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Why is IVF Treatment in Kolkata so popular?

Brief Information on IVF Treatment in Kolkata –

Steps to follow for IVF Treatment Kolkata

To achieve the successful outcome of the procedure you need to follow the following steps of IVF Treatment Kolkata which helps you in conceiving:

Birth controlling pills

Before you began with your IVF Treatment Kolkata, your fertility expert will keep you on some birth control pills, and these pills are recommended by your IVF expert to reduce the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). This also improves the success rate.

Beginning of Maturation

The day when your menstruation begins, your IVF treatment will also start, and on the second day of your period, your clinic will arrange for your blood tests and ultrasound. The ultrasound is conducted to monitor the size of your ovaries and will also look for the ovarian cysts. In case your fertility expert found any ovarian cysts then they will postpone your IVF treatment for a few days or can suck it with the help of the needle.

Ovarian Stimulation

Fertility experts of Kolkata now start to give fertility drugs and medication to stimulate matured eggs. These medications facilitate to unleash multiple eggs despite a single egg in the step of egg retrieval procedure. Fertility medications play a vital role to have a successful outcome in IVF treatment.

Final Oocyte Maturation

This is the step where your eggs are appropriately developed before your fertility expert will retrieve them from your ovaries. This is the time where your fertility expert will give the trigger shot and conduct your ultrasound daily. Your fertility expert will also give you the fertility hormone injection known as gonadotropin, and this injection needs to be taken for around 12 days daily when more than four follicles grow up to the 18mm minimum length.

Egg Retrieval

About 34 to 36 hours of your HCG injection, your fertility expert will retrieve your eggs by giving you the general anaesthesia so that you will not experience any pain during the retrieval procedure. After this, the transvaginal ultrasound will be conducted with the help of the hollow needle via the backside of your vagina leading up to the ovaries. This needle helps to aspirate the fluid and Oocyte from the follicle which is later relocated for fertilization in the embryology lab during your IVF Treatment Kolkata.

Egg Fertilization

After your egg retrieval, the fertilization is the essential part of the IVF Treatment Kolkata where your embryologist will mix your eggs with the most active sperm of your husband to facilitate fertilization, and your embryologist will choose the best embryo to transfer into your uterus to establish the successful pregnancy.

Embryo Transfer

Once the fertilization takes place, one or two best quality of fertilized egg or embryo is hand-picked by the specialist and is transferred into the uterus of the female. Since this is a very delicate procedure of IVF, experts carefully transfer the embryo into the uterus. If any pain occurs after this procedure, relief injections are given to the female. Within 2-3 hours, the patient can precede their home.

Pregnancy Test

After two weeks of your embryo transfer your fertility expert will conduct your pregnancy test, and if the results are positive then your pregnancy will grow as usual and your IVF Clinic in Kolkata will put you on progesterone supplements for a few more weeks, however, in case you will not be able to achieve the successful outcome of the procedure in the first attempt then you can repeat your IVF Treatment in Kolkata to make the dream of having an own baby. Most of the women have undergone more than two efforts of IVF Treatment Kolkata to achieve their goal of having their baby.

IVF Clinic in Kolkata- Defining the acceleration for best Success Rate

The success rate of the IVF Treatment in Kolkata depends upon some factors, such as quality of the eggs, the quantity of the eggs, and the quality of the sperm. Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the medical tourism facilitators that gives several medical treatments and out of many, IVF and other fertility treatments are the specialised domain chosen by Indian and international patients too. Go IVF Surrogacy offers any of the treatment at a cost-effective price and has a transparent structure of each treatment.

The success rate goes up in case the couple used the eggs and sperms of the donor for attaining the more successful results as if the eggs and sperms of the low age donors are used than it delivers the higher chances to conceive and succeed of both the factors. IVF Clinic in Kolkata provides a decent success rate, varies from 62-67% using the own-eggs. If the donor egg has been chosen with IVF, then the success rate goes high, from 75-77%.

As we all are well aware of the fact that if the age of the female is more than 35 years than the quality of eggs she is producing is not as per the expected result orientation. But if the age is below 30 years in such a case, female supplies with a good quality of eggs and as a result may be used in delivering the best outcome of pregnancy.


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How soon will I conceive with IVF?

The IVF treatment takes time as the female partner’s egg production increases. It involves the advanced method. And fertility medications help to produce more eggs with quality. The medicines continue for more than 10 to 14 days. Then, for some days after it, the expert injects the hormonal medications. It helps in releasing the eggs inside the uterus. Then, egg retrieval will perform and male sperm will also collect. After it, the eggs and sperm will fertilize by the fertility expert. They monitor the fertilization in the lab for some days. And after the implantation, the expert will recommend two weeks for the pregnancy result. And after two weeks of transfer, your blood sample will confirm the pregnancy.

What are IVF medications?

The medications in IVF treatment have a crucial role in increasing egg production. It recommends by the fertility expert to the female partner. And medicines can have different types. This help promotes ovarian functions. As the ovaries will produce multiple eggs with high maturity. So, your process can have several eggs number for fertilization. Then, the process includes hormonal injections. It injects into the female partner. And the medicines will help in releasing the healthy eggs inside the uterus from the ovaries.

How do IVF and ICSI different?

The IVF and ICSI are not much different. Because, ICSI is a part of IVF for the fertilization stage. As in IVF treatment, the couple’s eggs and sperm fertilize by mixing on a Petri plate. It helps in inseminating and forming fertilized eggs. But in the ICSI process, the eggs and sperm fertilize with the advanced assistant. As the male partner’s sperm will fill into the injection. And the sperm will inject into each egg directly. It helps in successful fertilization and better outcome.

What happens in male infertility?

Male infertility conditions affect the female partner’s chances to conceive. It happens because of many issues and creates problems with healthy sperm production. As the male partner faces poor sperm production, abnormal sperm health, poor motility, or no sperm count. Well, many procedures are available to assist the male infertility conditions. Firstly, IVF has the best method as the male partner’s semen prepares by the expert. They separate the healthy sperm for fertilization. Then, the ICSI method helps sperm with poor movement. And SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval), helps in many conditions.

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