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PESA -Make the best of a bad situation of the crux of your matter –

It feels down in the dumps when you are at a loss to achieve something, which may be doing your household work, incapable of managing your time or it can be achieving your own kid by natural process. We are talking about that hot potato issue which has become middle of the road topic. Infertility, Yes! Infertility has taken its zenith level by touching one out of each seven individuals in India. There are several facts why infertility occurs in male and female. Anyways, right now, we are going to pick up the subject of male infertility and will go through the treatment of how sterile male partner can have his own baby by this method.

The treatment which is best of both the worlds to treat male sterility –

PESA – (Percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration) – PESA treatment in India is generally preferred by the fertility experts to those male partner who does not have sperm in his ejaculation. This treatment is beneficial for those males who produce the sperm (Sperms are formed in testis and stored in epididymis) but could not reach its way to ejaculation. This treatment comes under Surgical Sperm Retrieval, in this process the needle is attached with syringe, passed through the skin of the scrotum and directly placed into epididymis and subsequently amount of fluids are taken out to examine the sperms for further process.

PESA treatment in India is performed when the male partner-

  • Does not have any sperms in ejaculation, also known as azoospermia,
  • If there is any blockage in the male partner’s vas deferens (may be because of Vasectomy), but testis is producing sperm.
  • Absence of the vas deferens,
  • If any testicular disorder is there in male partner

Procedure of PESA –

  • PESA is the simplest form of Surgical Sperm Retrieval, and one of the best techniques to get rid of the tension of sterility.
  • Usually PESA treatment India is performed under local anaesthesia.
  • PESA is neither time taking process nor it has any complication; male partner can go to work after few hours of the procedure done.
  • A fine needle make one’s way into the epididymis to acquire the sperms, later by the fertility experts it is either thawed or prepared for ICSI treatment with the female partner’s egg for fertilization, depend upon the requirement of the couple.
  • It is the minimal and trouble-free process when there is the condition of azoospermia in male duo.










    Few Screening tests that has to undergo by the male and female duo, these are –

    • Female has to go through the hormonal test during the menstrual cycle to analyse is she capable to produce the eggs or not.
    • Both the partner has to perform the test of HIV, hepatitis B and C.
    • Fertility proficients will let you know about any other checkups or test if required.

    The maternity rates from the approach of the PESA treatment in India with the ICSI procedure

    • Age of the female partner whose eggs will be fertilized with the sperm aspired from PESA.
    • PESA is also dependent upon the quantity of mature eggs retrieved from female partner by the process of ICSI.
    • The number of embryos transferred after fertilization in the uterus of the female.

    Having lead in Pencil results while going the treatment of PESA –

    Go IVF Surrogacy performs the PESA treatment in very effective way; experts of this clinic are veteran in their field, Success rate of PESA treatment in India is 30-50%, depending upon the above facts like age factors, any pre medical history etc. Many of the infertile male partners have solved their issue of not becoming father by this treatment and getting blissful results after achieving their own baby. Obviously, when the biggest and major dream gets fulfil, that feelings can’t be expressed by the words. Simply can be said –on cloud nine situation. So, fix on this method, have the faith, and secure your smile for the success result.


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    Under the pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994, prenatal sex determination is banned in India.

    No test or treatment for sex selection, sex determination, gender selection, gender determination is done in India.

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