IVF Cost in Mexico

What is the estimated IVF Cost in Mexico and how it is calculated?

The estimated IVF Cost in Mexico is around USD 6,500 including the pre-existing expenses such as the complete procedure of IVF/ICSI, egg pick-up, embryo pick-up, airport pick-up, sperm preparation, blood investigation, fertility expert charges, initial consultation, lab charges, standard medication and ultrasound scan. Although, it is very difficult to calculate the IVF Cost in Mexico the couples who all are undergoing for the IVF treatment should have a knowledge that how the IVF Cost in Mexico is calculated and what all is included during IVF cycle.

  • The basic IVF Cost in Mexico is around 6 to 10% which includes the fees of the fertility expert and embryologist, charges for an ultrasound, blood tests etc.
  • The basic IVF Cost in Mexico for treating the male infertility issues is around 30 to 40% and this cost will include the complete procedure of IVF/ICSI and will also include the cost of embryo freezing for one year, however, the other clinics will charge 20% extra apart from the IVF cost for storing the embryos for one year and this percentage will increases if the couple wish to store their embryos more than one year.
  • The IVF Cost in Mexico also includes the cost of the standard medications which is prescribed by the fertility expert and also necessary for the treatment. In case, a couple requires the medication which is needed to stimulate the ovaries for that they need to pay extra as it is not included in the basic IVF Cost in Mexico.

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    What are the IVF Charges in Mexico required before the IVF cycle?

    The IVF Charges in Mexico before the IVF procedure began are as follows:

    • Initial Visit: The IVF Charges in Mexico for the initial visit of the couple will include in the basic package. The initial visit requires so that the fertility expert will review the case and examine the couple properly to find out that what is stopping them to get pregnant by conducting the blood tests and ultrasound scans. The initial visit of the couple will also include the consultation with financial experts to review the IVF Charges in Mexico, financing options etc.
    • Sonohysterogram: This is an ultrasound scan which will help the fertility expert to find out the abnormalities inside the women uterus if any, which can affect the success rates of the pregnancy.
    • Trial Transfer: This is also another type of an ultrasound procedure in which the fertility expert will place a tiny catheter inside the women uterus which helps them in determining the length and the direction of the uterine cavity before the IVF procedure begins.
    • Semen Analysis: IVF Charges in Mexico before the IVF begin also includes the semen analysis which will be conducted to check the volume and sperm count of the male member.
    • Semen Culture: The fertility expert conduct the semen culture procedure to identify if there are any existing bacteria is available in the semen which can affect the success rates of the IVF treatment.
    • FSH Level: FSH stands for Follicle Stimulating Hormone which is present in the women body and the fertility expert will conduct this test through the blood draw and will be conducted usually on the second or third day of the periods. This test is necessary as it is an indirect indicator of eggs quality.









    How IVF Cost Mexico divided?

    The IVF Cost Mexico is divided into 3 categories which are as follows:

    (i)    Pre-existing expenses: This will include the complete cycle of IVF/ICSI, airport pick-up, egg pick-up, doctor’s fees, male and female blood investigation.

    (ii)    IVF Cost Mexico for per cycle: This will include the lab charges, before and after treatment counselling, consultation with a fertility expert and only standard medications will be included.

    (iii)    Advanced IVF Cost Mexico: In case, the IVF alone were not able to provide the successful outcome and the couple requires the advanced treatment to fulfill their dream of having an own baby than the IVF Cost Mexico for the advanced procedures will increases accordingly. For e.g., if the couple requires IVF with egg donor than the basic IVF Cost Mexico will increase and this can go up to USD 15,000 which also includes the compensation for the egg donors.


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