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Family is imperfect without a child or we can say that happiness of a parent is in the life of their kid only. What happen when a couple is unable to change their status from a couple to a blissful parent? Depression and sorrow? Why to go for bad days when we do have several ways to get rid of this problem. Infertility can be resolved by using assisted reproductive technology (ART). One of the easiest and effectual fertility treatments of ART is IVF. IVF treatment in Bangalore always be in the spotlight of its high success rate. IVF treatment Bangalore is selected by those couples who can’t make the grade to perform healthy eggs or sperms for fertilization, thus unable to conceive from a natural way. IVF is a procedure where fertilization is achieved outside the human body. During the steps of IVF, eggs are retrieved from female partner and semen sample is collected from the male partner (by ejaculation). This treatment is performed by the fertility experts. IVF treatment Bangalore is a way of getting back your permanent smile in the form of your baby.


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IVF Treatment in Bangalore for male and female

The following are the IVF Treatment in Bangalore for Female which helps in conceiving a baby is as follows:

Blocked Tubes

Blocked tube is one of the reasons of the female infertility. Women who have blocked tube, they themselves are unaware about it until they find difficulty in their pregnancy because fallopian tube is the way where eggs and sperms are supposed to meet for fertilization. If both the tubes are blocked then IVF treatment is needed.

Unexplained infertility

In case your fertility expert is not able to find the exact cause of your infertility which is stopping you to get pregnant then they will give you the medications such as Clomiphene, Hormone injections, and Insemination.

Ovulating Problems

In case you are dealing with ovulation issues than your fertility expert will advise you to take the medicines like Metformin and Clomiphene during your IVF procedure. Metformin is the medicines which are given to women with polycystic ovary syndrome and Clomiphene is the medicine which is given to the infertile women so that their ovaries stimulate properly to release the eggs.

The following are the IVF Treatment in Bangalore for the male member is as follows:

Treating infections

Bacterial or any infections can lead to obstruct the sperms generation; hence antibiotic medication is given to the male partner by the fertility expert so that the infection cannot go beyond and is treated under limited time.

Hormonal Medication

Your fertility expert will recommend the hormone replacement during your IVF procedure in case they found your cause of infertility level is high.


Surgery will be advisable by your fertility expert to correct your varicoceles if in case there are no sperms available in your ejaculate. In this condition, your fertility expert will extract the sperm surgically from the testicles or epididymis by using the technique sperm retrieval. If these two methods were failed to remove enough sperms than they used other advanced techniques which are TESE.

IVF Procedure with Success Rate in Bangalore

IVF procedure is mainly consisting of 7 major steps and these are as follows:

  1. Suppression: The fertility experts at IVF Clinic in Bangalore will give some fertility drugs to you that help in suppressing your normal monthly cycle and they advise you to continue these drugs for about two weeks.
  2. Boosting of eggs: The fertility experts of IVF clinic will give you an injection called gonadotropin and this will continue for about 12 days. The purpose of this injection is that you will be able to produce more mature eggs for fertilization.
  3. Monitoring of ovaries: With the help of ultrasound and blood tests your fertility expert will be able to monitor the progress of your ovaries. Your fertility expert will give you the gonadotropin injection between 34 and 38 hours so that your eggs get matured before they are collected from your ovaries.
  4. Collection of Eggs: By using the fine this needle called catheter your fertility expert will collect your eggs. During your collection of eggs period, you will feel some discomfort and pain which can be relieved by taking some pain killer medicines prescribed by your fertility expert and your fertility expert after the egg collection will give you some fertility drugs so that you will prepare yourself for embryo transfer procedure.
  5. Egg Fertilization: During the egg fertilization your fertility expert will mix your collected eggs with the sperm of your husband or sperm donor to facilitate fertilization and later on your skilled and experienced embryologist will choose the best embryo to transfer into your uterus.
  6. Embryo Transfer: Embryo transfer is the step of your IVF Treatment in Bangalore where your skilled and experienced embryologist will transfer the embryo into your uterus and then they will wait for the signs and symptoms of pregnancy.
  7. Pregnancy Test: The final step of the IVF treatment is the pregnancy test which will be conducted at IVF Clinic in Bangalore after two weeks of the embryo transfer, if the results are positive then your pregnancy will resume normally but in case the results are not positive then you can repeat your IVF Treatment in Bangalore for successful outcome.


Success Rate of IVF Treatment in Bangalore

The success rate may basically dependent upon the scenario that is based on the factors which assessed that age, the physical condition includes the health of the female and also the genetic disorder faced by the female which is basically assessed with the acquisitions that the expertise treatment should be aviated as well in the success of the IVF treatment if all the above conditions are accused then the Success Rate of IVF treatment in Bangalore may accuse the world-class treatments that Success rate with GO IVF Surrogacy should be more or less assessed that we have a success rate of about 89% which accused to be increased with each increasing day.

As with each increasing day, a success rate of IVF treatment in Bangalore increases as 2 to 4 children take birth each and every day in the clinic which assess the harmony in the cost and treatment which accrue with the best and successful results to be assessed therewith the best and world-class facilitation that is being provided during the journey towards fertility from infertility.

Success rate till the date should be increased on day to day basis and as till the date success rate should become 92% which is really a good success rate that is becoming a good status with the treatment.

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