IVF Treatment in Chennai

IVF Treatment Chennai- The Path that Fills Pace for Precious Memories

Infertility is not any disease; it’s a disorder, which has been affecting several couples for the past many years. IVF is the ruling treatment to fix out the issue of sterility. IVF Treatment Chennai has elucidated thousands of couples who were unqualified to become parents naturally. IVF Treatment in Chennai has high success rate comparing with other states in India and this is the reason why Infertile couples plump for Chennai for their treatment. Go IVF Surrogacy is the platform, which gives top-range of fertility treatment to disentangle infertility disorder. The opening step of IVF course of medication is giving the fertility drugs and medications to the female partner in order to get multiple and matured eggs. By ultrasounds, eggs are examined and once maturation of the eggs has been confirmed, Egg retrieval process is facilitated. On the same day of egg retrieval, semen sample collection is also done. Eggs and sperms are kept on the culture dish for natural fertilization; 2-3 days of fertilization, best equality of embryo is picked out and transferred into the uterus of the female partner. Within 10-14 days pregnancy test is scheduled to confirm the pregnancy. IVF Treatment Chennai serves one of the best courses of medication to resolve any infertility issue.


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The Procedure of IVF treatment in Chennai

The procedure of IVF Treatment in Chennai is consisting of five major steps which are as follows:

Ovulation Induction

The fertility specialist may assess that the eggs should be released with the passage from the ovaries in order to produce best and qualified eggs with the use of medications and proper treatments that are recommended by the infertility experts that is more or less processed in order to achieve or establish a pregnancy.

Egg retrieval

Eggs are being extracted out of the female’s ovary by the experts once the medications procedure is being over with the hope that the eggs should be of sound quality in order to make the female pregnant and the eggs should be extracted out of the ovaries by using a fine thin needle which must be passing through the upper vaginal portion of the ovary.


The next step is the fertilization process that is being completed once both the components that is the sperms and the eggs are collected in the laboratory dish and in the dish the sperms is directly injected in the eggs and thus forms the embryo to be grown and developed so as to get the embryo ready for next process of transferring once the embryo should be properly grown and developed which is being monitored by the embryologists well.

Implantation & Embryo transfer

Embryo should be transferred or implanted in the female’s uterus after properly monitored by the embryologists and the healthiest and most appropriate embryos should be selected by the embryologists for the purpose of the transferring into the uterus of the female so that the female should be conceived soon and also with the ease without facing any kind of complications in further processing in pregnancy.

Pregnancy Test

The last and the foremost important step is to test the pregnancy after completing the above IVF treatment the pregnancy should be tested further so as to confirm the success of the treatment as the treatment should be accrued with such accusations that accelerate the better successful scenario in such regard with the proper confirmation.

IVF Clinic in Chennai- Helps to Design a Beautiful Journey Towards Parenthood

The people prefer the IVF Clinic in Chennai for their IVF treatment because of the following reasons which attract them to this clinic:

a) Clinic facility: – Our clinic should provide you the world-class facilitation that is an outstanding and most overwhelming experience we are providing that make you feel of the international clinic. We at our clinic provides the facilitation that accrues with the best services provided by the staff members in welcoming and greeting the patients and take care of their small needs as well for betterment during the patient’s journey from infertility to fertility.

b) Success Rate:-  Success rate should be more or less ascertain with the thought of the healthy and successful pregnancy that accelerate the accused scenario in ascertaining the progressed performance that we are giving the best in delivering the most successful results for the success rate of about 80% to 85% which should accelerate in achieving the success up to the maximum extent.

c) Use of latest and advanced technology: – The technology we are using at our clinic must be latest and advanced technology that is much more helpful in accusing the technique in order to deliver the success results and that the successful cases should be increased at a level that delivers the best results within minimum costing and better treatment with the best technology which must be necessary in revolutionary technique that establishes the resultant that is needed for the successful cases to be increased up to maximum level.

d)Availability of the best fertility experts:- Best doctors and experts should be hired at our clinic that must have the experience of more than 35 years with infinite successful cases they are solved during their career path and most importantly better performance and results by solving the cases with an ease is the achievement they gained by delivering the results in the very first attempt of  IVF treatment.



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