IVF and Embryo Transfer Report

Once the eggs are retrieved from the donor, we will inform you about the number of eggs and their health. IVF with those eggs will be performed with sperms and the IVF specialist will closely monitor the growth of these embryos for the next 2 – 5 days.

You will also be consulted for your choice of number of embryos to be transferred in the gestational surrogate and at which stage of maturity. You can, in consultation with the IVF specialist, choose between day 2 to day 5 transfer.

Once the embryos are transferred in the surrogate mother, the rest of the embryos created will be frozen for your future use.

We will then prepare and IVF and Embryo Transfer report for your case and give it to you with details of the eggs picked up, embryos created, transferred in the surrogate mother and frozen and also a picture of your embryos.

The report will look something like this.

ivf embryo transfer









What we Do?



: This treatment helps those couples who tried to conceive naturally for more than a year and unable to achieve the successful pregnancy.

Egg Donation

This is the best procedure at Go IVF surrogacy for those couples where women are unable to produce good quality of eggs and need assistance in conceiving a baby.


Go IVF surrogacy offered the surrogacy procedure to those couples where women are suffering from uterus or kidney disease and men with low or poor sperm count.

Egg Freezing

Women can freeze their eggs when they are young and can use their own eggs when they plan for their family in future.

Male Infertility

At Go IVF surrogacy we also treat the male infertility issues which are stopping fertile women to conceive.

Gynae Services

The gynae at Go IVF surrogacy will provide the best gynae services throughout your journey and also take your personal and medical care properly.

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Go IVF Surrogacy is the leading clinic which provides the solution to all types of infertility issues. In short, we can say this is one stop destination where all infertile couples can fulfill their dream of having an own baby.

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