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Surrogacy in Abroad comes in two forms – the first one is gestational surrogacy, where the gestational surrogate is implanted with the fertilized embryo; and the second one is a gestational surrogate, where the fertilization takes place using surrogate’s own eggs. Nowadays, gestational surrogacy is chosen over a traditional one because the baby delivered via gestational method has a biological connection with the intended couple. Still, this case is different in traditional surrogacy because of the surrogate’s eggs. There have been seen many complications in the traditional method, and hence the couples and the surrogacy centres in Abroad offer gestational surrogacy mostly.

Surrogacy in Abroad is famous for its highest success rate and serving the world-class treatment to the individual. Specific laws and guidelines need to be followed by each individual who is planning for surrogacy abroad.

Surrogacy has always been into the storm topic amongst several nations; few countries have entirely banned and made illegal this assisted reproductive technique, while some offer surrogacy with terms and conditions. If you are planning for Surrogacy in Abroad then what you have to focus is to go for the leading surrogacy centre in abroad gathering all the information regarding the surrogacy law and the cost.

The number of individuals choosing surrogacy abroad is also rising for the past few years. Surrogacy performed under the surrogacy centres provided by Go IVF Surrogacy brings a positive outcome. The main reason behind the increasing count of intended parents choosing surrogacy abroad is its high success rate and experienced surrogates.


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Essential Factors to Consider Choosing Surrogacy in Abroad

There have always seen ethical issues in some emerging countries exploiting women for the surrogacy process. By keeping all these elements together, some strict laws have made in some nations. So, yes if you are thinking to go for Surrogacy in Abroad, then there are certain aspects that you must notice considering the procedure.

One of the essential points is to choose the authentic and genuine surrogacy centre in Abroad that has a decent record of live births via surrogacy procedure. What makes a surrogacy centre established and famed? Is it just the success rate or a reasonable cost? Undeniably cost and success rate matters a lot throughout the procedure, along with this, the specialists who accomplish IVF-ICSI in the surrogacy or the fertility team also plays the most important role in surrogacy. These are some factors that make a surrogacy centre – the best one.

Go IVF Surrogacy is an international surrogacy agency that serves surrogacy abroad at the affordable range; also, it offers other fertility treatments across the globe. We are specialized in proving the world best surrogacy procedure to the intended couples offering suitable and desirable surrogate mothers. We do have multiple databases of surrogates providing the highest success rate at the first transfer of embryo only.

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Countries that work best for Surrogacy in Abroad

Some states are prominent for ART technique because of top-notch quality and the experienced veterans who carry out the entire steps of surrogacy marvelously. Based on the documentation, several countries have found to be the best providing surrogacy procedure at an affordable price and the states are – US, India, Ukraine, Kenya, Georgia and Russia. Yes, for the past few years, the surrogacy counts in these countries have seen rising being the best destination to undergo Surrogacy in Abroad.

Surrogacy in abroad is done under the knowledgeable fertility staff and ideal environment where the surrogate feels happy and cherish. Surrogate gets full medical care and regular checkup – sonography and ANC checkup that has to take place time to time in the surrogacy centre. The complete procedure gets accomplished in a courteous manner keeping all the guidelines prior.

The cost of surrogacy varies from country to country; charge of surrogacy also depends on the number of IVF cycles required. Sometimes the intended couple has a preference to choose guarantee package of surrogacy, by this time the cost of surrogacy gets high. The price of a guaranteed package of Surrogacy in Abroad is a bit high, during this program the couple undergoes as much IVF cycles required (until experts don’t get healthy embryo for transfer).

Estimated Average Cost of Surrogacy in Abroad –

  1. Surrogacy Cost in Georgia – USD 38,000 to USD 42,000
  2. Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine – USD 38,000 to USD 45,000
  3. Surrogacy Cost in India – USD 21,000 to USD 23,000 (INR 15,00,000 to INR 18,00,000)
  4. Surrogacy Cost in Kenya – USD 40,000 to USD 45,000
  5. Surrogacy in Russia – USD 35,000 to USD 45,000


    Closing Lines –

    If you have made your mind to go for Surrogacy in Georgia then you need to know that Georgian law of surrogacy welcomes only married and unmarried couples; on the other hand, Kenya allows married, unmarried couples, and single parents to undergo surrogacy process providing all the exceptional amenities throughout the treatment.

    India has undergone specific changes and now for surrogacy in India, the intended couple must have been living together for the past five years (married) proving that they are infertile. India only permits the one who has Indian citizenship. This is the only country that offers surrogacy at so very reasonable cost serving the best surrogate mother for the treatment.

    Ukraine is illustrious for surrogate mothers; the surrogacy centres provided by Go IVF Surrogacy in Ukraine show the highest success rate. Only married couples can go for their surrogacy in Ukraine.


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