Surrogacy Georgia

Surrogacy Georgia

Surrogacy in Georgia – You’ve Found a Correct Place to Undergo ART Parenting

If you are planning to undergo Surrogacy in Georgia, then here you are on the right click where you will pleat sufficient detail regarding that ART treatment, which gives the highest success rate to attain parenthood. Surrogacy! Yes, this treatment is none other than the biggest Boon for numerous infertile couples, who have omitted their dream to play with their baby. Undergoing Surrogacy in Georgia, a couple fulfills their dream of welcoming a new member in their family.

Surrogacy Georgia is one of the most efficacious fertility treatments to eradicate infertility disorder both in male and female. This ART technique is the endmost solution of infertility, repeated miscarriage or those women who had her surgery of uterus removal (hysterectomy), etc. can choose Surrogacy in Georgia. Georgia is the famed place; also it has become a medical tourism destination for Surrogacy treatment. The specialty of Surrogacy in Georgia is its high success giving rate.

Go IVF Surrogacy is the leading medical tourism companies that endow with the best and matchless surrogacy treatment in Georgia. It not only comes up with the best success rate but also serves A1 surrogacy treatment by providing an exceptional and healthy surrogate for the treatment. Fertility experts first will examine you and your partner’s infertility case (whoever is facing) properly and then if surrogacy is best for you, will recommend going for it. Let’s gather some basic information about Surrogacy in Georgia.

Surrogacy in Georgia –

In Georgia, a marked development has been noticed in the domain of Surrogacy from the year 2010 and the count of becoming intended couples via surrogacy have been stepping-up in Georgia from 2010 and now Georgia has turned out to be one of the famed places to get surrogacy accomplished chosen by the intended couples from USA, UK, Australia, Mainland Europe, etc.

Discussing in short, Surrogacy Georgia is an ART technique that imparts with the best result compared with other ART techniques (such as IVF, IUI, ICSI, etc.). Other fertility treatments stand best depending on the infertility case of the couple; however, Surrogacy is the only one ART technique that puts forward sky-scrapping result in the case of severe infertility disorder. Since surrogacy puts forward the highest success rate, the cost of Surrogacy in Georgia is quite expensive comparing with other fertility treatments in Art. Let’s read an elaborate view of Surrogacy Georgia.

Surrogacy Georgia is perfect for 

  • Women, who unleash healthy eggs and have proper or regular ovulation cycle but unable to hold an embryo after fertilization in the uterus (due to the surgical method- hysterectomy)
  • The medical issue with the female uterus.
  • Women facing with repeated miscarriage
  • Surrogacy Georgia is helpful for those females who have a uterus and have a good quality of eggs too but her uterus is unable to carry the pregnancy or incapable to hold an embryo till nine months of successful delivery.
  • Heterosexual couples can only choose Surrogacy in Georgia (by legal compliances of Georgia)
  • Women, who are not mentally fit to hold the pregnancy.

At Go IVF Surrogacy centre, a couple gets dedicated and personalized attention by the coordinator and specialist at each step of their treatment. We help you in making your family a complete one with the best surrogacy treatment in Georgia.

Surrogacy Procedure in Georgia – How it works

Surrogacy Georgia is followed by 4-5 steps starting from Matching with a surrogate and lasts with the treatment giving the baby to the intended couple. Two methods of Surrogacy Georgia are where- the first one is traditional and the other one is Gestational Surrogacy. Preferred surrogacy method is Gestational surrogacy in Georgia. Why this type of surrogacy is more on the trend, this is because the baby (which a surrogate deliver) in a complete way belongs to the couple.

In the procedure of traditional surrogacy, there’s the probability of attachment issue or emotional bond. This emotional bond develops because the surrogate herself carries fertilization with her own eggs. Traditional surrogacy is accomplished by the AI method (artificial insemination or IUI). This is the reason, why sometimes handing over the baby to the intended parent becomes hard for the surrogate. If this case happens, then the intended couple and surrogate- both have to face the problem. On the other hand, Gestational Surrogacy Georgia, there’s neither any link nor any genetic relationship from the surrogate with the kid and this is the major factor why the gestational method is more popular and preferred by the intended couple over traditional surrogacy method.

Gestational surrogacy is the process where a woman (a surrogate or gestational surrogate) carries a baby of the intended couple. The intended couple is the couple, in which either male or female is not able to conceive an infant. This surrogacy, as mentioned above is also selected by gay couples. During gestational surrogacy, after 9 months of the pregnancy completion, gestational surrogate hand-over baby to the intended couple. Gestational surrogacy is always accomplished with the help of one of the best ART techniques- IVF. Without applying IVF, Surrogacy in Georgia cannot be fulfilled. In this surrogacy, eggs and sperms are collected from the intended partner and then by the technique of IVF fertilization, sperms and eggs are combined together so that fertilization will achieve soon. After fertilization, one or two best quality of embryo/s is placed into the uterus of a gestational surrogate. Once an embryo is placed successfully into the uterus of the surrogate, within a week or so, her test schedule of implantation and pregnancy is monitored. Now the surrogate is the one who holds the pregnancy till nine-month, and after successful delivery, she hands over the baby to the intended parent.

Gestational Surrogacy is legally accepted in Georgia. Gestational surrogacy is safe and uncomplicated because the embryo is biologically and genetically related to the parent. Therefore, this Surrogacy in Georgia is preferred over Traditional Surrogacy.

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    Eligibility Criteria at Go IVF Surrogacy for becoming a Surrogate Mother Georgia

    • The age limit to become a surrogate mother Georgia is between 21-40
    • Surrogate’s BMI should be 33 plus
    • A woman must be physically fit and mentally strong enough to bear pregnancy for the intended couple.
    • She must not have the habit of taking alcohol, smoking, and drugs
    • Must not have any past miscarriage history

    Legal Aspects of Surrogacy in Georgia

    To run the process smooth the fertility experts in Georgia ask both the parties to sign a mutual agreement so that no one should be blamed by the end of the procedure. The agreement of Surrogacy in Georgia says that the surrogate mother will carry the baby in her womb for 9 months and will hand-over the baby to his/her intended parents and the intended parents are ready to bear all the expenses of the surrogate mother until the baby birth.

    On the third day of the baby born, it’s the responsibility of the intended parents to file a petition in Court for seeking the permission to be a legal parent. The Court will review the documents and after the identification, they will order the Department of the Vital Statistics to issue the new birth where the name of intended parent is mentioned as a legal parent of the baby born and the surrogate has no relationship left with a baby born.

    Some word from our patients


    Ashley , Paris

    We are greatly thankful to the experts and all the team members of Georgia clinic who makes the treatment to be a possibility and helps like a friend and a great advisor as only because of the fertility doctor in Georgia our dream to become parents fulfilled as we are not thinking of the same and lose the hope in such an aspect.


    Ashish & Nupur , UAE

    When entering the clinic we are just a couple and a family of 2 but after leaving the clinic becomes parents and family increased by one such member as to which we are dreaming most probably about 7 years and now are journey finally completes with a cute baby belongs to us and a deep thank from the bottom of my heart to the team at Georgia Clinic.


    John Paul, United Kingdom

    Our all credit goes to the fertility experts in India who offer us the surrogacy procedure which helps us in conceiving a baby as we both are dealing with the cause of infertility and to be a parent of an own baby was next to impossible for us.



    Under the pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994, prenatal sex determination is banned in India.

    No test or treatment for sex selection, sex determination, gender selection, gender determination is done in India.

    About Go IVF Surrogacy:

    With over 10 years experience and over 10,000+ successful live births through IVF, we are dedicated to hand out best fertility treatment and personalized nursing to accomplish couple’s parenthood soon.


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