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Surrogacy Centre in India – The Centre which is the reason of smile for many couples

Surrogacy Centre in India is the top and leading centre which is now become a reason of smile for many couples who wish to have an own baby but due to the cause of infertility, they are unable to conceive a baby naturally. For these couples, the Surrogacy Centre in India plays an important role where the couples will get the best fertility experts who will properly examine them before they suggest any treatment. After the proper examination, the fertility experts will guide you with various fertility treatments and also help you in making your decision that which treatment is better according to your medical report that will fulfil your dream of having an own baby .

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Is Surrogacy in India for You ? Surrogacy Options for Intended Parents

Commercial Surrogacy is Legal in India. If you are a Single or a Couple (either married or unmarried) and looking for hiring a surrogate mother to carry a baby for you, this is your solution in India.

Gestational Carriers and Egg Donors of quality are provided by Go IVF Surrogacy in India. We have a wide database of surrogate mother and donors which we can offer you to choose from.

You may opt for surrogacy procedure with your own eggs with your partner / husband’s sperms or with an egg donor / sperm donor. This choice is yours and is clinically evaluated by one of our IVF specialists while offering a gestational carrier to you.

More than 70 egg donors of Indian origin and 20 egg donors of Caucasian race are listed with us and we can share the database with you on your request. We can offer Indian and Caucasian sperm donors too…

Our database of surrogate mothers waiting to carry your child is also large. All the surrogate mothers are clinically screened and their family history, disease history, living conditions etc. are verified before a surrogate is recruited in our program. Needless to say, there is no waiting list for you.

More often than not, we will cycle more than one surrogate mother for you. These surrogates are simultaneously cycled to achieve the optimum levels of uterus lining levels and only the surrogate whose uterus looks the most optimum nearer to the embryo transfer day is finally picked and the embryo transfer takes place in her. This way we are able to offer even better success results of surrogacy to our Intended Parents.

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The Surrogacy Centre India will provide you all the faculties related to your treatment under one roof so that it will save your lot of time and energy while going here and there. This centre is also well-equipped with the equipment that has been purchased from the international market to provide you with the best results of the treatment which is at par with the rest of the world.


The time when you enter for your consultation at Surrogacy Centre India you will experience the warmth in atmosphere and also see that all the fertility experts along with other professionals taking the proper care of each individual in a very polite manner and also providing the information about their each and every stage of the treatment so that the couple can take their proper care such as medications on time, proper diet etc. to achieve the successful results.

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We thank to Go IVF Surrogacy clinic which offers us the best fertility treatment which helps us in conceiving our own baby as well as it saves our lot of money, time and energy.


Our great thanks to Go IVF Surrogacy clinic where fertility experts treat us as their own family member and help us throughout our journey of conceiving a baby.


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Our all credit goes to Go IVF Surrogacy clinic where the fertility experts understand our condition and accordingly they offer us the best fertility treatment which fulfils our dreams.


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Go IVF Surrogacy is the leading clinic which provides the solution to all types of infertility issues. In short, we can say this is one stop destination where all infertile couples can fulfill their dream of having an own baby.

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