Surrogacy Cost in Kenya

Affordable and Cost-Effective Surrogacy Cost in Kenya

Surrogacy Cost in Kenya was expensive for the people who were below the poverty line but now some of the fertility experts have come forward to offer the surrogacy at very reasonable cost and for this, they have cut down their cost and the cost of unnecessary blood tests and scans. The reason behind offering the low- Surrogacy Cost in Kenya is that the fertility experts wish to see every couple with a smiling face and enjoying their parenthood happily with their own baby. Also, the medications in Kenya are very cheap as compared to other developed countries

The Surrogacy Cost in Kenya is very reasonable now which no one can imagine it is just USD 40,000 including all other expenses related to procedure such as cost of your IVF procedure, your medical check-ups, legal charges, and other expenses of surrogates such as food, travel, clothing, medicines, etc. also the medications which require stimulating the ovaries is included in the cost of surrogacy package in Kenya, however, if you compare the cost of surrogacy in Kenya with other developed countries like the US, the UK and Australia then you will find a huge variations in costs because in these countries the basic cost of surrogacy procedure is started from USD 80,000 without including any other expenses.


    Surrogacy Fees in Kenya using Gestational and Traditional procedure

    Gestational Surrogacy

    The Surrogacy Fees in Kenya using gestational surrogacy is around USD 40,000 and the fees of surrogacy using traditional procedure are around USD 35,000. Both the procedures include the other expenses such as food, accommodation, travel expenses, legal charges, screening and recruiting of surrogates etc. which other developed countries do not include in their surrogacy package and you will have to pay the cost for other expenses out of your pocket.

    Traditional Surrogacy

    Gestational surrogacy is little expensive than traditional, however, the people prefer gestational surrogacy because in this procedure your eggs and your husband sperms are fertilized together and placed into the uterus of the gestational surrogate. This is the safe and most demanded procedure, however, if you compare the fees of a gestational procedure with other developed countries you will find Kenya is the best place which offers the reasonable gestational surrogacy.

    What are the factors on which Surrogacy Charges in Kenya depends?

    There are mainly two factors on which the Surrogacy Charges in Kenya depends which are as follows:

    (i) The Surrogacy Charges in Kenya is depended on the country where you reside because the surrogates will get the high compensation in the countries like the US, the UK and the Australia which will increase your charges of surrogacy, however, the compensation which the surrogates get in Kenya is half of the cost which they get in other developed countries which save your lot of money.

    (ii) The medical charges for taking the care of the surrogates are very high in developed countries as compared to Kenya.

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