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Understanding All the Minute Detail of IVF Treatment in Pune

Infertility is a gloomy and heart-breaking subject matter that makes a keyhole in many couples’ lives without any invitation. Infertility is nothing but a hormonal disorder and occurs due to several factors, one of the common factors of it is- the way we pursue our lifestyle. True! Lifestyle aspects lead infertility issue, factors such as increased marital age or delayed marriages, delay in family planning, the rising level of alcohol, smoke, consumption of obesity, hazardous chemicals in work area and our day to day activity. Clinical factors are also increasing the occurrence of medical surroundings such as Polycystic ovary syndrome (referred to as PCOS), endometrial, STIs, etc.

This thing is shocking that only 45-50% of couples pay a quick visit to an expert when they get hurdle in the way to have a baby only 4-5% of infertile couples hunt for treatment. It is more surprising to know that 45-50% of women are not at all aware of ovulation tracking items like fertility monitors. When a couple begins their family planning, man and woman- both should gather ample information regarding all these topics.

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Infertility is Not a Female Problem

Yes, in a bold letter – IT IS NOT. A person, who is in myth and thinks that if a couple is unable to have their toddler then the woman is supposed to be blamed. This is a common mindset that needs to revolutionize. A man and woman should not forget that it always requires two individual to conceive and make a newborn and if it is so then why female is supposed to be accused, the male can equally be liable for fertility issues.

Talking about the counts of infertility, more than 27 million couples are facing with this disorder, wherein female infertile counts are 45-50%, male infertility is at 35-40% and rest of the infertility case involves both the partners.

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What is IVF Treatment in Pune ?

According to specialists, IVF is the first and effective treatment to get rid of childlessness tag from infertility days. IVF is one of the best solutions to treat infertility in ART methodology; ART, on the other hand, is a group that encompasses multiple fertility treatments and advance techniques that eradicate any type of infertility issue in both- men and women. It is the go-to option for multiple infertility conditions.

IVF is a simple but delayed process that takes 4-6 weeks to complete a single cycle. IVF Treatment in Pune takes the egg and sperm together infertility lab for fertilization, once the embryo forms, fertility experts of Go IVF Surrogacy transfer the best embryo into the female’s uterus. This was a short explanation about IVF; we will later on this page gather all the important aspects of IVF Treatment Pune. Let’s start with why IVF is considered?









In Which Case, IVF is Mandatory or Should be Considered?

IVF Treatment in Pune should take into account when –

  • A woman has damaged the fallopian tube
  • Blocked fallopian tube
  • Severe Endometriosis
  • Male infertility factor
  • PCOS issue
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Women who are experiencing the ovarian disorder, irregular menstruation cycle
  • Male or female, having a genetic issue or chromosomal abnormalities
  • Couple with unexplained infertility

NOTE- If a male faces with less sperm count or low mobility then he should seek IVF with ICSI or IMSI treatment. During the treatment of ICSI, a single sperm is directly injected into the egg, which has been retrieved in the course of egg collection step. This enhances fertilization and cut down the waiting time of sperm penetration into the egg’s cytoplasm.

If there is the case of NO SPERM in male’s semen then by surgical procedure, sperm is retrieved and through the method of IVF with ICSI, fertilization is accomplished.


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Female Infertility Issue

If we discuss the most common reason behind female infertility, we will find its Her Eggs. Yes! It’s all about the egg quality, which a female produces each month. If the egg is healthy and come down to the uterus where sperm can penetrate into it; if all goes well, fertilized egg becomes an embryo (takes few days 4-5 days), implanted on the uterus wall and grows into baby. Anything that interferes during this entire step is a potential cause of infertility.

If a female is unable to produce healthy eggs, then IVF treatment in Pune with donor egg is the best option to go for. Usually, a female has problem with the fallopian tubes and uterus that cause fertility issues and IVF is the best solution to eliminate this issue.

Male Infertility Issue

For male, it’s all about the problem of sperm. Less sperm counts make hard environment of fertilization or even low mobility of sperm create less chances of fertilization – any of this issue happens then the couple has to consult with the specialist for further elucidation.

IVF treatment Pune with ICSI or IMSI technique is best for male infertility issue specially if the male is producing unhealthy sperms, abnormal sperm, less motile or low sperm count.

IVF Treatment Pune –

IVF treatment Mumbai accumulates different steps and stages during the procedure for IVF treatment.

IVF treatment in Pune is best performed by the specialists of Go IVF Surrogacy and hands out unsurpassed treatment to the patients throughout their IVF process. IVF follows 4-5 steps through its procedure; they are –

  1. Fertility Medication and Hormonal Injections
  2. Ultrasounds and blood work
  3. Follicular Aspiration or egg collection
  4. Fertilization
  5. Embryo transfer

Fertility Medication and hormonal Injection –

  • Fertility medication and hormonal injection is the first step of IVF Treatment in Pune. During this step, a female has to undergo with some of the important medications that gives out best result in fertilization.
  • Fertility medications and regular injections are given to the female in order to get several (10-12) eggs at the time of ovulation. Since we all know that a female produces a single egg each month but during the method of IVF treatment Pune, we require multiple eggs to have positive result in fertilization step.
  • In some of the case of female infertility, female are found with very poor egg quality and that brings no result via IVF with self eggs; hence IVF with donor egg is recommended in such case. IVF with donor egg is one of the effective solutions to attain pregnancy.

Ultrasounds and check-ups –

  • During the process of above medication, a female partner has to pay a visit to the clinic for some tests. Why this test and for what? To monitor the egg’s level and maturity, transvaginal ultrasound is performed. Once the fertility experts confirm on the subject of developed eggs, the next process is to collect all these eggs from each ovary. Collection of the egg is a minor surgical procedure, where the experts accomplish the task using needle.

Step 2: Follicular Aspiration –

  • This is one of the crucial steps of IVF treatment Pune and should always be carried out by the hands of fertility veterans only. This process is done under ultrasounds because ultrasound is used to visually guide so that the experts easily collect the eggs from the follicle in female’s ovary.
  • Before collection of the eggs, local anesthesia is given to the recipient to cut back any uneasiness during egg retrieval.
  • Once all the matured eggs have aspired from the follicular fluid, the eggs are kept in a Petri dish that contains nutrient media.
  • Eggs are collected by using a small hollow needle through the vagina into one ovary and after that other ovary.


The eggs should only be collected once all the eggs are matured and must be guided under the senior expert of the fertility team.

One more thing is- before the collection of the eggs, an injection – Trigger Shot is given to the female, this injection is given to the recipient so that each egg gets fully matured and ripened. Within 36 hours of this trigger shot, eggs collection is done by the specialists.

Step 3: Fertilization–a significant phase of IVF –

  • Once the fertility expert gets all the eggs, experts examine maturity and quality of the eggs; enough matured eggs are placed into a special culture medium and within few hours fertilization procedure begins.
  • Usually the experts achieve fertilization in two ways- just by mixing all the sperms into the eggs and waiting for the sign of fertilization (i.e. – Penetration of the motile sperm into the egg’s cytoplasm); the second way is IVF with ICSI- during this process, expert injects a single sperm (enough motile and active) directly into the egg. Both the method is best in its way. ICSI is done when there is a chance of less motile or active sperm.
  • ICSI with IVF is always recommended when factors make hard to achieve fertilization due to unhealthy semen quality or premature failure of IVF treatment.

Step 4: Embryo Transfer and Implantation –

  • Transferring the embryo is the last step of IVF Treatment in Pune procedure and is the vital part of the pregnancy too.
  • Following fertilization step, the fertility team between 3rd to 5th day after egg retrieval or fertilization puts back the embryo into the mother’s uterus.
  • How many embryos are generally placed? The number of the embryo is usually placed one or maximum two. Where two embryos are placed, the female is likely to get twins (not in always the case). But in general, to avoid risk, experts chose two best embryos for embryo transfer step (after the consent by the couple).
  • With the help of a catheter, the embryo is carefully positioned into the uterus. If the embryo has successfully attached into the uterine lining, the possibility of pregnancy is increased.

Pregnancy Test –

After 12-14 days of couple’s IVF embryo transfer, a female has to undergo with blood pregnancy test. If the pregnancy test is confirmed, she will be followed with ultrasounds and blood tests in order to have the confirmation about pregnancy.

At the end –

There are several fertility options available to treat various infertility problems for example IVF with donor sperm, IF with donor egg, IVF with embryo adoption etc. on the ground of couple’s infertility case, appropriate IVF Treatment Pune is applied.  Go IVF Surrogacy brings forth the best IVF treatment and provides a1 medication to the patient throughout their IVF journey.

If we talk about the success rate of IVF Treatment Pune, all comes the factor- Couple’s age and woman’s egg quality. There is likelihood of attaining pregnancy when a female provides healthy eggs and male provide active sperm. In general, IVF treatment Pune gives 72-75% success rate. Choose authentic and genuine centre for your IVF treatment and make sure to gather all the minute detail regarding IVF cost. Have a safe and pleasant IVF journey!


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