Infertility is when a couple is unable to bear pregnancy due to various reasons and there are a plethora of reasons that contribute to such inefficiency. Amongst various reasons imbalanced FSH levels adversely impact the fertility in a woman as they play a major role in determining if you would be able to get pregnant or not. Fluctuation in FSH levels indicates the number and quality of eggs in your ovaries. For a healthy pregnancy to occur, it is crucial for a woman to have the best quality and adequate quantity of eggs, which is determined by her FSH levels. However, it is not essential that the FSH level is the only factor that helps in assessing whether you could conceive and a woman may be able to conceive if she does not have balanced FSH levels.

Go IVF Surrogacy is a prominent medical tourism company in India that works in collaboration with highly proficient fertility specialists with over 30 years of experience in providing the finest quality fertility treatment. They effectively work to diagnose the root cause of infertility and advise the most suitable course of treatment in accordance with the condition of the patient. Our team at the concerned network hospital provides comprehensive assistance to the patients for ensuring that they receive success in the fertility treatment.

What is FSH?

FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) is a hormone released by the pituitary gland responsible for controlling the functions of ovaries and testes. Inefficient functioning of these hormones can cause serious reproductive issues when it comes to pregnancy and fertility. It is one of the two gonadotrophic hormones, another is a luteinising hormone, and both the hormones are produced and released by the pituitary gland, which is situated below your brain. FSH is crucial for reproductive development and effective functions of the woman’s ovaries.

The FSH aid in regulating the menstrual cycle of a woman and the speed and efficiency with which ovaries produce eggs. There is fluctuation in the FSH levels while a woman is on her periods and reaches its peak when a woman ovulates. On the other hand, FSH helps in managing healthy sperm production, however, imbalanced FSH levels is rarely an issue that men deal with. Balanced FSH levels imply a healthy and perfect functioning of male and female sex hormones.

FSH and Infertility

The uneven FSH levels negatively impact a woman’s fertility as it diminishes her ovarian reserve. High levels of FSH mean that there is a problem in the development and maturity of eggs. Diminished ovarian reserve is the term for mild to moderate FSH levels and indicates that a woman’s ovaries make less than required eggs for pregnancy. One of the symptoms of increased FSH levels is the short duration of a menstruation cycle.

FSH levels are a great indicator of the possibility of achieving success with infertility treatments such as IUI or IVF. Apart from impacting natural pregnancy, high FSH levels also indicate that fertility treatment may not produce desired results as the fertility medication may not be effective or undergoing the IVF or other fertility treatment may result in failure. The number of eggs in your ovaries is mutually related to your FSH levels during the second and third day of your menstrual cycle. A high FSH level implies less quantity of available eggs.

FSH level test is done on usually the second or third day of your menstrual cycle, where blood is obtained from your vein through injection. The test helps in accurately assessing your reproductive and ovarian health but however, an FSH test is not helpful when it comes to finding the exact cause of infertility.

What different levels of FSH indicate?

If it has been more than a month since a woman’s menstrual cycle has occurred, then the probable reason behind high FSH levels is menopause, where a woman’s menstrual cycle permanently ceases to exist. The ovarian failure makes it impossible for a woman to get pregnant via natural means. Females having high FSH levels may not benefit from the fertility medication as well because it may not help in stimulating a healthy egg production due to high FSH levels. However, there will be some fertile eggs but a fertility treatment may not bear the expected results as a large number of quality eggs are required for ensuring great results in IVF or other types of fertility treatment.

Low FSH levels are usually due to issues in the effective functioning of the pituitary gland, which is a critical part of the brain performing the important role of managing the functioning of your reproductive system. Whereas a normal FSH level indicates the better chance of a woman achieving pregnancy and have a reproductive system highly responsive to fertility medication and fertility drugs.

At Go IVF Surrogacy, our fertility specialists efficiently diagnose the patient’s condition in order to suggest the best suitable fertility treatment. They make sure that you get desired outcomes in your fertility treatment and receive a great treatment experience at the concerned hospital provided by our medical tourism company.








Infertility is defined as one of the hormonal disorders that occur in men and women, who in turn unable to conceive in the natural way. If a couple is trying hard to achieve pregnancy for more than 12 consecutive months and unable to give birth to a newborn, then the concerned couple is required to seek the best medical advice without any delay.

If a couple is unable to conceive, it’s always not the matter of female’s egg quality; it can also be the issue of the male fertility as well. It’s old thinking that a woman is supposed to be infertile when struggling to have a baby. Grow up! We are living in the modern era of the 21st century, here males and females are given equal rights.

Infertility, although it was supposed to be the women’s issue a few decades back. If talking about today’s era, 55-57% of the couple’s pregnancy, male factor infertility is involved. Usually, 40% – 45% of all males have infertility issues impregnating their partners. Therefore, when a couple is facing trouble achieving pregnancy, then the evaluation of both- man and women should be done.

Different medical conditions and other external factors also contribute to fertility issues, and some of the cause of infertility case is unexplained. Unexplained or unknown infertility issue occurs when the male has everything normal (in the evaluation test) still unable to impregnate his partner.  Approximate, one-third of the infertility cases are set off due to the male reproductive issues, whereas, one third is associated with the female reproductive issue and one-third by both- men and women or by unexplained infertility issue. All in all, male factor infertility is nowadays prevalent and a common problem these days.

When to seek Medical Guidance

You need to seek medical guidance when you have been trying to impregnate your partner after a year of regular and unprotected intercourse. You can find the doctor’s help when –

  • You do have ejaculation issues
  • Very low sex drive
  • Problems with the sexual function
  • Swelling in the testicle area
  • Pain or discomfort in the testicular area
  • Prostate issues
  • You have undergone a major surgery
  • Penis, testicle or scrotum surgery

How is Male Infertility diagnosed?

A male, if facing infertility issues, need to know what exactly fertility problem he has. To see the cause of infertility, there is some diagnostic process in which a man undergoes a thorough physical examination, medical history, etc. The very next step is sperm evaluation, also referred to as a semen analysis test.  This is the test, which is performed inside the lab under the guidance of the fertility team.

For the semen analysis test, a male provides his semen sample to the centre for the evaluation. The lab will monitor the sperm count in the seminal fluid, check the morphology of the sperm, and also the movement of the sperm (are the sperms moving in a motile way or not). These tests are done to determine sperm quality and health.

Fertility Treatments that help with male factor Infertility?

There are several ways of treating male infertility issues. The exact method depends on the source of the male fertility problem. Let’s look into some of the male infertility treatments

  • IUI Technique –

This is one of the male fertility treatments, where washed sperm is directly placed into the uterus. During IUI treatment, a semen sample is submitted by the male partner to the centre for the next procedure. IUI is the primary male fertility treatment, where minor fertility issues are solved.

In the process of IUI, the semen sample received by the male partner is washed by a unique technique. After washing the sperm, the sperms are out of any impurity and dirt substances; it thus helps the couple to conceive. IUI can be done with or without stimulation medication. If medication is not used then the washed sperm is transferred into the female’s uterus at the time of her ovulation. Ovulation is either determined by the ovulation predictor kit or estimated by the cycles (if the female has a regular menstruation cycle). IUI is recommended when a male has underlying fertility issues.

  • IVF treatment with ICSI –

IVF is one of the advanced therapies of the Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART) and is used to eliminate the tag of childlessness from one’s life. During the IVF technique, eggs are retrieved from the female partner and mixed with the sperms. If the male has an issue in his semen or sperm quality, then the expert will apply the ICSI technique with IVF.

During ICSI, a single sperm is injected into each egg (retrieved through the procedure of IVF) directly. ICSI is the process where the expert chooses the most motile and active sperm for direct insertion. ICSI is the best technique for men who have low sperm count or less mobility.

  • IVF-ICSI with Surgical Sperm Retrieval way –

SSR or Sperm Surgical Retrieval procedure is a process, in which sperms are surgically collected from the male’s reproductive part (such as testes, epididymis). This process is accomplished with the technique of IVF-ICSI.

SSR is performed when a male is supposed to have no sperm in his semen ejaculation.

Who We Are –

Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the fastest and growing healthcare sites that serve the best medication in the fertility domain. We are specialized in providing a decent success rate of IVF treatment. Also, we provide all the exceptional amenities all through the way of the couple’s infertility. The team of Go IVF Surrogacy will first analyze the couple’s (whether male or female) infertility case, and then the specialist will evaluate which treatment supposed to be applied.



To know whether a male or female facing with fertility issues, the specialist will go over some sexual history, health history, any past medical problem, how often the couple involves for sexual intercourse and some other relevant information.

A male has to undergo physical evaluation test and if recommended then the male has to go for semen analysis test too- these tests clarify the specialist to know the root cause behind his infertility (if there is any). Semen analysis test is a test performed to know if there are any issues in a male’s fertility system. If the sperm is found non-motile, inactive or very less in the count then the specialists will further look for the treatment suitable for his case. We are going to discuss the most preferred fertility treatment options for males (females also) as this page goes down.

Talking about the female fertility diagnostic tests, the specialist starts questioning about female’s any past medical history if any surgery she has been undergone; a physical exam and a pelvic exam is carried out. The specialist makes sure that the female is ovulating properly and releasing the eggs from her ovaries without any barrier. Specialists also take blood tests to evaluate hormonal levels. If necessary, female’s uterus and fallopian tubes are examined by specific X-ray test and ultrasound.

Approximate 70-80% of females have a common issue behind their infertility with their ovulation issue or has blocked fallopian tubes. Males have sperm issue (such as inactive, less motile, low count of sperm or morphologically unfit sperm). In 5-15% of infertility cases, the cause is unknown or idiopathic.

Women facing with ovulation issues can be solved by fertility medication but if a woman faces with severe infertility issues such as painful menstrual cycle, irregular ovulation (or menstruation for the past few months), then she needs to undergo advanced fertility treatment options to have own baby. Same goes to male if a male experiences mild male factor infertility, then by the help of IUI treatment he can impregnate his partner.

What are your Fertility Treatment Options- Let’s have a look 

Thanks to the advanced medical technology, this has opened many gates for the childless couples to get their baby by different fertility treatment options. Several Fertility Treatment Options are available to eradicate the couple’s infertility issue such as –

  • Fertility medications and drugs associated with ovary stimulation
  • High-tech ART technique (Assistive Reproductive Technology)
  • IVF or Test Tube Baby Treatment
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
  • Surgery (if required)

Some other Fertility Treatment Options include the following –

  • One of the advanced Fertility Treatment Option is the Egg Donation Method – This is the procedure, where a fertile and healthy woman donates her eggs to help another infertile female to build her family. The woman who donates her eggs could be a known or unknown egg donor. This is the best treatment option available for those couples, wherein the female partner is unable to supply fine quality of the eggs.
  • Gestational Surrogacy – This fertility treatment option is best for those couples, who are unfit to carry the pregnancy or have experienced multiple IVF failures; this procedure is best suitable for those females, whose uterus have some abnormalities or maybe the female has undergone the surgery of hysterectomy (the uterus is removed).
  • Adoption method – an option to have a kid (not biologically related) from the third party.

Some Best Fertility Treatment Options – 

Hope you have read above methods of getting pregnant, along with above infertility treatments, there are numbers of fertility treatments which are discussed below. These fertility treatment options are the best and preferred in almost all the infertility cases of male and female based on their report.

It is always not important that a couple has to go for fertility treatment to have their child; rather there are some natural ways too such as weight loss, eating proper diet, stick on healthy routine (that include daily exercise, yoga). Yoga is the best way to transform yourself into the happiest way because there are some couples, who at initial phase get frustrated and anxious about not being pregnant, by dong yoga a person feels relax and calm at mind this is why yoga and breathing technique can give in a positive result for your pregnancy.

Those dealing with depression stress of infertility and restlessness can choose fertility treatments such as acupuncture, massage, and counseling.

Even if you are undergoing any advance fertility treatment then yoga helps you to relax and feel better all through the way of treatment. Go IVF Surrogacy is the leading centre that provides a familiar touch along with the best fertility treatment option. This centre is enriched with the world-class fertility veterans, who have a high success rate giving maximum live births via IVF treatment.

  1. Medications –

Usually, more than 70% of females face ovulation issues; this disorder can be resolved giving fertility medications to the female. Your doctor can suggest you the way how to go for this treatment.

2. Artificial Insemination – 

This is one of the basic male infertility treatments, where washed sperms are directly placed into the uterus of the female (at the time of her ovulation). This treatment option with or without be done using ovulation medication because if the female is ovulating regularly then an ovulation detector can be used to find the exact date of female ovulation phase.

3. IVF – 

As stated above too, IVF is one of the most productive and advanced fertility treatment option available to resolve infertility issue. IVF is also performed using different techniques such as donor egg, donor sperm, and donor embryo (as per the case of infertility in a couple).

  1. ICSI – 

ICSI – Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection involves is followed by IVF treatment but during the procedure of fertilization during ICSI, a single (motile and active) sperm is inserted into each egg (that has been picked up from the female’s ovaries). ICSI is a male infertility treatment and shows high success rate too.

  1. Fertility Preservation Option – 

Yes, now a couple can preserve their fertility for later, how? They can simply freeze the eggs by choosing an authentic fertility centre you can undergo this procedure.

  1. Egg Donation – 

Women who are unqualified to supply with healthy eggs during the egg retrieval procedure of her IVF treatment, donation egg is the best option to go for. During egg donation, an egg donor undergoes with all the medications until the completion of her egg pick-up process.

  1. Surrogacy – 

Surrogacy is the best option in ART technique and is used by those couples, wherein the female partners are unable to carry the baby in the womb due to any uterine issue (or removal of the surgery- Hysterectomy).






NEW DELHI – Some latest changes made by the team of Tourism Ministry on e-Visa, Prahlad Singh Patel- the tourism minister announced several alterations on the fee for e-visa.

Mr. Patel had a statement at the state tourism ministers’ meeting in New Delhi on 19th August 2019. The statement has some major modification on the rates of e-visa. With the goal of catching the attention of foreign visitors to the county, the latest fees of e-Visa have been reduced at a great extent.

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The above information was given by the Tourism minister- Prahlad Patel on 19th August Tuesday.

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In 2017, the foreign visitors coming to India was stood around 10 million; and in 2018, the Indian Government has announced a plan to increase the number of foreign visitors’ arrivals to 20 million by 2020.

All the above mentioned E-Visa fees reduction plans have been nodded by the Home Ministry’s team and now this set-up has been kept under consideration by the Ministry of External Affairs. An official announcement by the Ministry soon would follow.



If you get your pregnancy test positive, the next question in your mind is that when I conceive a baby. It is very difficult to tell the exact day or date when you get pregnant. Even if you had intercourse one time during your cycle and became pregnant, it is possible that the day when you had intercourse was not the same day you conceived. That is the reason that men sperm can survive inside your vagina for up to five days after you had intercourse and it will wait for an egg to become available during ovulation.

How to Calculate the Conception Date?

It is impossible to calculate the exact conception date, but it is possible for your fertility experts at Go IVF Surrogacy to calculate a nearby time in which you would likely to be conceived. If you are thinking that when you conceived than the best clues is to use the last date of your periods.

Generally, most of the fertility experts calculate the pregnancy date based on your last menstrual period. If you have a regular cycle which means you get your periods around 28 days then you can estimate that your ovulation will take place around day 14 of your cycle.

So, now you can easily figure out that when you conceived and how far along you are, you just need to think back to your last period and add 14 days from your first day of menstruation. In this way, you can use this date to estimate that when you may have conceived and also you can count from there how far along you may be. For example, if your fertility expert says that you are 8 weeks pregnant then based on your last period, you can count 14 days from the first day of your last period and can use this date as your conception date.

Knowing this, many couples start thinking that conception dates are accurate. It is difficult to say, as it has been noticed that the fertility expert will give you the pregnancy date based on your last period even though you would not have been pregnant that day. This is the reason that it becomes because to pinpoint the exact conception dates. Many women know the conception window and they use this information when making pregnancy and medical decisions because they are the one who can be rather accurate considering ovulation that will occur in a shorter period.

However, the women who are dealing with abnormal cycles or fertility issues such as PCOS or endometriosis for them it is difficult to pinpoint the conception dates.

When Does the Conception Take Place?

The exact moment when the conception will take place is not clear, but it begins when a sperm burrows into the women egg within 24 hours after ovulation. Some study says conception will take place when men sperm meets women egg, and the other says it will take place when the combination of sperm and egg implant into the women uterus.

What are the Symptoms during Ovulation?

The following are the symptoms that occur at the time of ovulation and these are:

a) Cervical fluid changes: This is a symptom of ovulation in which your cervical mucus will be clear and stretchy just like egg white.

b) Change in cervix texture and position: The study says that during ovulation the cervix is open and this is a time when it becomes softer and it’s positioned goes up to a higher level.

c) Mild bloating: It has been found that there is a rise in estrogen levels before ovulation and this will trigger the release of LH (luteinizing hormone). This surge in hormones is a cause of water retention and it leads to feelings of bloat.

d) Mild cramping: Some women feel a twinge on one side of their lower abdomen and this will only last for a few hours.

e) Changes in basal body temperature: It has been found that after the women ovulate, there will be a rise in temperature has seen. In this case, women need to track their basal body temperature over several months to predict when ovulation occurs.

f) Light spotting: This is a symptom of ovulation which rarely occurs, but some women may experience light spotting when they wipe. In such cases, the bleeding should not be heavy, red, or last more than a few hours.

How to Track the Menstrual Cycle?

According to the study, the menstrual cycle will last from 26 to 35 days. This is a time when few things occur and these are:

  • Days 1 to 7: You will have a period and this is a time when your uterine lining is shed if there is no pregnancy found.
  • Days 10 to 14: This is the time when you are fertile or you ovulate when an egg is released from your ovaries. This is a time when the chances of conceiving are high.
  • Days 15 to 35: This is a stage; if you get pregnant them implantation will take place. This stage is also known as the luteal phase.

This is an average cycle for many women and for those women who have irregular monthly cycles, for them it is difficult to calculate the ovulation period and there is no real way of calculating that when ovulation will take place for them without some type of hormone testing, which can be done with an over-the-counter ovulation predictor kit or blood test.

How to Calculate Due Date?

On average, a baby born in 40 weeks after the first day of the last menstrual period. This is the way your fertility expert will calculate the gestational age. This will include the two weeks before conception when a woman is not pregnant and it is usually based on a 28 days cycle, and these days need to be adjusted for longer or shorter cycles. But, even with adjustments, it has been found that less than 30% of women deliver the baby on their calculated due dates, so it is normal if women give birth two weeks before or after the estimated due date.



What makes a PERFECT family? True, it’s Bonding- that makes a family an ideal one. Bonding doesn’t mean that the members are connected only in jovial phase rather a family is said to be idyllic when each member is coupled with one another in all ups and downs. Family plays a vital role throughout an individual’s life. Coming to the main point, we are discussing here, the most preferred ART technique- about IVF treatment and how family and the partner should decide on IVF treatment.

If you are outlining yourself to prepare for IVF treatment then this content would be advantageous to you. Apart from it, we are here to solve your fertility issue with the help of suitable fertility treatment. Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the ongoing fertility centers that endeavor 100% effort to achieve positive pregnancy test, keeping Mother always safe.

IVF is not at all an easy-going procedure, throughout the entire process, a female has to undergo with several steps, beginning from initial consultation, fertility medication, follicular aspiration process, few ultrasounds, blood work, embryo transfer and so on. So, a couple, especially a woman has to learn the way to handle frustration, time lag during IVF treatment, shock, grief, and discomfort; apart from it, she also needs to know how to carry self-confidence and positivity all through the way of IVF treatment.

The question comes here who can provide you- confidence, hopefulness, and optimism before, during or after the treatment? It’s Family. Family plays an essential role in how to cope with the situation, hurdles, stress and other worries. Let’s get to know how your family and your partner contribute to the success rate during IVF treatment of yours.

You need to make sure you have a healthy equation with your Partner –

Completely True! Studies have depicted the one who suffers in their relationship might suffer in their treatment too. The conversation is the key to unlock any trouble, so take out your time and have a nice discussion with your partner. During IVF, the female is majorly involved in all the steps, because of this some men just leave the hands of their partner; it should not be like this. Since the baby born after IVF will not only be associated with Mother but father too, therefore you both have to work as a team.

If you both understand each other, neither the relationship suffers nor you will get into unnecessary arguments during the medication. Try to understand the emotional bond and support, which is indispensable throughout IVF treatment. It is usually observed that the couples having infertility avoid talking or discussing any matter with their close ones, friends or relatives. Make sure to communicate with positive people because they not only guide you the best but also they can calm your anxiety and worries.

However, a relationship is one of the biggest strength during the couple’s IVF treatment. Each couple, who is settling on this treatment, should keep in their mind that nothing is more central than you and your partner’s relationship.

One more important aspect is not to blame on each other. Blaming sounds weird and does not make sense. Try to have a funny talk, crack a joke and go for movies. Staying contended is not that difficult as it sounds. Enjoy each moment even if it is not going according to you; make sure you both never ever leave each other’s hand.

Some side-effects of medications and your family support –

The above point was of you and your relationship with your partner and now here comes, how family support is important. Fertility medication during IVF treatment can have mood swings, anger issues, irritability, and discomfort. So, during the course of medication, a female has to calm down herself, avoid taking needless stress and tension. Hormonal injections and fertility drugs also lead to several psychological side effects.

During the phase of the initial medication, a female has to consume the synthetic estrogen clomiphene citrate that facilitates egg maturity level and multiple eggs to be prepared. This fertility medication is one of the essential parts of IVF treatment. Though this drug enhances the possibility of fertilization, it causes female partner (patient) uneasiness, hence it is advised by the expert not to take any kind of stress and hassle regarding their result.

Meanwhile, you have your family by your side- The principal of your life. Share each and every feeling with your family member, have a chit-chat with your close ones. Communicate as much as you want, surround with those people whose opinion and views are positive. You can also consult with a specialist about the side-effects of the fertility medication, in order to cope up with that situation. If you will know earlier about the side-effects, it will be easy to deal with the issues. Stay Positive and Stay Calm.

Patience, Patience, and Patience- all you need –

Yesss!!! This is another key point to have your IVF unruffled and relaxed. You really have to carry Patience all the way of your IVF journey. Keep patience everything will be fine! With the procedure of IVF treatment, several couples have been blessed with a baby (sometimes at the second attempt of IVF and sometimes the couple gets conceived on their third attempt). So, have patience and go onward, everything will be fine.

You need to understand the significance of having patience. Sometimes, women face with multiple miscarriages, they usually get mentally disturbed and this is the hardest phase, where they really want someone, who can hold their emotional level or need strong family support. Failed IVF treatment can also lead to unnecessary stress.

The family has a miraculous touch, so it is important to exchange your thoughts, even if you are sorrow doesn’t matter, go and speak with your close ones. However, you should not lose hope even if your first attempt IVF fails; there are numerous ART treatments that can help you to attain pregnancy. All you need to do is to consult with the team of Go IVF Surrogacy and later procedure is in your court to decide which treatment you want to undergo.

Conclusion –

IVF is one of the best techniques to have your own baby, but the outcome of IVF varies from patient to patient. Touchwood, advanced medical technology has been a boon for us as there is not a single treatment to attain pregnancy by artificial method; rather there are multiple treatments in ART that can help the couple to arrive at the stage of their parenthood. Go IVF Surrogacy performs unsurpassed IVF treatment with a high success rate to the couple. So, what you are waiting for? It’s the right time to fish around for the experienced and best IVF centre for your treatment to have victory in your treatment.





Deciding to settle on donor eggs with IVF treatment is often not easy. If a couple has had unsuccessful IVF attempt with their own eggs or been told to the woman that her ovarian reserve is insufficient for the treatment (IVF), then a couple should prepare their mind to go for Donor Egg IVF. Once the couple plans for their IVF with the help of a donor egg, then it will be soon going to hit for them.

Donor egg is a kind of miracle to attain parenthood, yes! This is one of the best procedures especially when a female is unable to produce healthy and fine quality of eggs during their IVF treatment. Eggs from healthy and fit donor make IVF possible for those women who are in their advanced maternal age and want to conceive. And if a woman is under 35 or 35-40, then donor egg IVF will be going to a boon for these women age group.

The success rate of a donor egg with IVF is higher than the younger woman (25-37) comparing with the advanced age of women (38 or above). Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading fertility centres that come up with the best result and world-class treatment of IVF and other ART techniques.

Many women have conceived successfully with donor egg after age 40 from Go IVF Surrogacy, several celebrities too have undergone by this method to attain parenthood. When a couple makes their mind to go for Donor egg, there are several aspects, which they need to consider before choosing an egg donor; there are some crucial facts mentioned below that will surely help you to choose an appropriate and right egg donor for your IVF.

Known Donor vs. Anonymous Egg Donor

You can select Egg Donor in two ways-

  1. Known Donor
  2. Anonymous Egg Donor

A couple can go for their IVF treatment with the known donor; you can directly ask your relative, such as sister, close friend, next of kin, to donate the eggs for your IVF treatment. This donor egg IVF will also be cost-friendly because here the donor is known and there is not any kind of extra charges which have to be paid by the couple (except clinic’s test of the donor and charges of IVF). Known donor initial test is performed in the clinic to know the egg quality and AMH level of her eggs.

The other way to go for donor egg is to choose an egg donor through the fertility centre (where the couple is undergoing for their IVF), they also can go for donor agency or frozen egg bank. Most of the donors chosen by donor agencies prefer to keep the donor anonymous but some of the centers allow the donor to have contact from the baby conceived with their own eggs (generally it is not).

The donor egg agency, fertility centre and frozen egg bank are the best way to go for donor egg because they provide the eggs from the donor, who is all fit and healthy (after passing all the requirements of Egg donor). The anonymous donor has to sign a contract, where the donor waives all the parental right and any baby born from her eggs are the legitimate newborns of the intended couple or prospective parents.

Medical History and Mental Health

This is another important aspect before you select an egg donor for your IVF treatment, you should go through a donor’s medical profile and her mental health. An egg donor from the fertility centre, frozen egg bank, donor agency, egg donor database, already provide screened and wholesome donor for the procedure. The first screen donor’s STI (sexually transmitted infections if any), HIV test, genetic and chromosomal defects; she has to submit a medical history of her and family’s too and once the donor qualifies the entire screening test and eligibility criteria, she gets selected as Egg Donor. So, if a couple thinks to hand-pick an egg donor from the fertility centre then there is no need to worry!

Apart from it, a donor also has to undergo psychological evaluation and tests. And, if the couple has chosen their own donor, she will be required to undergo few tests before the step of egg retrieval (such as HIV, STIs, and genetic errors, etc) to ensure whether she is the perfect candidate for donating the eggs.

Ethnicity, Eye or Hair Color –

True! A couple if fishing around for donor egg has to consider this factor too. A donor bank or fertility centre is of the wider mixture of ethnicities of the donor, resultant a plus point to choose the donor by the couple. Several couples choose an egg donor on the basis of characteristics that means what they want to have features on their newborn which will appear as the genetic trait of both Mother and Father.

A couple can easily get which kind of donor egg, they want on the basis of their priorities. A couple can select the donor with the same ethnicity, eye color, hair color to have the baby that looks like them.  Go IVF Surrogacy puts forward best and healthy donor (multiple databases of the donor) egg to the couple’s IVF process and has the best hand on IVF treatment with donor egg.

Did she donate her eggs before –?

Many couples have a preference to go for that donor, who has experience in donating eggs; this is because experienced donors know the procedure and must have a fine respond to fertility medications.

In general, there is not any limit for a donor to donate her eggs throughout her life but there are certain rules applied by some fertility centre or agencies for how many times a donor can donate her eggs.  But it’s not any harm if a couple goes for the donor who is providing eggs for the first or second time because the donors provided by the fertility centre or agency are all capable for the procedure.

Is it Right Time For Fertility Treatment –

If you have planned for the IVF treatment, Go IVF Surrogacy is the best platform to come over for IVF. At this centre, you will meet up with professional and skilled fertility team with a senior specialist, who has more than 30 years of experience in the domain of infertility treatments and has decent live birth counts via ART techniques. We provide each and every treatment at affordable cost, providing all the comfort and amenities to the patient during the course of medication.  We do have financing options as well. For those couples who think they may require an additional IVF cycle to attain pregnancy, Go IVF Surrogacy imparts with a second chance of IVF Refund Program that helps a couple to overspend on their fertility treatment, it also maximizes couple’s chance of getting pregnant and minimizes their risk of overpaying.



Surrogacy is a boon or bane- it’s a topic of controversy but let the readers be aware of what actually surrogacy stands for? Surrogacy is a beautiful procedure, where a woman gives her own womb for 9 months to protect, care and nourish a baby of another couple. Holding another’s baby for 9 months is easier said than done. A Surrogate! Yes, a surrogate is the one, who brings an embryo up to a baby and hand-over to the intended couple with the positive intention.

Surrogates are the one, who add sparkle in those lives, who have been shaken off from their dream to achieve parenthood, true! These women are dream- maker for those couples who have been waiting to have their own biological kid but due to medical circumstances, they are unable to. After going through all this, one can think- how can be surrogacy a bane, it‘s not! Surrogacy in Bangalore is the safest and a pleasant journey, where the gestational surrogate happily carries the baby for another couple, or intended couple and submit the baby to them once the delivery happens.

Surrogacy in Bangalore – which method is well-liked and why?

Since Surrogacy in Bangalore is a long term procedure, a couple needs to carry patience and endurance for the accomplishment of Surrogacy treatment. Basically, surrogacy is of two types-

  1. Gestational Surrogacy
  2. Traditional Surrogacy

During traditional surrogacy, the baby is directly associated with the surrogate mother; Why so? This is because a surrogate uses her own eggs for fertilization in this surrogacy type. There are several cases of this surrogacy, where surrogate denies to hand-over the baby to the intended couple. There is a huge risk of emotional attachment and a mom’s affection bond that develop hindrance submitting the newborn to the couple. Many countries have even banned this surrogacy to be performed at their place.

Gestational Surrogacy is the most preferred and risk-free method of Surrogacy in Bangalore. This is a completely safe and secure procedure to enjoy the days of parenthood. Gestational surrogacy is chosen over a traditional one in each country and you must have known the exact region behind it.

Surrogate in this process is called as Gestational Surrogate/ Surrogate Mother Bangalore. A couple has two options choosing a surrogate – the first one is to hand-pick the surrogate mother from a surrogacy agency or ART specialist clinic and the second one they can introduce their own surrogate.

A Surrogate Mother Bangalore can be –

  1. Couple’s own relative (close friend, relative, etc.)
  2. Can be from surrogacy agency or ART clinics

Surrogacy treatment in Bangalore – best performed by?

Once the couple decides for their surrogacy treatment in Bangalore, the other question strikes in their mind is- from where to do this procedure.

Surrogacy is a drawn-out procedure, where both- the intended couple and the surrogate carry important role. Initial steps are taken by the couple and after embryo transfer, the entire role if of the surrogate.

Gestational surrogacy is always accomplished with IVF treatment and that’s why a couple should go for the best ART centre with a high success rate in IVF and surrogacy. Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading centers that not just provides a remarkable success rate in IVF Surrogacy but also comes up with world-class fertility veterans. The experts of Go IVF Surrogacy perform the best treatment providing all the basic to advance amenities to the intended couple and surrogate mother (this centre puts forward-fit and healthy surrogate for surrogacy procedure).

Perfect Candidate, to choose Surrogacy Treatment in Bangalore –?

Surrogacy is undeniably the best procedure to attain pregnancy and to achieve own biological kid by this process. Surrogacy is best preferred by those couples, who have –

  1. Couples, who have been experiencing repeated miscarriages
  2. Couples, who have failed ART techniques
  3. Women with severe disorder (such as heart issue, BP problem, depression, etc.)
  4. Women with no uterus ( or have undergone hysterectomy)
  5. Women with critical uterine issue

What are the requirements to become a surrogate mother Bangalore?

Becoming a surrogate is knotty practice and needs hats off appreciation but to become a surrogate, a woman has to undergo with some screening tests and need to fulfill essential eligibility criteria, some of the requirements are mentioned below –

  • Women who are in the age group of 21-40
  • Women, who have a regular menstrual cycle
  • Must have a supportive family
  • She should not have any addiction to- smoke, alcohol, and tobacco, etc.
  • Must have delivered a single child
  • Must not possess any kind of acute problem (such as depression, BP issue, heart, etc.)
  • A clear and clean history
  • Uncomplicated pregnancy (in past)

Apart of it, she must have a pleasant personality, healthy weight and accordingly BMI range, must have knowledge how to carry a baby for 9 months in the womb, stable and soothing lifestyle, away from any infection.

About Surrogacy Cost Bangalore –

Talking about the Cost of Surrogacy in Bangalore, India has been the surrogacy hub for many years. The cost of Surrogacy in Bangalore is based on reasonable and low-cost range comparing with other western counterparts.

Although we can’t say this that Surrogacy Cost is too cheap because, during this course of action, neither a single procedure follows nor a single person is involved. All through the way of Surrogacy in Bangalore, a couple’s IVF, surrogate charges, surrogate expense, and delivery- all steps are entailed.

The basic range of Surrogacy Cost in Bangalore is INR 10 lakhs – 13 lakhs (with the surrogate introduced by the clinic). This cost includes each and every procedure for surrogacy treatment in Bangalore, there are not any additional or hidden charges supposed to be asked by the fertility coordinator of Go IVF Surrogacy center.

The cost of surrogacy Bangalore can go down only if the couple will introduce their own surrogate for a surrogacy procedure. The success rate of gestational surrogacy is 95-98% by the fertility team of Go IVF Surrogacy centre in Bangalore.

At the end –

Surrogacy is the most effective and productive ART technique for those couples who have been facing with more than 3 miscarriage (at the row), uterus missing or have any uterine issue, etc. The success rate of Surrogacy in Bangalore is higher than any other states of India and even other countries. This process is the best method to enjoy your own parenthood with the help of a surrogate mother. Have a pleasant journey of your surrogacy treatment!









Surrogacy is the best procedure to get your own child; did you know what surrogacy actually means? The actual meaning of Surrogacy is Rental Womb. True! Surrogacy is the process, where a woman keeps the fetus of another couple for 9 months in her womb carefully. Surrogacy is a boon for those couples who are due to their medical reasons, unable to carry a pregnancy. Gestational Surrogacy is the ultimate procedure to attain parenting and enjoy the most unforgettable days of your parenthood days.

Who doesn’t want to hold tiny little fingers and hands of a baby in pink? Guess No-One, at a certain phase of a couple’s life, there is a requirement to welcome a new member and to get promoted from husband and wife to Mom and Dad.  At Go IVF Surrogacy, we fulfill this requirement and try to make the impossible task a possible one by elimination a tag of infertility in an individual’s days.

What is Infertility and at which case, Gestational Surrogacy should be chosen?

Infertility is all about misbalancing of the hormones due to the number of reasons that may arise from environmental factors, lifestyle factors (such as smoking, consumption of heavy alcohol, unhealthy diet plan, etc.), chemical hazardous in work area and many more variables affect individual’s fertility. Some medical reasons in female could be – damaged or blocked the fallopian tube, uterine issue, etc.

Infertility disorder is of several types and so their treatments are. Since each individual is unique in his or her own way and that’s why a patient’s case fluctuates from one person to another.

Now the question comes here that when Gestational Surrogacy should be considered? Okay, so before going into this chapter, let’s gather some basic info about Gestational Surrogacy.

Gestational Surrogacy – During this surrogacy, a surrogate carries an embryo after the intended couple’s IVF performed. Surrogacy is a complete-time taking procedure because here, a couple has to wait for more than 9 months to have their own baby but let the reader be aware of Gestational Surrogacy’s success rate is higher than any other ART techniques or we can say that it gives almost 100% success result to attain parenthood.

Majorly in gestational surrogacy, the main responsibility is of a Gestational Surrogate, who begins her role from the step of embryo transfer and completes the task once she delivers a baby to the intended couple. Later on, post-care of a surrogate is taken care of by the fertility centre, which has provided the agreement of surrogacy and surrogate.

The intended couple can choose surrogate mother by own as well, methods to go for a surrogate–

  1. She can be couple’s close relative, friend or family member
  2. A couple can choose the surrogate from the surrogacy agency
  3. the surrogate mother is best available at ART specialist centre too

Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading ART fertility centers that provide fit and healthy surrogate during the surrogacy procedure. Surrogacy and other ART treatments are performed under the guidance of the best fertility team and veteran fertility specialist, who have more than 30 years of experience for eradicating infertility issue.

Gestational Surrogacy should be considered by the couple when –

Gestational surrogacy is the second to none advance Art technique that comes up with the highest success rate and a decent delivery count. This surrogacy should be planned when –

  • A couple has been experiencing repeated miscarriages
  • Female has been undergone surgery of uterus removal (hysterectomy)
  • Female has some severe uterine issue
  • Has an anxiety disorder or acute disease
  • A woman, who produces healthy eggs but due to her uterine issue, she can’t carry the pregnancy
  • Recurring IVF treatment failure

Gestational surrogacy is chosen by gay couples as well, where one of the partners provides own sperm sample and with the help of donor egg, fertilization is accomplished. Once an embryo is created, the embryo is placed into the uterus of the surrogate.

Surrogacy has been a blessing for not only infertile couples but also a single parent and a gay couple. There are different surrogacy agreements in various countries and on the basis of the country’s rules and guidelines, Gestational Surrogacy is performed.

The procedure of Gestational Surrogacy –

Gestational Surrogacy as earlier said is the best ART technique and always accomplished by IVF treatment. Surrogacy without IVF method is not possible, although there is one surrogacy that not requires IVF and that surrogacy method is referred to as Traditional Surrogacy. During this surrogacy, a surrogate uses her own eggs and by the technique of Artificial Insemination or IUI, sperms are washed carefully and placed into the uterus of the female (by knowing the exact ovulation date of the surrogate). This method takes a risk of emotional bonding because here the baby is related to the surrogate mother by genetic bond, hence traditional surrogacy is not preferred by the couple, and even this surrogacy is banned in many of the countries too.

During Gestational Surrogacy, the initial steps are the same as IVF treatment. Ovary stimulation is done, where a female has to undergo with fertility drugs and regular hormonal injection, this course is of 10 to 13 days until the female reaches the level of a matured egg.

Via Transvaginal ultrasounds, experts evaluate the maturity level of eggs and once they get confirmed about full-grown eggs in the female’s ovary, they start preparing for the next step that is – Collection of the eggs or Follicular Aspiration. This is a minor surgical procedure, where a female is given local anesthesia before collecting the eggs. It might happen that a female experiences cramp after this process but no worries, as this cramp and discomfort will go by 5- 6 days. The experts of Go IVF Surrogacy carry out this step in a calm and careful manner by cutting down any discomfort and pain throughout the entire procedure.

These eggs are collected with the help of a hollow needle from each ovary. Keeping all the eggs on a culture dish, the fertilization process is initiated.

On the very same day of the egg collection process, collecting the semen sample is done; by mixing the sperms and retrieved eggs in the same culture dish, the process of fertilization is carried out. Fertility experts of Go IVF Surrogacy hand-pick one or two (by the consent of the couple) fine embryo (s) for the last step of IVF- embryo transfer.

But here, the story turns left, instead of placing the embryo into the recipient’s uterus, this embryo is transferred into the surrogate’s uterus. And from here, Gestational Surrogate takes the role over.

Since now, the vital role plays by surrogate mother or gestational surrogate. Once the surrogate mother completes 9-month pregnancy duration, Gestational Surrogacy is about to end. So, the last step of this surrogacy is done by submitting the new-born to the intended couple.

Here we are, providing each and every minute detail of Gestational Surrogacy and its procedure.

Take-Home a Message –

Gestational surrogacy is the preferred method to have your own biological child. Another plus point of this surrogacy procedure is that the toddler has a direct relation with the intended couple or actual couples. There is neither any risk nor any emotional attachment that could happen all through the journey of Gestational surrogacy method. So, if a couple is experiencing recurrent miscarriages or a female partner has uterine issues, maybe the absence of uterus, then the couple must consider for gestational surrogacy to enjoy their parenthood days soon.


In the world of advanced medical science, Assisted Reproductive technology has taken a vital position to eliminate the biggest issue running all over the world – Infertility. True! Infertility is a mounting disorder that has been affecting several couples to attain smooth parenthood. For many couples, It is an easy task to have own baby but there is n number of couples, who get trouble in having own biological child and here comes the word – ART technology.

Surrogacy- A Magnificent Journey to Attain Parenthood 

ART or assisted reproductive technology encompasses a group of advanced medical treatments that solve the matter of Infertility issue. Treatments such as IVF, ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, Sperm Surgical Aspiration method, where TESA, MESA, PESA come- these are those treatments which give the best result to give a huge smile to those couples who are waiting eagerly to have own child. Now the question comes what to do in these cases to achieve pregnancy or to have a kid –

  • Women with NO uterus (may be due to surgery of Hysterectomy or a woman has rare genetic malformation)
  • Same-sex couples wishing to build their own family (especially Gay couples)
  • Women with the severe uterine structural problem

What in the above cases? You must be wondering one answer for all above specified statements- YES and that is Surrogacy. Surrogacy is the one and an only ultimate option where a woman lacks a uterus has some severe medical issue, etc. Even surrogacy is best for those couples too who have been facing with repeated miscarriages and unable to hold embryo into her uterus.

Thousands of healthy and fit babies have been born via surrogacy in each year; celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Tyra Banks, and many more prominent couples, gay have opted surrogacy option and enjoying their parenthood.

Let’s have a brief discussion about Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine 

Surrogacy in Ukraine provides matchless treatment to the individuals who are outlining their mind for a surrogacy procedure. Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine, no doubt is expensive than all the other ART techniques but let the readers know this as well that Surrogacy by the experts of Ukraine is superbly performed till the end.

One more important point about the Cost of Surrogacy in Ukraine is that though it is steeped in price if we compare about surrogacy cost in other international countries then we will find it is Ukraine that comes up with the cheapest price compared with all of the other foreign countries.

This blog will introduce you to know the basics of surrogacy in Ukraine, Surrogacy Cost in Ukraineetc. so that you can feel snug and comfy while discussing this option with your partner and fertility team.

Complete Detail about – Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine 

Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine is affordable and easily designed so that each couple can take pleasure of their own parenthood by Surrogacy method in Ukraine without thinking twice about the cost structure of it.

Definitely, agree that Surrogacy Cost Ukraine is double or triple evaluating with other ART techniques but if we judge against the success rate of Surrogacy Ukraine and other Art techniques then there is the high chance of attaining paternity. Yes, the success rate of Surrogacy in Ukraine is 95-97%.

Since surrogacy is the unsurpassed ART treatment to eradicate the blot of childlessness from couples infertility days, it is thus considered as the best method to have own toddler. Surrogacy is always accomplished with the procedure of IVF and hence Surrogacy, in a common term, known as IVF Surrogacy.

The Cost of Surrogacy in Ukraine is approximate 30,000 euro. You must be thinking about how many steps are included in this package, let’s have a keen eye which steps are integrated into this surrogacy package.

  • Fertility Medication or the stimulation charges
  • Regular check-ups
  • Transvaginal ultrasounds, blood work, etc
  • Follicular Aspiration
  • Fertilization
  • Choosing the best embryo
  • Preparation of the surrogate to receive the embryo
  • Embryo transfer into surrogate’s uterus
  • Post embryo transfer Surrogate’s care
  • Surrogate delivery
  • Handing a newborn to the intended couple

Charges also include – consultation fees, screening of the surrogate and giving best surrogate to the intended couple for the surrogacy process, etc. There is not any hidden or secret cost that later can be asked by the centre to the couple. Surrogacy Cost Ukraine is crystal clear providing the best medication and treatment throughout Surrogacy journey to the intended couple.

Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the renowned fertility centres and provides best Surrogacy process in Ukraine by giving the most genuine and affordable Surrogacy package in Ukraine. Surrogates are best available here that gives almost 100% positive outcomes in giving hale and hearty baby to the intended couple.

If the couple is using their own eggs and sperms, make sure the eggs are healthy enough for fertilization and if couple’s fertility specialist recommends them to choose IVF Surrogacy with donor egg then they should talk about the additional charges of it.

A Table Mentioning Important Aspects of Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine  

Given below are some basic details about the type of Surrogacy cost in Ukraine.

                   Types of Surrogacy Package                                     Cost in Euro

  •  Surrogacy with own eggs and sperms                          29,900-30,000
  • Surrogacy with Donor egg                                            (29,900+1500)  = 31,400
  • Charges of Donor Egg                                                             1500
  • Surrogacy with donor sperm                                       (29,900+999) = 30,900
  • Donor Sperm Cost                                                                   999

At The End –


By understanding all the choices, a person can easily decide what to do, so have ample information about the Surrogacy procedure and the cost of Surrogacy Ukraine. If the couple is undergoing surrogacy with donor egg or donor sperm, ask regarding the breakdown charges of Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine.

In the world of ART technology, IVF Surrogacy now has become a common path to have own baby via a fit and healthy surrogate, provided by the best fertility centre. Choosing a genuine and certified ART specialist centre, one can effortlessly undergo Surrogacy process in Ukraine.

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Go IVF Surrogacy is the leading clinic which provides the solution to all types of infertility issues. In short, we can say this is one stop destination where all infertile couples can fulfill their dream of having an own baby.

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