ICSI – known as Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection is one of the forms of the assisted reproductive technique. ICSI technique is used to eliminate male fertility issues. ICSI follows the procedure of IVF treatment, where the woman undergoes with the fertility drugs and medication in order to stimulate the ovaries. Once the eggs are retrieved and the semen sample is also taken by the partner, then the specialist picks the motile and dynamic sperm and directly injects into the egg for the fertilization. ICSI
has a higher success rate compared to the IVF process.
ICSI Treatment Cost in India is marginal and the approximate price of this treatment is INR 1, 85,000 to INR 2, 00,000. This cost incorporates all the steps of IVF and its medications too. At the best ICSI centres provided by the Go IVF Surrogacy, hardly ask for any additional fees of ICSI when the couple settles on IVF treatment. If the fertility team investigates that the sperm is incapable to self-fertilize into the egg’s cytoplasm (during an IVF), then the expert uses the technique of ICSI – a fertilization procedure of ART.
We – the Go IVF Surrogacy provides the matchless IVF-ICSI treatment giving the couples best IVF centres in India at affordable ICSI Treatment Cost in India.
One of the advantages of ICSI treatment is that it bypasses the poor sperm tally, morphology and motility which actually causes the reasons for male factor infertility, this treatment goes straightforwardly infusing the sperm into the egg. ICSI treatment is likewise useful in patients who have had an irreversible vasectomy or if the male is found to be no sperm then by the SSR technique, the sperms are retrieved by the testicles of the male and then via the technique of ICSI treatment, the sperm is
directly injected into the egg for the fertilization. ICSI Treatment in Delhi additionally improves the odds of fertilization rate.

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Cryopreservation is a method of preserving the eggs or embryos for later use. Sometimes an individual wishes to preserve their fertility for future use due to various reasons. There are different reasons owing to which a woman wishes to save her eggs for later use such as choosing to get married or pregnant later or preserving her eggs for later use due to a disease. Embryo cryopreservation is also done in which the embryos are preserved for later. Oftentimes it happens that more than one embryo is produced in the IVF process for assuring the better chances of conception.

It is a method of freezing in which the embryo is frozen at a low temperature and is kept in it until it is required for the fertility treatment. For freezing, only the best quality embryos that are capable of bringing positive outcomes in the fertility treatment are chosen. In egg freezing, the woman provides her fertile eggs for freezing so that she could get pregnant later in life without any issues. It is the best option for women who want to focus at this stage as the quality of eggs deteriorated with age, so with the help of this treatment they can save their fertile eggs.

Go IVF Surrogacy is a well-known medical tourism company in India providing the services of well-experienced fertility specialists. We offer a highly reasonable cost for cryopreservation. Our low-cost is the reason that patients from over the world choose India for receiving the cryopreservation treatment. We have the best fertility experts with over three decades of experience in providing the best quality treatment and ensuring that the patients get desired results in the treatment. Our cryopreservation cost in India is the most reasonable, which is why international patients choose our services.

Oocyte cryopreservation or egg freezing

Oocyte preservation is a technique whereby the eggs of a woman are preserved for future use. The main aim of the process is that the woman undergoing the oocyte cryopreservation can use her eggs at any time in the future by thawing them. For egg freezing, the woman has to take fertility medicines to induce her ovaries to produce a better quality of fertile eggs. The eggs are then monitored via ultrasounds and once their maturity is confirmed, they are retrieved from the ovarian follicle with the aid of a hollow needle.

In the next steps, the retrieved eggs are frozen with a method known as vitrification. Then, the eggs are stored in the lab until the suggested time period for which they will remain healthy or up until the patient require them for the next step of their fertility treatment. The eggs remain healthy during preservation and are extremely healthy when they are used in the procedure of fertility treatment after thawing. It is the best treatment option for the woman who does not wish to get pregnant as of now but would like to conceive at a later period in their life.

Embryo cryopreservation

Embryo cryopreservation is usually done when there are some extra embryos produced infertility treatment. The couple can have these embryos preserved so that they can have a baby at a later stage in their life. In IVF treatment, the eggs and the sperms are fertilized together to form an embryo. Sometimes the extra embryos produced in the process are leftover after the embryo transfer. These embryos can be used if the first IVF cycle fails or can be used by some other patients.

The embryologist thaws the embryo at the time of embryo transfer. He may also give you medicines in order to prepare your womb for effective embryo implantation. Then, the embryologist transfer one or embryo to your womb. If the embryo implantation becomes successful, then the woman gets pregnant within a period of two weeks. The treatment is helpful when a patient is facing a severe health disease that may affect their fertility in the future; in this situation, they can choose to have their embryos frozen for later use. However, not all the extra embryos produced in the procedure are suitable for cryopreservation and only the best quality embryos are selected for the procedure.

Sperm cryopreservation is also done in which the sperms are saved and preserved in a lab for future use. This is done if the man is undergoing the treatment that may cause damage to his fertility or may hinder his ability to produce high motility sperms in the future. At the time of the treatment, the doctor thaws the sperms and uses them for fertilizing the eggs.

If you are searching for the best fertility centre that provides an affordable cost for cryopreservation, then there is no better option than Go IVF Surrogacy. We are a medical tourism agency in India having the adroit fertility specialists, IVF experts, embryologists, and other clinical staff that offer their services within a reasonable price range. They provide the best quality treatment and our team at the concerned hospital thoroughly assists the patients at each stage of the treatment. Our supreme quality treatment is the reason why patients from over the world choose us for attaining the effective treatment for cryopreservation treatment in india .

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IVF treatment- your way to making a baby

As an infertile woman, you are probably familiar with the term called In Vitro Fertilization or IVF- a treatment that incorporates making a child with the help of technological reproduction. The main reason for the use of such a technique has been the prevalent problem of infertility. Infertility affects millions of couples over the world and is a condition where they fail to experience the sweet joy of parenthood due to their biological health issues.

If you are one of those who have decided to experience IVF and are thinking about the possibility of having a child that shares your physical attributes, then we are here to help you with the relevant information. The only option to have a baby that looks like you when conceiving the unnatural way is using donor eggs.

There so many things to consider when looking for an egg donor. The mother has to first find the potential donor that looks like her to a considerable extent and then has to make sure to build a good relationship with her. With the increase in the number of couples choosing to get pregnant late in life, the task of choosing a suitable egg donor has become a little complicated.

You need not worry if you are considering using donor eggs, the best way is to contact an agency that provides such services within reasonable prices. Go IVF Surrogacy is one such place where you can use the services of the best egg donor without having to pay large amounts. We are a famous medical tourism company in India operating with the best fertility specialists and hospitals with a great deal of experience. Our network fertility hospitals provide the best egg donors and help them in finding a donor that looks like them.

Vividly specify your requirements when choosing the egg donor

For having a baby that is like you in most aspects, you have to communicate with the fertility centre about the details of the qualities and traits that you want in your child if appearance is not the only thing you want to share with the baby. The details provided by you will be used by the doctors at the fertility centre to fetch the egg donor that has most of the qualities and use her eggs in your IVF treatment.

You can be as particular as you want when informing them of the itsy-bitsy details such as the color of the baby’s hair, eye, physic, complexion, or anything you would like to add on to the list. This way the doctors will be better able to find out an egg donor of qualities that you have envisaged. You can also have a friendly bond with the egg donor once found because she is going to carry the child that is going to be like you.

Is there any possibility of sharing some genetic traits with the baby?

If you still do not feel overwhelmed by the thought of having a baby that resembles you and want to pass on some other genetic qualities, then there is a slight possibility. Since you are going to carry the baby in your womb because the embryo formed using eggs of the donor gets implanted into your uterus, it is quite evident that some of your genetic ingredients will get transfer to the baby through the endometrial fluid. However, the chances of this happening are extremely low because the donor egg majorly impacts the development process of the child.

What about the baby’s health?

The health of the baby is going to be excellent provided that you use the donor eggs of a healthy donor. That’s where the part of searching the best egg donor comes and for that, you will need the assistance of the best fertility centre. There is a risk of transfer of some genetic defects to the baby if it was there in the eggs of the egg donor. But such a possibility gets eliminated if the egg donor is properly screened for her medical health before confirming her eligibility as an egg donor.

Services of the egg donor are needed when the mother is not able to produce fertile eggs and finding a suitable egg donor becomes a lot more important when you want a baby that resembles you. At Go IVF Surrogacy, our egg donors are comprehensively diagnosed for recognizing any kind of bad health conditions before we confirm them apt for using their eggs in the IVF treatment of the patients.

The extensive medical screening indicates that the eggs provided by the donor are of the finest health and will help effectuate healthy pregnancy in the intending mother. We offer the services of our egg donors at a sensible price as compared to the other fertility hospitals.

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Fairly priced Surrogacy in Delhi

Surrogacy Delhi is one of the ART technique and a blessing to infertile couples. It is a method of fertility treatment performed on a wide range in India and is a method whereby a woman known as a surrogate executes the task of getting pregnant and delivering the baby in the end to the intended parents. Intended parents are the infertile couples who acquire the services of a surrogate and become the parents of the baby produced by her. The procedure is supported by a legal agreement or a contract and the surrogate relinquishes any right on the baby once she has handed it over to the intended parents.

The main reason why a couple chooses the path of surrogacy or fertility treatment is, of course, infertility, which is a condition that impairs the ability of a couple to produce their offspring. There are a plethora of reasons behind the disorder of infertility such as damaged fallopian tubes, uterine problems in women and low sperm, erectile dysfunction, and other problems in men. Irrespective of the cause behind infertility, surrogacy is the finest fertility treatment option as it provides the facility of having a child made out of the eggs and the sperms of intended parents without requiring the intended mother to carry the pregnancy.

Go IVF Surrogacy is a prominent medical tourism company in India that provides the highest quality surrogacy in Delhi. We have the best fertility specialists that are known for performing the most effective course of surrogacy treatment in Delhi. Our specialists use high tech equipment when performing various types of fertility treatment and always ensure that the patients receive the best care.

Different types of Surrogacy Delhi

Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a couple obtains the services of a surrogate where she carries their child to term and delivers it to them in due time. She may receive payment in return or may provide her services on an altruistic basis.

There are mainly two types of surrogacy in Delhi, traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy.

  • Traditional Surrogacy. It is a less desirable method of surrogacy where the surrogate mother selected by the intended parents is inseminated with the father’s sperms and subsequently, carries out pregnancy for them using her own eggs. The reason behind the less demand for the treatment that it does not provide the advantage of having a genetically related child to both the father and the mother. Although, the father shares biological ties with the child.
  • Gestational Surrogacy. Another method of surrogacy and a famous method of surrogacy is gestational surrogacy. In this method, the help of IVF treatment is taken and the pregnancy is carried out by a surrogate mother. The woman who is incapable of carrying a pregnancy on her own uses the services of a third-party gestational carrier and the surrogate mother delivers the baby to the intended parents when the time comes.

Finding the best Surrogate in Delhi

For selecting a surrogate mother for Surrogacy Delhi, a lot of things should be considered as the surrogate plays a crucial role in the overall surrogacy arrangement. At Go IVF Surrogacy, a comprehensive screening of the surrogate is done in order to find the most suitable match for the intended parents.

Below is the criterion that confirms the eligibility of a woman as a surrogate mother.

  • The surrogate should have perfect health and does not have a history of any kind of serious ailment.
  • The surrogate should have the best reproductive health and should be free from any type of reproductive health disorders.
  • The surrogate should age in the range of 22-39.
  • The surrogate should not be accustomed to bad habits such as smoking, drinking, and other types of addictions.
  • The surrogate should have an attractive and alluring personality.
  • The surrogate should possess the experience of giving birth to at least one child.
  • The surrogate should have good psychological health and should be free from mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, etc.
  • The BMI of the surrogate mother should not be more than 28.

Pick us for obtaining the best Surrogacy in Delhi

Go IVF Surrogacy is the best option if you are searching for the best place to get surrogacy services. The fertility specialists provided by our medical tourism company are highly experienced in performing the best surrogacy in Delhi. We are the best medical tourism company in Delhi as we offer superlative quality surrogacy treatment at a highly affordable cost of surrogacy in Delhi. Our best quality treatment and the fair price of the treatment is the reason why patients from over the world choose India in order to get the best fertility treatment.

Our team at the fertility center provides emotional support to the patients apart from extensive care. They are always there to help the patients and respond to all their questions in an effective manner. We understand that undergoing fertility treatment is not an easy task and the patient should get the best services so that fertility treatment does not appear like a burdensome task. Our fertility center has the highest success rates of surrogacy Delhi and provides the best fertility treatment within an acceptable price range.



Grow your family with In Vitro Fertilization

IVF treatment is the famous method most of the couples wonder of undergoing when they are hit with the issue of infertility. A couple feels powerless when they are deprived of making their own child regardless of having intercourse for at least a year. Childlessness takes the joy out of their life and all they do is contemplating the ways by which they can eradicate this emptiness from their life.

To help them with this problem, IVF or various ART methods came into existence; ART or Assisted Reproductive Technology techniques include all the methods by which a couple attains their child without requiring them to undergo the natural biological process of attaining conception. IVF being the most popular ART method is a fertility treatment that has proved to be a savior to many couples worldwide by providing them assistance in having a baby so that they can enjoy their life as a parent.

Before deciding to take the plunge of the IVF journey, a more important decision to make it choose the best fertility centre where you will be receiving the treatment. IVF treatment does not always mean assured chances of having a baby as there are factors that may create an impediment in the path of you achieving pregnancy via IVF. One of the most important aspects on which the success in IVF depends is the place or fertility hospital you pick for experiencing the treatment.

The fertility clinic or IVF centre in Kiev that conducts your IVF process contributes majorly to the success of your IVF and this is the part where you cannot afford to make any mistake as this may prove to be detrimental to the successive results of your IVF. The experience of the fertility specialists and the credibility of the success rates shown by them is the means by which you can decide whether they are the right option for you.

A brief explanation of the IVF treatment

Touching upon the topic of IVF, let us shed light on the process of IVF treatment. This fertility treatment facilitates the birth of a child by encouraging healthy fertilization outside the vicinity of a woman’s womb, which means the fertilization happens in a laboratory setting. For fertilization to happen, it is important to obtain the male and female gametes required for the same.

First, the mother or woman undergoing IVF has to take fertility medication just to make sure that you have an abundant supply of eggs at the time of egg retrieval. The development process of eggs taking place inside your ovaries is monitored via ultrasounds. Once the maturity of eggs is evident, the surgeon retrieves the eggs from the ovarian follicles which are to be used for promoting fertilization.

Fertilized is not possible without sperms so the next is a step in IVF is semen collection. The father or the man providing his semen sample has to visit the clinic for this process. The doctor extracts the best and high motility sperms from this semen sample that gets transferred to the lab for fertilization. The sperms are combined with the eggs in a culture dish and this leads to fertilization and the formation of the embryos.

One or more embryos are implanted into the recipient’s uterus during the procedure of embryo transfer. Thereafter, the woman is invited to the clinic after 14 days of the embryo transfer for performing some ultrasounds and blood tests in order to verify the occurrence of pregnancy.

Seeking the best fertility centre for IVF in Kiev

As we mentioned earlier, finding the best IVF centre in Kiev is extremely important for having the highest possibility of success in your IVF treatment. At Go IVF Surrogacy, we operate with the best fertility clinics and hospitals in Kiev and our patients get to pick the best fertility clinic that conforms to their requirements. We are a medical travel agency that helps various infertile couples to find the best fertility hospital for IVF in Kiev.

The IVF treatment success rates of the various network hospitals associated with us are the highest. Our fertility and IVF experts employ the latest technology and sophisticated equipment for performing different medical procedures. Our patients benefit from the high-quality services of our doctors at a low cost. Our fertility specialists have over 30 years of experience and have performed various successful IVF treatments in Kiev. We have high success rates for IVF as compared to other fertility hospitals.



IVF continues to be the famous fertility treatment option for achieving pregnancy unnaturally. Before during, and after the IVF treatment, various tests are performed to analyze the various hormonal levels and conditions of the patient undergoing the fertility treatment, and the number of tests includes various blood tests. Infertility is a pervasive issue affecting millions of people around the world and is a problem where the couple is deprived of becoming pregnant regardless of their repeated attempts of attaining conception and IVF is a fertility treatment done to help combat the issue of infertility.

Why is a blood test done?

A blood test is done to determine the hormonal levels of a woman, which are extremely essential to find out whether she has a responsive reproductive condition and hormone levels for an IVF treatment. Finding out the hormone levels helps the fertility specialist in identifying the most appropriate course of IVF treatment that conforms to the patient’s needs and will be highly beneficial in producing positive results in IVF. The fertility experts will give fertility medication or fertility drugs to the patient only after measuring their hormone levels via a blood test.

The doctor never begins and ends the IVF procedure without performing the blood tests. In the beginning, they are performed to finalize the course of medication, and a particular method of IVF to be adopted for effectuating the best results. In the end, they are done to confirm the occurrence of pregnancy. There are also other tests performed such as AMH (Anti-mullerian hormone) level test, FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) test, etc.

Blood tests- for determining your medical condition and suitability for IVF

Before even deciding whether IVF is a perfect treatment option or when the couples are pondering over the thought of undergoing IVF, some blood tests are done to measure the FSH levels of the patient. The FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) helps in recognizing the number of healthy and fertile eggs available in a patient’s ovarian reserve. Besides determining the FSH levels, blood tests also aid in identifying any genetic disorders, infections, diseases, and other serious conditions that may be detrimental to the success in IVF treatment.

The right time to perform a Pre-IVF blood test

A pre-IVF blood test is performed to find out any hormonal changes in the woman right before beginning the IVF treatment and is usually performed on the third day of the menstrual cycle of the woman. However, the right time for your pre-IVF blood test is determined only after you consult with your fertility expert as he may suggest something else for you in accordance with your medical condition.

Blood test for confirming pregnancy

Once the embryo transfer is done which the transfer of the embryo to the recipient’s uterus that is formed by combining and fertilizing the eggs in a laboratory setting, now the only thing left to do is waiting for pregnancy. The eggs are taken out from the woman’s ovaries in the process of egg retrieval and are introduced back inside her womb in the form of an embryo. Pregnancy is confirmed by measuring the presence of the hCG (human chronic gonadotropin), which is a pregnancy hormone indicating that pregnancy has occurred. The blood test is done after two weeks of embryo transfer and the positive results mean success in IVF or results otherwise can lead to the failure in the IVF cycle.

The chances of failure in IVF are very less if the fertility specialist has conducted your fertility treatment by carefully taking each step during the course of your IVF treatment. The blood tests help in determining your different hormone levels and the alterations are made accordingly in the process of your fertility treatment so that the highest chances of success in the IVF treatment are assured.

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is a fertility treatment done to help the couple in completing their family as they could not complete it due to their infertility problem. At Go IVF Surrogacy, we provide our patients with the best fertility treatment options along with the services of highly qualified fertility experts with considerable expertise in providing the most efficacious fertility treatment procedures to the infertile patients. Our medical tourism company has tie-ups with the best fertility hospitals and experts all over the world and offer high success rates for IVF treatment.

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Finding the perfect AMH level for IVF

AMH or Anti-mullerian Hormone) is the name of the protein made by ovarian follicles and measuring AMH levels aids in determining the availability of eggs inside your ovaries. Identifying the number of eggs is crucial for the success in IVF and the higher quantity indicates higher chances of attaining pregnancy with the help of the IVF treatment.

For finding out the number of eggs in your ovaries, the AMH test is highly useful because the high number of AMH levels is the direct indicator of the number of eggs that are there in the ovaries. If you are someone with high AMH levels, then attaining pregnancy will be easier for you as compared to the woman with low AMH levels. Women with good AMH levels also have a good response to the fertility medications that are given to them during the process of the IVF treatment.

However, if you have faced difficulty conceiving in spite of a good AMH level for IVF then the reason behind infertility is probably something else that can only be diagnosed once you receive a comprehensive diagnosis from an experienced fertility expert. Also, low AMH levels do not also mean infertility as in various infertility cases women have attained conception despite low AMH levels.

It is an obvious fact that a woman loses the quantity and quality of eggs once she is her 30s and the quantity of eggs reduces to a bare minimum after the age of 40. Go IVF Surrogacy– one of the finest medical tourism companies in India works in collaboration with top-notch fertility experts having hands-on experience in conducting the most efficacious cases of different types of fertility treatments in India. We provide the lowest price range for different procedures that are performed in a fertility treatment including the AMH level test.

Estimated ranges for a good AMH level for IVF

The importance of the AMH level is no shorter when it comes to the use of IVF treatment. IVF is the most sought-after infertility treatment performed all over the world for providing reproductive assistance to the couples for having a baby because the normal road could not help them reach the destination of parenthood. Determining the AMH levels in advance is helpful in deciding the type of medication you will need for triggering your ovulation cycle during the IVF treatment.

A good AMH level for IVF is somewhere between 40.01 and 65.50. This level is considered to be the best for assuring success in pregnancy. However, this range should not be observed as the final word as the ranges may differ according to the different conditions and treatment requirements of the patient. But if your AMH level falls in this category, then consider yourself lucky or healthy as positive results in your IVF treatment are quite certain.

However, if you are AMH levels are as low as 2.20, then pregnancy will be a long-drawn journey for you and you will have to take high dosages of fertility drugs for stimulating the production of eggs inside your ovaries for the IVF treatment. Another satisfactory range for AMH is 21.50 to 48.60 where there are good chances of pregnancy with the help of IVF. However, there are equal chances of failure in the IVF cycle due to the descent AMH levels as other factors may hinder the effective attainment of conception.

Choose Go IVF Surrogacy for best results in IVF treatment

No matter the severity of your infertility or the low levels of AMH, the assistance of well-experienced and adroit fertility experts can help tackle even the most intricate cases of infertility. At Go IVF Surrogacy, we work with the first-rate fertility specialists and hospitals all over India. Our staff at the various network hospitals ensures supreme quality of various fertility treatments to the patients so that they can complete their family.

In addition to quality treatment, our patients also benefit from the low price ranges as we do not charge unreasonably to the patients and make a customized treatment plan for them after consulting them properly. We also provide high success rates for IVF that are authentic and are higher when contrasted with the other fertility clinics.

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When you have received consultation from a fertility specialist regarding IUI or IVF, you probably heard a sentence, which is the possibility of having twins with the fertility treatment. The possibility of twins may surprise some, while others are fine with the idea of having more than one baby with the IUI treatment.

IUI procedure involves artificially inseminating the woman with the sperms so as to increase the chances of conception. Many times, the insertion of multiple sperms leads to multiple pregnancies, and the chances of having twins or even triplets. Also, the chances of twins are observed in IVF, since the treatment involves implantation of multiple embryos into the recipient’s uterus. But there is nothing to be afraid of as there are chances of having twins with IUI, but they are not that high and there is no surety that IUI always leads to the birth of twins.

There are very low chances of twins as about 15-20%  of the IUI pregnancies result in twins. During the IUI treatment, the condition of the patient is continuously monitored before starting the insemination process to see if you are producing more than required eggs for IUI. Therefore, if you are receiving your IUI treatment under the auspices of an experienced fertility specialist, then the chances of having twins or triplets are less if they perform the treatment carefully.

Chances of twins- IUI v/s natural conception

Due to the complex process of different fertility treatments, the chances of twins are higher in IUI as compared to the natural method of conception. The use of multiple sperms that are obtained after washing and thawing and the use of fertility medication leads to the greater production of eggs, which also leads to higher chances of multiple pregnancies. Therefore, the chances of twins are greater in an IUI cycle when compared to natural conception.

IUI or IVF- which treatment has the bigger possibility of twins?

Another aspect to be considered is IVF as this ART method also leads to multiple pregnancies owing to the use of more than one embryo in the process to increase the chances of pregnancy. So it is natural to assume that IVF leads to the birth of twins as multiple eggs are used for making embryos. However, the chances of twins are higher in IUI as compared to IVF.

In IVF treatment, the doctor can decide the number of eggs to be fertilized or the number of the embryo to be transferred and the whole process is performed in a controlled lab environment. Whereas in IUI, the doctor can only decide the number of sperms to be inserted and he does not influence the number of eggs to be fertilized and the number of embryos for embryo implantation. Thus, IUI treatment has a greater possibility of twins or triplets.

Health risks associated with twins or multiple pregnancies

For finding out the potential health risks when carrying multiple pregnancies, fertility experts or your doctor can tell you best because he is the one who is going to monitor your health and knows better how things are going to work out for you in the future. But there are some common risks related to twins or multiple pregnancies.

One of the most common risks is premature birth where the babies are born before the beginning of the 37th week of pregnancy. If you are going to have twins with IUI, then there are also chances of babies being born with low weight or some birth defects. But there is nothing to worry as the chances of this happening are extremely low and depend on the health condition of the woman.

To know more about IUI and twins- receive consultation from a fertility expert

If you are not satisfied with the information given to you, then you should consult a fertility doctor to understand the whole ‘IUI and twins’ thing better. Go IVF Surrogacy is a famous medical tourism company in India that has the best fertility experts who give the best advice to the patients and are well-experienced in performing the supreme-quality IUI Treatment in India or other fertility treatments with positive outcomes. We thrive to provide the finest quality fertility treatment to the patients all over the world within a cost-effective price range.


Age and fertility

Fertility is the ability to achieve pregnancy by an individual and it is a known fact that such ability starts to decrease with the increase in the age of the individual. However, it is hard to tell when this happens as the exact age for reduced infertility differs from individual to individual. Sure there are some cases where the couples have conceived despite their old age but that happens rarely.

In some cases, the couples intentionally postpone pregnancy due to career reasons, not ready to take the responsibility of the child, or due to some unforeseen events that force them to conceive at a later age in life. Age is one of the most crucial factors impacting the fertility of an individual. In women, the ability to make healthy fertile eggs declines as she ages and on the other hand, men also face difficulty producing high motility sperms after a certain age. However, the rate of decline in fertility is greater in women as compared to men.

Generally, women over 35 and men over 40 deals with the problem of infertility and fails at achieving pregnancy despite multiple attempts of trying to do so. When in doubt your stage of fertility it is better to consult a fertility specialist as he can advise you the best as to the actions to take in order to have a child at an old age. He may recommend you undergoing methods of assisted reproduction where they employ a technique to effectuate fertilization without requiring the aid of a human body.

Age of the woman and egg-quality

When a woman is born she has all the eggs in her ovarian reserve that she will ever require in life. But with the increase in her age, she experiences diminished quantity and quality of the eggs as the years go by. The decreases quantity of eggs means the decrease in the chances of her attaining pregnancy. Therefore, there are fewer chances of pregnancy after you reach 30 and the chances become even fewer after the age of 45-50. But there is always hope as pregnancy does naturally happens in some cases and is possible for anyone if they undergo fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, etc.

A woman is considered to be highly fertile before 30 and after the age of 30, her fertility begins to decline. The rate of decrease in fertility increases considerably after the age of 35 and when she reaches 40, the chances of her achieving pregnancy are cut-down to more than half.

Age of the man and sperm-quality

The age of the man also affects the fertility men above the age of 40 have less chances of making their partner pregnant as they become inefficient at making healthy sperms with the decrease in their age. A man produces millions of sperms each day but man over 40 produces less quantity of sperms due to many reasons. Both the quantity and motility of the sperms starts to reduce with the increase in the age of the man.

However, in some instances, it has happened that men with age 80 and 90 have become a father, but again, that is a rare case and there are certain things associated with the whole scenario that lead to the attainment of pregnancy.

Also, the average of the couple also matter when it comes to achieving pregnancy as most of the time there is a huge age gap between the couples. For instance, the risk of a miscarriage happening is greater in women (even if she is 25)  trying to conceive with a male partner who is over the age of 40, due to the old age of the male partner.

What to do in order to conceive at an old age?

If you have been trying to conceive for a long time and do not see any hope of getting a child, then it is the time to get yourself checked by a fertility doctor. The potential reason behind such inability can be your old age, bad-quality eggs, low motility sperms, or any other specific reason that can only be identified after you visit a fertility clinic. Some of the infertility cases can be cured with fertility medicines, while the more severe cases demand the use of fertility treatment such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, Surrogacy, etc.

Go IVF Surrogacy is a widely recognized medical tourism company in India operating in collaboration with the best fertility specialists having significant experience in performing various fertility treatments. Our fertility specialist will effectively asses your fertility health in order to find out the cause behind your infertility and will perform the best course of fertility treatment accordingly. We are known to provide affordable fertility treatment in India with high chances of success in the same.


What is a low sperm count?

Low sperm count is the inadequate quantity of sperms found in the seminal content of a man. When the sperms present in the semen is less than the normal sperm count, then the man is considered to have a poor or low sperm count. The low sperm count also impacts the motility and shape of the sperms that makes it nearly impossible for the man to make the woman pregnant due to the non-availability of healthy sperms.

The condition is also known as oligospermia and is one of the most common reasons behind male factor infertility. The low sperm count leads to partial or complete fertility in men as the sperms are not sufficient enough to reach and penetrate the egg and thus, preventing the woman from getting pregnant. Also, it is observed that a low sperm count is a reason behind around 50% of infertility cases caused due to male factor infertility.

It is also a cause behind infertility as it prevents the couples from achieving pregnancy and thus, giving them the tag of infertility. The number of sperms in the seminal fluid is determined by a process called semen analysis in which the male partner with problems in his sperms, provides his semen sample for diagnosis during the process of semen collection. The obtained semen sample is evaluated by the doctor for analyzing the morphology, motility, and quantity of sperms.

The semen analysis aids in ascertaining both the quantity and quality of the sperms and the process is executed in a pathology lab. If the results of the semen analysis show that the levels of sperm count have to be at least 10 million to 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen and anything lower than that is considered as a low sperm count.

How to tell if you have a low sperm count?

If you are trying to conceive for more than a year and the issue behind such inefficiency to conceive is not identifiable yet, then it is time to go for a sperm diagnosis. To find out your sperm count, you have to visit a fertility clinic where a doctor will ask you to provide the semen sample for the process of semen analysis.

The semen analysis aids in ascertaining both the quantity and quality of the sperms and the process is executed in a pathology lab. If the results of the semen analysis show that the levels of sperm count have to be at least 10 million to 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen and anything lower than that is considered as a low sperm count.

Attaining pregnancy despite the poor quantity of sperms- some tips to increase your sperm count

For improving fertility and sperm count, there are some tips and tricks you can use. It is not certain that the tips will definitely improve the sperm count but the individual will experience an enhanced sperm count for sure.

  • It is crucial to have a healthy diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins as it helps in improving the sperm health of the patient. The man with a low sperm count should consume foods rich in antioxidants, fruits, and vegetables, for increasing the sperm count.
  • Cut down the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol has proved to reduce the sperm count and negatively impact the fertility health of the man.
  • The man should have a balanced BMI as being overweight affects the sperm count. BMI of the man should range between 23 to 25 for assuring a healthy sperm count.
  • Also try various multivitamin supplements such as folic acid, Vitamin E, CoQ10, Vitamin C, etc. Ingesting such supplements will definitely aid in improving fertility and will provide better chances of conception.

However, if none of the tips improve the sperm count, then the couple can go for IVF or other fertility treatment for having a baby. They can use the sperms receive from a sperm donor that can be used in the process of the fertility treatment to effectuate pregnancy.

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