Surrogacy Cost in Cyprus

How much does Surrogacy Cost in Cyprus?

For these couples, the cost of the procedure was a major concern as they are unable to afford the expensive fertility treatments. The credit goes to the fertility experts in Cyprus who make the Surrogacy Cost in Cyprus very reasonable so that each individual can easily afford the treatment and avail of the benefits of the treatment. They offer reasonable surrogacy in Cyprus with the same international quality to each individual without biasing between the poor, payee, or needy people.

The reason behind offering the reasonable Surrogacy Cost in Cyprus is that the fertility experts under GO IVF SURROGACY. The best medical tourism company wishes to see each enjoying their parenthood happily with their baby and to fulfil the dreams of many couples. The fertility experts in Cyprus have reduced their charges.

Also, Cyprus is a place where medication is also very cheap compared to other well-developed countries. It is the reason that people in larger numbers travel to Cyprus for Surrogacy because not only do they get a reasonable cost but also they achieve the highest rates for taking the baby home. Cyprus surrogacy laws do not cause problems in any partner procedure. 

Why surrogacy cost in Cyprus is the best?

Surrogacy Cost in Cyprus
Surrogacy Cost in Cyprus

There are no words to describe the happiness of becoming a parent and having a child. However, some couples are unable to take this trip because of serious fertility issues. Couples undergoing surrogacy include those in which the woman has a uterine problem. Or, to achieve a safe pregnancy, they underwent significant surgery that had an impact on her womb (such as a hysterectomy).

If you’re looking for the best surrogacy cost in Cyprus, there’s no need to keep wondering. Find the solution since the top surrogacy clinic in Cyprus will provide you with outstanding surrogacy services and a surrogate. One of the well-known applications of assisted reproductive technologies is surrogacy. To become parents, the infertile couple uses a surrogate.

The expense of surrogacy is the first thing that comes to mind if you are one of the families considering it. While many other elements affect surrogacy costs. The most effective surrogacy facility in Cyprus provides surrogacy at a reasonable cost. The surrogacy cost Cyprus can influence by a wide range of factors because the procedure is intricate. The patient’s finances are affected, which has an effect on the couple’s ability to conceive and their need for a surrogate.

For infertile couples who are having trouble carrying a baby on their own, surrogacy is a preferable choice. However, surrogacy arrangements have benefits for all individuals involved. But because there are now legal, social, and moral considerations involved, it is no more a straightforward process. No matter the difficulties, the patients at GO IVF SURROGACY have a stress-free and easy surrogacy experience. In the hands of the intended parents, its procedure yields a biological baby. As, the sperm and eggs of partners will use in conception.

Surrogacy cost in Cyprus table:

Procedures Charges in (USD)
Surrogacy with self gametes USD 55,000 to USD 65,000
Surrogacy with donor eggs USD 61,000 to USD 71,000
Egg donor cost USD 5,000 to USD 6,000
Guaranteed surrogacy USD 72,000 to USD 74,000
Surrogacy with donor sperm USD 56,000 to USD 66,000
Donor sperm USD 900 to USD 1000


    Surrogacy Fees in Cyprus Using Gestational Surrogacy

    The Surrogacy cost Cyprus using the gestational surrogacy procedure is around 55,000 to 65,000 including other expenses. This is a procedure where your fertility expert will use the IVF procedure to facilitate fertilization where they will collect your eggs and your husband’s sperm and mix them into a culture dish. Once fertilization takes place your embryologist will transfer the best-chosen embryo into the uterus of the gestational mother, and she will carry your baby until the baby’s birth.

    Surrogacy Fees in Cyprus using Traditional Surrogacy

    The Surrogacy cost in Cyprus uses the traditional surrogacy procedure including other expenses such as food, accommodation, clothing, legal charges, screening, recruiting charges, etc. It is a procedure where there is no use of IVF procedure to facilitate fertilization. In this procedure, the eggs of the surrogate mother will artificially inseminate with the sperm of the intended father, and once the fertilization takes place the resulting embryo will be placed into the uterus of the traditional surrogate.









    Why choose the Gestational form for affordable surrogacy in Cyprus?

    A healthy woman serves as the surrogate mother. She is additionally prepared and eager to support the intended parents in their parenting endeavours. She will conceive and give birth to their child. You must verify several factors before choosing the surrogate. A perfect fit for the procedure will be beneficial. When the kid is born or after, the surrogate mother has no parental authority. Additionally, the legal agreement will offer a better process and more reliable outcomes.

    To begin, intended parents must choose the ideal surrogate match. They are free to pick the best facility for acceptable and healthy surrogates. It gives them the best outcomes while ensuring their comfort. Because finding a surrogate can lead to a lot of issues. However, the surrogacy clinic in Cyprus has a sizable surrogate database. For the process to get off to a great start, it assists in supplying the ideal surrogate match. The criteria for surrogate mothers are as follows, which you can use to choose the best option for the process:

    1.      The process in the best centre starts with medical examinations after selecting the surrogate. It involves different checkups of the surrogate mother and intended parents too. The expert confirms their gametes conditions to provide outcomes. 
    2.      Before the actual start, the intended parents need to form a legal contract. It includes the surrogate mother’s and both parents’ signatures. The experienced surrogacy attorney forms the paperwork to mention their rights over the child. 
    3.      Then, they provide counselling sessions to relieve the stress and anxiety conditions of partners. Also, they will explain the process to manage the situation and provide high chances of the process. 
    4.      Your expert will start the IVF process with fertility medicines. It will give to the intended mother to increase egg production. The medications promote ovarian functions and tend to release multiple eggs with high maturity. And to release the eggs, they will inject hormonal medicines. 
    5.      The female eggs will retrieve by the expert using advanced technologies. They will insert a device and transvaginal ultrasound inside the uterus. It helps collect healthy eggs from the follicles with a thin needle. And the male partner’s sperm will collect through the semen sample. 
    6.      For fertilization, the expert will mix the healthy eggs and sperm on a Petri plate. It will inseminate them on the dish as the sperm enters the eggs and fertilize them. The fertilized egg formation will take more than five to six days. 
    7.      The specialist will confirm the fertilized egg development in the lab for choosing the perfect ones. It will insert inside the surrogate mother’s uterus. The catheter will use to place the embryo into the uterine lining. 
    8.      Your surrogate mother’s pregnancy will confirm after two weeks with a blood test. After it, the intended parents need to provide every essential need during the pregnancy. It will help in successful pregnancy outcomes. 
    9.      The child will birth after nine months of a healthy pregnancy. Your surrogacy cost Cyprus can affect the delivery form. The vaginal delivery does not have high charges and fits into the couple’s budget. But the caesarean type delivery has an invasive procedure and high cost.  

    Surrogate Mother:

    The surrogate mother is the healthy woman included in your surrogacy process. She is ready to help you by conceiving your child and providing top outcomes in the process. The following are the criteria to have the best surrogate mother:

    • She should be a young woman, between the ages of 22 and 30. The woman can have a healthier pregnancy because it is the healthy reproductive stage.
    • You must choose the woman with your genetic child and be born through normal delivery. Considering that she has already had a child. She will gain delivery and pregnancy experience from it.
    • She should meet the requirements for pregnancy in terms of health and fitness. Before choosing one, your top surrogacy doctor in Cyprus will run many medical exams.
    • Then you can search up her family and academic history. Her choice to become a surrogate must approve by a member of her family.

    How can the couple reduce their Surrogacy Charges in Cyprus?

    The first way to reduce the Surrogacy Charges in Cyprus is that couples can use a traditional surrogate instead of a gestational surrogate. It will reduce there some Surrogacy Charges in Cyprus another way to reduce the charges the couple will bring their surrogate mother who can be their friend, relative, or any known person who will be a surrogate mother for the intended parents.

    They charge low costs for their services as surrogate mothers. In such cases, where the couple is bringing their surrogates they need to make sure that the surrogate mother should be properly examined and screened for infectious diseases such as AIDS and Hepatitis so that the disease will not be transferable to the baby born through surrogacy, and the intended parents will have the healthy baby without any complications.

    The surrogacy cost Cyprus ranges between USD 55,000 to 65,000. It is much more affordable than in developed nations and helps partners to have their children. Moreover, Cyprus surrogacy laws are not available which means any person can easily have their process.

    What are the factors affecting the surrogacy cost in Cyprus?

    Many aspects impact the Cyprus surrogacy cost. It causes problems in the intended parents’ budget. They need advanced assistance in paying high charges. But do not worry because the latest method is available to help you. Every intended parent needs the best and most affordable surrogacy cost Cyprus. It is possible through the best centre available in Cyprus. Your surrogacy price in Cyprus can affect by the following factors: 

    • Surrogate: The intended parents pay the surrogate mother, this makes the process more complicated. You will pay the surrogate compensation after choosing the surrogate, as well as during pregnancy, delivery, and after childbirth. The surrogate may then require additional support and allowances during the pregnancy. These extra expenses will result in an increase in the overall budget.
    • Centre: It can be challenging to select the finest surrogacy clinic because there are so many of them. Furthermore, they might raise your procedure fees. Considering that some of them have hidden costs that affect the overall cost.
    • Support from donors: In order for a surrogate mother to effectively become pregnant, quality sperm and eggs are needed. In any situation, the pair will need donor gametes. It’ll lead to a more fruitful conception. The price of the donor gametes is high, which drives up the total cost of the surrogacy and affects the couple’s finances.
    • Advanced approaches: the surrogate mother conception performs with the IVF approach. It helps in successful outcomes in different infertility conditions. These manage with various advanced assistance in the process. The expert recommends they increase the conception chances and have successful results.
    • Travelling: If you are from another country and have the best surrogacy clinic in Cyprus, your procedure budget will include the price of travelling, lodging, food, and other accommodations. Surrogacy takes more than 14 to 18 months to provide a healthy child in the intended parents’ hands.
    Where to have the best surrogacy price in Cyprus?

    The GO IVF SURROGACY is the best surrogacy clinic in Cyprus. You can have top-notch procedures with high assistance in your surrogacy. We have top services and care in every infertility treatment. Many couples choose us for their affordable surrogacy cost Cyprus. It helps them have the best charges than in developed nations.

    You can become parents with top assistance in different conditions. We have utmost care in various problems for partners facing severe issues. For paying affordable charges, you can have leading help in the process of payments. We have packages, instalments, and other facilities for having pressure-free procedures.


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