Get an affordable Male Infertility Cost in Delhi

Male Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi

Delhi is a city which offers the reasonable and best and Male Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi for all the patients across the globe without biasing between poor, payee, or needy people. The fertility experts in Delhi are the doctors who come forward together and offer the reasonable male infertility treatment to all those couples who were dealing with the severe cause of male infertility and unable to become a father of own baby even if the women are fertile.

The reason behind offering the low- Male Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi is that the fertility experts in Delhi wish to see all the couples with smiling faces and for this, they can go beyond their limits to treat them. The fertility experts in Delhi offer the male infertility treatment not only at the reasonable cost but also with the excellent success rate without compromising the quality of the treatment. They offer the same international standard quality of the treatment to all the patients across the globe and that too at the very reasonable cost which no one can imagine. Delhi is a city where the costs of the medications are also very as compare to any other city in India.

What do you understand by male infertility?

Male infertility mainly depends on the quality and the quantity of the sperms produce by male members for fertilization. Male infertility refers to a male’s inability to cause pregnancy in fertile women. Male infertility occurs due to low sperm count, no sperm, poor quality of sperms, deficiencies in the semen, and semen quality etc.which is stopping a male member to become a father of an own baby. But now don’t worry because the fertility doctors have all the treatments available to treat the cause of infertility in men such as IVF with ICSI, GIFT, ZIFT, TESA, TESE, Surgery, Hormonal treatment and much more under one roof.

Average Male Infertility Treatment Cost Delhi?

The average Male Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi is very reasonable as compare to other cities in India. For e.g. infertility treatment like Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is a less expensive and less invasive fertility treatment as compared to other assisted reproductive treatments such as IVF, egg donation, surrogacy etc. The Male Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi will vary between different clinics.

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Male Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi Structure

The following is the Male Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi structure which will give you the rough amount you need to pay for the male infertility treatment:

Services Cost (USD)

  1. initial visit with fertility expert in Delhi.:- $300

  2. blood tests required for fertility treatment.:- $350

  3. Semen Analysis :- $150

  4. Clomid medication :- $100 to $1000.

  5. injectable medication :- $700.

  6. injectable FSH while monitoring :- $700

  7. Monitoring of ultrasound and blood test :- $2000

  8. IVF treatment :- $5500 including other expenses

  9. IVF with ICSI :- $6000 to $6500

  10. IVF with sperm donor :- $30,000 including the fees of donor, agency charges, legal fees etc.

  11. Cost of fertility drugs which are injectable for sperm donor :- $30,000

Please note that all the above-mentioned cost are estimated and the correct figure for Male Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi will only be given when your fertility expert will examine you properly and know the cause that is stopping you to become a father of an own baby.

How to choose the best clinic for Male Infertility Treatment?

Nowadays with the advanced technology, you can easily search the best clinic for your male infertility treatment. You can search it on the internet or you can take an advice from any of your friends or relatives who have been gone through with the male infertility treatment. But it is very important for you to be aware of the fake clinics, as there are so many fertility clinics in Delhi who will offer you the low- Male Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi but before reaching to those clinic do your homework first by searching for their qualification, experience, success rate of the male infertility procedure, success rate for taking the baby home, estimated Male Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi that what all they include in your male infertility treatment package and what all are the exclusions, so that you will not end up with the high bills after your male infertility treatment. To avoid all these conditions it always is a best practice to confirm each and everything about your male infertility treatment before you proceed.


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