Surrogacy Cost in Greece

A Reasonable Surrogacy Cost in Greece – that transform many infertile couples into parents

Surrogacy Cost in Greece was an expensive procedure and it is out of the reach of many couples especially who are below the average class, but now with the help of the Go IVF Surrogacy, the medical tourism company which have the tie-ups with renowned hospitals and clinics across the world which offer the surrogacy procedure at very reasonable cost and Greece is one of them where now the cost of the surrogacy is very reasonable and each individual can now avail the benefits of the surrogacy procedure which transform many infertile couples into parents of an own baby.

The couples who visited at the network hospitals or clinics under Go IVF Surrogacy, the medical tourism company will suggest their friends and relatives to visit there who all were dealing with the same kind or different kind of infertility issues because this medical tourism company have the tie-ups with the best-known hospitals and clinics across the globe where the fertility experts are highly qualified and skilled professionals who have good experience in dealing with all types of infertility issues among the couples and provide them with the best solution at very reasonable cost which no one can imagine.










    Gestational & Traditional Surrogacy Fees in Greece

    The surrogacy procedure is of two types (i) gestational and (ii) traditional. Gestational surrogacy is the procedure where your eggs and your husband sperms mix together to develop an embryo which will be implanted into the uterus of the gestational surrogate whereas traditional surrogacy is the procedure where the surrogate eggs are fertilized with the sperms of your husband to develop the embryo and once the embryo is developed it will be placed into the uterus of the traditional surrogate.

    The Surrogacy Fees in Greece for both the procedure is different i.e. if you are undergoing for the gestational surrogacy then the Surrogacy Fees in Greece is around USD 35,000 and for traditional surrogacy, it is USD 30,000 including all other expenses such as food, accommodation, legal charges, clothing etc. Gestational surrogacy is little expensive than the traditional one because in gestational surrogacy your fertility expert will perform the IVF procedure to facilitate the fertilization so that you will have your own genetic baby which is not possible in traditional surrogacy.

    Most of the people prefer gestational surrogacy if the quality of women eggs and men sperms are good enough to develop the best embryo else your fertility expert will advise you to go with the traditional surrogacy to achieve your dream of success which is your own baby, in case any one of the partners dealing with the cause of infertility.

    How can couples pay the Surrogacy Charges in Greece for using 2nd cycles?

    The Surrogacy Charges in Greece for using the 2nd cycle is also very reasonable and couples can pay them their amount on the completion of every stage. In case, you are unable to achieve the successful results of the procedure in the first attempt then your fertility expert will advise you to undergo for the 2nd attempt to fulfil your dream of having an own baby. Most of the couples had undergone for more than 2 surrogacy cycle to achieve their goal of success which is their own baby.

    Your fertility expert at the network hospitals and clinics under IVF Surrogacy, the medical tourism company will give you the choice that either you can implant the embryo into the same surrogate mother for the second time for which your additional Surrogacy Charges in Greece is around USD 6,000 or if you wish to implant the resulted embryo into the uterus of different surrogate mother than the additional Surrogacy Charges in Greece would be around USD 8,000.

    This additional Surrogacy Cost Greece is estimated; it can be increased or decrease accordingly which will be confirmed by your fertility expert after she examines your selected surrogate medical condition. She is the one who will help you to take your decision that implanting the embryo for the second time is good with the same surrogate or the implantation in different surrogate mother will give you the better results.


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