IVF Cost in Ukraine

How much does IVF Cost in Ukraine?

The estimated IVF Cost in Ukraine is around USD 7,000 and this includes all medical procedure, ultrasound scans, blood tests, egg pick-up, sperm preparation, airport picks up and embryo transfer. The package of IVF Cost in Ukraine does not include the cost of consultation and tests which will be done before the IVF treatment begins and also this will not include the medication which the couple requires stimulating the ovaries.

The cost of the medications that have been required for the superovulation is around USD 1,000 for one complete IVF cycle and this is the cost which the couple has to pay apart from the IVF Cost in Ukraine; however, this cost may vary depending upon that how many injections the female partner require to grow her eggs.

There are patients who might require the additional blood tests during their IVF cycle and the IVF Cost in Ukraine for these tests are less than USD 300.

The complete procedure of IVF with ICSI will cost the couple around USD 8,500 which means USD 7,000 for IVF and USD 1500 for ICSI. The blastocyst transfer and laser assist hatching will cost around USD 1,000 each additional to the IVF Cost in Ukraine. After the IVF is completed and couples left with good quality of embryos and wish to freeze them for the future use at IVF Surrogacy Clinic then the cost of freezing the embryos will be around USD 1,000 which includes the storage for one year.

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    What do all expenses include in the IVF Charges in Ukraine?

    The following are the expenses which include in the IVF Charges in Ukraine:

    • This will include the complete cycle of IVF with egg donor that will cost the couples around USD 15,000 including the compensation cost of egg donor and medications which the couple required as well as the egg donor required.
    • The IVF Charges in Ukraine will also include the Embryo adoption which will cost the couples around USD 8,000 including all medications.
    • Cost of Surrogacy procedure which will cost the couples around USD 35,000.
    • Surrogacy with egg donor will cost around USD 45,000.

    Usually, people think that the IVF Charges in Ukraine is very expensive, however, this is not true as the Ukraine is the one of the most reasonable and affordable place for the fertility treatment and if the couple wish to compare the IVF Charges in Ukraine with other developed countries than they will find Ukraine is the most reasonable place for the fertility treatment as the developed countries like the U.S., the UK, Australia, Canada etc. are the countries where the basic cost of IVF is around USD 25,000 and this will not include the other extra charges to avail the extra benefits the couples need to pay from their pocket. They will provide the same standard quality of the treatment which other developed countries providing but at very reasonable cost because the fertility experts in Ukraine wish to see each individual on this planet is enjoying their parenthood happily with their own baby and the cost of the treatment will not stop them to enjoy their new phase from couples to parent of an own baby.

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    Factors that affect the IVF Cost Ukraine

    The following are the 3 major factors which affect the overall IVF Cost Ukraine and these are:

    a) Age: Age of the couple is the most important factor which can affect the IVF Cost Ukraine as the couples with growing age has fewer chances of getting pregnant through IVF as compared to younger couples because couples with older age require high fertility dosage to stimulate the ovaries.

    b) Body weight: Another major factor which affects the IVF Cost Ukraine as the couple with over or under body weight require the high dosage of fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries so that the women will able to produce more healthy and mature eggs for fertilization.

    c) Lifestyle Changes: Change is a couple’s lifestyle also affect the IVF Cost Ukraine as the couple who regularly drink or smoke required high dosage of the fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries.


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    Under the pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994, prenatal sex determination is banned in India.

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