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Infertility can define as the inability to conceive naturally. Based on the latest data, more than 25 million couples are suffering from this blot in India. IVF Clinic in India is the ultimate and leading solution for partners fishing around for the best fertility clinic to elucidate their infertility problems. IVF Clinic in India has deciphered thousands of infertile couples’ sterility issues. Also, the clinic has given hope and sunshine to those duos who have given hope about being a parent.

There are countless reasons why IVF Clinic in India ranks as the top clinic to solve the fertility problem if we discuss the area of expertise of the facility. GO IVF SURROGACY is a medical tourism company that provides IVF and other fertility treatments in a decent and cost-effective package. IVF Clinic India has crackerjack experts who are veterans in the field of any fertility problem.

The best IVF clinic in India’s success rate has touched the zenith level. This clinic is well-equipped with all the advanced technologies, and the infra is pleasantly subtle. The online consultation guide is available here 24*7. Fertility experts never treat any patient in a hurry; they first go through the entire problem of the patient, then after investigating the exact cause, advise on the suitable treatment.

IVF Clinic in India

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What are the works in our clinic in India?

The entire medical team has high experience and well-educated help patients from the start. You will get advanced procedures with the topmost care and approaches. Partners from different countries can select the top IVF centre in India. We have various treatments and processes according to your conditions.

These are the available Fertility Treatments at IVF Clinic in India:


IUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination; it is a minimally invasive process and does not take a long recovery time. IUI is beneficial for those males who have low sperm counts or low mobility. It shoots up the chance of fertilization by placing washed sperm directly into the female uterus at the time of her ovulation. According to the female fertility history, IUI can perform with or without ovulation induction medications.


IVF is one of the most preferred fertility treatments to clear up the issue of infertility. During IVF, sperm and eggs are collected from the partner and kept on the Petri Dish to achieve natural fertilization. In IVF, the fertilization procedure occurs in the lab under the guidance of fertility experts. It is the A-1 course of medication to eliminate sterility problems.


ICSI is the advanced form of IVF. ICSI treatment is suitable for those couples wherein the male partner is unfit to release a sufficient number of active and motile sperm for fertilization. Half of the procedure of ICSI is similar to IVF. During this therapeutics, after retrieving the eggs and sperm collection, a single sperm (highly motile) is directly injected into the egg to achieve successful fertilization.

Egg Donation

Women, who are unqualified to perform a healthy ovulation cycle or have no ovulation, can go for Egg Donation. It is a process where eggs borrow from a young and healthy female, and then these eggs are artificially inseminated by the patient’s partner sperms through the IVF procedure. Once fertilization achieves, an embryo has placed into the female uterus for pregnancy to happen.


Surrogacy is the latest technique of ART. For those couples who have given up their hope and lost the dream of becoming parents, for them, Surrogacy is the Yes Answer to build up again their wish and trust in GO IVF Surrogacy fertility experts. Surrogacy fulfils by IVF as the couple’s sperms and eggs are obtained and fertilized; after fertilization, the embryo implants into the uterus of the Surrogate Mother (who carries a baby in her womb till her nine months of pregnancy and hand-over the baby after delivery).

Gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT)

Gametes – eggs and sperm – are collected for IVF. Instead of mixing sperm and eggs in the laboratory, they will transfer immediately to one of the woman’s fallopian tubes, and fertilization occurs inside the body. Only a few clinics offer this.

Why it uses: In unexplained infertility

Success rate: Much lower than IVF, but it is hard to be specific as sometimes it offers to couples for whom IVF has already failed.

What are our specialities in IVF treatment?

After selecting us, you will get advanced technologies and approaches in every treatment. These procedures will help you to become pregnant successfully. We have treatments for every condition, starting from mild to severe problems. Our experts thoroughly examine the couple before suggesting any process.

The following are the specialities in the best IVF clinic in India:


It is one of our best specialities where women’s eggs are collected and mixed with their husband’s sperm to facilitate fertilization.

Male infertility

Our fertility experts specialize in treating the cause of male infertility, and a fertile woman cannot conceive a baby.


Our speciality is in eggs, sperms and embryos freezing at a sub-zero temperature to preserve them for future needs.

Blastocyst Transfer

With this advanced speciality, pregnancy rates have increased compared to conventional IVF.

Gynae Services

We provide the best care for women facing various gynaecological disorders. You can eliminate it with general obstetrics and gynaecology services.

Egg Freezing

This technique helps many women over the age of 35, who freeze their eggs when they are young and can use them in future.









Why IVF clinic in India for the best treatment?

Many benefits in India that a couple can avail themselves of by selecting. You can have the best art fertility clinic India. Partners from different countries choose us for their affordable and successful treatment. We have highly advanced technologies that borrow from developed nations. You can have highly experienced fertility experts for better treatment approaches. The top IVF centre in India will provide every service in one place. Our services in IVF treatment in India:

Success Rate

IVF treatment in India has achieved the highest success rates for taking the baby home.

Qualified fertility experts:

India is a country where fertility experts are well-qualified and able to help couples to conceive their babies.


People across the globe travel to India for their IVF as they know that the fertility experts here can treat the couple with their growing age.


The IVF treatment cost in India is very reasonable, and every individual can easily afford this treatment to have her baby.

Treatment quality

India is a country where fertility experts never compromise the quality of the treatment.

Services offered

Services offered in India for fertility treatment are at par with the rest of the world.

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    Under the pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994, prenatal sex determination is banned in India.

    No test or treatment for sex selection, sex determination, gender selection, gender determination is done in India.

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    With over 10 years experience and over 10,000+ successful live births through IVF, we are dedicated to hand out best fertility treatment and personalized nursing to accomplish couple’s parenthood soon.


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