Surrogacy In Mumbai

How surrogacy Mumbai is the best to have a child?

Infertility conditions are becoming a severe and worldwide issue. Many couples cannot have their baby and face many social and psychological problems. The newborn and healthy child gets the family happiness and hope of old age stick for support and care. So, surrogacy Mumbai is the best option for them.

Also, uncountable partners face pressure from their families to have their genetic-related child. Because they believe in passing the generation is necessary. Surrogacy can help them have the best procedure. You can have your genetically related and healthy child successfully in your hands. Who does not want their baby with better health? Many ART procedures are available still partners cannot conceive their children with them. It is because of their severe infertility conditions that cause more issues.

So the ultimate option is the best surrogacy centre in Mumbai. They can help you achieve better outcomes in having your healthy child successfully. Surrogacy is the top procedure for your successful parenthood. Indented parents and healthy surrogate mother in Mumbai are the two sides of the process. The surrogate conceives the couple’s child to deliver for them. It involves Assisted Reproductive Techniques for partners’ gametes fertilization. And, it implants inside the surrogate mother’s uterus for pregnancy outcomes. Your procedure can function as per the infertility conditions.

What services are offered by us for surrogacy in Mumbai?

  • Top coordination and sophisticated surveillance
  • Counsellors with experience for the best consultation
  • Assistances from selecting to achieve successful outcome
  • Egg or sperm donor facility for surrogate pregnancy
  • Different fertility procedures and treatments
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Why choose surrogacy Mumbai?

Mumbai is the best destination for many treatments and medical assistance. Infertility treatments are highly in demand to help partners. Because, patients have well-known places, top centres/hospitals, affordable charges, highly advanced technologies, the latest methods, experienced doctors, and many more. These advancements help in their procedures and in achieving the best outcomes. You just need the best surrogacy hospital in Mumbai.

Surrogacy is the legal procedure in Mumbai, India. It involves many regulations and laws to control illegal work and any person’s exploitation. You can confirm them before choosing the process. It has various criteria for intended parents. For instance,

  • Surrogacy in India is only legal for Indian heterosexual couples. They must be citizens of India to proceed.
  • Since no assisted reproductive technology has ever worked, they should have significant infertility issues.
  • Couples shouldn’t have children of their own or through adoption.
  • Women who are widowed or divorced and meet the age requirements (23 to 50) may use surrogacy to conceive. if she has never had a child before.
  • Following a decision, the state government selects the couple to begin the procedure.
  • In India, the only kind that is permitted and accessible to partners is gestational.
  • The surrogate mother’s age must fall within the range of 25 to 35.
  • Both the male and female partners must be between the ages of 23 and 50. (26 to 56).
  • The operation is only available to heterosexual couples who have been married for five years.
  • Although it doesn’t include paying the surrogate mother, it aids in achieving excellent results. Only the charitable form is acceptable.
  • Indian surrogacy is available to couples that carry a POI (person of India) card or OCI (overseas citizen of India) card holders (have Indian ancestry but were not born in India).


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Who is the surrogate mother in Mumbai?

The surrogate mother is a fit woman willing to assist the couple dealing with serious infertility issues. She knowingly conceives the child for the couple, intending to give it to them after birth. In the practice of surrogacy, the intended mother’s womb is replaced with the womb of the surrogate mother. Due to their serious infertility issues, many female partners are ineligible for surrogacy. They may use surrogacy to assist them in having their child.

The Mumbai surrogate mother is only available in the Altruistic form. It claims that the surrogate mother merely agrees to be the couple’s surrogate to assist them. Additionally, providing any form of financial gain for the surrogate mother is prohibited. The intended parents are responsible for meeting the surrogate mother’s basic requirements while she is pregnant. Additionally, it will cover the surrogate mother’s three-year health insurance. Other factors may have an impact on your surrogacy Mumbai.

The surrogate mother cost in Mumbai increased by the sophisticated care provided to the surrogate mother, routine checks, and other issues. The surrogate mother’s physical evaluations must be paid for by you. It runs several examinations and exams. The surrogate mother’s health, disorder presence, and other details are confirmed by the expert. The high costs of these tests have an impact on surrogacy Mumbai as a whole.

When do you need surrogacy Mumbai?

Even though there are many cutting-edge assisted reproductive technologies accessible, many couples still struggle. They cannot accomplish the result using excellent practices. It has an impact on their capacity to become parents and have children. They experience significant infertility issues that lead to more issues, which is why it occurs. The couple’s final resort is surrogacy if no other method succeeds and they are utterly childless. The only way to have a genetically identical child from birth is through this procedure. Top-tier surrogacy Mumbai is possible under the following circumstances:

  1. Without womb: Some women are born without uteruses due to surgery. They are unable to conceive since pregnancy requires a healthy uterus. The female who has uterine issues, such as fibroids, polyps, adhesions, etc cannot conceive the child.
  2. The pair has experienced several IVF and other infertility treatment failures due to infertility. With these operations, they are unable to become pregnant. It occurs as a result of severe infertility issues. If a couple has experienced numerous miscarriages and pregnancy failures, surrogacy is the best option.
  3. Wellness: Pregnancy is not feasible because the female spouse has a serious illness or medical condition. Heart, kidney, and liver issues can affect some women. Due to difficulties conceiving, the couple is unable to get pregnant.
  4. Age: The depressing truth of infertility situations is advanced. The likelihood of conception is lower for couples who are older. It affects their ovulation, well-being, and other health conditions that hinder conception. The most popular method is surrogacy because a different woman becomes pregnant for the intended parents.
  5. The female spouse is unable to become pregnant since she has undergone cancer treatment. The use of radiation during chemo and various therapies has an impact on a person’s ability to conceive. The uterine health of women might deteriorate and affect their ability to conceive.

Surrogacy cost in Mumbai areas:

Surrogacy areas in Mumbai Costs (in INR)
The surrogacy cost in Andheri       INR 15,09,000 to INR 24,90,000
Surrogacy cost in Bandra                 INR 15,04,000 to INR 24,96,000
The surrogacy cost in Borivali        INR 15,00,500 to INR 25,00,500
Surrogacy cost in Dahisar                INR 14,90,000 to INR 25,10,000
Surrogacy cost in Goregaon           INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000
The surrogacy cost in Jogeshwari INR 15,00,500 to INR 25,00,500
Surrogacy cost in Juhu      INR 15,30,000 to INR 24,75,000
Surrogacy cost in Kandivali west INR 15,02,000 to INR 24,98,000
The surrogacy cost in Khar              INR 15,08,000 to INR 25,00,000
The surrogacy cost in Malad          INR 14,90,000 to INR 25,10,000
Surrogacy cost in Mira-Bhayandar INR 15,04,000 to INR 24,96,000
Surrogacy cost in Santacruz East INR 15,00,400 to INR 25,00,400
The surrogacy cost in Santacruz West INR 15,12,000 to INR 24,85,000
Surrogacy cost in Vile Parle            INR 15,11,000 to INR 24,89,500
The surrogacy cost in Bhandup     INR 15,00,700 to INR 25,00,300
Surrogacy cost in Kanjurmarg        INR 15,04,000 to INR 24,96,000
Surrogacy cost in Kurla     INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000
The surrogacy cost in Mulund       INR 14,90,000 to INR 25,10,000
The surrogacy cost in Nahur           INR 15,12,000 to INR 24,85,000
Surrogacy cost in Powai                   INR 15,30,000 to INR 24,75,000
Surrogacy cost in Vidyavihar          INR 15,00,700 to INR 25,98,500
The surrogacy cost in Vikhroli       INR 15,02,000 to INR 24,98,000
Surrogacy cost in Chembur             INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000
Surrogacy cost in Govandi              INR 15,00,400 to INR 25,00,400
The surrogacy cost in Mankhurd INR 15,10,000 to INR 24,93,000
The surrogacy cost in Trombay     INR 14,90,000 to INR 25,10,000
Surrogacy cost in Antop Hill           INR 15,04,000 to INR 24,96,000
Surrogacy cost in Colaba                  INR 15,12,000 to INR 24,85,000
The surrogacy cost in Kalbadevi                   INR 15,30,000 to INR 24,75,000
Surrogacy cost in Kamathipura     INR 15,02,000 to INR 24,98,000
The surrogacy cost in Matunga     INR 15,00,300 to INR 25,00,300
Surrogacy cost in Parel     INR 15,04,000 to INR 24,96,000
Surrogacy cost in Tardeo INR 14,90,000 to INR 25,10,000


How does surrogacy function in Mumbai?

The surrogacy Mumbai procedure involves stages under high observations and the latest technologies. Your process can involve step changes as per conditions and infertility problems. It helps achieve a better outcome. You just need to choose the best surrogacy clinic in Mumbai. They assist you with advanced procedures and methods. Your process necessarily needs the contract between you and the surrogate mother in Mumbai.

Surrogacy India Mumbai is the top choice as the IVF process helps in a successful pregnancy. The best surrogacy hospital in Mumbai provides top counselling sessions to the couple and surrogate mother as well. It helps with their psychological conditions assistances and has a stress-free procedure.

The surrogacy treatment in Mumbai has the following stages:
1.       Tests: The process begins with learning about the surrogate mother’s health and medical issues. She does not suffer from any life-threatening illnesses or inherited ailments. Her condition and medical history will be examined by your specialist to determine her capacity. The expert will assess the condition of each partner’s eggs and sperm.
2.       Contract: The legal documents will be signed by the intended parents and the surrogate mother. It will be drafted by an accomplished surrogacy attorney. They cover the rights of both parties to the pregnancy and the eventual kid.
3.       The process will begin with the female spouse’s ovary being stimulated. It works in conjunction with fertility drugs to boost egg production. With the hormonal injection, healthy eggs develop and release into the uterus.
4.       The eggs will be taken out of the female uterus by your expert. Utilizing cutting-edge methods and technologies is required. A minimally invasive stage of the retrieval will involve inserting the catheter into the vagina. It uses a fine needle to collect the healthy eggs. Sperm from the male partner will also be collected and prepared in the laboratory.
5.       Combining: Sperm and eggs are inseminated by being placed on a Petri dish. With careful observation, it aids in egg and sperm fertilization. The sperm successfully reaches the eggs and fertilizes them. The resulting eggs will be fertilized. Additionally, your expert will keep track of them and select the most advanced one.
6.       Implant: The expert will watch the fertilized eggs for four to five days. It will use the catheter to place itself within the uterus of the surrogate mother. Two weeks following the implantation, the pregnancy will confirm with the surrogate blood test.
7.       Surrogate mother care: The intended parents must offer top-notch care, frequent checkups, and incredibly nourishing food. The surrogate mother will successfully conceive the child and deliver a healthy pregnancy.
8.       The outcome is that your child will give birth after nine months, either naturally through vaginal birth or via caesarean section.

Where to have the best surrogacy Mumbai?

You will find many surrogacy centres in Mumbai with many promises and reasonable charges. But only a few places have genuine costs and methods. Their transparency and top care show it all. Many couples from different destinations select their surrogacy Mumbai. It helps them achieve better care and procedures. You


We are the best surrogacy clinic in Mumbai with the best procedures and approaches. We have a highly reasonable surrogacy cost in Mumbai. The intended parents from different places select us. We have many assisted reproductive techniques to help partners in uncountable infertility conditions. Also, you will get the procedure from highly experienced fertility experts and doctors.


They are well-known for the affordable surrogacy cost in Mumbai. Partners’ high comfort and satisfaction are high points during the procedure. Moreover, you can have low cost surrogacy in Mumbai with their cost assistance and packages.


They are the best-known location for numerous treatments and procedures. With the help of skilled medical professionals and fertility specialists, you will receive the greatest care. From choosing the procedure to bringing their healthy kid home, they assist patients. You can have a process from their top surrogacy doctors in Mumbai.


Their assistance and procedures are top-notch assisting partners during surrogacy. They have highly affordable surrogacy cost in india Mumbai. Partners can have the procedure with high comfort and fulfilment feeling. They only focus on patients’ conditions and successful outcomes.


Surrogacy Mumbai is the best process and is highly successful through WE CARE. They provide advanced procedures and methods in treatments. Also, your surrogacy in Mumbai can have top doctors and affordable charges

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    FAQs on Surrogacy in Mumbai

    Do foreign couples select surrogacy in Mumbai?

    No, couples from foreign nations cannot use surrogacy in India. Only Indian citizens who are dealing with severe infertility issues have the option of choosing surrogacy for a fruitful outcome. Couples with OCI or POI cards (with Indian ancestry) can also pick India for their surrogacy. Partners from different countries also have the option of choosing another country as their option. In places like Russia, Kenya, Argentina, and others partners can choose without worrying about the surrogacy procedure.

    Why is a legal contract necessary for surrogacy in Mumbai?

    A contract must be established between the intended parents and the surrogate mother before the procedure may begin. It is created by a surrogacy lawyer with extensive experience. The documentation outlines the child’s parental rights for both parties. The contract must be constructed. It is required to clarify that the surrogate has no parental authority over the child. Once the process has begun and the baby has been conceived, the surrogate mother cannot alter her mind. Without a good reason, she has no authority to stop the procedure in the middle. The lawyer will outline all of the requirements for the surrogate. The intended parents will receive the child from the surrogate mother after delivery. Due to the use of gestational treatment, she has no rights.

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    Under the pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994, prenatal sex determination is banned in India.

    No test or treatment for sex selection, sex determination, gender selection, gender determination is done in India.

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