Surrogate Compensation

The surrogate mothers are doing a noble job for the Intended Parents. We recognize this and ensure that they are paid also well.Every surrogate mother in our program is paid on time as per the agreement and we ensure that we pay them a little more than we promise. Their content and happiness at the end of the program is very important.

Of the entire package of surrogacy services with us, the surrogate mothers are paid, in cheque, USD 6000 – 7000 [equivalent in Indian Rupees] during the whole terms of pregnancy. Of this she is paid a sum every month and a large part of the compensation is given to her on delivering the baby and then on signing all the relevant documents as required by the Intended Parent to take the baby back to their country.

This is only the payment as given the cheque / bank transfer. Her payments for transport to clinic, surrogate clothing, food, nutrition etc. is paid separately.


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Surrogate Mother Compensation at Go IVF Surrogacy Clinic

The Surrogate Mother Compensation at Go IVF Surrogacy Clinic is included in the package of the surrogacy which will be communicated to intended parents in advance but the Surrogate Mother Compensation will be given by the intended parents in monthly instalments so that they can take the proper diet and medication which is required for the procedure.

Go IVF Surrogacy Clinic has the two methods of the surrogacy i.e. (i) Gestational Surrogacy and (ii) Traditional Surrogacy for both the procedures the Surrogate Mother Pay differs from each other. The gestational surrogacy is the little bit expensive than the traditional surrogacy because to perform the gestational surrogacy the fertility expert will use the IVF procedure where they collect the eggs from women ovaries and fertilized them with her husband sperm. Once the fertilization takes place the embryologist will place the resulted embryo into the surrogate uterus to establish the successful pregnancy.

On the other side, with traditional surrogacy, it’s the surrogate mother eggs which are artificially inseminated with the sperm of the recipient husband and once the fertilization occurs the embryologist will place the resulted embryo into the uterus of the surrogate mother to achieve the successful outcome of the procedure.

In both the cases, if the couple wish to bring their own surrogate who can be their friend or relative and in that case Surrogate Mother Pay depends on the surrogate itself that how close they are to the intended parents, but in such cases it is the responsibility of the intended parents that the surrogate should be properly screened for her medical and physiological testing to ensure the successful results and also that the surrogate will hand-over the baby to his/her intended parents without any complications.


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All credit goes to the fertility experts at Go IVF Surrogacy clinic who offered us the reasonable and first line fertility treatment which is IUI that helps us have an own baby.


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Our great thanks to Go IVF Surrogacy clinic where we get the best male and female infertility treatments which is ICSI for my husband and egg donation for me.


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