Surrogacy Cost in Hyderabad

Surrogacy Cost in Hyderabad – A cost which attracts many international patients to have an own baby

The Surrogacy Cost in Hyderabad has eased the difficulties for many national and international couples as earlier the cost of the surrogacy was very expensive and out of the reach for people below poverty line, however, with the help of the IVF Surrogacy, the medical tourism company which offer the reasonable and affordable cost under all its network hospitals as this helps the couples to have an own baby and enjoy their phase of being parents of an own baby.

By offering the reasonable Surrogacy Cost in Hyderabad does not mean that the fertility expert will compromise the quality of the treatment. They will offer you the same international quality of the treatment and the reason for offering it at low-cost is that each individual can easily afford it. The aim of the IVF Surrogacy, the medical tourism company is to spread the happiness around the world by offering the surrogacy at a reasonable cost so that everyone on this planet can enjoy the happiness of being parents of an own baby. This reasonable Surrogacy Cost in Hyderabad makes the city as the most demanded place for the surrogacy procedure especially for the couples who are of same-sex, growing age or single parent and these are the couples who have been refused in their countries to be treated but the fertility experts in Hyderabad treat them at very reasonable cost and achieve the highest success rates for taking the baby home.

What is the Estimated overall Surrogacy Fees in Hyderabad?

The Surrogacy Fees in Hyderabad depend on the procedure you opt for such as the cost of the gestational surrogacy is around USD 30,000 and the traditional surrogacy cost is around USD 25,000 including all the expenses such as food, accommodation, maternity clothing, legal charges, fertility expert cost, screening and recruiting charges etc. Also, the monthly compensation which needs to pay the surrogate mother is included in the Surrogacy Fees in Hyderabad. The difference of USD 5,000 between both the procedures is because as in gestational surrogacy your fertility expert will also perform the IVF procedure to fertilize your eggs and your husband sperms and the resulted embryo will be placed into the uterus of the gestational surrogate.

On the other side, in traditional surrogacy they do not use the IVF procedure as they artificially inseminate your husband sperm with the eggs of the surrogate mother to facilitate fertilization and once the fertilization occurs the resulted embryo will be placed into the uterus of the traditional surrogate and she will carry your baby until baby birth and will hand-over the baby to you.

Generally, most of the people prefer gestational surrogacy over traditional because with gestational surrogacy you will have your own genetic baby which is not possible with traditional surrogacy.

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    How one can eliminate the Surrogacy Charges in Hyderabad?

    If couple wish to eliminate the Surrogacy Charges in Hyderabad the first way to do is that they can opt for the traditional surrogacy, however, if they wish to have their own genetic baby then in such cases they can bring their own surrogate who can be their friend or relative who is ready to become a surrogate for them at low-cost or no cost for the surrogacy procedure.

    The couple needs to make sure that the surrogate will be properly examined for her medical and physiological testing so that the disease will not be transferable to the baby born through surrogacy procedure.

    In case couple failed to achieve the desired results in the first attempt they can go for the second attempt and that too by paying a very reasonable Surrogacy Cost Hyderabad where they can use their frozen embryos from the first cycle and if they wish to implant that in the same surrogate than the additional Surrogacy cost in Hyderabad will be bear by the couple which is around USD 6,000 and implanting into different surrogate by paying an additional surrogacy charges which are around USD 8,000.

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