Surrogacy Costs in India

How much does surrogacy cost in India at the best centre?

Surrogacy is the most famous procedure. It offers infertile couples to have a biologically related child. In the process, the intended parents choose a surrogate mother to carry the pregnancy to deliver the child. It has regulations and laws that involve parties undergoing an agreement. They provide their consent concerning their role in the treatment. The surrogate mother cannot refuse to give up the baby to the intended parents. Also, the intended parents cannot deny custody of the child as per the agreement. India is the best location for surrogacy as, many Indian couples become parents through the process. It is legally available for intended parents facing severe infertility problems. The surrogacy cost in India is comparatively more affordable than in developed countries.

Surrogacy is legal only for Indian citizens facing severe infertility conditions. It can perform for couples who have had multiple failures and cannot have their baby. The Indian surrogacy laws allow Indian citizens. Intended parents from other cannot select India for their surrogacy process. A criterion is present for couples looking for surrogacy in India. The developed countries have high charges that affect the intended parents’ budget. Only altruistic form is legal in India, which does not require surrogate compensation and saves on the expense of surrogacy in India.

GO IVF SURROGACY is a prominent medical travel agency in India offering the gestational carrier at a reasonable price. We have extensive databases of healthy surrogates with experience giving birth to one child. We have an association with the best fertility specialists and surrogacy doctors. They have ample experience executing the best course for affordable surrogacy in India. Our patient receives treatment at world-class hospitals in India, and that too, at a reasonable expense of surrogacy in India. The patients get a satisfactory treatment experience and return home with a child in their arms. We have packages, loans, and instalment facilities for the reasonable surrogacy cost in India 2022.


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Where to get a moderately-priced Surrogacy cost in India?

GO IVF SURROGACY is the best surrogacy clinic in India and offers the services of skilled fertility specialists with over three decades of experience. They perform different procedures at highly lower charges with various facilities. The surrogacy price in India at our centre helps patients to have the process. Our fertility experts comprehensively diagnose the patient’s condition and perform the most-effective surrogacy treatment that produces positive results. They have helped many patients attain their dream of having their baby and remove the tag of infertility from their life.

Our fertility specialists use cutting-edge technology and equipment to perform surrogacy processes in India. They assure that the patient gets the best-quality treatment at a sensible price. They put all their efforts into making confident they get a stress-free treatment experience and the most coveted outcomes in the treatment. Also, they remain acquainted with all the latest technological developments taking place in the domain of fertility treatments.

What is the cost of surrogacy in India?

We offer a highly affordable cost for surrogacy arrangements in India. The surrogacy cost in India is around USD 15,000 to USD 20,000. It includes various charges such as the charges of the surrogate’s food, accommodation, maternity clothing, legal expenses, recruiting, screening, etc. However, this is just an estimated surrogacy cost in India 2022, and the exact price will determine according to the various patients’ requirements.

An altruistic form is a legal form that helps in surrogacy cost reduction. It is an arrangement in which the intended parents get their surrogate from their family member or a friend. Someone agrees to provide her services on withoout any payment. It means she does not receive monetary compensation for offering her surrogacy services. But she has to go through a screening process in which she will evaluate to confirm her suitability for becoming a surrogate mother.

At Go IVF Surrogacy, we offer a sufficiently quality surrogacy process, and our fertility experts have over 30 years of experience in providing the best quality treatment to patients. They have successfully executed a lot of surrogacy arrangements and assisted the patients in achieving their dream of becoming a parent. Our surrogates undergo comprehensive screening to confirm that they are healthy enough to carry a baby to term.

How does surrogacy cost in India affect?

Many factors are responsible for affecting the Surrogacy Cost in India. It will require multiple assistance to afford. Your healthy gametes and surrogate mother fertility health for a successful outcome at affordable charges. Any problem will cause trouble in the result and increase the price. The following are the factors affecting the surrogacy cost in India 2022:

  1. Poor gametes:The intended parents must have healthy eggs and sperm for fertilization in IVF. Any defect will cause a problem in forming a fertilized egg. You will require donor assistance as donor eggs or sperm. It will help in successful results as the surrogate mother will conceive successfully.
  2. Surrogate mother:The healthy and young surrogate is necessary for a successful pregnancy. She must have her baby through standard conception and delivery. Any problem with health or fertility will cause problems in the pregnancy results.
  3. Delivery:The surrogate mother will give birth to your baby after nine months. It can perform in two forms vaginal or C-type (cesarean). The traditional vaginal delivery does not have higher charges, but the C-type will affect the entire budget.
  4. Advanced approaches:The pregnancy will result through IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) process. It can involve advanced options in severe infertility conditions. ICSI, PICSI, IMSI, SSR, LAH, PGD, etc. procedures can include in the process. These highly affect the surrogacy price in India.
  5. Centre charges:Many surrogacy clinics in India perform the best process. Some have accurate prices, but many do not disclose their charges. It affects the intended parents’ surrogacy cost in India.

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    Why Have Surrogacy in India

    Successful Results

    The surrogacy success rate in India is the highest when contrasted to that of other developed nations, which is why international patients prefer India for their fertility treatment. It is the leading process when no option is available for becoming parents.

    Skilled Professionals

    We have highly experienced fertility specialists adept at performing superlative-quality surrogacy treatment within an affordable price range

    Extensive Care

    Our teams at the network hospital provide immense care and assistance to the patients at each stage of their surrogacy. They ensure to get a great treatment experience.

    Easily Accessible Centres

    Surrogacy centres in India are highly accessible to patients. They do not face any significant difficulty in finding the best surrogacy centre.

    Reasonable Cost

    We offer an economical cost for gestational surrogacy that is USD 15,000 to USD 20,000, which is the lowest price range for surrogacy in India. The best centre has several cost assisting packages and facilities. It helps patients with a highly sensible and fair price.

    Supreme-Quality Treatment

    We offer the finest-quality surrogacy treatment in India at an acceptable cost, and our fertility doctors do not form the quality of the treatment to confirm low prices.

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