Surrogacy Cost in Bangalore

How much does reasonable surrogacy cost in Delhi for couples?

Well, starting from the surrogacy cost Delhi, it is a highly expensive procedure. And the legal procedure that has many laws. You can have the best process and outcome that do not possible with others. The expert recommends surrogacy as the last option and no other procedures have helped. Partners have healthy and genetic-related children in their hands. Surrogacy has assisted many couples in achieving successful parenthood.

The surrogacy cost in Delhi NCR is much more affordable than in other states and developed nations. You will have the best process because well-known centres locate here. They help partners with highly advanced technologies and approaches. Also, you will get highly experienced experts and doctors for processes. Delhi is the top and most desirable location for many partners and patients looking for the best treatments.

Surrogacy Cost Delhi – A Very Reasonable That Helps Many Couples to Have an Own Baby

Surrogacy Cost in Delhi is a very reasonable cost and it helps many couples who wish to have their baby but due to the expensive treatment cost, are not able to afford it and are unable to enjoy their parenthood now with the help of Go IVF Surrogacy. Before suggesting the surrogacy procedure the fertility experts at the network hospitals under IVF Surrogacy examine each individual properly to find out the cause of infertility and to check which process will work for them in surrogacy.

Gestational surrogacy offers in case the quality of the sperms and the eggs of the intended parents are good because their egg and sperm fertilize together to facilitate fertilization and once the fertilization occurs the resulting embryo will be placed into the uterus of the gestational surrogate to establish the successful pregnancy. Also, the Altruistic form is legal in Delhi, which means the surrogate mother will help the couple.

Surrogacy in Delhi is legal only for Indian married couples facing severe infertility. Also, if you are international partners with OCI (Overseas Citizens of India) or POI (Person of India) cardholders can have the process. It means you have Indian origins and still live in other nations. You can check the exact legal terms for surrogacy in India. And only three embryos can implant into the surrogate mother’s uterus.

Surrogacy cost in Delhi:

NOTE: The Surrogacy Regulation Act governs surrogacy in Delhi (2021). It solely permits the altruistic surrogacy form in Delhi.

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How much does a surrogate mother cost in Delhi?

The surrogate mother is a healthy woman ready to help the couple facing severe infertility conditions. She willingly conceives the couple’s baby to deliver and hand over to them. Surrogacy means substitute, and the surrogate mother’s womb is the substitute for the intended mother. Many female partners cannot have surrogacy because of their severe infertility conditions. They can have surrogacy that helps achieve successful parenthood.

The surrogate mother cost Delhi has altruistic form. It states that the surrogate mother only becomes the surrogate to help the couple. Also, including any compensation or monetary benefit for the surrogate mother is illegal. The intended parents have to provide the surrogate mother with essential needs during pregnancy. Also, it will include the surrogate mother’s health insurance for three years. Other aspects can affect your surrogacy cost Delhi.

The surrogate mother advanced care, regular checkups, and different factors increase the charges. You need to pay for the surrogate mother’s medical examinations. It performs various tests and checkups. The expert confirms the surrogate mother’s health and disorder presence and other aspects. These tests have high charges that affect the entire surrogate mother cost in Delhi.

Surrogacy processes Charges in INR
Surrogacy INR 15,00,000 to INR 20,00,000
Surrogacy with Donor eggs INR 16,40,000 to INR 21,00,000
Surrogacy with Donor sperm INR 15,60,000 to INR 20,80,000
Surrogacy in three attempts INR 19,00,000 to INR 22,00,000
Donor eggs INR 1,40,000 to INR 1,90,000
Donor sperm INR 60,000 to INR 80,000

Altruistic surrogacy in Delhi:

Altruistic means helping others with no benefits in the sake. Surrogacy in Delhi has many laws that allow Indian couples with severe infertility conditions. According to these regulations, only the altruistic form is legal in India. It means the couple will not provide the surrogate mother compensation. They can only offer the necessary help during the surrogate conception.

What stages include in the surrogacy cost in Delhi NCR?

The low cost surrogacy in Delhi helps couples have their children successfully. It is the best assisted reproductive technique that helps in many infertility conditions. Also, it is the most successful procedure of other ART treatments. Because surrogacy is the only one that provides healthy child results in the intended parents’ hands. The process involves taking help from the healthy surrogate mother. After having your surrogate mother in Delhi, the expert fertilizes the partners’ eggs with sperm to implant into the surrogate uterus.

The following stages include in the surrogacy cost Delhi for your successful outcomes:

1.     Your surrogacy process will start by knowing the surrogate mother’s health. It involves many checkups that perform by your expert. They will also confirm the partners’ eggs and sperm health will confirm. It will include ultrasounds, blood tests, HIV, hepatitis, and other testings. 
2.     The female partner will have fertility medications to produce healthy eggs. It stimulates ovarian function and helps in increasing egg count with maturity. The egg production will examine and inject the hormonal injection. It will help in releasing healthy eggs into the uterus. 
3.     After it, the expert retrieves the eggs from the female uterus. On the other hand, the male partner will provide healthy sperm for the process. The retrieval will function with the invasive procedure. As, the expert will insert the catheter with the transvaginal ultrasound. It helps assist in the process, and a needle aspirates the follicles in the uterus. With it, the male partner’s semen sample will make ready to have healthy sperm. 
4.     The fertilization will function by placing healthy eggs and sperm on a Petri plate. Your expert will mix them for insemination as the sperm will enter the centre of the eggs. They can recommend the ICSI process for a better process in male infertility conditions. 
5.     Your fertilized eggs will monitor by the expert to know their development. Then implant into the surrogate mother’s uterus. And the pregnancy outcome will confirm after two weeks of the process. 
6.     After pregnancy outcomes, the surrogate mother will need advance care, regular checkups, and other assistance. And after nine months, your child will be born by the surrogate mother. 


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    What are the surrogacy Fees in Delhi for the Procedures?

    The surrogacy cost Delhi for using gestational surrogacy is around INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000 including all other expenses related to the surrogate mother such as recruiting, screening, legal charges, food, accommodation, maternity clothing, Surrogacy cost in Delhi for the experts, cost of the IVF cycle, etc. Your charges depend on various factors that can affect the budget and cause problems in the budget.

    The fertility experts at the network hospitals under IVF Surrogacy advise going for gestational surrogacy if the eggs and sperms of the intended parents are good enough for fertilization because of gestational surrogacy. It functions with the IVF process and provides a successful conception of the surrogate mother. Moreover, you can have procedures as per the infertility conditions.

    surrogacy cost in delhi

    Surrogacy cost in Delhi:

    Surrogacy cost in South Extension INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000
    The Surrogacy cost in Green Park INR 15,10,000 to INR 25,10,000
    The Surrogacy cost in Rohini INR 15,09,000 to INR 25,09,000
    Surrogacy cost in Saket INR 15,00,200 to INR 25,00,200
    Surrogacy cost in Najafgarh INR 15,11,000 to INR 25,11,000
    The Surrogacy cost in Rajouri Garden INR 15,10,000 to INR 25,10,000
    Surrogacy cost in Patel Nagar INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000
    Surrogacy cost in Pitam Pura INR 15,09,000 to INR 25,09,000
    The Surrogacy cost in Keshavpuram INR 15,08,000 to INR 25,08,000
    Surrogacy cost in Model town INR 15,11,000 to INR 25,11,000
    Surrogacy cost in Patparganj INR 15,10,000 to INR 25,10,000
    The Surrogacy cost in Ashok Vihar INR 15,00,100 to INR 25,00,100

    What are the additional procedures for surrogacy in Delhi?

    The surrogate mother’s conception will function with other assisted reproductive techniques. It depends on the intended parents’ fertility status. As, their gametes, age, health, fitness, and other aspects. Your process can include other methods for a better outcome. The expert can recommend them after knowing your problems. The following procedures can help in the surrogate successful pregnancy outcome:

    a.      ICSI-Intracytoplasmic sperm injection

    The fertilization stage in the IVF process for the surrogate mother pregnancy can function with ICSI. It is a highly advanced procedure for gametes insemination with advanced observation. The expert recommends the process if the male partner has some infertility conditions. For instance, sperm movement is improper. It helps in successful egg and sperm fertilization. The expert collects a healthy semen sample from the male partner and prepares it in the lab. Then, they fill the healthy sperm into injection for insemination. The expert will inject single sperm into mature eggs.

    b.      FET-Frozen Embryo Transfer

    Some couples’ procedures need to stop in between. It will cause severe problems because partners’ gametes or fertilized eggs cannot wait and lose their quality. Your expert can suggest cryopreservation. It helps save healthy fertilized eggs for future pregnancy. The FET (frozen embryo transfer) can perform for conception after freezing. It performs by thawing the fertilized eggs and implanting them into the surrogate mother’s uterus. The process is much more successful and provides better outcomes. Your cryopreservation period will have different charges that add to the total budget and increase the

    c.       PESA-Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration

    Male infertility conditions affect highly on successful fertilization. Your expert can recommend the best process to have healthy sperm. The PESA can perform to collect healthy sperm for insemination. It will help in better mixing and help in forming better-fertilized eggs. The process involves a little surgical approach as inserting a needle into the Epididymal.

    d.      TESA-Testicular sperm aspiration

    The procedure also includes surgical sperm retrieval (SSR). It functions in male infertility conditions as the reproductive tract is producing sperm but does not release it into the semen sample. Your expert can recommend TESA for collecting healthy sperm. It will perform with a less invasive procedure. The expert inserts the needle into the male testicles.

    e.       TESE-Testicular Sperm Extraction

    It is the best process for male infertility conditions that helps provide healthy sperm. The expert performs an invasive procedure by cutting. They will check the testis tubules for sperm presence. And they will collect the healthy sperm for insemination with the female eggs.

    f.        PGS/PGD- preimplantation genetic screening and genetic diagnosis:

    These testings perform to check partners’ conditions of any genetic disorder. Because, it can affect the surrogate mother’s conception outcome and result in the child’s health. Your expert can recommend PGD or PGS. It functions before fertilized egg implantation to know the condition. The process is PGD or PGS involves collecting the embryo cells for testing by the expert. They check the chromosomal number. In PGD, the fertilized eggs biopsy will perform to collect the cells and check their conditions. The healthy eggs without any disorder presence will select to implant into the surrogate uterus.

    What affects your surrogacy cost in Delhi? 

    Many factors are responsible for affecting the surrogacy cost Delhi. Only three embryos can implant into the surrogate mother’s uterus. The process involves many advanced stages that have high charges. Your procedure will include approaches as per conditions that help achieve better outcomes. The centre fees and many other aspects increase the couple’s surrogacy charges in Delhi.

    The following factors impact the surrogacy cost in Delhi NCR:
    • The legal agreement that forms by a highly experienced surrogacy lawyer. It mentions the surrogate mother and intended partners’ rights and regulations over the child. The paperwork has high charges that increase the cost.
    • Your severe infertility conditions can need advanced procedures. These have different charges that include the surrogacy cost Delhi.
    • The surrogate mother advanced care and other essential needs during pregnancy can increase your charges. It can include the surrogate medical examination to know her condition.
    • You are selecting the process in Delhi from another location will include different charges. It will need accommodations, living, travelling, etc.
    • The centre you choose can have high charges without any transparency. It increases the entire surrogacy charges in Delhi and causes problems for the partners’ budget.

    The above-mentioned Surrogacy Charges in Delhi are only the estimated charges and the actual figure will confirm when the couple meets the fertility expert and will examine them. After the proper examination, only the actual Surrogacy Charges in Delhi will confirm to the couple.

    The best place for the process: are you confused about the best surrogacy cost Delhi?

    Do not worry about your surrogacy cost in Delhi NCR because the GO IVF SURROGACY is available! The low cost surrogacy in Delhi will help you achieve a better outcome. We have a highly advanced procedure for various infertility conditions. Our assistance help patients from deciding upon the process to taking their healthy baby home.

    You will have high transparency in the budget and achieve highly affordable procedures. We know what the couple going through during their infertility phase. Thus we have no intention to hurt our patients physically, psychologically, or economically too.



    Why choose surrogacy among other procedures?

    Surrogacy is highly successful in any other method. Because, other assisted reproductive techniques only provide the pregnancy outcome. But, surrogacy has a high chance that providing a successful child in the hands. It has the best method that includes the surrogate mother and intended parents. As the surrogate mother conceives the intended parents’ child. Also, the entire procedure functions with the legal agreement and other legalities. So, you have a high chance to have a healthy child. Also, the baby has genetic relation with the intended parents. And the surrogate mother has no relation with the resulting child.

    What is the surrogate mother’s cost?

    The surrogate mother has the altruistic form and compensated form. In the altruistic form, the surrogate mother does not get any monetary benefit. Still, the surrogate mother cost is there. As the surrogate mother needs different accommodations and other necessary things. It includes her living, travelling, nutritional diet, special care, regular doctor visit, etc. These factors increase the surrogate mother cost. And your procedure can include medical insurance. As the intended parents need to provide for the surrogate mother. And the compensation method is maximum illegal in many countries. Or if legal, the intended parents provide the surrogate mother with a monetary benefit.

    Is the baby having genetic relation with the intended parents?

    Yes, the resulting child will share the genetic relation with the intended parents. Because, the process involves fertilizing the couple’s eggs and sperm. Then, the fertilized eggs implant inside the surrogate mother’s uterus. And, the surrogate mother has no relation with the resulting child. Also, IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) helps in the method for successful conception. It means the expert collects the intended parents’ eggs and sperm. Then, they fertilize the healthy gametes under observation. And for pregnancy, the fertilized eggs implant inside the surrogate womb.

    Who can choose surrogacy?

    Well, surrogacy is a need for couples facing severe conditions. As many health and fertility conditions can become extreme. It causes problems for the couple to conceive their child. Also, no other assisted reproductive technique helps in conceiving. So, surrogacy is the best option to have a healthy child in your hands. The following conditions need the surrogacy process:

    • The female partner does not have a healthy uterus.
    • You have faced multiple miscarriages and pregnancy failures.
    • The couple cannot conceive with other ART procedures.
    • The female partner has severe health conditions (related to the heart or liver)

    What happens in surrogacy?

    Surrogacy involves the best procedure. It performs with the fertility expert’s guidance. The process helps in successful pregnancy outcomes. It is the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment that functions in surrogacy. Your process will also include the surrogate mother. She is a healthy woman ready to help the couple. As by conceiving the child for the couple. The process functions with a couple’s eggs and sperm. Then for the pregnancy outcome, the fertilized eggs implant inside the surrogate uterus. It helps in the successful pregnancy of the surrogate mother.

    What services are offered by us for surrogacy in Delhi?

    • Top coordination and sophisticated surveillance
    • Counsellors with experience for the best consultation
    • Assistances from selecting to achieve successful outcome
    • Egg or sperm donor facility for surrogate pregnancy
    • Different fertility procedures and treatments
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