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IVF Treatment in Gurgaon

Why choose IVF in Gurgaon?

At the point when you realize that you are experiencing fertility issues, the most chosen fertility treatment, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) presumably shows up close to the first spot on your list. They report points out the requirement of IVF with self-eggs. To get a positive outcome using IVF method with self eggs, there gets the necessity of having above or on an average AMH level, and if the couple has been advised to go for the advanced IVF, then there are various ways to accomplish the advanced IVF method – the approximate success rate using the advanced IVF is based on the technique that has been used in the procedure. On an average, the success rate of IVF Treatment in
Gurgaon (using self-eggs) is approximate 45-55%. And for advance, the success rate goes up to 70% at the best fertility clinics in Gurgaon.

IVF in Gurgaon has been around for quite a long time and the couples doubtlessly know the basic nuts and bolts steps behind the IVF; joining egg and sperm inside the fertility lab for the fertilization and then placing the embryo into the uterus of the woman for the implantation. However there quite a lot more to IVF that occurs when that. Here is a more intensive glance at the IVF cycle in five stages.

IVF in Gurgaon
IVF in Gurgaon

IVF in Gurgaon is regularly used to treat:
• Women who have crossed their fertility age (above 30 or 32)
• Women with blocked or harmed fallopian tubes
• Women with endometriosis issue
• Ovulation disorder
• Premature ovarian disorder
• Fertility issue in men – low sperm count/ less motility of the sperm

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Step by Step Process about the IVF Treatment in Gurgaon

  1. Boost your egg production through superovulationA woman will be provided the fertility drugs that will initiate the ovary stimulation procedure called ovary stimulation or superovulation, where instead of getting a single egg, more eggs are produced resultant higher possibility of successful fertilization.
    The more eggs the female turns out to be in the step of egg-retrieval, the more chances of the couple to get positive chances of the fertilization in the IVF Treatment in Gurgaon.Meanwhile, when the step of ovary-stimulation will be taking place, by that time, the days get scheduled for the meets-up at the clinic. The eggs are examined using the transvaginal ultrasounds and blood work test. Once the follicles containing eggs become matured, the trigger-shot is given to the woman in order
    to get all the egg grown-up stage.
  2. The procedure of egg- retrieval –
    Once the hormonal injection – trigger shot (that help to achieve each egg matured) is given to the woman, after 36 hours, egg-pick up procedure is the next step of IVF in Gurgaon. How the eggs are picked? The eggs are picked by a minor surgical procedure – this step of an IVF is called egg-retrieval or follicular aspiration process. This method is usually done as an outpatient basis surgery, where the patient can go home after few hours of the egg-pick up.
    During the follicular aspiration of IVF in Gurgaon, the fertility doctor will make use of an ultrasound to direct a thin needle into each of the patient’s ovaries all the way through the woman’s vagina. The pine needle has a device connected to it that suctions the eggs a single at a time.
    Do you think that this part of the IVF treatment would be painful? If yes then no need of worries—at the best IVF centre in Gurgaon, the patient undergoes the egg-pick up procedure after being provided the local anesthesia so that the patient won’t feel any uneasiness. The woman may experience a bit cramp later, however this generally fades away within a day. (if the
    woman experiences discomfort for more than three to four days then kindly contact the fertility expert about this)
  3. Semen sample collection from the male partner Fertilization –This is one of the straightforward procedures of the IVF Treatment in Gurgaon, where the male partner is asked to submit his semen sample to the fertility lab. Once the semen is received by the lab, the next step is fertilization.
    Now comes the vital method of IVF Treatment in Gurgaon that everyone’s the most well-known with—fertilization. Fertilization happens when the best sperm is mixed with the egg on the petri dish. This stage is called insemination Fertilization is usually achieved by keeping the eggs and sperms on the culture dish (petri dish). The most motile sperm swims and reaches near the egg’s wall for entering into the egg’s cytoplasm. The sperm are then entered into the egg’s cytoplasm for the cell-division, and fertilization happens.The couple may also choose the sperm donor to accomplish this procedure – only if the partner’s sperm is unable to penetrate into the egg for the fertilization. Or else they can go for advanced technique of male infertility treatment – ICSI/ IMSI or PICSI. This procedure of IVF hardly takes a few hours for a sperm to fertilize an egg.4. Embryo Transfer Procedure –Once the eggs have been successfully fertilized with the sperm, the woman will receive another medication in order to prepare the lining of the uterus so that there won’t any problem in the procedure of embryo implantation.
    After three to four days of the fertilization, the specialist transfers the embryo into the uterus of the woman using a catheter. This process is the last step of IVF Treatment in Gurgaon. How many numbers of embryos get transferred? Usually a single (to avoid the twin birth) is placed and if the couple is fine with the possibility of twins, then two embryos are placed.
    The IVF procedure on the whole imitates natural reproduction – the only difference between the natural pregnancy and IVF pregnancy is the approach of fertilization (such as medication, fertility drugs and etc.) and the place where the fertilization happens. The next footstep after the IVF in Gurgaon determines
    whether the procedure came up with the positive result or not.

About us:

In order to assist every couple, GO IVF SURROGACY is available. With excellent assistance, you can receive the greatest infertility therapy. The best IVF centre in Gurgaon  also uses cutting-edge technologies and methods for a variety of treatments. Because of our effective operations and results, many patients pick us. You can get specific IVF prices in Gurgaon  with it. It is offered with packages and other helpful support.

Furthermore, the best, most experienced fertility specialists will administer your treatment. They carry out successful treatments by utilizing their superior training and knowledge. You will receive a lot of advantages and amenities for the greatest procedure with it.


We are one of the finest fertility service providers across the world providing the best fertility services – basic and advanced (along with the surrogacy procedure wherever applicable) with all the essential and propelled luxuries given to the couple all through the technique.

The success rate of IVF in Gurgaon is also higher by the best IVF centres of Gurgaon. However, the success rate for every couple depends upon their age and the quality of the eggs and sperms. Some may get positive result at the very first time, while some patient undergoes multiple IVF cycles to get the positive outcome (as per the specialist’s advice).
IVF in Gurgaon is undeniably a long and careful procedure, and hence you need to make sure to choose the right clinic for the treatment to get maximum result. Just be patient and calm, choose the clinic after confirming each thing about the cost and the success rate of that IVF centre. We are always there for your help and assistance with the best IVF centres in Gurgaon.
For further query, do contact our support team; we would be happy to guide you!


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To achieve success, you can pick the top IVF clinic in Gurgaon. We are aware that choosing a treatment and location can be difficult for couples. However, you no longer need to worry because we are here with the best techniques and treatments. The greatest treatment option is available for your infertility situation. What more will you receive from us?

  • Treatment facilities and technology of the highest calibre
  • Patients-centered approaches and methods
  • Assistances for having affordable charges
  • Well-built infrastructure for maximum comfort
  • Every infertility treatment at one destination
  • Highest success rates for IVF and other procedures
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Why choose surrogacy among other procedures?

Surrogacy is highly successful in any other method. Because, other assisted reproductive techniques only provide the pregnancy outcome. But, surrogacy has a high chance that providing a successful child in the hands. It has the best method that includes the surrogate mother and intended parents. As the surrogate mother conceives the intended parents’ child. Also, the entire procedure functions with the legal agreement and other legalities. So, you have a high chance to have a healthy child. Also, the baby has genetic relation with the intended parents. And the surrogate mother has no relation with the resulting child.

What is the surrogate mother’s cost?

The surrogate mother has the altruistic form and compensated form. In the altruistic form, the surrogate mother does not get any monetary benefit. Still, the surrogate mother cost is there. As the surrogate mother needs different accommodations and other necessary things. It includes her living, travelling, nutritional diet, special care, regular doctor visit, etc. These factors increase the surrogate mother cost. And your procedure can include medical insurance. As the intended parents need to provide for the surrogate mother. And the compensation method is maximum illegal in many countries. Or if legal, the intended parents provide the surrogate mother with a monetary benefit.

Is the baby having genetic relation with the intended parents?

Yes, the resulting child will share the genetic relation with the intended parents. Because, the process involves fertilizing the couple’s eggs and sperm. Then, the fertilized eggs implant inside the surrogate mother’s uterus. And, the surrogate mother has no relation with the resulting child. Also, IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) helps in the method for successful conception. It means the expert collects the intended parents’ eggs and sperm. Then, they fertilize the healthy gametes under observation. And for pregnancy, the fertilized eggs implant inside the surrogate womb.

Who can choose surrogacy?

Well, surrogacy is a need for couples facing severe conditions. As many health and fertility conditions can become extreme. It causes problems for the couple to conceive their child. Also, no other assisted reproductive technique helps in conceiving. So, surrogacy is the best option to have a healthy child in your hands. The following conditions need the surrogacy process:

  • The female partner does not have a healthy uterus.
  • You have faced multiple miscarriages and pregnancy failures.
  • The couple cannot conceive with other ART procedures.
  • The female partner has severe health conditions (related to the heart or liver)

What happens in surrogacy?

Surrogacy involves the best procedure. It performs with the fertility expert’s guidance. The process helps in successful pregnancy outcomes. It is the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment that functions in surrogacy. Your process will also include the surrogate mother. She is a healthy woman ready to help the couple. As by conceiving the child for the couple. The process functions with a couple’s eggs and sperm. Then for the pregnancy outcome, the fertilized eggs implant inside the surrogate uterus. It helps in the successful pregnancy of the surrogate mother.

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We thank to Go IVF Surrogacy clinic which offers us the best fertility treatment which helps us in conceiving our own baby as well as it saves our lot of money, time and energy.


Our great thanks to Go IVF Surrogacy clinic where fertility experts treat us as their own family member and help us throughout our journey of conceiving a baby.


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Our all credit goes to Go IVF Surrogacy clinic where the fertility experts understand our condition and accordingly they offer us the best fertility treatment which fulfils our dreams.



Under the pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994, prenatal sex determination is banned in India.

No test or treatment for sex selection, sex determination, gender selection, gender determination is done in India.

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With over 10 years experience and over 10,000+ successful live births through IVF, we are dedicated to hand out best fertility treatment and personalized nursing to accomplish couple’s parenthood soon.


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