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IVF – a brand new technology of ART which is best used to get rid of male or female infertility issue. IVF has been introduced to us on 25th July 1978 and the first test-tube baby delivered via this technique was Louise Joy Brown, born in England and now she is enjoying her life with her two sons jovially. Since then over 6 million test tube babies have been born worldwide. IVF Treatment in India has brought sunshine to millions of couples. A couple, if struggling to have a baby to fulfill their family (trying for more than 12 consecutive months without using any protection) then this is the right time when they need medical assistance for their fertility matter.

Several individuals are unaware about the success rate of IVF Treatment in India; some of the couples are misled about the exact success percentage because many centres misrepresent the data just to hoard a bundle of money from the patients. Go IVF Surrogacy is the authentic fertility centre that gives the couples surety only when the case can give the fruitful result and if the fertility case is difficult then the best and appropriate treatment is applied to attain a positive result. IVF Treatment can never say for guaranteed results; the success rate of this treatment begins with 45% and goes up to 55% (maximum). Although, IVF cycle varies greatly on many factors such as the age of the couple, infertility level, past medical history, etc. Let’s gather all the fundamental facts regarding IVF Treatment in India; start with basic information about IVF treatment.


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How Does IVF Works in India?

What is IVF Treatment?

IVF is fully known as In Vitro Fertilization, is an intricate series of process, which is used to treat fertility and pregnancy-related issue and work best to attain pregnancy. During IVF Treatment in India, mature oocytes or eggs are collected from the recipient’s ovaries and fertilized with the sperm inside the fertility laboratory. Once the motile sperm successfully reaches and enters into the egg’s cytoplasm, the embryo is formed. An embryo is chosen by the experts and then transferred into the female’s uterus for implantation. A single IVF Treatment India takes about three-four weeks for the completion.

In Vitro Fertilization is one of the most effective forms of ART technology. This process either can be accomplished with the couple’s egg and sperm or donor eggs and donor sperms. IVF treatment is achieved using different techniques such as IVF with donor sperm, IVF with donor egg, IVF with ICSI or IMSI, IVF with PGD, etc. Altruistic surrogacy is also undertaken by the same process, where the couple undergoes IVF treatment and embryo is implanted into the known surrogate’s uterus.

The possibility of having a healthy child via IVF Treatment in India depends on some major factors, some of them are –

  • The couple’s age
  • Couple’s infertility case
  • Previous history of miscarriage (if any)
  • A genetic disorder or chromosomal defect

If any of the partners have genetic defects or chromosomal disorder then the concerned couple can go for IVF treatment with PGD technique. This technique allows the healthiest and fit embryo to be placed into the recipient’s uterus.

Procedures combined with IVF Treatment in India

Various procedures and alterations are there that are integrated with IVF treatment in India depending on the couple’s infertility case.

When a male is unable to produce healthy and motile sperm or the outer shell of the egg is quite thick and hard to let the sperm enter into the egg’s cytoplasm then ICSI treatment comes to the rescue and helps to attain successful fertilization. IVF with ICSI is helpful for those males, who are unable to possess active and motile sperm for fertilization.

Women with a hard or thick layer of zona have trouble with embryo implantation (where the embryo sticks successfully into the lining of the uterus), resultant IVF failure. Thinning of this zona shell is done by applying a laser; this method is referred to as Laser hatching.

When a male faces with severe male infertility issue, then IVF treatment with PICSI is performed to choose a morphological fit and healthy sperm to attain fertilization. This technique allows the specialist to choose a better quality of embryo for fertilization.

If a male or female contains genetic disorder or chromosomal defect then the embryo is also confined with a disorder which later can have unsuccessful result during IVF. This time IVF treatment with PGD technique is combined to get the healthiest and fault free embryo for implantation. A poor embryo quality results in a failed IVF treatment and that’s why several couples choose IVF with PGD to have their baby in pink.

Who can opt for IVF Treatment in India?

  • Women with endometriosis
  • Unexplained Infertility or idiopathic infertility
  • Repeated unsuccessful result via Intra-uterine Insemination
  • Tuberculosis with damaged fallopian tube
  • Women facing with Polycystic Ovarian Disorder (PCOD)
  • Advanced parental age
  • Male factor fertility (low sperm count, reduced motility)
  • Abnormal growth
  • PCOD, Unexplained infertility
  • Fallopian tube blocked or irreparably diseased
  • Disturbances of hormones
  • Females with premature ovarian failure

Procedure of IVF Treatment in India at Go IVF Surrogacy –

Treatment of IVF in India follows as –

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Blood report and semen analysis report
  3. Counseling session related to fertility case
  4. Ovary stimulation medication
  5. Procedure of collection the eggs/ Egg Retrieval
  6. Semen collection
  7. Fertilization
  8. Incubation and development of the embryo
  9. Embryo transfer
  10. Confirmation of pregnancy

Why Choose India For Your IVF treatment?

Success Rate

IVF treatment in India has achieved the highest success rates of delivering healthy babies.

Qualified Fertility Experts

India is a country where the fertility experts are highly qualified and able to help the couples in conceiving their own baby.


The people across the globe travel to India for their IVF treatment as they know that the fertility experts here can treat the couple even if the couple is facing severe infertility issue.


The cost of IVF treatment in India is very reasonable and each individual can easily afford this treatment to have their own baby.

Treatment quality

India is a country where fertility experts never compromise with the quality of the treatment.

Services offered

Services offered in India for fertility treatment is at par with the rest of the world.










If unable to attain pregnancy, when can be tried IVF Treatment in India again? 

First IVF cycle is often successful at Best IVF Centre in India but the most devastating and frustrating condition comes when the patients get a failure of well-progressing IVF cycle. A couple before undergoing any of the centres is required to understand that IVF Treatment in India doesn’t always provide success result in a pregnancy test. Although this fertility treatment is a miracle solution sometimes it gives breakdown result at the first try and success result at second or even third IVF cycle. So, you need to carry patience because IVF is soon going to work.

The success rate of IVF along with ICSI is in the range of 45-55% per embryo transfer and therefore regrettably n numbers of couples not get pregnant at their first IVF cycle, that’s why they choose another cycle.

If the couple is perfect with good quality of the embryo, a suitable lining of the uterus then often IVF treatment India gives successful result at the first attempt.

If a couple gets failed or unsuccessful IVF result then take a break of at least three to four months before you plan for the second IVF treatment, recover yourself first and outline for another IVF with a positive mind. Success will soon come your way.

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