the most favoured clinic for their IVF treatment in Bangalore with a high success rate. Success rate always counts first in choosing an applicable clinic. Make sure you discuss all of your concerns with the clinic employee, such as the precise cost, the type of therapy that would produce fashionable outcomes for the couple, and so forth.

    These factors can affect your IVF success rate in Bangalore:

    • Age: Your advanced age impacts the health of your gametes and renders treatment ineffective. After the 30s to 40s, the female eggs health highly declines and provides poor eggs for fertilization. It will not fertilize with sperm and affect the treatment results. You may require another cycle or advanced procedure.
    • Infertility:- Your sterility issues can cause a problem with IVF treatment. Severe conditions require other approaches for a better outcome. If you have different issues and select IVF, your success rate will affect.
    • Treatment: IVF treatment in Bangalore can perform many procedures according to conditions. If you select it with them in severe issues, the chances will be higher, and you conceive a healthy child successfully.
    • Centre: You must choose the best IVF centre in Bangalore as they can provide the best centre. They have high success rates that can increase your chances become parents. Their advanced procedures and methods can help in your infertility conditions.


    To achieve success, you can pick the top IVF clinic in Bangalore We are aware that choosing a treatment and location can be difficult for couples. However, you no longer need to worry because we are here with the best techniques and treatments. The greatest treatment option is available for your infertility situation. What more will you receive from us?

    • Treatment facilities and technology of the highest calibre
    • Patients-centered approaches and methods
    • Assistances for having affordable charges
    • Well-built infrastructure for maximum comfort
    • Every infertility treatment at one destination
    • Highest success rates for IVF and other procedures
    • Contact us: Info@IVFSurrogacy.in
    • Call us: 91-989-929-3903

    What happens if my IVF fails?

    Do not need to worry because IVF is the most versatile procedure. Several IVF cycles mean a high chance of successful conception. Your IVF cycle can face several failures because of various aspects. The IVF process depends on several factors. You need to check before choosing the treatment. And if your IVF procedure has become unsuccessful, your expert will recommend other methods. These involve top methods as per your health and infertility conditions. The expert can suggest donor eggs or sperm embryos for your extreme infertility problems. Or, you can choose the best method as other approaches with the IVF process. These help in successful pregnancy outcomes.

    What are my success chances with IVF?

    IVF has high success rates as the couple can conceive a healthy child successfully. The IVF success rate is not the same for every couple. Because it depends on their various factors. Some conceive their successful pregnancy outcome in the first IVF cycle. Or a few can face issues because of their infertility conditions. Also, age is the biggest factor affecting your IVF success rates. For instance,

    • The female partner at 20 to 25 years of age has a 60-65% chance.
    • The female partner at 30 years of age has a 55-60% chance.
    • The female partner at 35 years of age has a 45-50% chance.
    • The female partner above 40 years of age has a 40-30% chance.
    • The female partner above 45 years of age has a 30-20% chance.

    Can my IVF cycle cancel in between?

    It has few chances that your IVF cycle can cancel in between. Your IVF needs healthy eggs and sperm. So, if these have any issues, your IVF can face the problem. Your expert can suggest cancelling the IVF cycle under the following conditions:

    • The fertility medications caused the reaction as OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome)
    • Your egg and sperm fertilization is not developing.
    • The follicles’ health is not changing.
    • Your body has abnormal hormonal status.

    Does IVF affect the resulting child’s health?

    No, IVF treatment has fewer chances to affect the child’s health. IVF needs healthy eggs and sperm. And if they have any problem, your conception and the resulting child’s health will affect. With it, the place you choose and the approaches they use. It has a high chance of affecting your IVF treatment. Because the IVF procedure has high effects on the child’s health.


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    Under the pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994, prenatal sex determination is banned in India.

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