Surrogate Mother Care in India

Social, Financial and Medical Care of the Surrogate Mother

We are proud to introduce our surrogacy support team. The physical and emotional well-being of our surrogates is Go Surrogacy’s prime priority. We have an entire set of staff dedicated for our surrogate mothers’ physical and emotional health, happiness and comfort. The team is called ‘Surrogate Mother Social Workers’ We treat the surrogate mother’s as a part of our own family and extend similar care and services that we would extend to our family members. Our social workers visit the surrogate mother’s homes every 2 weeks and interact with them to extend their support and inform the clinic for any medical need. They would also coordinate the surrogate mother’s visit to the clinic every 5 – 6 weeks or as stipulated by the IVF specialist.

Surrogate Mother’s Accommodation

Go Surrogacy believes that your child will be happy where her carrier mother is happy. Most of our surrogate mother’s come from extended families where they have a mother in law and / or a sister in law. She is undertaking this step with all their support and blessings. She has already experienced pregnancy and would have 1 – 2 of her own children. So, most of them are more comfortable staying in their own homes. The surrogate mothers recruited are mostly from areas around the clinic wherein they can travel to the clinic easily and frequently. Before her recruitment in our program our social worker team would also visit her home to check on the hygiene of her home and surroundings, and living conditions.We also offer surrogate mother accommodation near the clinics. These are 3 – 4 bedroom apartments with all amenities and a nurse. We recruit surrogate mothers who are comfortable staying in a surrogate home for Intended Parents who ask for their surrogate mother to stay in a surrogate home










    Surrogate Mother Social Workers:

    Our team of surrogate mother social workers (caretakers, coordinators) visit the surrogate mother’s own houses every 1 – 2 weeks and spend some quality time with them. They interact with them to know what gives them happiness, content and organize it for them. They also supply them with the monthly supply of cereals, pulses, oil and all basic necessities of their kitchen.They ensure that the surrogate mother is taking the prescribed medicines, taking extra nutrition, daily supplements as given and are following their schedule of tests at the clinic. They extend their support to the surrogate mother’s families, if needed.One of the social worker also stays with the surrogate mothers if they are staying are separate surrogate homes.The surrogate mother is medically cared at least till 2 months after her delivery.

    Surrogate’s Financial Care

    All surrogate mother who work with us are paid well. Once the surrogate mother approaches us for induction in our program, we meet her husband, her family, all clinical tests and screening are done and only when found fit that she is recruited.

    The surrogate mothers are compensated by cheque every month and after the delivery of the baby and signing of all the required papers for the Intended Parents. All records of her payments are kept with the clinic.

    All her needs are expenses during pregnancy are also paid for. Pregnancy clothes, transport to clinic, all medical care etc. is paid to her.


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