IUI Cost in Bangalore

IUI Cost in Bangalore – Which suits each individual in fulfilling the dream of having an own baby

The hospitals under Go IVF Surrogacy, the medical tourism company offers the reasonable IUI Cost in Bangalore which suits the pocket of each individual in fulfilling their dream of having an own baby. The fertility experts in Bangalore understand the condition of the couple who were struggling for a long period of time and managing the funds for the treatment just to see their own baby. By offering the reasonable IUI cost does not mean that the fertility expert will compromise the quality of the treatment. They will offer the same international quality of the treatment at the reasonable cost to people across the globe without biasing between the poor or needy people.

Bangalore is a city where the medication is less expensive and the cost of the fertility expert is also very less as compared to other assisted reproductive treatments. The fertility experts have reduced the IUI Cost in Bangalore so that each couple on this planet will enjoy their parenthood happily with their own baby and the cost of the treatment will not stop them. The IUI is the less invasive and less expensive treatment which your fertility expert will suggest you before you proceed to other expensive reproductive methods.


What’s the average IUI Treatment Cost in Bangalore?

The average IUI Treatment Cost in Bangalore ranges between USD 300 to USD 3000 depending on the several factors which are as follows:

a) Basic cost

The basic IUI Treatment Cost in Bangalore will cover the basic clinic procedures such as men sperm washing, men’s sperm preparation in the laboratory, and transferring the men’s washed sperm into women uterus which will cost you few hundred dollars.

b) Attempts IUI cycles

You will be the charge for per IUI cycle which means if you required more IUI cycle then the IUI Treatment Cost in Bangalore will increases accordingly. In IUI treatment the age of the women is one of the most important factors which can increase the IUI Treatment Cost in Bangalore for e.g. if the women age is under 35 years than she required less dosage of fertility drugs as compared to the women over the age of 40 years. In such cases, the fertility expert will advise the older women not to go for the IUI treatment it’s better if they try other assisted reproductive methods to fulfil their dream of having an own baby.

c) Medication cost

In case, the women require the medication such as Clomid than it will increase the IUI Treatment Cost in Bangalore. The couple can use the generic versions of these medications which are easily available in the market and are not very expensive and will give the same results. The Clomid medicine for one cycle will cost you between USD 20 to USD 200 depending on the dosage you require, generally, during IUI treatment the cost of this medicine is around USD 40 for one cycle, however, you need the injectable medications than your IUI Treatment Cost in Bangalore will increase accordingly because these injectable medications are more expensive than the Clomid medicine.

d) Other tests and Scans

If you require more ultrasound scan and blood tests other than the routine one than this will add several few hundred dollars to your basic IUI Treatment Cost in Bangalore and these are tests which will be covered by your insurance companies even if the IUI treatment is not covered.









Who makes the IUI Treatment Cost in Bangalore Reasonable?

The network hospitals under IVF Surrogacy, the medical tourism company make the IUI Treatment Cost in Bangalore reasonable because they wish to spread the happiness among all the people across the world and they do not want that the cost of the procedure will stop any couple to enjoy their phase of being parents of an own baby and this is the reason that they offer the reasonable cost and this attracts the attention of many international patients to visit Bangalore for the IUI treatment.


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