Surrogacy in Ukraine

Golden Opportunity to Have Your Own Baby via Surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine is one of the most preferred places to complete a family by the best option of ART technique. Surrogacy has been emerged as the wind-fall for several infertile couples, who have abandoned their biggest wish to have their own baby. This ART technique is the famous and desired fertility treatment over all the other ART techniques and gives highest success rate too.

Surrogacy Ukraine is undeniably a long-delayed process, where the intended couple is required to wait for more than 9 month to cuddle with their baby, why more than 9 month , this is because, initially a couple has to undergo IVF treatment to get healthy embryo to accomplish the surrogacy procedure in Ukraine.

Surrogacy is a beautiful journey with pleasant co-ordination of surrogate and intended parent relationship.


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What is Surrogacy in Ukraine?

Surrogacy is a procedure where a gestational surrogate or surrogate mother holds the pregnancy for 9 months in her womb, once the delivery happens, surrogate hands over the baby to the actual parent. The actual parent or intended parent is the one who by the procedure of IVF in Ukraine provides their own eggs and sperms for fertilization and creating embryo. This embryo when reaches at the stage of a blastocyst (4th or 5th day of fertilization) is transferred into surrogate’s uterus to carry a pregnancy. Surrogacy in Ukraine is best performed by the fertility veterans, who have more than enough experience in solving the issue of infertility case.

Throughout the procedure of Surrogacy in Ukraine, surrogate mother plays a vital role to bring about the success at the end. Intended couple only has to undergo their IVF treatment to carry out the step of fertilization and once embryo has been created via IVF, next process is to transfer the best embryo into the surrogate’s uterus.

When to Choose Surrogacy Ukraine?

Surrogacy in Ukraine is the preceding option to get own baby. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, there are various fertility treatments which are accepted by couples when a couple faces hard time in achieving their own pregnancy. But, in each treatment, there is uncertainty of getting conceived for example IVF treatment never says about its guarantee or promises the couple about 100% results but in Surrogacy Ukraine, there is the surety of getting a safe and sound baby via this technique; this is because a surrogate mothers in Ukraine by Go IVF Surrogacy are all fit and ready to carry 9 months of pregnancy and deliver pink blush baby to the intended couple. Surrogacy is also beneficial for those couples, who have had their unsuccessful IVF or IVF along with ICSI, IMSI etc.

If your fertility expert has monitored your case and suggested for Surrogacy Ukraine then go ahead as it is complete safe and straightforward procedure. For Surrogacy in Ukraine is expert to provide fit surrogate mothers for the surrogacy treatment and specialized in the steps of surrogacy method, which is included into it such as IVF procedure of intended couple, transferring the embryo into the surrogate’s uterus, rest of the 9 month of pregnancy duration is all about the care and proper attention of the surrogate’s day to day activity.

Who can go for Surrogacy Procedure Ukraine?

  • Women who are in risk or danger in being pregnant
  • Women who have experienced repeated miscarriages (more than twice)
  • Women who are in the tight spot of any severe disease
  • Couples who have their multiple IVF / ICSI cycles failed
  • Women who are unable to hold an embryo in the uterus (due to any medical history)
  • Females who have had their surgery done of Hysterectomy, where the uterus is removed

Criteria for choosing Surrogate mother in Ukraine –

  • The surrogate mother must be in the age limit of 22-39
  • Should be physically fit to carry a healthy pregnancy
  • Pleasing Personality and decent educated
  • Must have passed the entire screening test, cleared all background documentation and legal process etc.
  • Must have had delivered at least a single child of her own(so that she would have the knowledge of each medical procedure and knowledge of keeping baby in her womb )
  • Family of Surrogate mother must be supportive
  • Non-smoker, Non- alcoholic
  • Soothing lifestyle.
  • Must be inhaling under the better environment which is eco-friendly and healthy for the child belongs to other parents.

Benefits of choosing a Surrogacy treatment from Surrogacy Centre in Ukraine–

  • ART specialist clinic is experienced in deciding and selecting healthy and fit Surrogates
  • Fertility experts or doctors of Go IVF Surrogacy do have master hands on each step of surrogacy Ukraine(performing best IVF treatment )
  • Multiple databases of healthy and fit Surrogates
  • The intended couple, when undergoing IVF treatment during surrogacy, enjoys all the advanced amenities and comfort
  • Surrogacy Centre in Ukraine is best known for its veterans and fertility doctors
  • The best screening process of surrogates and the entire legal documentation
  • Clear and Transparent cost of surrogacy without any hidden charges
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At the end –

Surrogacy is an advanced form of ART technique (Assisted Reproductive technology); there are several fertility treatments available in this methodology and Surrogacy is the last option of ART technique. In addition to it, it gives 85-95% surety to the couple to achieve success. During Surrogacy Ukraine, a surrogate (woman who carries the baby of another couple in her womb for 9 months) plays an important role in the entire process. Surrogacy Procedure Ukraine is the best option for those infertile couples who want their own biological child but had suffered any previous miscarriages, risk in conceiving or has IVF / ICSI or any other ART treatment failed. Go IVF Surrogacy is the leading medical tourism company that has the connectivity across the world, providing far better result with a decent success rate.

Some word from our patients


Adrick , Kenya

It was my immense pleasure to have been indulging in the activity that is to be dealt with the incessant rout to infertility and converts it infertility and with that the treatment should be accused with the better and successful results that may, in turn, leads towards parenthood that I am really happy to consider that I am the mother of the blessed child and all happens because of the treatment with the experts of Go IVF Surrogacy that helps in making the treatment successful.

Adrick , Kenya

Deepak & Riya , Noida India

We are trying numerous attempts to conceive but all were failed and when we are experiencing the treatments of the experts at Go IVF Surrogacy center it gives a renowned success that we are having the baby after 8 years of our marriage it is like a dream comes true and it is because of the treatments of the experts of the clinic and the helping staff members.

Deepak & Riya , Noida India

Chris and Amanda , United States

Go IVF Surrogacy’s experts helps me and my wife to make our dream successful which is next to impossible in my knowledge but now I am happy in announcing such a successful delivery that the delivery should be done with an ease with the best experts who are using the latest technique and helps us to fulfill our dream of entering towards parenthood.

Chris and Amanda , United States

GO IVF Surrogacy is the leading clinic which provides the solution to all types of infertility issues. In short, we can say this is one stop destination where all infertile couples can fulfill their dream of having an own baby.

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